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1. sUAS News | The Business of Drones RSS Feed

sUAS News | The Business of Drones

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Site - suasnews.com


About Site - sUAS News is the leading news and information source for unmanned aviation. started and collated by UAS pilots and professionals. Separating the wheat from the chaff in a snake oil filled market. stay informed and learn how to earn in the business of drones with sUAS News.
Frequency 7 posts / day

2. DroneLife RSS Feed


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Site - dronelife.com


About Site - DroneLife is one of the most popular and professional blogs in the industry. They write quality news articles about the top stories, new drone models, industry analysis, and regulatory updates pilots care about.
Frequency 4 posts / day

3. Rotor Drone RSS Feed

Rotor Drone

RSS Feed - rotordronemag.com/feed 

Site - rotordronemag.com

Wilton, CT

About Site - Rotor Drone Magazine is a print and digital magazine primarily covering consumer and racing drones. On their blog, you will find reviews of the latest products, news in the drone racing world, and events going on in the industry.
Frequency 1 post / day

4. The Drone News RSS Feed

The Drone News

RSS Feed - thedronenews.com/feed 

Site - thedronenews.com

About Site - The Drone News provides access to articles and videos about or involving UAV, UAS, RPAS, LRS, FPV, Fixed Wing, Multirotor and other drone related technologies.
Frequency 11 posts / month

5. Reddit | drones RSS Feed

Reddit | drones

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Site - reddit.com/r/drones

About Site - Reddit feed for news, information and discussion of drones/UAVs and quadcopters. Blog post Includes multicopters, rotorcraft, copters, gliders, multirotor aircraft and any form of unpersoned remote-control or robotic drone that flies, swims, walks or jumps.
Frequency 28 posts / day

6. Drone Magazine RSS Feed

Drone Magazine

RSS Feed - thedronemagazine.com/feed 

Site - thedronemagazine.com

About Site - The Drone Magazine publish about daily drone news, drone videos, drone products etc., Drones are hottest new technology. Buy Cheap Drone. Learn about Drones.
Frequency 7 posts / day

7. WeTalkUAV RSS Feed


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Site - wetalkuav.com

United States

About Site - WeTalkUAV is the source for the latest drone news, drone reviews and videos. Stay up to date on the latest UAV, UAS and drone industry buzz worthy topics.
Frequency 30 posts / year

8. UAV Coach RSS Feed

UAV Coach

RSS Feed - uavcoach.com/feed 

Site - uavcoach.com

About Site - Alan Perlman is an FAA-certified drone pilot and founded this company to help push the drone community forward. Join us to get articles, guides, and courses on topics like sUAS regulations, how to safely pilot a drone, how to enter the drone industry and how to make money as a professional drone pilot.
Frequency 30 posts / year

9. Dronestagram RSS Feed


RSS Feed - dronestagr.am/feed 

Site - dronestagr.am

About Site - Dronestagram is a drone photography social network. People can post up news, tips, tricks, and showcase their aerial photography work. They host regular contests and showcase events. If you're into drone photography, check out Dronestagram.
Frequency 20 posts / day

10. Drone Deploy RSS Feed

Drone Deploy

RSS Feed - blog.dronedeploy.com/feed 

Site - blog.dronedeploy.com

San Francisco

About Site - Drone Deploy is an app that allows drone pilots to easily create aerial maps and 3D models. Their blog, Aerial Acuity, is a favorite among professional pilots, as it provides a ton of great insight into the commercial drone industry.
Frequency 12 posts / year

11. Oscar Liang RSS Feed

Oscar Liang

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Site - oscarliang.com


About Site - Oscar Liang's blog is perfect for the DIY drone builder and operator. He has some of the sharpest technical drone knowledge I've seen online. Oscar's blog is a must-read, especially if you're into FPV drone racing.
Frequency 1 post / week

12. Center for the Study of the Drone RSS Feed

Center for the Study of the Drone

RSS Feed - dronecenter.bard.edu/feed 

Site - dronecenter.bard.edu

Bard College, NY

About Site - The Center for the Study of the Drone is a subset of Bard College dedicated to studying drones. They send out a weekly roundup that curates some of the hottest stories and updates in the drone industry, including fixed wing, commercial, and military drones.
Frequency 1 post / week

13. DIY Drones RSS Feed

DIY Drones

RSS Feed - diydrones.com/profiles/blog/.. 

Site - diydrones.com/profiles/blog/..

About Site - DIY Drones was started by Chris Anderson, the CEO of 3D Robotics. It's a massive online community discussing and breaking down unmanned systems. Their blog features posts (written by community members, DIY Drones team members, and Chris himself) with questions, builds, and insights into drone technology.
Frequency 1 post / day

14. Drone Racing Life RSS Feed

Drone Racing Life

RSS Feed - racing.dronelife.com/feed 

Site - racing.dronelife.com

About Site - The trusted source for drone racing news and Information. Drone Life is the number one site that provides news and content for the commercial and high recreational Drone marketplace.
Frequency 1 post / week

15. DroneZon RSS Feed


RSS Feed - dronezon.com/feed 

Site - dronezon.com

Dublin City, Ireland

About Site - DroneZon is an old favorite that has been around for some time now. It is constantly updated with aerial photography/videography tips, news about drone technology, drone reviews, and drone videos. The author, Fintan Corrigan, has a wealth of UAV knowledge to share.
Frequency 6 posts / quarter
Since - Oct 2014