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Folk Music Youtube Channels

Indie Folk Central

Indie Folk Central Netherlands About Youtuber Indie Folk Central provides a continuous stream of indie folk music to people around the world. When you want to hear some good indie folk, you can count on Indie Folk Central.
Frequency 3 videos / month
Since Feb 2016
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BIBA FOLK MUSIC About Youtuber Rajasthan has a diverse collection of musician castes, including langas, sapera, bhopa, jogi and Manganiar. There are two traditional classes of musicians: the Langas, who stuck mostly exclusively to Muslim audiences and styles, and theManganiars, who had a more liberal approach.
Frequency 2 videos / month
Since Aug 2011
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Alan Lomax Archive

Alan Lomax Archive About Youtuber The filmwork of Alan Lomax is a resource for students, researchers, filmmakers, and fans of America's traditional music and folkways.
Frequency 7 videos / month
Since Jul 2010
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Folk Alley

Folk Alley About Youtuber Folk Alley is folk, Americana and roots music online.
Frequency 21 videos / year
Since Mar 2008
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The Indie Folk Music Channel

The Indie Folk Music Channel About Youtuber Folk and Indie folk - the latest, gut-wrenchin', from-the-heart singin' indie folk music playlists on YouTube! Tune in for Sufjan Stevens, Fleet Foxes, The Avett Brothers, and more great music.
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since Nov 2012
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RAPALJE Celtic Folk Music

RAPALJE Celtic Folk Music Netherlands About Youtuber Celtic Music with a Difference! Irish, Scottish and Dutch Folk Music. The musicians of Rapalje with their wild hair and medieval kilts create a flaming energy with their enthusiasm and motivation. With sensitive ballads, fiery songs and vivacious Celtic melodies Rapalje electrifies their audience. A concert of Rapalje is like a journey through time with recognizable licentiousness and a rough way
Frequency 11 videos / month
Since Apr 2007
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David SweetLow Artist Channel

David SweetLow Artist Channel Sapporo About Youtuber Born and raised on the estuary of the River Thames in Essex England and having lived in Lousiana USA, Spain and now Hokkaido Japan, David SweetLow's music has a certain worldly shape to it, not settling in any one place for long, constantly on the move. His acoustic musical style with touches of folk, Americana and the mystery of his now Hokkaido home, his music will take you on a journey from his gritty English roots to the snowy beauty of Japan's northernmost island.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Feb 2008
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Mr. Foxx Frequency

Mr. Foxx Frequency Canada About Youtuber Hi there! Welcome to my music channel. I feature predominately Indie (and non-Indie) folk music (all types of folk, though I am particularly partial to melancholy tracks). I accept music submissions to my channel ranging from traditional folk or roots to folk-pop (must be acoustic pop) to folk- ambient. Indie -country is also accepted. All in all, you will mostly find this a more mellow, acoustic listening station, and I seldom feature alternative and do not feature rock and such.
Frequency 2 videos / month
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pamelaward1 About Youtuber Hello. I hope you like these 3 tracks from my album 'Just An Old Fashioned Girl'. I wrote 'Whitsuntide Clothes' from memories of my childhood in Yorkshire. I was born in Brightside, one of the most depressed areas of Sheffield, down by the steel works. It was a golden childhood and one of my favourite memories is of getting new clothes at Whitsuntide and the Whit Walks.
Frequency 4 videos / quarter
Since May 2008
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African Folk Music

African Folk Music About Youtuber Enjoy the videos from African Folk Music
Since Dec 2014
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World Folk Music

World Folk Music About Youtuber Compilations of World Folk Traditional Music
Frequency 1 video / year
Since Jan 2014
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