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Dog Food Forums

1. Dog Food Advisor Forum

Dog Food Advisor Forum Welcome to the Dog Food Advisor forum! Post your opinions and questions about Dog Food, share your knowledge about specific health issues and diet, and discuss the science and biology of a dog's diet and nutrition. Find help in making a more informed decision when buying dog food, and discover discount codes here.
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2. All About Dog Food Forum

All About Dog Food Forum The All About Dog Food Forum is the number one place on the web for friendly, constructive feeding advice from dedicated pet parents and pet care professionals. Share your experiences or ask questions about particular dog food brands, discuss feeding your dog raw, and know about home cooking for your dog.
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3. Dog Food Chat Forum

Dog Food Chat Forum New to the community? Please take the time and tell us a little bit about yourself. Come across categories that let you talk everything and anything about dog food, dog nutrition, dry kibble, canned food, and different recipes.
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4. Dog Forums » Dog Food

Dog Forums » Dog Food Dog Food Forum is a forum to talk about what type of dog foods different people recommend for their dogs. Find tips and tricks about what certain dogs may enjoy eating, post your dog's weekly menu, share updates on feeding raw food, and more.
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5. Dog Forum UK » Dog Food and Diet

Dog Forum UK » Dog Food and Diet Join this friendly community and start talking about your dog's food and diet here. Find useful links and recommend readings on dog diets, get suggestions on top brands of dog food, and discuss putting your pup on a raw food diet. Dog Forum UK is the most friendliest and active dog community online t talk everything about dogs.
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6. Reddit » DogFood

Reddit » DogFood Confused about what to feed your dog? or Want to know which brand of dog food is best for your dog? Worry not this is the right place for you. Get insights on dog supplements, find help with hydrolyzed protein treats, and share issues with your dog here.
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7. Dog Forum » Dog Food

Dog Forum » Dog Food Find discussions related to dry dog food, wet dog food, dog food brands, ingredients, quality, homemade food, and more. Share delicious dog food recipes with other dog lovers, and recommended puppy kibble here. The Dog forum is a community dedicated to all breeds of dog owners and enthusiasts.
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8. Dog Community » Nutrition & Exercise

Dog Community » Nutrition & Exercise Nutrition and Exercise related content and discussion can be found in this category of the forum. Tell the community what is the secret ingredient in your dog's food, share reviews on Expensive versus cheap dog food, and recommend quick and easy recipes for every day here.
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9. Doberman Chat Forum » Raw & Home Cooked Diets

Doberman Chat Forum » Raw & Home Cooked Diets Visit the Doberman Chat forum and discuss recipes, home cooking, and feeding raw food in this section of the forum. Talk about homemade dog supplements, get guides on making dog food at home, and find help in choosing the best dog food brand here. Doberman Chat Forum is a place for discussing, debating, and chatting about anything Doberman Pinscher dog breed related.
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10. Doberman Forum » Food and Feeding

Doberman Forum » Food and Feeding View various discussions related to food and feeding in this forum. Find a prescription diet, share your journey with raw food, get help finding new food, and talk about issues you have been facing with your dog's diet. The Doberman forum is where you can gather and have conversations about their breading, health, feeding, diet, and more.
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11. German Shepherds Forum » Puppies/Raw Diets

German Shepherds Forum » Puppies/Raw Diets Come across information on how to start and feed a raw diet to our puppies. Share guides on which age to begin raw food with, talk about homemade raw food, and get feedback from the community on putting your pup on a raw food diet. German Shepherds Forum is a community dedicated to all German Shepherd owners and enthusiasts.
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12. Golden Retriever Forum » Golden Retriever Nutrition

Golden Retriever Forum » Golden Retriever Nutrition A forum community dedicated to Golden Retriever owners and enthusiasts, to discuss general feeding, nutrition, and recipes. Find threads on feeding raw food, or starting the homecooked diet, and share studies on Low Taurine and Grain Free Foods here.
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13. Spoiled Maltese Forums » Maltese Food

Spoiled Maltese Forums » Maltese Food Talk about the Maltese diet such as natural, organic, dry, canned, treats, and more along with problems or allergies. Find recommendations on food brands, come across homecooked recipes, and share your Maltese raw food journey here.
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14. Labradors Forums » Diet & Nutrition

Labradors Forums » Diet & Nutrition What do you feed your Lab? This forum is dedicated to anything related to Diet & Nutrition. Talk about specific dietary requirements, share the results of a home-cooked diet, and get guides on how your lab can gain weight here. The Labradors forum is a community for owners to discuss breeds, health, behavior, housing, and more.
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15. Poodle Forum » Poodle Food

Poodle Forum » Poodle Food Discuss what you are feeding your Poodle, share your homemade treat, talk about your feeding technique, find the pros and cons of raw food diet, and chat about everything your poodle eats. The Poodle forum is a community of enthusiasts to talk about poodle health, breeds, training, puppies, and more.
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16. Hungarian Vizsla Forums » Diet & Eating

Hungarian Vizsla Forums » Diet & Eating Talk about the diet of your Vizsla, what it eats, and anything related in this forum. Get resources on raw food, and supplements, find the best long lasting chews and share your experience with the vet. The Hungarian Vizsla forum is a place for like-minded enthusiasts to discuss their vizsla's health, diet, nutrition, care, and more.
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17. Dogz Online Forums » Nutrition

Dogz Online Forums » Nutrition For all canine health, nutrition, and grooming discussions, this is the right place. View reviews on dog food, talk about what dry food are you using and share knowledge and experience to offer comfort and support to people whose dogs are seriously ill or dying.
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18. Working Dog Forums » Diet & Health

Working Dog Forums » Diet & Health Anything pertaining to diet or other health and dental issues goes here. Get guides on having a healthy dog, recommend a cost-effective flea treatment, find out how to increase fat in your dog's diet, and learn to put your dog on raw food diet here.
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19. Boxer Breed Dog Forums » Food Tips

Boxer Breed Dog Forums » Food Tips Got a food tip, favorite food, or warning about something icky? This is the place. Discover yummy recipes that make your dog drool, rate and suggest a dog food you have tried, share videos on the quality of dog food, and recommend the best food for pups.
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Additional Forums

  1. Gun Dog Forum » Health and Nutrition Have you tried Chinese Herbal Treatment? or Did you share feeds your dog raw food? This is where you can discuss it all. Share your thoughts on switching dog food, discuss your ways of feeding your dog, and get insight on weight control food.
  2. Red Flag Deal Forum » Dog Food Share offers, promotional code, and discounts on Dog food with the community here. Come across cheap places to buy raw food, get links to sale on Dog food, and find recipes here.

Dog Food Subforums

Forum Name Subforum Name Subforum Description Also in
The Labrador Forum Raw Feeding A place to discuss the pros & cons of raw feeding, and to get help with feeding your dog on a raw diet

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