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Electric Vehicle Forums

1. Speak EV Forum

Speak EV Forum Milton Keynes, England, UK
Join Speak EV Forum and find people discussing electric vehicles on Speak EV Forums. Talk about EV chargers, charging networks or stations, promote & discover EV events & meetings, plus explore the vendor's deals here.
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5.5K 26 posts / day

2. DIY Electric Car Forum

DIY Electric Car Forum DIY Electric Car Forum is a community dedicated to DIY electric car owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about converting an existing car or building a new Electric Vehicle, also talk about its designs, wiring, adapters, and more.
14 posts / day

3. Inside EVS Forum

Inside EVS Forum Are you obsessed with electric vehicles? The Inside EVS Forum is a place for EV enthusiasts, experts, novices, and the newly interested to come and discuss electric vehicles and the issues surrounding them. Besides, talk about its bugs & features, give feedback, and much more.
1.6K 1.7K 2 posts / day

4. AEVA Forums

AEVA Forums Australia
Welcome to Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA). If you are interested in electric vehicles, this forum is the best place for you. Talk about its production & technology, find news, press release, & insider information, post up your EV, progress pics, and more, the purpose of this forum is to create greater awareness of EVs and encourage their use.
5.2K 1.6K 9 posts / day

5. GM Volt Forum

GM Volt Forum The GM Volt community is dedicated to Chevy Volt electric car owners and enthusiasts. Discuss the innovative Chevy Volt, read all the latest news and related Volt topics, and post any Volt get-togethers, events, and other EV happenings here. Share your story, read our FAQs, ask a question, and more.
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3.3K 13.1K 14 posts / day

6. Electric Vehicle Forums

Electric Vehicle Forums Electric Vehicle Forums welcomes you to the community. Plug into the latest EV discussions and how-to guides here. Talk about the mileage database, EPA, hypermiling, gas, & driving strategy, discuss charging networks & stations, also, get news, press releases, and articles on new and used cars.
6 posts / week

7. My Car Forum » Electric Cars

My Car Forum » Electric Cars Let's talk about Electric Vehicles such as battery range, charging stations, technology, legislation, incentives, and more. Connect with other members and exchange information on car tinting, sports rims, renting a car, car grooming, car repair, car decal, car leather seat, car towing, car mat & motor insurance.
1 post / month

8. Reddit » Electric Cars

Reddit » Electric Cars San Francisco, California, US
Visit this dedicated subreddit for electric cars, for existing owners, future buyers, and enthusiasts around the globe. Share your thoughts about your electric vehicle, talk about the electric car revolution & performances, give feedback, and discover almost everything about electric cars.
1.7M 1.2M 2 posts / day Jan 2012

9. Chevrolet Bolt EV Forum

Chevrolet Bolt EV Forum Welcome to the Chevy Bolt Forum, operated by a small group of EV enthusiasts. It exists to keep you up to date on the latest electric vehicle news. Share your opinion, search topics about buying or leasing the Chevy Bolt, and discussions of different Chevrolet dealerships.
2.2K 2.4K 7 posts / week

10. Team BHP Forum » Electric Cars

Team BHP Forum » Electric Cars This section of the forum is dedicated to discussing Electric Cars. Talk about its range & extra features, wiring issues, different build issues, auto adapters, availability, affordability, and much more.
5 posts / week

11. My I-Miev Forum

My I-Miev Forum My I-Miev Forum has a group of owners & fanatics discussing the current and future electric vehicles. Get news and updates about the iMiev from Mitsubishi and press around the globe here. Chat about purchasing, buying, leasing, dealerships, etc. Also, share pictures and videos with your mates.
2.4K 8 posts / week

12. Volkswagen e-Golf Forum

Volkswagen e-Golf Forum Get the latest Volkswagen e-Golf news, updates & reviews, discuss technical ideas, theories & problems, ask questions, and also post related videos or pictures here. This forum is providing a space to talk about everything Volkswagen e-Golf.
2.2K 2.4K 15 posts / month

13. Tesla Owners Online

Tesla Owners Online Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tesla Owners Online is a community for Tesla fans to come together. Introduce yourself to other members and have a chat about different Tesla models & technology such as Autopilot, batteries, charging, etc; share car experience stories, discuss software & firmware, and more.
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6.6K 127.9K 5 posts / day

14. Chevy Bolt Forum

Chevy Bolt Forum Chevy Bolt Forum is the largest online EV community and owner's club. Join to discuss sport mode, reviews, battery range, and charging. Talk to fellow Chevy Bolt EV enthusiasts from your region, arrange meets & drives, find the latest deals from exclusive vendors, and more.
1.7K 9 posts / day

15. BMW i3 Forum

BMW i3 Forum Let's talk about electrical vehicles, visit the BMW i3 Forum for the news & updates on i3 Electric Drive from BMW and the press around the globe. Further, discuss technical ideas, theories, and problems as they relate to owning a BMW i3.
2.4K 24 posts / week

16. Kia Soul EV Forum

Kia Soul EV Forum Join the discussion about the new Kia Soul EV at this community and owner's club. Talk with your mates about pricing, orders, availability, and dealership experiences. Also, share problems relating to the Soul Electric Vehicle, and get suitable solutions.
2.4K 3 posts / day

17. Kia EV6 Forum

Kia EV6 Forum Kia EV6 Forum is for the latest discussion and news about Kia's upcoming electric vehicle EV6. Get insights on Kia EV6 pricing, order availability, purchase process, and dealership experience, and talk about different models that Kia EV has to offer like EV1, EV2, EV3, EV4, and so on.
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6 posts / day

18. Ford Focus Electric Forum

Ford Focus Electric Forum This is an online Ford Focus Electric forum discussion group. Get the latest news & updates, explore topics about buying, or leasing Ford Focus Electric and Ford dealerships, discuss technical ideas, theories, & all related issues, and much more.
2.4K 1 post / day

19. MG EVs Community

MG EVs Community Welcome to the MG EVs Community, a dedicated MG Electric car forum for existing and potential owners of MG EVs. Talk about the dealership, upgrades, & accessories, also find information, resources & support here.
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17 posts / day

20. Taycan EV Forum

Taycan EV Forum The Taycan EV Forum is the Porsche Taycan community and owner's club. Join the conversation about the new Porsche electric car here and talk about Porsche Taycan incentives, federal tax credits, and rebates, and share Porsche Taycan pictures and related images.
Also in Porsche Forums
1 post / day

21. Hummer Chat

Hummer Chat Find all the latest GMC Hummer electric vehicles news, reviews, pictures, specification & more. Speak about HUMMER pricing, orders, availability, and dealership experiences, and use this community as a place to discuss everything you need to know about Hummers.
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892 1 post / day

22. AV Forums » EV Electric & Autonomous Vehicles

AV Forums » EV Electric & Autonomous Vehicles UK
AV Forum is discussing electric vehicles, green vehicles, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, all-electric cars, and self-driving technology. Chat about the issues, ask for advice & tips, get related information & news, and much more.
17.6K 16.8K 1 post / week Mar 2007

23. Tesla Motors Club Forum » Electric Vehicles

Tesla Motors Club Forum » Electric Vehicles Open this online community and talk with other members regarding Electric Vehicles. Chat about the company, appearances, or electric car batteries, share your maintenance tips, give your suggestions & opinions, or discuss anything related. This section of the forum is dedicated to discussing Electric Vehicles other than Tesla Motors. Tesla Motors Club is an online community for EV enthusiasts to discuss and learn about Tesla Motors and electric cars in general.
202.5K 1 post / day

24. Mini F56 Forum » MINI Cooper Electric SE EV

Mini F56 Forum » MINI Cooper Electric SE EV Read the discussion about the new MINI Cooper Electric car in the Mini Electric SE community and owner's club. Also chat about modifications, specifications, prices, sales, error prevention, ask for charging help, and much more.
9 posts / week

25. Reddit » EV news and products

Reddit » EV news and products San Francisco, California, US
This is the subreddit community for EV owners and enthusiasts. Discuss everything to do with electric cars, hybrid cars, and electric vehicles, and talk about their evolving technology, new entrants, charging infrastructure, government policy, and the ins and outs of EV ownership right here.
1.7M 1.2M 16 posts / day Apr 2009

Additional Forums

  1. Electric Forum Community The purpose of this community is to discuss electric vehicles. Talk about their brands, design, technology & production, conversion kits, and more. Also, find where you can test drive an electric car in your local area and more.
  2. Endless Sphere Forum » E-Vehicles Talk about electric vehicle's technology, batteries, chargers, management systems, add pictures, discuss the energy prices, and so on. This community is serving as a discussion board for electric vehicles fanatics.
  3. Canadian Car Forums » Electric Vehicle Interested in electric vehicles? Visit the Autos forum and have a chat with other enthusiasts about EV brands, specifications & management, find out comparison threads, discuss suspension issues, and much more.

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