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Here are 100 Best Dog Podcasts worth listening to in 2023

1. Pure Dog Talk Podcast

Pure Dog Talk Podcast Pure Dog Talk is The VOICE of purebred dogs. We talk to the legends of the sport and give you tips and tools to create an awesome life with your purebred dog. From showing to preservation breeding, from competitive obedience to field work, from agility to therapy dogs and all the fun in between; your passion is our purpose.
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2. Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do? Providence, Rhode Island, US
The Q&A is hosted by Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training. Jeff is a real-world dog trainer who has trained thousands of dogs and owners on how to achieve a more balanced lifestyle, even with the most difficult of dogs. He also travels the world to share his knowledge of dog training at his Seminars. Jeff is excited to share his expertise with an even larger audience, not only to help train more dogs but to help reduce the pain and struggle many dog owners are experiencing.
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3. No Bad Dogs Podcast

No Bad Dogs Podcast New York, US
Welcome to the No Bad Dogs Podcast, hosted by America's Canine Educator, Thomas Davis. Do you often wonder what your dog is thinking? Join Thomas as he teams up with dog trainers, dog lovers, dog enthusiasts and EVERYTHING in between to bring you the No Bad Dogs Podcast! Each episode will be PACKED full of dog training information and tips. Don't miss the weekly Q&A segment where you can call in and ask your own dog-related questions! Some of the topics we'll cover include dog/puppy training, dog/canine behaviors, advanced training techniques, teaching and more!
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4. The Hunting Dog Podcast

The Hunting Dog Podcast Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, US
The Hunting Dog Podcast features interviews with friends, family and industry professionals all related to the world of hunting with dogs. Depending upon the time of day, background noises of beers opening and ice clinking may be evident.
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5. Wag Out Loud

Wag Out Loud My name is Krista and I've had dogs my entire life. They were of different breeds, shapes, sizes and colors; but each and every one stole my heart. I've always wanted to give my dogs the best lives possible. And that's why I'm so passionate about exploring the latest research and findings in canine health care, nutrition and overall well-being.
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6. Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast

Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast For the last 4 years, FDSA has been working to provide high-quality instruction for competitive dog sports online, using only the most current and progressive training methods. And now we're bringing that same focus to you in a new way. Each episode of the Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast will feature an interview with a leading name in the competitive dog sports training world, talking in depth about issues that often get overlooked by traditional training methods.
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7. The Raw Dog Food Truth

The Raw Dog Food Truth Denver, Colorado, US
They take your questions and give you the raw truth as they investigate the benefits, myths, misconceptions, and truths about feeding raw dog food. Own a dog with allergies? Have a picky eater? Think expensive kibble is a healthy alternative to the cheap stuff? Been told raw dog food is unhealthy or dangerous? Tune in and discover the Raw Truth about how raw dog food diets are changing the lives of people and pets in miraculous ways every day.
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8. Dog Works Radio - Podcast

Dog Works Radio - Podcast Alaska, US
Dog Works Radio is the home for Canine Sports, Working Dogs, Dog Training and Mushing!
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9. DogCast Radio | For everyone who loves dogs

DogCast Radio | For everyone who loves dogs UK
DogCast Radio is a podcast all about dogs. We've been going since 2005, and have covered a lot of dog related subjects. It all came about because of Julie and Jenny's love of dogs, and habit of falling into conversation with countless other dog owners, coupled with Anthony's technical knowledge and computer skills. We love dogs, and we love learning about them. Sharing that joy and knowledge is a passion, and feedback from listeners has been wonderful.
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10. The Dogist: Talking Dogs

The Dogist: Talking Dogs New York City, New York, US
A weekly discussion of all things dogs, hosted by The Dogist Team.
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11. The Instinctive Australian Shepherd

The Instinctive Australian Shepherd A show dedicated to the preservation of the Australian Shepherd and the education and entertainment of Aussie fanciers. This podcast celebrates the working Australian Shepherd. Learn about the heritage of the breed and enjoy the many things these dogs can do!
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12. Girls With Dogs

Girls With Dogs A conversation between friends who are crazy about their dogs. Cathy and Kimberly met at a pet blogging conference and stayed in touch, having fun chats on the phone about all things dogs and now they're turning those chats into a podcast.Cathy manages the blog Groovy Goldendoodles and Kimberly manages the blog Keep the Tail Wagging. They are two dog moms and friends who understand what it is to be 'Crazy Dog Moms.'
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13. Shaped by Dog with Susan Garrett

Shaped by Dog with Susan Garrett Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Susan Garrett, world-renowned dog trainer, multi-time champion of dog agility, and leading educator on all things canine shares everything related to dogs! Susan understands dog behavior and wants you and your dog to have the best life together possible.
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14. Dog Edition

Dog Edition A global team of dog-obsessed journalists and storytellers produce news, in-depth reporting, analysis, features, and interview segments in a weekly podcast.
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15. Creating Great Grooming Dogs

Creating Great Grooming Dogs US
Creating Great Grooming Dogs is the podcast where dog grooming and dog training meet! Learn how to teach dogs to be great for grooming and other types of handling for health and comfort. Perfect for groomers, trainers, owners, and other pet professionals.
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Play 1.5K 158 1 episode / week Avg Length 22 min Oct 2018 Get Email Contact

16. All The Good Dogs

All The Good Dogs It's all about dogs! Dog stories, dogs in pop culture, why we love them, and how amazing they are. Woof! Join Kate as she talks to dog mums and dads about the love, laughs, and losses of pet parentship. But the fun doesn't stop there! Kate is also joined by regular hosts to review movies, books, and all other doggy pop culture.
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17. Dog Save The People

Dog Save The People How caring for dogs transforms who we are as a person and changes our lives for good. Interview series hosted by John Bartlett, fashion designer and animal activist.
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18. Bad Dog Agility

Bad Dog Agility Welcome to the Bad Dog Agility podcast where we discuss agility training, competition, news and events. Join us for interviews with noted competitors.
Play 32.1K 1.9K 6.1K 1 episode / month Avg Length 39 min May 2012 Get Email Contact

19. Dog Training DisrUPted - UPWARD Dogology

Dog Training DisrUPted - UPWARD Dogology Canada
This podcast is a thought provoking journey into the world of dog rescue, rehabilitation, and canine behavior. Creator and host, Billie Groom openly shares her experiences and knowledge, in a straight-forward and often humorous manner, acquired over three decades working with dogs, rescuers, fosters, adopters, and industry experts. She describes how dogs think, learn, process, and absorb our urban world, compared to that of puppies, and explains, without judgement, the inherent limitations of conventional training methods.
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20. Down and Back

Down and Back New York City, New York, US
Host Bud Boccone tells the tales of breeds, dogs, and dog-loving humans who've shaped America (and Americans) over generations. Tapping 135 years of historical records, archival footage, oral histories, interviews, and more, Down and Back brings the stories of the sport of dogs to life as only AKC can.
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21. Dog in the Spotlight

Dog in the Spotlight I'm your host, George Sainsbury, and each week, I shall be putting a different dog breed 'in the spotlight'. I will be discussing their temperament, history, health, and if it is the right dog for you! I will be interviewing people who have had experience with the breed, and they will be telling their stories. Each week, we will be looking at the news in the dog world!
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22. The Dog's Way Podcast | Dog Training for Real Life

The Dog's Way Podcast | Dog Training for Real Life Woodinville, Washington, US
The Dog's Way Podcast, with professional dog trainer Sean McDaniel, deals with practical dog obedience for real-life situations. Sean gives you the underlying theory and practical training assignments based on a more naturalistic dog training philosophy to help you solve the most common dog behavior issues. Sean shares his experience from over fifteen years of working with clients and their dogs, dealing with behavior modification, functional dog obedience issues, and everyday dog training issues.
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23. Social Dog

Social Dog Social Dog is devoted to inspiring, motivating, and educating both dog owners as well as those who love dogs. We're a community where dog lovers can learn more about topics relevant to dogs and their social well-being.We'll be teaming up with some of the most capable animal experts in the world in order to teach you as much as possible about your pooch, including how to train, exercise, socialize, and love them!
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24. Protection Dog Podcast

Protection Dog Podcast The Protection Dog Podcast talks about owning and training Protection Dogs from an alternative perspective to the mainstream. We discuss real world application, dog training philosophy, personal protection & defense and lots of other topics to make your handling and training more effective.
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25. Your Family Dog Podcast

Your Family Dog Podcast Helping families love living with dogs. Simple solutions to common canine problems from professional dog trainers Tina Spring and Julie Fudge Smith.
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26. Dog Training Is My Passion

Dog Training Is My Passion Dog Training with no BS, no agenda and no religious attachments to any method. I will discuss topics from operant conditioning, pet owner concerns, industry trends, and psychological nuances that relate to this industry.
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27. Honest To Dog Podcast

Honest To Dog Podcast Honest to Dog is a weekly podcast aimed at strengthening your relationship and understanding with the dogs in your life.
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28. DogLogical: Making Sense of Your Dog's Behavior

DogLogical: Making Sense of Your Dog's Behavior We love dogs. But man, it is hard work sorting through all the misconceptions and misunderstandings we have about them. It is also difficult to know where to turn to for sound advice - everyone is a dog 'expert', right?! Hi, I'm Renee Rhoades, the virtual dog training and behavior specialist behind rplusdogs.com! Join me and my fellow dog behavior nerd, Kassie Dickson, while we give you tips, tricks and bust myths, all in the name of helping you have the best relationship possible with your dog. Welcome to DogLogical!
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29. Vermont Dog Trainer Show

Vermont Dog Trainer Show Hyde Park, Vermont, US
Ian Grant, owner of Vermont Dog Boarding & Behavior brings you a podcast dedicated to interviewing a dog trainer from every state. Also included will be his Facebook Live Streams, his 'Talking Dogs' radio show, and interviews with influential people in the dog business.
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30. DogSpeak: Redefining Dog Training

DogSpeak: Redefining Dog Training Understand your dog better with Nikki Ivey, a professional canine behavior specialist, and dog trainer. It's not about how to fix your dog's behavior but why the behavior is occurring. Nikki often shares the mic with their wife, and DogSpeak manager Britteny, who's become a fan favorite. Britteny often speaks directly to our listeners as a pet owner, not as a trainer (which she is not), giving a different perspective than Nikki.
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31. The Naughty Dog Podcast

The Naughty Dog Podcast California, US
Sherry Nativo, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with All About Training Dogs, reveals all of her puppy training tips and reactive dog strategies to help you with leash aggression, barking, biting, snappy and fear so you get an easy dog that you love to be with and take out. You get real-life advice based on the science of positive reinforcement dog training that is safe and humane for all dogs. You're not born knowing how to raise and train a dog, stop struggling and learn how to get the dog of your dreams.
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32. With A Dog

With A Dog With A Dog Podcast is a weekly lifestyle podcast for the modern dog parent, hosted by Carly Liedtke & Isabella Barnes. We talk about health & wellness, travel, pet care, training & so much more! We interview professionals in the animal welfare space who can give factual information answering the dog parents' biggest questions. We also speak with fellow dog parents who are living their best lives with a dog by their side. Catch us every Wednesday for some fun conversation & awesome dog information!
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33. Life With Your Dog Podcast

Life With Your Dog Podcast Life with your dog is a podcast that is focused on dog training concepts and ideas that can be applied in a practical way to enrich the life you live with your dog.
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34. Your New Puppy

Your New Puppy New Jersey, US
Your host, Debbie, is a positive trainer with a passion for dogs, their behavior and helping you create a well-behaved dog. This is a dog training and behavior podcast that with the help you and your new puppy build good healthy habits right from the start. It will also help you understand your dog's behavior and build a strong, fulfilling, and fun relationship for years to come.
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35. A Dog's Life with Anna Webb

A Dog's Life with Anna Webb Dogs. They're companions, guardians, and much much more than they complete us. And they just might save us from ourselves. Anna Webb explores all levels of modern dog ownership and brings to life why every dog is extraordinary. She speaks to scientists and experts - people who have and are changing our understanding of dogs - on everything from emotional intelligence to nutrition to behavior, delving deep into subjects like homeopathy, telepathic communication, and the pet food scandal. It's thought-provoking, alternative, and not a little subversive.
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36. The Honest Dog Breeder Podcast

The Honest Dog Breeder Podcast Welcome to the Honest Dog Breeder Podcast, with me, and your host, Julie Swan, where each week we dive in to discuss all things dog breeding, so you can build a breeding business you love, producing dogs that fulfill their owner's dreams. I believe you can have an honest dog breeding program, that also pays the bills. So throw those pods in your ears while you're cleaning kennels I'd love to join you.
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37. Feed Your Dog Facts

Feed Your Dog Facts The 'Feed Your Dog Facts' podcast is here to help dog owners navigate these confusing waters and be smart, responsible guardians for their pets. In each episode, hosts Dan Schulof and Jen Wolanik discuss evidence-based information about nutritional science, the veterinary community, and the pet food industry, making these challenging topics so simple that even a dog could understand them.
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38. Zen of Dog Ownership

Zen of Dog Ownership Be the owner your dog deserves.Zen of Dog Ownership is an educational podcast created and curated exclusively for dog owners who want to know more about their dogs and how to be the best owner they can be. Join Dog Owners Collective
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39. Dog Liaison Podcast

Dog Liaison Podcast The Dog Liaison Podcast is a seasonal podcast dedicated to Anxious Dogs and their Guardians. I go in depth on what life is like with an anxious dog and how to support their mental health.
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40. Casper Dog Training

Casper Dog Training Roseland, New Jersey, US
Dog Training tips, behavior modification, advice, and much more! Hosted by Adam Casper.
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41. Tails from the Dog House: Separation Anxiety Explained

Tails from the Dog House: Separation Anxiety Explained Everything you need to know about Separation Anxiety in dogs and how to fix it. Two specialists from Australia and the United States discuss all things related to Separation Anxiety. Join Stacey Bell from Focused Fun in the US and Ness Jones from Separation Anxiety In Dogs Decoded in Australia as they delve into the dos and don'ts of training a dog to feel safe and comfortable when left home alone!
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42. Therapy Dog Talk

Therapy Dog Talk A weekly interview series with Therapy Dog teams. Tune in to learn how different people find out about Therapy Dog work, select and train their dogs, and get involved in various volunteer organizations and professional work.
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43. Relax My Dog

Relax My Dog We talk about all things dog related. Brought to you by RelaxMyDog the specialists in making relaxing music and tv for dogs. Used by 20 million dogs around the world.
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44. Telltail Dog

Telltail Dog Little Rock, Arkansas, US
Join certified dog trainer Elizabeth Silverstein every week for conversations with other dog experts on training, behavior, food, health, and more, along with personal stories from Elizabeth as she shares her dog training journey and more recent experiences as a dog trainer in the Little Rock area.
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45. The Good Dog Pod

The Good Dog Pod Good Dog is on a mission to build a better world for our dogs and the people who love them by educating the public and advocating for dog breeders. The Good Dog Pod will help us achieve our mission by providing dog breeders and the public with the latest updates in canine health and veterinary care, animal legislation and legal advocacy, canine training and behavior science, and dog breeding practices.
Play 52.5K 1.5K 1 episode / week Avg Length 30 min Get Email Contact

46. Dog Mom Mentality

Dog Mom Mentality Owning a dog can teach us valuable lessons that we utilize beyond life with a dog. Because of this, Karoline loves to take the familiarity of owning a pet and relating those experiences to emotional well-being and more raw topics on her social platforms and podcast. Her goal is to make new dog owners feel less alone, give hope for those problems people thought they couldn't solve, and match words to how their dog is acting or how they are feeling. This podcast is catered to those who have been emotionally affected, inspired, and empowered by owning a dog.
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47. PET TALK TODAY with Will Bangura: Dog Trainer, Dog Training, Cat Training, Pet Health, and Wellbeing

PET TALK TODAY with Will Bangura: Dog Trainer, Dog Training, Cat Training, Pet Health, and Wellbeing PET TALK TODAY: Dog Trainer, Dog Training, Cat Training, Pet Health, and Well being with Will Bangura, everyone's favorite pet behavior expert and Dog Behaviorist have over 30 years of experience working with more than 24,000 pets and their people. Will shares his weekly pet and dog training insights and humor on petard dog behavior, pet and dog training, and pet health along with what pet owners can do to help their furry best friends thrive every Saturday from 9:00 am to 10:00 am.
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48. How 2 Dog

How 2 Dog Canada
The ultimate podcast for dog lovers, How 2 Dog is here to answer everything you've ever wanted to know about our four-legged friends. Each week host and world-renowned animal expert Sherri Davis (from Hudson & Rex) draw on illuminating conversations with fellow experts and her own vast experience to get to the bottom of our listeners' canine questions.
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49. Sexier Than A Squirrel: Dog Training That Gets Real Life Results

 Sexier Than A Squirrel: Dog Training That Gets Real Life Results UK
In Sexier Than a Squirrel, the Official AbsoluteDogs Podcast, veterinary behaviorist Tom Mitchell and international agility competitor and professional dog trainer Lauren Langman talk about training your dog, transforming your dog training struggles, and getting real-life results through GAMES!
Also in UK Veterinary Podcasts
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50. Mindful Dog Talk

Mindful Dog Talk Welcome to Mindful Dog Talk with your host, Hanna Feuer. Join me to hear my insights as a dog trainer and a human who lives with a pack of dogs, including dog behavior, dog-human communication, and the lessons I've learned from my time with dogs.
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51. The Quirky Dog

The Quirky Dog If you love your dog but are frustrated with quirky behavior, this podcast will help you understand and change that behavior.
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52. Dog Chats

Dog Chats Join Emma Clifford, a CPDT-certified dog trainer, and Kirsten Wojcik, an IAABC-certified dog behavior consultant, and Licensed Family Dog Mediator as they chat about behavior, ways to connect with dogs, how to build positive relationships and their journeys with their own. Respected in their field for their creative approach to challenging dog behavior and finding ways to meet the needs of both families and their dogs, Emma and Kirsten offer practical advice and a bit of humor.
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53. S****y Dog Moms

S****y Dog Moms Dallas, Texas, US
A podcast by 20 something Dallas dog moms trying to save all the puppers! Join hosts Miranda and Heather every Wednesday for stories and rants about dogs, friendships, and life!
Play 23 1 episode / week Avg Length 42 min Dec 2019 Get Email Contact

54. Doggett Style Dog Training

Doggett Style Dog Training Doggett Style Dog Training Podcast is all about dog training in a light, easy-to-learn-from format. You'll learn what to do and what not to do based on my personal experience and that of clients. This podcast often references the Doggett Style 7 elements online dog training program where you get to learn so much more than just how to get your dog to do obedience.
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55. Dog Words

Dog Words Each episode explores the world of dog care and companionship. Dog Words is presented by Rosie Fund, a charitable foundation with the mission to provide humans with the resources and education they need to give senior and harder-to-adopt dogs a better life. 'We save each other.' is the motto of Rosie Fund which simply means, 'The more we do for dogs, the more they do for us, and they already do a lot.'
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56. Believe in Dog

Believe in Dog Hugs & belly rubs from your best 'dog mom friend.' Sharing heart-centered conversations about all the ways the love of a dog can change our lives personally, professionally, or both! We're the people who love our dogs as much as you do.
Play 627 2 episodes / month Avg Length 64 min Get Email Contact

57. Dog Nerd Show

Dog Nerd Show Welcome to the Dog Nerd Show where we geek out over our best friends and talk all things dog!
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58. Farm Dog

Farm Dog The podcast is about the working dogs of farming, ranching, homesteading, and rural living. Presented by Goats On The Go and hosted by its founder, Aaron Steele. We discuss the fascinating history and current practice of humans working with dogs to make a living from the land. Our chats with experts cover breeds, training, on-farm experiences, and more.
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59. Chihuahua Love

Chihuahua Love I talk about my Chihuahua, Duke's adventures, and challenges. And discuss the Chihuahua breed.
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60. Don Geno The PugMafiaBoss's PugCast

Don Geno The PugMafiaBoss's PugCast Don Geno, retired from the #PugMafia, brings you his innermost thoughts in #pugspeak on everything hooman (human). Topics discussed include pug property laws and segments on 'How to train your hoomans' as well as segments on 'how to guilt trip your hoomans'. Don Geno's ensemble of guests include his own hooman 'Dati', Mister Vin Diesel, Axl Rose & his sister Isa Bailey. Together, they will discuss other topics such as the proper #pugslump posture and tips on how to intimidate your hooman slaves with a good pug #stinkeye.
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61. Dogs 101

Dogs 101 New York City, New York, US
Dogs 101 is a rundown of everyone's favorite dog breeds from the Golden Retriever to the Pug. With direct audio from the hit Animal Planet TV series, Dogs 101 surveys these top breeds for their behavioral quirks, genetic history, most famous examples, and wildest trivia with experts and owners alike. It's everything you need to know about your favorite pooch.
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62. The Pugcast

The Pugcast The Pugcast is produced by The Logos Center and features Dr. Thomas Price, Dr. Glenn Sunshine, and Pr. C. R. Wiley. The Pugcast has recorded at The Corner Pug--a well-known watering hole in tony West Hartford, Connecticut. (Hence the name, 'pugcast'--also the reason there is so much background noise.)
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63. PetAbility Podcast

PetAbility Podcast This is a must-hear podcast for pet owners wanting access to the latest in pet quality of life and longevity. Whether your pet has fur, feathers, scales, or shells, Cathy and Chris believe in treating your pet as a whole, both mind and body.
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64. The Pug Life Show

The Pug Life Show The Pug Life Show is for Crazy Pug Ladies or Pawrents who want to listen to interviews and discussions that are focused on caring for Pugs and living the Pug Life.
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65. Detective Dexter

Detective Dexter Dexter may seem like a normal French Bulldog living in New York City, but he's actually the famous Detective Dexter, solving doggy mysteries by day, and playing pet by night. Narrated by Granny MacDuff.
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66. The Dog Classroom Podcast

The Dog Classroom Podcast Hosts Anne-Marie and Amelia are two Certified Professional Dog Trainers from Ontario, Canada. Tune in to our discussions about all things dog!
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67. Positive Dog

Positive Dog Tips, discussions, and lessons in all things related to positive dog training. Brought to you by Daisy Dog Training.
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68. Lab Mix: Raising a Rescue Dog

Lab Mix: Raising a Rescue Dog Two new puppy parents chronicle the process of adopting a dog from the Seattle Humane Society.
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69. Dog Talk

Dog Talk Dog Talk is a podcast hosted by two kids that chat about a different dog breed each week.
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70. The Dog Behind The Human

The Dog Behind The Human Welcome to The Dog Behind The Human! Join Dog Coach Francis as you learn about dog behavior and deep dive on controversial topics, secrets and the best practices of the dog industry.
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71. Dog Training Secrets

Dog Training Secrets Tampa, Florida, US
This podcast is for dog owners who want to learn how to teach and allow their pups to thrive in everyday real-world settings so that we can do more of what we love to do together, with our dogs and, without the stress.
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72. CEN Dog Nutrition

CEN Dog Nutrition We are committed to improving canine wellness so they to live longer, happier and healthier lives through proper nutrition and care.
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73. H.E.A.R.T. of the dog

H.E.A.R.T. of the dog Have you ever wished for an open-minded community of dog owners and lovers? If so, welcome to the pack! Together we will explore various topics and issues around health, enrichment, activity, reinforcement, and training.
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74. The Indie Dog

The Indie Dog The street dogs of India (#TheIndieDog), there are just so many of them. More than 30 million, according to some estimates. We need to urgently feed, neuter, rescue, vaccinate, adopt, and care for these dogs. Neighborhood by neighborhood, city by city, and eventually, all over the country. This podcast is about enabling dog lovers to get actively involved through stories of hope and happiness, and also provides a few resources to be effective. We begin our journey in #Bangalore.
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75. Dog Talk by Happy Dog Training

Dog Talk by Happy Dog Training Dog Talk is an informative and fun podcast for everything dog related from Happy Dog Training. Join Ralf and his team and delve into a broad range of dog-related topics from training to nutrition, health, and behavior, as well as fun, quirky things, and current dog news.
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Podcaster Name Email Podcast Link Total Episodes
The Raw Dog Food Truth blogtalkradio.com 137
Ian Grant vermontdogboardingandbehavior.com 133
Dog Works Radio dogworksradio.com 129
absoluteDogs absolute-dogs.com 121
Laura Reeves puredogtalk.com 109
Dog Podcast Network shows.dogpodcastnetwork.com 84
Chrissy Neumyer Smith CPG CBCC creatinggreatgroomingdogs.com 82
Nikki Ivey dogspeak101.com 80
Anna Webb, Mike Hanson podcasts.apple.com 68
InFlowRadio.com | Cindie Carter inflowradio.com 68
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German Shepherd Podcasts 3
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