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Youtuber Name Email Subscriber
Youtube Channel Link
Anjani Kumar Gupta
55.1K 6.4M 240 https://www.youtube.com/user/anjanikumarguptaakg/videos
424K 67M 148 https://www.youtube.com/user/soormandirgroup1/videos
Flute Sumon
17.6K 2.7M 100 https://www.youtube.com/user/djsumon01921/videos
84.9K 12.2M 100 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3UojWTR8sOGs1TZRU8oC-Q/videos
Franck Medrano - Irish Music
5K 752.4K 95 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPl7oIx4jxTNl-TM7F5LL_A/videos
Lauren the Flute
10.2K 2.8M 94 https://www.youtube.com/srue/etesie22ufll/sdoiev
Flute Colors
1.7K 414.3K 87 https://www.youtube.com/hnalnce/-8fygtvDjagUjzvcWxB6VKCV/oveids
The Whistler
8.4K 3.4M 73 https://www.youtube.com/erus/hith6e7s2twler/vdiseo
8.3K 1.3M 64 https://www.youtube.com/suer/tituelhrotws/diveso
Robin Meiksins
2.1K 260.5K 50 https://www.youtube.com/nnlecah/Th0eKdGu975UC-jCVQcqHszA/sovied
Dr David Klee, flutist
10.3K 1.7M 48 https://www.youtube.com/reus/ieeddravnlaudJDDKi/dvsieo
Flute Nagaraju
2.5K 485.7K 47 https://www.youtube.com/resu/ueajgatafulrn/svieod
Sunil Sharma Flute Singer indore
10K 1.8M 44 https://www.youtube.com/lchnena/CengUQUeSw0cduCkIvY5-w_K/idosve
Just Flutes
3.3K 644.2K 43 https://www.youtube.com/rseu/uesjlsuftt/vdseoi
Ronu Majumdar
13.7K 1.9M 40 https://www.youtube.com/rseu/ar01ormnudajum0/isedov
Flute Orchestral Backings & Piano accompanimen
5.6K 1.2M 39 https://www.youtube.com/rues/ajmsilgsea/desovi
Gina Luciani
59.1K 9.8M 38 https://www.youtube.com/esru/iaugilinanc/oivdes
The Flute Channel
76.3K 11.2M 37 https://www.youtube.com/nnecahl/lfYBQ9UNvYSK0Q8SCgQL9xGj/ioesdv
The Flute Practice
31.5K 2.6M 36 https://www.youtube.com/alchenn/BfwqbgDbbkATC_h-c2aghZLU/esoivd
Golden Flute Pravin
405K 56M 32 https://www.youtube.com/rues/pavupraijnlvoe/vidseo
Doran Doran Flute Institute
2.1K 651.1K 30 https://www.youtube.com/rseu/untDalustoetInetirF/eidsov
20.1K 3.1M 29 https://www.youtube.com/sreu/rBlresBeAtua/ivodse
Flute Guru
60.5K 3.9M 29 https://www.youtube.com/nnlhcea/Y_TWN8WSUvTEACqsT56XUJyg/oedvsi
SYO Flute
90 14.3K 24 https://www.youtube.com/urse/S2Y3O1/siedov
28.3K 9.6M 23 https://www.youtube.com/rseu/rlTiWhnites/ioevds
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Flute Youtube Channels

Golden Flute Pravin

Golden Flute Pravin Those who have to learn flute but do not find some guide line, have created this channel for them. Keep up with Chanel, I will do my best to guide you so that I can guide you well.
405Ksubscribers 2.8K 2 videos / month Sep 2010 Get Email Contact More


BALLU FLUTE Famous flute entertainer.
424Ksubscribers 619.4K 15 1 video / week Aug 2010 Get Email Contact More

Divine flute

Divine flute Divine flute is one of the best channel for melodious flute music.
454.9Ksubscribers 1 video / quarter Aug 2011 Get Email Contact More


katieflute New York, NY
Hi there!! My name is Katie and I'm a recent graduate of The Juilliard School who is currently fluting around NYC!
119Ksubscribers 1.6K 408 11 videos / quarter Jun 2008 Get Email Contact More


CutiePie Whistles, flutes and tunes for you to play along with and enjoy, with Stephanie.
84.9Ksubscribers 3.4K 4 videos / week May 2014 Get Email Contact More

Gus Teja Flute

Gus Teja Flute Bali
Gus Teja is a flute ( Suling ) maestro from a small village near Ubud,Bali. He began playing the flute while attending elementary school, but also spend a lot of time during that period practising the gamelan ( balinese traditional musical instrument ).
173Ksubscribers 325.4K 1.6K 1 video / week Jan 2009 Get Email Contact More


JustAnotherFlutist Seattle, Washington, US
Musical edutainment for productive procrastinators!
48.1Ksubscribers 3.1K 870 5 videos / week Jun 2010 Get Email Contact More

Anjani Kumar Gupta

Anjani Kumar Gupta India
My aim to provide the best online flute classes to all the people across the globe.
55.1Ksubscribers 2 videos / day Aug 2011 Get Email Contact More

The Flute Channel

The Flute Channel Canada
Are you trying to learn the flute? The Flute Channel has you covered. We offer full lessons on breathing, technique pieces and much more. Be the best flutist you can be! we're here to answer all your questions and help you become the best flute player you can be!
76.3Ksubscribers 2.3K 579 7 videos / month Nov 2014 Get Email Contact More


A Revolution in Indian Musial Industry!
139Ksubscribers 4.1K 4 videos / month Oct 2011 Get Email Contact More

Ariana Flute

Ariana Flute Ariana on this channel brings to you some of the best flute music.
87.8Ksubscribers 7.2K 9 videos / year Feb 2013 Get Email Contact More

Gina Luciani

Gina Luciani Los Angeles
Official YouTube channel for Gina Luciani, a flutist for film, television, and video games in Los Angeles.
59.1Ksubscribers 37.1K 810 2 videos / month Dec 2013 Get Email Contact More


TinWhistler Mallorca
We're PJ and JJ, two brothers from the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. We mostly play traditional Irish music but also other kinds of 'Celtic music'. I learned a lot of tunes and earned some coins while playing in the streets.
28.3Ksubscribers 3.1K 332 1 video / month Apr 2006 Get Email Contact More

Harsh Dave

Harsh Dave India
Being a flute enthusiast I like playing some of the popular songs on flute and since i have been learning flute for quite some time i know that a lot of people would like to play instrumentals but do not have guidance, So here is my channel, meant for all those who'd like to learn how to play various songs.
44.7Ksubscribers 2.5K 121 2 videos / month Jan 2007 Get Email Contact More

Erik The Flutemaker

Erik The Flutemaker Welcome to Erik the Flutemaker's Youtube channel. Most of the videos are tutorials on how to play. Erik started making flutes in 1970 while traveling through Mexico when he was only 18 years old. He continued making flutes in Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, Hawaii, Costa Rica, and finally settled in Florida in 1975 because of the great bamboo there.
35.1Ksubscribers 2.9K 1 video / quarter May 2007 Get Email Contact More

The Flute Practice

The Flute Practice Are you learning to play the flute? Then welcome to your practice space! This flute channel will provide you with fun and creative practice ideas, tips and tutorial for articulation, tone, dynamics, finger work, general technique posture and breathing and everything else important for your flute practice!
31.5Ksubscribers 1.8K 370 2 videos / week May 2016 Get Email Contact More

High Spirits Flutes

High Spirits Flutes Patagonia, Arizona USA
Odell Borg, founder of High Spirits Flutes, has been handcrafting Native American style flutes since 1990. We take great pride in upholding the tradition of MADE IN THE USA craftsmanship. Many professional musicians choose to play High Spirits flutes because of their accurate tuning and high quality construction.
18.7Ksubscribers 11.1K 508 12 videos / month Mar 2007 Get Email Contact More

Flute Guru

Flute Guru India
Flute Guru Channel Is Providing Hindi Flute lessons Videos.
60.5Ksubscribers 1.7K 1 video / quarter Jul 2016 Get Email Contact More

Lauren the Flute

Lauren the Flute US
I play music with my flute. Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I play with my band, The Returners.
10.2Ksubscribers 871 2.5K 2 videos / week Jun 2011 Get Email Contact More

Rebecca Fuller

Rebecca Fuller Wellsville, Utah
This is where you get the BEST online flute lessons. I'm Rebecca Fuller, and I teach you how to do everything related to learning to play the flute. My program is step-by-step and in perfect learning order. You'll be surprised at how quickly you can learn... on your own schedule and from the comfort of your own home!
34.4Ksubscribers 3.3K 640 2 videos / month Jan 2012 Get Email Contact More

Easy Flute School

Easy Flute School Bangladesh
Easy Flute School is an online flute training program initiated by Murtaza Kabir Murad and his students. Flute is one of the oldest instruments and is still popular around the world. There are many types of flute, among them bamboo flute is a special kind. Learn flute! Love flute!! Live flute!!!
66.6Ksubscribers 2 videos / quarter Oct 2017 Get Email Contact More

Flute Sumon

Flute Sumon US
Flute Player In Bangladesh. Fusion Music | Prachir Band |Audio Song | Video Song | Flute Tutorial | Flute Lesson | Funny Video | Flute Tune | Flute Music | Folk Song | How to play Flute | Cover Song | Flute Played by Sumon
17.6Ksubscribers 1.7K 9 videos / month May 2010 Get Email Contact More

The Whistler

The Whistler Ireland
I upload Irish traditional tunes, celtic tunes, and popular music covers, all on solo tin whistle! My channel shows off the humble tin whistle. I've uploaded over one thousand tunes to date, making a comprehensive free catalogue of Irish traditional tunes on the tin whistle!
8.4Ksubscribers 737 560 3 videos / quarter Feb 2011 Get Email Contact More


BlueBearFlutes Videos for Native American Flute playing & Flute making from the Blue Bear family.
20.1Ksubscribers 108 6 videos / quarter Oct 2011 Get Email Contact More

Franck Medrano

Franck Medrano France
On this channel you will have the opportunity to discover my love for tin whistle and learn more about this little creature!
5Ksubscribers 7 videos / month Oct 2011 Get Email Contact More

Sunil Sharma flute indore

Sunil Sharma flute indore indore
Very entertaining flute player and singer from indore.
10Ksubscribers 20.5K 1 video / week Aug 2013 Get Email Contact More

Dr David Klee, flutist

Dr David Klee, flutist Iowa
Dr David Klee (DMA in Flute Performance) and his wife, Judi, share a variety of musical talents with you in this YouTube channel. Dr . Klee has put together a variety of videos for beginner through advanced flutists, sharing tips from learning to play the flute to performing special effects when playing jazz and funk music.
10.3Ksubscribers 17 1 video / day Mar 2012 Get Email Contact More


ronumajumdar100 Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Pandit Ronu Majumdar - Loving Melody of Flute. Pandit Ronu majumdar is one of the most famous Indian flute player. He plays in indian classical music, music genres and other style, jazz, contemporary, orchestral, or chamber music.
13.7Ksubscribers 98.7K 2.2K 3 videos / quarter Jul 2010 Get Email Contact More


whistletutor Tennessee
My name's Sean Cunningham and I've been playing Irish traditional music on flute and tin whistle since 1996.
8.3Ksubscribers 49 1 video / week Jan 2007 Get Email Contact More

Flute Orchestral Backings & piano accompagniments

Flute Orchestral Backings & piano accompagniments Germany
Orchestral backgrounds,piano accompagniments for Flutists. Professional recordings,and also slow version for students.
5.6Ksubscribers 1 video / week Nov 2011 Get Email Contact More

Doran Doran Flute Institute

Doran Doran Flute Institute South Korea
Doran Doran Flute Institute is one of the best institute for everything related to flute music.
2.1Ksubscribers 2 videos / week Jun 2013 Get Email Contact More

Just Flutes

Just Flutes UK
Just Flutes is Europe's largest supplier of flutes and flute music. On our Youtube channel, we'll demo flutes of all makes, shapes and sizes to show you how they sound.
3.3Ksubscribers 6.9K 3.2K 2 videos / month May 2008 Get Email Contact More

Robin Meiksins

Robin Meiksins US
A flute player trying to help others survive the music world. I talk about music school, musicianship, and various other music related topics that don't always get mentioned! Robin Meiksins is a freelance flutist and teacher based in Chicago Illinois.
2.1Ksubscribers 635 2 videos / quarter Feb 2015 Get Email Contact More

Flute Nagaraju

Flute Nagaraju Flutist and composer nagaraju talluri.
2.5Ksubscribers 4 videos / month Jun 2007 Get Email Contact More

Flute Colors

Flute Colors Netherlands
Flute Colors is all about extended techniques for flute. You can watch the instructive videos and see how you can perform extended techniques on the flute. Flutists can also use extended techniques to gain better control. On this channel you can find videos of Flute Colors arrangements.
1.7Ksubscribers 11 videos / month May 2012 Get Email Contact More

Clint Goss

Clint Goss US
Educational videos for players of Native American flutes. Also videos related to the music workshops that we host and facilitate throughout the year.
3.1Ksubscribers 1 video / week Jul 2008 Get Email Contact More

Uliana Zhivitskaya. Flute

Uliana Zhivitskaya. Flute My name is Uliana Zhivitskaya. I live in Russia, Moscow. I am 16 years old, a student Moscow Secondary Special Music School Gnessin, flutist. Playing the flute has become for me undeniable desire, my way of life. I can not imagine my life without music, without flute. This channel is dedicated to my creative thinking flute music.
1.1Ksubscribers 1 video / week Nov 2009 Get Email Contact More

Roberto Alvarez - Flute

Roberto Alvarez - Flute Roberto Alvarez is one of the best flute player.
761subscribers 993 1 video / month Aug 2011 Get Email Contact More

Gareth McLearnon

Gareth McLearnon Gareth McLearnon shares all his flute music experience on this channel.
826subscribers 2 videos / month Nov 2010 Get Email Contact More

Brandon Marceal Flute

Brandon Marceal Flute US
Brandon Marceal Flute is an amazing freelance flautist who is creating quite a buzz by presenting a unique and refreshing voice to Contemporary Jazz, Hip Hop, Gospel, Funk, Country and Rock music. Brandon Marceal Flute has mastered using intonation to make his flute a voice for his personality.
774subscribers 1 video / year Oct 2006 Get Email Contact More

Desert Echoes Flute Project

Desert Echoes Flute Project Desert Echoes Flute Project is an exciting and adventurous flute choir program based in the Phoenix metropolitan area and is sponsored by the Music Department of Mesa Community College. Members of the flute choir known as DEFproject are selected through an audition process.
319subscribers 1K 4 videos / month Aug 2014 Get Email Contact More

Carlos Feller

Carlos Feller US
Carlos Feller teaches flute, music theory, woodwind methods, and fine arts classes at Oklahoma Baptist University. He holds a doctorate in flute performance from The Florida State University where he studied under Swiss flutist and pedagogue Eva Amsler.
329subscribers 1 video / quarter Jul 2011 Get Email Contact More


Melissa.Flutes Manchester, England, UK
Here you will find all sorts of flute covers and flute tutorials.Hope you enjoy!!
424Ksubscribers 10.9K 1.2K 2 videos / year Jul 2011 Get Email Contact More


DeepFlute India
Hello guys I am Deep from Assam. Flute is my passion. I will upload videos monthly.
241.7Ksubscribers Get Email Contact More

Bevani Flute

Bevani Flute Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Bevani is a classically trained flutist.She lives in Minneapolis, MN where she teaches in-person and Skype flute lessons for all ages and ability!
125Ksubscribers 9.6K 928 Get Email Contact More

Flute Cafe Music

Flute Cafe Music US
Welcome to Flute Cafe! Enjoy Flute music, Flute Covers, Sheet Music, Instrumentals, Backtracks, Piano Covers and Original musical compositions. Great for your playlists!
29.5Ksubscribers 32.5K 4 videos / year Jul 2012 Get Email Contact More

Nina Perlove

Nina Perlove Flute tutorials, performances, blogs, and a few videos just for fun!
20.2Ksubscribers 2.3K 1.4K Get Email Contact More


Visit to enjoy flute videos by Fred.
29.6Ksubscribers 661 Get Email Contact More

Ryan G. Duns

Ryan G. Duns My name is Ryan Duns, SJ and I am a priest of the Society of Jesus. I look at teaching music as a form of evangelization. As as my heart has been moved by the gospel, so too has it been moved by Irish music. As I have found a voice to testify to the Good News through years of prayer and study, so also have I found a voice in the tradition of Irish music through years of practice.
15.5Ksubscribers Get Email Contact More

Michele McGovern Flute

Michele McGovern Flute Chicago, IL
Musician, composer, and film maker. Winner of 'Best Music Video' at Mexico International, Illinois International, and Los Angeles Cinematic Arts.
18.8Ksubscribers 471.7K Get Email Contact More

Emma Resmini

Emma Resmini Emma Resmini is one of the best flute music player that you will find on youtube.
15.9Ksubscribers 3.8K Get Email Contact More

Windy Whistle

Windy Whistle I'm learning to play a tin whistle. I'm sharing tabs (notes) for melodies from games, movies and cartoons with examples of my performance.
12.8Ksubscribers Get Email Contact More

Kiwi Flute

Kiwi Flute UK
I make flute covers of anime and Vocaloid songs on Youtube!
11.8Ksubscribers 1 video / year Apr 2014 Get Email Contact More


Elia.flute Italy
New flute covers every week!
9.5Ksubscribers 230 Get Email Contact More

Manna's Wandering Flute

Manna's Wandering Flute My name is Manna Wanders and I invite you to an endless journey across the most beautiful melodies.
8.3Ksubscribers 1.5K 47 Get Email Contact More


oldmanyow Flute made by Dana Ross
7.5Ksubscribers Get Email Contact More

Allen Bruce Ray

Allen Bruce Ray Primarily devoted to improvisational music performed in reverberant spaces on Native American-style flutes.
5.8Ksubscribers 11 videos / year Aug 2008 Get Email Contact More

EZ Flute

EZ Flute India
We are flute brothers and we play flute for our enjoyment if you want to hear any song on flute, just comment the song name in my video.
6.3Ksubscribers 263 1 video / quarter May 2016 Get Email Contact More

MartimOnFire Flute

MartimOnFire Flute Portugal
I play flute since I was 8 years old, I studied in conservatory of music of Porto (Portugal) for 5 years.
5.8Ksubscribers 1.4K 71 Get Email Contact More

Jolene Harju Madewell

Jolene Harju Madewell Austin, TX
A Flutist's Practice Journal, Self-Discovery Utilizing Somatic Techniques to Overcome Performance Anxiety and Improve Mindfully by Jolene Harju
7.5Ksubscribers 718 Get Email Contact More

Learn Flute with Bhashkar Vatya

Learn Flute with Bhashkar Vatya Bhashkar Vatya shares all his flute music experience on this channel.
3.4Ksubscribers 1 video / year Mar 2020 Get Email Contact More

Flute Shala

Flute Shala You learn flute very easily there is my flute notations,lesson,tutorial.
8Ksubscribers Get Email Contact More

Principal Chairs

Principal Chairs Orchestral Excerpts for flute. Principal Chairs is an exciting new online resource for the study of orchestral repertoire an online excerpt book with fantastic extras! We provide free sheet music and orchestral audio recordings of the most prominent and important solos in the repertoire.
2.6Ksubscribers 5.3K 614 2 videos / year Aug 2012 Get Email Contact More

Lauren Teaches Flute

Lauren Teaches Flute My name is Lauren and I am a flutist and flute instructor for students of all ages and levels of playing. I have been playing for over 19 years and teaching professionally for over 8 years. I love to perform and to teach and take great pride in my work and want to offer the highest quality instruction possible to my channel and also through online teaching.
3.6Ksubscribers 16 videos / year Nov 2014 Get Email Contact More

Southern Cross Flutes - Native American Flutes New Zealand.

Southern Cross Flutes - Native American Flutes New Zealand. Hey flute fans, this is the Southern Cross Flutes Youtube Channel. You'll find here products videos, talks with me, interviews, performance vids, as any other flute related bits I can come up with. Native American Flutes are one of the easiest instruments to learn and develop a special soulful connection with. They have the power to transform lives and enrich ones musical soul.
2.6Ksubscribers 1.5K 2 videos / year Aug 2014 Get Email Contact More


Danna'sFluteCovers Hello and welcome to my channel. My name is Danna and I love to play the flute. Here on my channel, you will find flute covers of a number of modern songs and also some old favourites.
2.2Ksubscribers Get Email Contact More

Flute Naveen

Flute Naveen India
Its good to know that you made it to the about section of my channel, and I assure you that you will be fully satisfied with the music sense of mine. I will extend my help to all those who are passionate about learning music.
2.8Ksubscribers 367 6 videos / year Nov 2012 Get Email Contact More


musicstrong12 UK
ey everyone, my name is Neve and i post instrumental covers on this channel! I started playing the flute when i was around 8 years old and iv'e played it ever since!
2.7Ksubscribers Get Email Contact More

The Flute Coach

The Flute Coach Australia
It's never too late to start learning flute so subscribe and begin today! Pursue your dream of learning how to play flute that maybe you've put off until now. Learn how-to-play-flute and learn to overcome five common frustrations that could be holding you back. Read great articles about flute playing and join a community of adult flute players learning together.
2.1Ksubscribers 1.6K Get Email Contact More

Flaria Flute

Flaria Flute US
My name is Taylor and I am a flute performance major at SIUE. I have been playing the flute since 2008. I have performed in various ensembles around the state such as the Missouri All-State band, district honor bands, state solo and ensemble, and I am currently a third-year member with the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra
1Ksubscribers Get Email Contact More

Klarissima Flute

Klarissima Flute Hungarian concert flutist&flute teacher in Germany.
1.6Ksubscribers Get Email Contact More

2 Flute Loops

2 Flute Loops London, England, UK
We met whilst studying at the Royal College of Music and have been friends and colleagues for over ten years! We launched 2 Flute Loops in 2017, aiming to build an online flute community, inspire students and give insight into our lives as professional musicians. We both work as freelance flute players, playing in professional orchestras and west-end shows, working in recording, TV & Film studio.
1.5Ksubscribers 1.5K 562 Get Email Contact More

Best of Carnatic Flute

Best of Carnatic Flute The purpose of this channel is to bring to the public, the best there is in Carnatic music that is played on the flute, with the hope that both Carnatic music and the talented flutists involved will be recognized more widely and globally.
1.1Ksubscribers Get Email Contact More

My Whistle and Flute

My Whistle and Flute I use everyday pvc to make pennywhistles, transverse flutes, and native american style flutes. My desire is to place low cost, high value instruments into the hands of people who want them, but cannot afford a professionally priced instrument.
818subscribers Get Email Contact More

Wispa Flutes

Wispa Flutes Wispa Flutes in Connecticut. Specializing in Native American Style Hardwood Flutes.
243subscribers 1.2K Get Email Contact More

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