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Embedded Technology RSS Feeds

1. RSS Feed is the resource for everything embedded systems designers and developers need to do their jobs, from the latest products, design and coding trends and tips, source code, to practical design information, discussions, features and industry happenings.
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2. Embedded Systems Design RSS Feed

Embedded Systems Design embeddeddesignblog.blogspot...
This blog is dedicated to all those embedded engineers who always have sleepless nights in labs debugging the hardest problems on the earth. This is a generic blog written based on understanding and resources over the internet.
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3. The Embedded Blog RSS Feed

The Embedded Blog
Hardware and Software News from Nick Flaherty at Flaherty Publishing.
1 post / week Aug 2006 Get Email Contact More

4. Embedded Use RSS Feed

Embedded Use Germany
My name is Burkhard Stubert. I am a solopreneur (a.k.a. independent contractor or freelancer) offering professional services for software development. My focus is on designing and developing connected embedded systems - with a special passion in user interfaces. EmbeddedUse, the name of my company, reflects these two passions: embedded systems and user interfaces.
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5. Embitel RSS Feed

Embitel Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Embitel primarily focuses on the Automotive/IoT Embedded Technology space and Digital Multi-Channel solutions for Digital Commerce.
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6. Mentor RSS Feed

Mentor Wilsonville, Oregon, US
Mentor Graphics® is a technology leader in electronic design automation (EDA), providing software and hardware design solutions that enable companies to develop better electronic products faster and more cost-effectively. The company offers innovative products and solutions that help engineers overcome the design challenges they face in the increasingly complex worlds of board and chip design.
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7. Embedded Artistry RSS Feed

Embedded Artistry San Francisco, California, US
Embedded Artistry is an Embedded systems consulting firm. Distilling techniques & processes so you can take your embedded skills to the next level.
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8. Embedded Systems Academy RSS Feed

Embedded Systems Academy Hannoversch Munden, Niedersachsen, Germany
Our expertise covers many microcontroller architectures and their development tools. We focus on time-to-market, quality improvement and embedded networking applications using Controller Area Network (CAN bus), CANopen and Embedded Internetworking.
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9. Beningo Embedded Group RSS Feed

Beningo Embedded Group Linden, Michigan, US
Beningo Embedded is an embedded software consulting company that focuses on the development of innovative embedded systems across multiple industries.
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10. CNX Software RSS Feed

CNX Software Chiang Mai, Thailand
In this blog, you will find News, tutorials, reviews, and how-tos related to Embedded Linux and Android, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP32, development boards, IoT, edge AI, industrial solutions, and more.
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11. Bootlin RSS Feed

Bootlin is an engineering company specialized in embedded Linux and more generally in Free and Open Source software for embedded systems.
5K 1 post / week Sep 2004 Get Email Contact More

12. Electronics Weekly » Embedded Systems RSS Feed

Electronics Weekly » Embedded Systems London, England, UK
All the latest news for electronics engineers & professionals involved in the design & development industry.
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13. Pallav Aggarwal RSS Feed

Pallav Aggarwal India
This blog provides practical tips on embedded systems design. Pallav Aggarwal is an experienced embedded system design consultant who helps hardware startups and embedded design engineers building successful embedded / IoT products.
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14. Ignys Ltd RSS Feed

Ignys Ltd Nottingham, England, UK
Blog articles from Ignys include 5 ways to tackle edges cases and 9 reasons to use an electronics design agency. Ignys Ltd is an Electronics Design and Software Engineering Consultancy focused on practical solutions.
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15. Embedded Computing RSS Feed

Embedded Computing Scottsdale, Arizona, US
Provides the necessary and pertinent information how, when, and where Embedded Computing is most useful. We segment the majority our coverage into the following categories: industrial, automotive, consumer; and medical/healthcare.
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16. Acura Embedded Systems RSS Feed

Acura Embedded Systems British Columbia, Canada
Acura Embedded Systems is a manufacturer of industrial pc & embedded computers. We excel at developing reliable & durable products systems.
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17. DeepBlue » Embedded Systems RSS Feed

DeepBlue » Embedded Systems
Learn embedded systems with DeepBlue from the very basic fundamentals to the frontiers & create your own projects.
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18. Hack a Day RSS Feed

Hack a Day South Pasadena, California, US
Hackaday serves up Fresh Hacks Every Day from around the Internet. Our playful posts are the gold standard in entertainment for engineers and engineering enthusiasts. We educate those just learning the art of Hack, and provide inspiration for the seasoned veterans.
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19. EEJournal » Embedded RSS Feed

EEJournal » Embedded Portland, Oregon, US
Electronic Engineering Journal is your source to read articles on Embedded technology and stay updated on the latest news, updates, reports, and more. The journal is here to provide independent insight and analysis (with a sense of humor) on the fast-paced world of electronic design for a worldwide engineering audience.
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20. EE World » Embedded RSS Feed

EE World » Embedded US
The following section of EE World features articles on Embedded. EEWorld Online is a network of resources for design engineers and is comprised of highly engaged user forums, industry news, EE tools, focused editorial content, datasheet/electronic part search, and electronic projects.
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21. Toradex Blog RSS Feed

Toradex Blog
The Toradex blog encapsulates key insights and updates from our developers providing an in-depth understanding of our product portfolio and its many advantages. We at Toradex are specialists in embedded hardware and software. Our portfolio of products, including those based around Arm architecture, is designed and developed by our team of engineers.
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22. All About Circuits » Embedded RSS Feed

All About Circuits » Embedded Boise, Idaho, US
Read the latest Embedded Electronic & Electrical Engineering Articles. All About Circuits is one of the largest online electrical engineering communities in the world made by engineers, for engineers, with over a decade of solving problems and exploring new technologies.
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23. Safe Autonomy RSS Feed

Safe Autonomy Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
I work with self-driving car safety and more generally with dependable embedded systems. I teach at Carnegie Mellon University. As with any blog, these posts often contain speculative and partially formed thoughts, and should not be interpreted as a fully considered opinion unless stated otherwise.
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24. Embedded Computing RSS Feed

Embedded Computing Scottsdale, Arizona, US
With an estimated 15 billion devices in the world, Embedded Computing Design aims to help those designing these devices stay informed about the latest technologies and look ahead to where the next decade of embedded computing is going. Coverage includes IoT, IIoT, Machine Learning, AI, Automotive, and more.
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25. Boundary Devices Blog RSS Feed

Boundary Devices Blog Lake Forest, California, US
Boundary Devices is a leading global supplier of ARM-based Single Board Computers and systems on Modules for the general embedded market. Founded in 2003, we specialize in creating custom solutions tailored to the exact specifications of the customer.
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26. Microcontroller Tips RSS Feed

Microcontroller Tips Cleveland, Ohio, US
Microcontroller Tips is the premier online source for new products, news, and innovations around microcontrollers, embedded devices, memory, modules, and design tools, as well as FPGAs, connectivity devices, and MCU-based products that enable the interconnection of embedded devices, sensor networks, control systems, automation, and more.
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27. MCU on Eclipse RSS Feed

MCU on Eclipse Switzerland
My name is Erich Styger. This blog is because I have been asked to share my thoughts, tips, and tricks around Eclipse, CodeWarrior, Kinetis Design Studio, and anything else around software, and microcontrollers in an accessible way.
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28. Embedded Related RSS Feed

Embedded Related
Everything Embedded Systems: Forums (including comp.arch.embedded), Blogs, WhitePapers, Business Directory, Free PDF Downloads, Code Snippets, etc.
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29. Siemens » Embedded Software RSS Feed

Siemens » Embedded Software
The following section of Siemens Digital Industry Software is dedicated to Embedded Software. Our solutions help companies of all sizes create and leverage digital twins that provide organizations with new insights, opportunities, and levels of automation to drive innovation.
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30. RSS Feed US is dedicated to bringing you timely news and analysis on the hardware, software, protocols, and standards used in embedded, mobile, and Internet of Things devices that are built around open source OSes such as Linux and derivatives (e.g. Android, Tizen, OpenWRT, Brillo, etc.).
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31. Circuit Cellar Blog RSS Feed

Circuit Cellar Blog East Hartford, Connecticut, US
Circuit Cellar is the premier media resource for professional engineers, academic technologists, and other electronics technology decision-makers worldwide involved in the design and development of embedded processor- and microcontroller-based systems across a broad range of applications. The magazine provides critical information on embedded, electronics technology and does so at the level of depth and detail tailored specifically for our readers.
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32. BeagleBoard Blog RSS Feed

BeagleBoard Blog US
The Foundation is a Michigan, USA-based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation existing to provide education in and collaboration around the design and use of open-source software and hardware in embedded computing. The community collaborates on the development of open-source physical computing solutions including robotics, personal manufacturing tools like 3D printers and laser cutters, and other types of industrial and machine controls.
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33. Interrupt Blog RSS Feed

Interrupt Blog
The Interrupt community is made up of engineers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts with a shared passion for hardware development. We help each other solve problems, share best practices, show our latest projects, and more.
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34. #embeddedbits RSS Feed

#embeddedbits Sao Paulo, Brazil
My name is Sergio Prado and I am from São Paulo, Brazil. I have been working with embedded systems development for more than 20 years. With a background in electronics and computing, I have been working with various technologies of microprocessors and microcontrollers, including Z80, 68000, x86, 8051, PIC, AVR, MIPS, PowerPC, and ARM, developing firmware and low-level software in C/C /Assembly on Linux, Android, FreeRTOS and many other kernels and operating systems.
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35. Military Embedded Systems Blog RSS Feed

Military Embedded Systems Blog Scottsdale, Arizona, US
Military Embedded Systems magazine focuses on military, COTS, electronics, EW, radar, MilitaryAI, standards, SOSA, defense, and more.
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36. Avench Systems Blogs RSS Feed

Avench Systems Blogs Reno, Nevada, US
Avench Systems is a design house specializing in embedded systems. With ever-changing technology, it is of utmost necessity to keep pace with it. This is where we help you with our advanced engineering solutions by designing products that plug the gaps between technology and the need. Our design thinking-based development approach encompasses different engagement models and is tailored to meet even the most challenging customer needs.
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37. Bluefruit Software Blog RSS Feed

Bluefruit Software Blog Cornwall, England, UK
Read more about the latest embedded software news as well as our work, technology, processes, and people on the Bluefruit blog. For the past 20 years, Bluefruit Software has worked with clients around the world, providing high-quality embedded software solutions to over 100 products. Our software development teams deliver embedded projects for clients within the medical, aerospace, industrial, automotive, and biopharmaceutical sectors.
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38. Blog RSS Feed Blog is a site dedicated to the many aspects of engineering. We talk about the how, why, and what of engineering, usually devices. The site also includes a blog written by Elecia White, Christopher White, Andrei Chichak, and Chris Svec.
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39. Embedded Lab RSS Feed

Embedded Lab Virginia, US
Embedded Lab is an online teaching laboratory for Microcontrollers, Arduino and Embedded Systems. This website is aimed at anyone curious to learn how these things work on a fundamental level and who wants to get started with embedded system design on their own. Follow this blog for Embedded Systems tutorials, projects, and more.
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40. ADL Embedded Solutions RSS Feed

ADL Embedded Solutions San Diego, California, US
ADL Embedded Solutions, Inc. provides high-performance embedded solutions in demanding thermal and rugged environments for industrial and military applications.
89 170 1 post / year Feb 2010 Get Email Contact More

41. Avian Workshops RSS Feed

Avian Workshops Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Avian Workshops is an institution for the best drone technology development, IoT based projects, Robotics Internship, computer vision projects, 3d printing workshops, and much more. Follow the blog to know more about us.
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42. Technologic Systems Blog RSS Feed

Technologic Systems Blog Fountain Hills, Arizona, US
Technologic Systems provides complete solutions for embedded systems. We have been in business for more than 30 years. Get news, guides, and more from Technologic Systems.
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43. Timesys » Embedded Development RSS Feed

Timesys » Embedded Development Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
Timesys is a pioneer and industry leader in open source software security, development tools and engineering services spanning the embedded software market. Follow to get updates on Embedded Development.
549 8 posts / year Mar 2017 Get Email Contact More

44. Embedded IT RSS Feed

Embedded IT Whiteley, England, UK
Embedded IT is a team of consultants who have lived through the IT Services complexity, and understand the impacts that these changes will have on everyone's business.
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45. One Digital » Embedded case studies RSS Feed

One Digital » Embedded case studies
One Digital is a collaborative digital inclusion programme developed by Age UK, Citizens Online, Clarion Futures (part of Clarion Housing Group), Digital Unite, and Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations (SCVO).
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46. RISE UK Research Institute in Secure Hardware and Embedded Systems RSS Feed

RISE UK Research Institute in Secure Hardware and Embedded Systems Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
The £5M multi-institutional Research institute - RISE - seeks to identify and address key issues that underpin our understanding of Hardware Security.
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47. Dev2techno RSS Feed

Welcome! Assuming you are tech person or TechGeek, techie or technophile or tech nerd, this is a pretty sweet place to get information or technical specification about embedded system board. Dev2techno has become first simple & single online open-source platform where people can get all embedded boards information together.
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48. DoAfCo » Embedded C RSS Feed

DoAfCo » Embedded C
We all know where we want to go but to reach their is a challenging journey. So, Here in this blog we want to ease out your journey of becoming an Embedded system professional by providing you with the correct set of guidelines which will help you in finding your path and understand what out of many option is the correct option.
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49. James Grenning's Blog RSS Feed

James Grenning's Blog Illinois, US
James Grenning blogs about Agile Development, especially embedded. Follow for the latest updates.
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50. Embedded Blog RSS Feed

Embedded Blog Wilsonville, Oregon, US
In this blog, open source experts discuss challenges and community happenings for embedded Linux, automotive, IVI, HMI and technology integration.
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51. Emtech Foundation RSS Feed

Emtech Foundation New Delhi, Delhi, India
Embedded Technology Foundation is Electronics Project Training and Development Company since 2006 in India.
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52. John Wellbelove RSS Feed

John Wellbelove
John Wellbelove is the creator of the Embedded Template Library. He have been involved in technology and computer systems for all of my working life and have amassed considerable knowledge of designing and implementing systems that are both performant and correct.
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53. Witekio Blog RSS Feed

Witekio Blog Lyon, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France
At Witekio we think sharing is key. Our engineers, tech leads, project managers, and leaders share their views, their experiences, and their expertise. Witekio's software experts help you tackle any complex software system challenge like system security, system update; OTA, etc. Working with us helped you gain access to a network of partners that will help power your project, accelerate your go-to-market, and assure the smooth launch of your product or system.
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54. SEGGER Blog RSS Feed

SEGGER Blog Rhein, Germany
SEGGER Microcontroller provides professional development and production solutions for the embedded market. All SEGGER products are highly optimized and benefit from more than 30 years of experience in the industry. We provide an RTOS plus communication and security software, so developers get a head start, benefiting from SEGGER's decades of experience in the industry.
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55. Sticky Bits Blog RSS Feed

Sticky Bits Blog Wiltshire, England, UK
This Blog was created by a world-class provider of embedded systems training and consultancy, Feabhas founder Niall Cooling. His aim was to cover, in a no-nonsense manner, aspects centered on Real-Time and Embedded Systems (RTES) Software.
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56. HID Global Blog » Embedded Technologies RSS Feed

HID Global Blog » Embedded Technologies
HID Global provides industry-leading content about physical and logical access control solutions. At HID Global, we are passionate about helping people use a verified, trusted identity to make it more convenient and safer for them to get to where they need to go and achieve what they want to do in everyday life.
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57. Luos Blog RSS Feed

Luos Blog Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France
Keep an eye on many topics such as embedded systems, microservices in embedded systems, robotics, and Luos, on PID control in motors. Luos unleashes microservices for embedded systems. Luos connects together every part and function of your electronic devices into a single system image.
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