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Electronic Products & Components Blogs

1. Electronic Products Magazine

Electronic Products Magazine Garden City, NY About Blog Electronic Products magazine keeps electrical and design engineers, as well as avid lovers of hi-tech gear, up to speed with the latest electronic components and technology that is under the radar and off the grid.
Frequency about 9 posts per week.
Website electronicproducts.com
Facebook fans 8,773. Twitter followers 10,520.

2. Sensors Magazine

Sensors Magazine About Blog Sensors Magazine is the primary source for design and product engineers seeking information about the latest sensor technologies, sensor-related technologies, and industry market trends. Each day, the industry’s premier resource covers the latest news from IoT to Artificial Intelligence, Medical, Automotive, Industrial, and more.
Frequency about 42 posts per week.
Since Jan 2005
Website sensorsmag.com
Facebook fans 1,207. Twitter followers 3,031.

3. Electronics-Lab.com

Electronics-Lab.com About Blog Electronics-Lab.com features useful circuits with description, schematics and PCB, electronics articles and other electronic engineering resources. It also blogs daily about open hardware news.
Frequency about 10 posts per week.
Since Jul 2015
Website electronics-lab.com/blog
Facebook fans 100,486. Twitter followers 3,344.

4. All About Circuits

All About Circuits About Blog All About Circuits is an international, web-based community of electrical engineers and designers seeking ideas, education, and discussions with over 300K engineers, who collaborate every day to innovate, design, and create.
Frequency about 7 posts per week.
Also in Electronics Blogs
Website allaboutcircuits.com
Facebook fans 588,391. Twitter followers 3,456.

5. SparkFun Electronics

SparkFun Electronics Niwot, Colo. About Blog SparkFun has been committed to helping the world achieve electronics literacy. No matter your vision or skill level, our products and resources are designed to make electronics more accessible.
Frequency about 5 posts per week.
Since Nov 2005
Website sparkfun.com/news
Facebook fans 84,919. Twitter followers 122,883.

6. Electropages

Electropages London, UK About Blog Electropages is a digital content platform that delivers real time new product news to the global electronics industry. Established in 1999, Electropages distributes product news to established component buying engineers and designers all over the world. It brings buyers and sellers together within a dedicated professional forum which delivers the right information to the right person at exactly the right time, generating powerful sales leads.
Frequency about 42 posts per week.
Since Dec 2015
Website electropages.com/latest-news
Facebook fans 2,306. Twitter followers 4,585.

7. eInfochips

eInfochips About Blog eInfochips, an Arrow company, is a leading global provider of product engineering and semiconductor design services. It continues to fuel technological innovations in multiple verticals. The company’s service offerings include digital transformation and connected IoT solutions across various cloud platforms, including AWS and Azure.
Frequency about 2 posts per week.
Website einfochips.com/blog
Facebook fans 3,942. Twitter followers 950.

8. Mouser Electronics Inc.

Mouser Electronics Inc. Munich, Bavaria About Blog Mouser Electronics is a worldwide leading authorised distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for over 700 industry-leading manufacturers. We specialise in the rapid introduction of new products and technologies for design engineers and buyers. Our extensive product offering includes semiconductors, interconnects, passives, and electromechanical components.
Frequency about 12 posts per week.
Since Dec 2014
Website eu.mouser.com
Facebook fans 74,047. Twitter followers 9,081.

9. Electronic Specifier

Electronic Specifier United Kingdom About Blog Electronic Specifier brings you an innovative new venture which allows electronics distributors from around the global electronics industry to share their news, views and insights.
Frequency about 5 posts per week.
Website distributor.electronicspecif..
Facebook fans 17,691. Twitter followers 7,777.

10. AVX

AVX Fountain Inn, South Carolina About Blog AVX Corporation is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of advanced electronic components and interconnect, sensor, control and antenna solutions.
Frequency about 2 posts per week.
Website avx.com
Facebook fans 685. Twitter followers 1,556.

11. Reddit | Electronic Components

Reddit | Electronic Components San Francisco, CA About Blog Follow us to keep up with articles on Electronic Components from Reddit.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Website old.reddit.com/r/Electronic_..
Facebook fans 1,202,416. Twitter followers 567,892.

12. European Passive Components Institute

European Passive Components Institute About Blog European Passive Components Institute’s educational and informative website is a premium source of passive components news and technical information. It is one of the few resources dedicated purely to passive components “niche” market easy to find passive components information for designers, component engineers, buyers, strategic marketers, FAEs, quality engineers, students and everyone with interest in these components.
Frequency about 10 posts per week.
Website passive-components.eu
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers n/a.

13. JJS Manufacturing

JJS Manufacturing Lutterworth, England About Blog JJS blog provides you with unbiased, informative content surrounding electronics and electro-mechanical manufacturing in order to help you make the right decision for your company when it comes to an outsourcing strategy.
Frequency about 1 post per week.
Since May 2009
Website blog.jjsmanufacturing.com
Facebook fans 287. Twitter followers 2,532.

14. SJ Electronics | Power Test & Measurement

SJ Electronics | Power Test & Measurement Kettering, Northamptonshire. About Blog SJ Electronics is a Technical distributor of electronic test & measurement equipment. Follow us to keep up with articles from SJ Electronics.
Frequency about 3 posts per month.
Also in UK Electronics Blogs
Website sjelectronics.co.uk/blog
Facebook fans 63. Twitter followers 572.

15. SnapEDA Blog

SnapEDA Blog San Francisco, CA About Blog SnapEDA is the Internet's pioneering, market-leading parts library for circuit board design. We're on a mission to build a free, canonical library for every designer to use. By providing ready-to-use building blocks, our library shaves days off product development, allowing designers to focus on optimization and innovation. Our proprietary, patent-pending verification technology is the most rigorous in the entire industry.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Since Jun 2013
Website blog.snapeda.com
Facebook fans 841. Twitter followers 2,605.

16. Anglia

Anglia Cambridgeshire About Blog Anglia is the UK’s leading independent authorised distributor of semiconductors, optoelectronics, interconnect, passive and electromechanical components.
Frequency about 1 post per week.
Since Mar 2000
Website anglia.com/news/productnews.asp
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers 759.

17. Monnit Wireless Sensor Blog

Monnit Wireless Sensor Blog Utah, United States About Blog Monnit is the leader in Low Cost Remote Monitoring Solutions and Wireless Sensing, allowing you to monitor your business or home from anywhere.
Frequency about 2 posts per month.
Since Jan 2010
Also in Wireless Technology Blogs
Website monnit.com/blog
Facebook fans 611. Twitter followers 357.

18. West Florida Components

West Florida Components Florida About Blog West Florida Components is your source for electronic parts. It supplies components like semiconductors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, resistors, rubber feet, project boxes & more since 2005.
Frequency about 4 posts per week.
Since Sep 2008
Website westfloridacomponents.com/blog
Facebook fans 3,447. Twitter followers 755.

19. Electronics Sourcing

Electronics Sourcing About Blog Electronics Sourcing is a magazine for professionals who buy, distribute and sell electronic components & associated products, within the electronics distribution & manufacturing sector.
Frequency about 4 posts per week.
Website electronics-sourcing.com
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers 1,634.

20. Balluff Sensors

Balluff Sensors About Blog Balluff is a dedicated partner for industrial automation that offers more than 60 years of experience in sensor technology. It is is one of the world's leading sensor manufacturers, providing innovative and practical sensing solutions for a wide range of applications and industries
Frequency about 1 post per week.
Website automation-insights.blog
Facebook fans 3,448. Twitter followers 6,294.

21. ElProCus

ElProCus About Blog Find latest updates about electronics, circuits, project video updates, electronics project ideas, basic tutorial and more from ElProCus .
Frequency about 3 posts per month.
Website elprocus.com
Facebook fans 8,718. Twitter followers 3,720.

22. EEVblog

EEVblog Sydney, Australia About Blog The EEV blog is hosted by David L. Jones, an electronics design engineer based in Sydney Australia. In each episode he shares some of his 25 years experience in the electronics design industry in his unique non-scripted naturally enthusiastic and passionate style.
Frequency about 2 posts per week.
Since Apr 2009
Website eevblog.com
Facebook fans 20,476. Twitter followers 32,531.

23. Build Electronic Circuits

Build Electronic Circuits About Blog Build Electronic Circuits was founded by Øyvind Nydal Dahl. The blog publishes extremely easy-to-understand explanations of electronics.
Frequency about 2 posts per month.
Since Jul 2012
Website build-electronic-circuits.com
Facebook fans 12,825. Twitter followers 623.


SCHURTER About Blog SCHURTER Electronic Components is a leading innovator and producer of electronic components. As a Swiss technology company it is operating successfully worldwide. In a dynamic market the it is showing sustainable growth due to the specialized competence, innovative capacity, proximity to customers and financial independence.
Frequency about 2 posts per month.
Website schurter.com/en/Components
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers n/a.

25. Enrgtech Blog

Enrgtech Blog About Blog Enrgtech seeks to boost innovation globally by empowering engineers, designers, and scholars through providing a one stop shop for all the electronic components.
Frequency about 2 posts per week.
Website blog.enrgtech.co.uk
Facebook fans 646. Twitter followers n/a.

26. Embedds

Embedds About Blog Embedds.com is an embedded electronics niche website updated everyday. Follow us to keep up with the articles from Embedds.
Frequency about 1 post per week.
Since Jul 2007
Website embedds.com
Facebook fans 1,283. Twitter followers 161.

27. NeoPhotonics

NeoPhotonics About Blog NeoPhotonics is a leading designer and manufacturer of photonic integrated circuit, or PIC, based modules and subsystems for bandwidth-intensive, high-speed communications networks.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Since Apr 2015
Website neophotonics.com
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers 311.

28. ByteSnap | Embedded Electronics Design

ByteSnap | Embedded Electronics Design Birmingham About Blog ByteSnap Design is an embedded systems software development and electronics design consultancy, creating innovative, robust and high quality electronics and software products for our customers.
Frequency about 2 posts per month.
Since Dec 2013
Website bytesnap.co.uk/news-blog
Facebook fans 28. Twitter followers 575.

29. EC Electronics

EC Electronics Basingstoke, UK About Blog EC Electronics is a global Electronics Manufacturing Services company that manufactures and supplies electronics-based products to customers from a variety of markets. It aims to become the best in class Electronics Manufacturing Services partner for OEMs and product innovators.
Frequency about 2 posts per month.
Since Feb 2014
Website ecelectronics.co.uk/blog
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers 506.

30. Advanced MP Technology

Advanced MP Technology St Petersburg, FL About Blog At Advanced MP Technology you will discover informative content and industry updates on electronic components.
Frequency about 3 posts per month.
Since Jun 2014
Website blog.earthtron.com
Facebook fans 4. Twitter followers 3.

31. Kodiak Assembly

Kodiak Assembly Austin, TX About Blog Kodiak Assembly Solutions, is an Electronic Manufacturing Services company based in Austin, Texas. It provides printed circuit board assembly, test and integration services to companies throughout North America. It develops solutions for electronics manufacturing services with customer's business goals in mind.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Since Mar 2017
Website kodiakassembly.com/blog
Facebook fans 103. Twitter followers 64.

32. Gateway Electronic Components Ltd

Gateway Electronic Components Ltd Nantwich About Blog Gateway Electronic Components was founded in 2000. It has strengthened its broadline appeal by adding further major global manufacturer partners to its franchised linecard.
Frequency about 2 posts per month.
Since Apr 2017
Website gatewaycando.com/blog
Facebook fans 476. Twitter followers 120.

33. Precision Electronic Technologies

Precision Electronic Technologies Australia About Blog Precision Electronic Technologies provide an extensive range of manufacturing services, including printed circuit boards and assemblies, cables, wiring harnesses, stencils, decals, membranes and full turnkey box assemblies. We offer a complete solution, from prototyping to production quantities based on local and offshore facilities.
Frequency about 2 posts per month.
Website precisionet.com.au/news
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers n/a.

34. Offshore Electronics Blog

Offshore Electronics Blog About Blog Offshore Electronics offers advanced manufacturing facility. It provides a complete service, from design for manufacturing, prototyping, pre production, full electronics and mechanical production volumes, comprehensive testing and quality control, to custom packaging and delivery.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Since Jan 2017
Website offshore-electronics.co.uk/blog
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers n/a.

35. Sensible Micro

Sensible Micro Tampa, FL About Blog Sensible Micro was founded on the concept that component distributors weren’t “sensible” business partners to many OEM/EMS industry leaders. Follow us to keep up with articles on electronic components.
Frequency about 2 posts per month.
Website sensiblemicro.com/the-sensib..
Facebook fans 449. Twitter followers 1,397.

36. Heynen

Heynen About Blog Heynen works for innovators. We supply solutions in the field of professional electronics in the Benelux countries. If you are involved in the design, manufacturing or sourcing of electronic components, we help you achieve your goals.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Since Jun 2013
Website heynen.com/electronic-compon..
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers n/a.

37. Allchips

Allchips About Blog Allchips is one online international electronic component platform.The electronic components industry is a huge market, often in short supply, so manufacturers and suppliers are always concerned. It focuses on industry events and share the dynamics of manufacturers and suppliers.
Frequency about 1 post per week.
Since Nov 2017
Website ecmsnews.com
Facebook fans 4,255. Twitter followers 108.

38. Bourns Blog

Bourns Blog Riverside, CA About Blog Bourns is a leading manufacturer of electronic components. It is a global manufacturer of electronic components such as automotive electronic components, circuit protection , magnetic & resistive products, connectors, diodes, microelectronic modules, sensors, switches, transistors and thyristors.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Since Jan 2016
Website bourns.wordpress.com
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers 6,966.

39. Switch Electronics

Switch Electronics Yorkshire and The Humber About Blog Switch Electronics is one of the fastest growing distributors of Electrical components in the UK. Stocking a wide range of products in our UK based warehouse for immediate delivery we pride ourselves in offering the most competitive prices on the market.
Frequency about 5 posts per week.
Website switchelectronics.co.uk/blog
Facebook fans 153. Twitter followers 436.

40. Chemigraphic

Chemigraphic Crawley, UK About Blog Chemigraphic aims to provide customers with a design-led industry beating service for their electronics manufacturing requirements.
Frequency about 4 posts per month.
Website chemigraphic.co.uk
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers 23.

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