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Etymology Podcasts

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1. Words for Granted

Words for GrantedAbout Podcast Words for Granted is a podcast that looks at how words change over time. Host Ray Belli who uses language - more specifically, individual words - as a way of making connections among history, culture, religion, and society. Frequency 2 episodes / quarter Since Jun 2016 Podcast
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2. Lexitecture

LexitectureCanada About Podcast Host Ryan and Scot talking about the words in the English language that fascinate them most at the moment, looking at their histories and origins and trying to piece together just how they got to where they are today. This is a podcast for anyone interested in etymology (the study of words and their origins/history). If you've ever found yourself happier after discovering some bizarre bit of trivia about a word that you hadn't even given a second thought to this might just be the podcast for you. Frequency 2 episodes / month Since Mar 2018 Podcast
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3. The Endless Knot

The Endless KnotGreater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada About Podcast Aven & Mark discuss etymology, history, academics, history, literature, language, cocktails, and academics, and the sometimes surprising connections between them all, here on The Endless Knot podcast. Frequency 2 episodes / quarter Since Jul 2015 Podcast
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4. Science Diction

Science DictionNew York, United States About Podcast Science Diction is a bite-sized podcast about words and the science stories behind them. Hosted by a self-proclaimed word nerd Johanna Mayer, each episode of Science Diction digs into the origin of a single word or phrase, and, with the help of historians, authors, etymologists, and scientists, reveals a surprising science connection. Science Diction is a show for information packrats who are constantly sniffing out knowledge. Frequency 1 episode / month Since Mar 2020 Podcast
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5. A Way with Words

A Way with WordsSan Diego, California, United States About Podcast A Way with Words is a fun and funny radio show and podcast about language. Co-hosts Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett talk with callers from around the world about linguistics, slang, new words, jokes, riddles, word games, grammar, old sayings, word origins, regional dialects, family expressions, books, literature, folklore, and speaking and writing well. Frequency 4 episodes / month Since Sep 2007 Also in Translation & Interpretation Podcasts Podcast
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6. Talk the Talk » Etymology

Talk the Talk » Etymology Perth, Western Australia, Australia About Podcast Talk the Talk podcast is hosted by Daniel Midgley, Ben Ainslie, and Hedvig Skarsgard. This weekly show is about linguistics, the science of language. Frequency 2 episodes / year Since Sep 2018 Podcast
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7. Why Is That Podcast

Why Is That PodcastAbout Podcast The Why Is That Podcast is a history-based podcast exploring the origins of certain terms, systems, and traditions. It answers why we do things the way we do & also explores the origins of today's common occurrences from word etymology to holiday traditions and everywhere in between. Frequency 1 episode / month Since Feb 2018 Podcast
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8. Lexicon Valley

Lexicon ValleyWashington, District Of Columbia, United States About Podcast If you've ever had curious thoughts and questions about the ways we speak, read, and write, Lexicon Valley is the show for you. Hosted by linguist John McWhorter. A podcast about language, from pet peeves to syntax. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Feb 2012 Also in Linguistics Podcasts Podcast
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