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Ergonomics Youtube Channels

1. Humantech Ergonomics

Humantech Ergonomics Ann Arbor, MI About Youtuber Humantech was founded with the single focus of improving the lives of the working population. By combining experienced, board-certified ergonomists with our proprietary assessment tools and comprehensive software, we deliver integrated solutions that impact safety, quality, and productivity. At Humantech, we help companies do ergonomics right.
Frequency 4 videos / quarter
Since Jul 2010
Youtube Followers- 879 . Views Count- 325,309 . Video Count - 192

2. Ergoprise Ergonomics

Ergoprise Ergonomics Austin, TX About Youtuber Our mission is to build awareness of the importance and value of ergonomics as well as the products that create a healthy workspace, prevent repetitive stress injuries, and provide for worker comfort.
Frequency 13 videos / year
Since Jan 2011
Youtube Followers- 1,060 . Views Count- 854,178 . Video Count - 118

3. Ergonomic Trends

Ergonomic Trends California, USA About Youtuber Bringing you the best in ergonomic tips, news, and product reviews.
Frequency 3 videos / month
Since May 2017
Youtube Followers- 202 . Views Count- 138,547 . Video Count - 39

4. AnyBody Technology

AnyBody Technology Aalborg, Danmark About Youtuber AnyBody Technology markets unique software for biomechanics and computer-aided ergonomics. Our mission is to contribute to general human health and comfort by supplying industries and research communities with state-of-the-art knowledge and software technology on musculoskeletal biomechanics.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Jan 2008
Youtube Followers- 2,030 . Views Count- 2,153,011 . Video Count - 161

5. Ergotron

Ergotron St. Paul, MN About Youtuber We use ergonomic and human-centered design principles to build kinetic work environments that help our customers thrive.
Frequency 2 videos / quarter
Since Nov 2008
Youtube Followers- 1,910 . Views Count- 6,672,002 . Video Count - 168

6. Sit Healthier

Sit Healthier About Youtuber The best resource for information about working healthy, inlcuding ergonomic office seating and accessories as well as tips on how to improve health and medical advice when working.
Frequency 2 videos / month
Since Apr 2016
Youtube Followers- 7,980 . Views Count- 5,641,061 . Video Count - 90

7. Humanscale HQ

Humanscale HQ New York, NY About Youtuber Humanscale is the premier designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products that improve the health and comfort of work life.
Frequency 1 video / month
Since Feb 2013
Youtube Followers- 489 . Views Count- 141,754 . Video Count - 130

8. HighRoller - Ergonomic muscle care

HighRoller - Ergonomic muscle care Tampere, Finland About Youtuber HighRoller provides videos about ergonomic and patented muscle care products for all body-conscious people.
Frequency 1 video / year
Since Sep 2014
Youtube Followers- 380 . Views Count- 123,897 . Video Count - 135

9. Eureka Ergonomic

Eureka Ergonomic Dallas, TX About Youtuber Eureka Ergonomic is the next generation of standing desk converters, standing desks, and ergonomic accessories.
Frequency 8 videos / year
Since Jun 2017
Youtube Followers- 551 . Views Count- 3,655,402 . Video Count - 49

10. Posturite Limited

Posturite Limited Sussex, UK About Youtuber Posturite helps create healthier offices with products and services that reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and comply with health and safety laws. Our mission is to improve the physical and mental health of the world's workforce.
Frequency 3 videos / quarter
Since Jul 2007
Youtube Followers- 189 . Views Count- 311,537 . Video Count - 171

11. Ergostyle Ergonomic Solutions

Ergostyle Ergonomic Solutions New Zealand About Youtuber The mission of Ergostyle Ergonomic Solutions is to provide safe and efficient work spaces enhancing human factors and maximise workspace performance.
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since Jun 2009
Youtube Followers- 102 . Views Count- 43,296 . Video Count - 82

12. Star Ergonomics

Star Ergonomics Plano, TX About Youtuber Star Ergonomics is a global manufacturer of advanced, flexible workplace technologies. We combine attention to quality and detail with innovation and technology. This results in products that provide advanced flexibility and healthier work environments.
Since Mar 2018
Youtube Followers- 75 . Views Count- 956 . Video Count - 15

13. Uncaged Ergonomics

Uncaged Ergonomics United States About Youtuber Uncaged Ergonomics works to develop useful and affordable ergonomic products for the home and office.
Frequency 5 videos / quarter
Since Jul 2011
Youtube Followers- 84 . Views Count- 112,289 . Video Count - 105

14. Center for Ergonomics

Center for Ergonomics About Youtuber Welcome to the Center for Ergonomics at the University of Michigan! Our mission is to make workplaces and organizations safe, efficient, productive and enjoyable. We are dedicated to gaining and sharing a better understanding of how tools, technologies and work practices affect health and performance and how they can be improved through human-centered design.
Frequency 2 videos / month
Since Oct 2014
Youtube Followers- 145 . Views Count- 39,112 . Video Count - 129

15. RightAngleProducts

RightAngleProducts Wisconsin About Youtuber RightAngle Products is a Wisconsin based manufacturer of quality ergonomic office solutions. Our goal is to continue to create products to make computer and office furniture that's ergonomic in design, attractive, user friendly, and high quality while maintaining a high level of service.
Frequency 19 videos / year
Since Jul 2010
Youtube Followers- 56 . Views Count- 33,852 . Video Count - 64

16. Movomech AB

Movomech AB Kristianstad, Sweden About Youtuber Movomech AB is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ergonomic lifting and material handling equipment. With a combination of standard products and customized grippers, Movomech develops, designs and manufactures an optimal solution for the customer. The result is good ergonomics, high efficiency and safe handling!
Frequency 7 videos / quarter
Since Nov 2012
Youtube Followers- 61 . Views Count- 13,752 . Video Count - 53

17. Ergolink Advanced Ergonomics

Ergolink Advanced Ergonomics Australia About Youtuber Ergolink Advanced Ergonomics features videos about the highest quality range of ergonomic furniture and accessories.
Frequency 1 video / month
Since Jul 2016
Youtube Followers- 4 . Views Count- 5,042 . Video Count - 47