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Here are 15 Best Diabetes Forums you should follow in 2023

1. Diabetes Daily Forums

Diabetes Daily Forums Diabetes Daily Forums is a leading community dedicated to helping people touched by diabetes thrive!
425.3K 64.2K 1 post / day View Recent Threads

2. Diabetes UK Forum

Diabetes UK Forum UK
Diabetes UK is the world's largest diabetes community. Introduce yourself, discuss diabetes issues, get help about diabetes, share your diabetes e...xperiences, offer support, meet other diabetics, and learn more about diabetes here. Besides, ask questions relating to your diabetes, managing your diabetes, or anything else that is diabetes related.more
396.2K 64.9K 10 posts / day View Recent Threads

3. Diabetes Forum

Diabetes Forum A forum community dedicated to people living with Diabetes. Come join the discussion about treatment, nutrition, news, reviews, accessories, classifie...ds, and more!more
5 posts / month View Recent Threads

4. Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK The Diabetes UK forum acts as a community that provides advice, support and help for people with Diabetes. Talk about exercises, post food and carbs q...ueries, share diabetic friendly recipes, share your diabetes journey and give/seek advice from fellow people facing the same problem.more
250.9K 186.4K 16 posts / day View Recent Threads

5. Type2Diabetes Forum

Type2Diabetes Forum A Type 2 diabetes forum covering topics such as treatment, unusual symptoms, coping, caregiving, recent research, and more. Read, ask questions, learn..., share, and connect with peers and healthcare professionals.more
105.3K 1.3K 5 posts / day View Recent Threads

6. TuDiabetes Forum

TuDiabetes Forum A community of people touched by diabetes. Talk about type 1 and type 2 diabetes, diabetes & pregnancy, share personal experiences with diabetes, talk... about diet & nutrition for diabetic people, treatment, mental wellness and more.more
75.4K 32.1K 5 posts / week View Recent Threads

7. Reddit » Diabetes

Reddit » Diabetes San Francisco, California, US
Reddit is a network of communities based on people's interests. A subreddit for discussion, issues, and news about diabetes and care.
1M 1.2M 18 posts / day Apr 2008 View Recent Threads

8. Reddit » T1 Diabetes

Reddit » T1 Diabetes San Francisco, California, US
A subreddit to hold real discussions on topics pertaining to Type 1 diabetes. Also, chat with your mates about treatment, research, moral support, ran...ts, and CGM graphs here.more
1.7M 1.2M 18 posts / day Jan 2013 View Recent Threads

9. Patient » Diabetes

Patient » Diabetes This section of the Patient forum is for diabetes support. Talk about symptoms, treatment and get advice from other community members. Patient empower...s everyone to take charge of their health. Get expert health and well-being advice and clinical content you can trust.more
1.2M 28.1K 2 posts / quarter View Recent Threads

Additional Forums

  1. HealingWell » Diabetes Forum is the place to share symptoms, find treatments, and join our community.
  2. City-Data Forum » Diabetes is the place to discuss Diabetes.

Diabetes Subforums

Forum Name Subforum Name Subforum Description Also in
Diabetes Daily Forums Personal Updates Share personal stories about living with diabetes.
Diabetes News & Studies
Diabetes Daily Challenges We challenge ourselves to thrive together!
COVID-19 Conversation, News, and Updates This forum is a place to discuss news and updates related to Covid-19 COVID-19 Forums
Type 1 Diabetes
Type 1.5 Diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes
Pregnancy Pregnancy Forums
Friends & Family
Food & Diet
Low Carb Diet
Ketogenic Diet Keto Forums
Recipes Recipe Forums
Testing Blood Sugar
Multiple Daily Injections (MDI)
Insulin Pumps
Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs)
Weight Loss
Depression & Staying Positive Depression Forums
Skin, Wound & Infections
Sex & Intimacy
Women's Corner Women Forums
Men's Corner Men Forums
Non-Traditional Treatments
Health Care & Insurance
United States
United Kingdom
Other Countries
Arts & Culture How is diabetes viewed by society? What broader issues do we confront? Art Forums
Research & Clinical Trials
Other Medical Conditions
Promotions, Surveys & Trial Recruitment
There's More To Life Than Diabetes!
Humor Keep it appropriate for kids! Jokes Forums
Non-Diabetes News & Links
Diabetes Daily Meetups
Book Club Book Forums
Diabetes UK Diabetes Discussions Discuss diabetes issues, get help about diabetes, share your diabetes experiences, offer support, meet other diabetics and learn more about diabetes.
Ask A Question If you have a question relating to your diabetes, managing your diabetes or anything else that is diabetes related, ask the Diabetes Community here.
Type 1 Diabetes Use this area of the forum for all discussion specifically relating to Type 1 Diabetes.
Insulin Pump Forum Forum for insulin pumpers and anyone interested in insulin pumps to discuss pump equipment, advantages, techniques, ask questions and offer support.
Type 2 Diabetes Use this area of the forum for all discussion specifically relating to Type 2 Diabetes.
Type 1.5/LADA Diabetes Use this area of the forum for all discussion specifically relating to Type 1.5/LADA Diabetes.
Type 3c (Pancreatic) Diabetes
Prediabetes An area of the forum dedicated to the discussion and experience of Prediabetes and Borderline Diabetes.
Gestational Diabetes Discuss all aspects of Gestational Diabetes and gestational diabetes problems.
Reactive Hypoglycemia A forum to discover and discuss blood group disorders where hypoglycemic episodes are symptomatic.
Diabetes Soapbox - Have Your Say
Success Stories and Testimonials Lowered your HbA1c? Lost some weight? Maybe you’re proud of something someone else has done. Whatever it may be, share it here!
Children & Teens A section for children and young teens. Are you under 18? Head here to chat and meet people your own age!
Young People/Adults A forum for people aged 18 and above (young adults) to chat, share and make friends.
Parents A special section for parents of children with diabetes. This forum is for all discussion about caring for young people with diabetes and sharing your...
Pregnancy Trying to conceive or already pregnant? This forum is for women with diabetes who wish to become pregnant or are already pregnant.
General Chat Talk about everything and anything; world events, what books you are reading or films you've seen, what the weather was like... it's up to you.
Forum Games Post or join in with any forum games here!
Jokes and Humour The place for you to share those hilarious videos, pictures, stories and jokes!
Food, Nutrition and Recipes
Low-carb Diet Forum A forum for discussing and learning more about low carb diets. There may be people trying low carb for the first time, so please be compassionate.
Low Calorie Diets This forum is for discussion of low calorie diets including the Newcastle diet and for people who are consciously counting calories.
Vegetarian Diet Forum
Gluten-free Forum Support forum for people who have a gluten intolerance and/or lead a gluten-free lifestyle.
Weight Loss and Dieting Use this forum for all weight loss and dieting discussions. Ask questions and share your success stories here.
Diabetes Medication and Drugs
Blood Glucose Monitoring The place to discuss testing and monitoring - from daily blood glucose testing and CGM to HbA1c.
Diabetes Complications Use this forum for all discussion about diabetes complications, how you prevent complications, what complications you have experienced and how they have...
Other Health Conditions and Diabetes Discuss other medical conditions such as coeliac disease, IBS and thyroid problems and how they relate to diabetes.
Emotional and Mental Health Use this forum to discuss and find emotional and/or mental health support. We're in this together. Mental Health Forums
Alternative Treatments
Fitness, Exercise and Sport
Jobs and Employment Use this forum to discuss problems relating to diabetes and work, issues with your employer and discussions about employment.
Benefits This forum is for any queries or advice you may have about benefits, tax credits, VAT exemption and diabetes-related legislation.
Driving and DVLA Discuss driving and DVLA guidelines in relation to diabetes here. Share your experiences here!
Diabetes News Discuss all diabetes related news - from whether you agree with the news to how it may effect you.
Diabetes Research Discuss all aspects of diabetes research. Post links to diabetes research articles and their findings.
Book and Product Reviews
Diabetes Events List and discuss diabetes events in your area or the wider environment. If commercial in nature, please contact the moderating team before posting.
Diabetes Forum Diabetes News The Diabetes News section is a place to share any new stories or information you have come across related to Diabetes for the rest of the forum to share and...
Diabetes Forum Lounge This is the more social area of the community. Please feel free to drop in and discuss anything on your mind. Use this area for off topic discussions...
Members Blood Sugar Readings For members to share their blood sugar readings with the community.
Diabetes Symptoms
Diabetes Treatment As there is currently no cure for the chronic, Diabetes mellitus – the emphasis must be on treatment and management to avoid complications. Please use this...
Diabetes Medication and Supplies Discuss diabetes medication and diabetes supplies here. Talk about experiences you have with certain medication and diabetes supplies, or with certain...
Diabetes Complications Diabetes can cause many short term, long term, acute and chronic complications. Please use this section to discuss any experiences you have with Diabetes...
Diabetes Diet and Nutrition
Diabetes Recipes
Diabetes UK Forum General Messageboard Use this forum for general chat
Newbies say hello here! Welcome to the site - please use this thread to introduce yourself and say hi. If you have any questions please post them in the general messageboard.
Exercise/Sport Please post all your exercise/sport queries and experiences in this forum.
Food/carb queries + recipes
Heroes and Heroines! Know someone who deserves a mention? Let us know.
Pumping and Technology This is the place to discuss issues and experiences with insulin pumps, CGM, Freestyle Libre and other gadgets
Parents This is an area for parents of children with diabetes to discuss, help and advise each other...
Diabetes in School This is an area for anyone to ask questions about getting the right diabetes care in school
The Weight Loss Group This forum is for people seeking support and encouragement, tips and stories about ways to shed the pounds and help manage their diabetes
Pregnancy This area is especially for anyone with diabetes and pregnant, or has developed gestational diabetes. Please also read/post if you can offer advice from...
Driving/DVLA Please post your comments/queries about diabetes and driving in here
Off the subject... There is more to us than having diabetes! Post any other rants/raves/subjects in here!
Entertainment - jokes, quizzes, funny pictures A place for diversion and humour!
In the news...
Recommended books Post here your recommended books about diabetes
Monthly Newsletters
TuDiabetes Forum Social Clubs Social Clubs are places for people with similar interest to meet. These Social Clubs are not necessarily about diabetes but they can be.
Cat Lovers A Social Club for people owned by Cats. They say a dog is mans best friend but cat owners know. Cat Forums
Running A Social Club for people that run for pleasure or for fitness. Running Forums
The Great Outdoors A Social Club for those that love The Great Outdoors
For The Love of Food
Carefully Crafted A Social Club where members can Discuss and Display their Craft
Movies and Entertainment Media
A Dogs Life A Social Club for people that love dogs. Dog Forums
Poetry and Prose A Social Club for the enjoyment of Poetry and Prose Poetry Forums
TuDiabetes Website The TuDiabetes Website category is for questions and answers about how this website works, how to use it, and ways in which we might improve it! If you're having any trouble with the site, this category is a good place to start looking for help.
Type 1 and LADA
New to Type 1 Diabetes The New to Type 1 sub-category is intended for discussion specifically for, by and about people newly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and LADA.
Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes The Parents of Children with Type 1 category is intended for discussion specifically for, by and about parents of children with type 1 diabetes.
Teens and Young Adults The Teens and Young Adults sub-category is intended for discussion specifically for, by and about teens and young adults with type 1 diabetes.
Type 2 The Type 2 Diabetes category is intended for discussion specifically for, by and about people with Type 2 Diabetes.
New to Type 2 diabetes The New to Type 2 sub-category is intended for discussion specifically for, by and about people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
Teens and Young Adults
Diabetes and Pregnancy The Diabetes and Pregnancy category is for discussion for, by and/or about women with any type of diabetes who are, have been or would like to be pregnant. Share your stories, ask questions, discuss the challenges.
gestational diabetes The Gestational Diabetes sub-category is the place to discuss gestational diabetes, specifically! This is it's own condition, different from type 1, type 2 and LADA.
Trying to Get Pregnant
Managing Pregnancy with Diabetes The Managing Pregnancy with Diabetes sub-category is the place to discuss the tricks, challenges and joys of being pregnant and having diabetes. Ask questions, share experiences, cheer each other on!
Community The Community category is intended as a place to talk about ourselves more personally. Write about your personal experiences with diabetes, share artwork you have created, greet fellow community members and wish one another happy birthday here!
Welcome New Members
Share Your Stories
Arts and Poetry The TuDiabetes community is full of artists of all kinds! Use the Arts and Crafts sub-category to share your original drawings, poetry, diabetes supply collages, photography and music with your fellow community members.
Fun and Games Fun and Games with diabetes? Why not!! We have plenty of "inside jokes", and we all love the Word Association Game! This is the place to enjoy them
Polls The polls sub-category is created with the idea to get to know us better. We will not use this information for commercial purposes; we want to serve our members better and learning about each other is the best way to do it.
Recalls This category will serve as the repository for recall announcements, from food, meds, devices, everything and anything that can affect us.
Member Shout Out
Food This category is for any conversations about diet and nutrition for people with diabetes. Food Forums
Recipes Please share your favorite diabetes-friendly recipes in this category!
Treatment The Treatment category is for questions and discussion about any kind of treatment/medication for any kind of diabetes.
Oral Medications and non-insulin injectables The Oral Medications and Non-Insulin Injectables category is for discussion of any/all diabetes medications except insulin, for both people who do and do not take insulin in addition to other meds.
Insulin The Insulin sub-category is for discussion about insulin, regardless of the type of diabetes you or your loved-one with diabetes have.
Research/Cure The Research/Cure sub-category is for posting and discussion of news about diabetes-related research, including research toward a cure for any type of diabetes.
Diabetes Technology The Diabetes Technology category is a place to talk about our gadgets! Insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors, regular glucose monitors, CGM in the cloud, apps, and all the other cool stuff we PWD use to stay healthy.
Insulin Pumps The Insulin Pumps sub-category is the place to discuss pumps! What pump you use, what you don't use, what you want to use, what's coming next, what features you would like to see in pumps, etc.
Glucose Monitoring The Glucose Monitoring sub-category is for discussion about continuous glucose monitors (CGM), blood glucose monitors (BGM), and whatever kind of monitor is coming next!
Diabetes Apps There are about a million apps for people with diabetes. Discuss them here! Which you have tried, which you use, which you don't use and why not, what apps you would like to create, and more.
DIY Closed Loop Systems Use this space to discuss do-it-yourself closed loop systems that use an insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor, and a controlling algorithm to help manage blood glucose levels.
Commercial Closed Loop Systems Use this space to discuss commercially produced closed loop systems that use an insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor, and a controlling algorithm to help manage blood glucose levels.
Healthy Living The Healthy Living category is for conversations relating to lifestyle aside from food-related topics (which have a separate category). Topics here include exercise, weight-management, healthy habits in general and healthy attitude maintenance.
Physical Activity Exercise!! Some love it. Some hate it. We all need it. The Physical Activity sub-category is the place to talk about it.
Weight Weight management and maintenance is a hot topic for LOTS of people with all types diabetes. The Weight sub-category is the place to compare notes, encourage and support one another in our weight-related efforts.
Diabetes Complications and other Con The Diabetes Complications and Other Conditions category is the place to talk about complications resulting from diabetes and also other conditions that are not related to diabetes. Please notice that there are several sub-categories devoted to specific systems that are particularly vulnerable to the affects of diabetes, and use those if/when they apply to the content you would like to read or write.
Eyes The Eyes sub-category is the place for questions, concerns, tips and sharing experiences relating to the health of our eyes.
Kidneys The Kidneys sub-category is the place for questions, concerns, tips and sharing experiences relating to the health of our kidneys.
Digestion The Digestion sub-category is the place for questions, concerns, tips and sharing experiences relating to the health of our digestive systems.
Other Conditions The Other Conditions sub-category is the place to discuss conditions not related directly to diabetes. These may be other autoimmune conditions, such as celiac and rheumatoid arthritis, or conditions that are not autoimmune.
Mental and Emotional Wellness The Mental and Emotional Wellness category is for discussions about diabetes-related depression, anxiety, burnout, disordered eating, "diabetes distress", and ways to combat the myriad mental and emotional challenges that can come with having diabetes.
Diabetes Advocacy The Diabetes Advocacy category is for all types of advocacy relating to diabetes and people with diabetes, including advocating for ourselves personally (as with our health care providers), and advocating for people with diabetes on a broader social and political level.
Self Advocacy The Self Advocacy sub-category is intended for topics like: talking with your doctor, finding good health care providers, advocating to get our diabetes-related needs and rights respected at school and work, communicating with insurance companies to get our medical needs covered, and how to talk with friends and family members about our diabetes.
Public Advocacy The Public Advocacy sub-category is intended for conversations about social and political advocacy for people with diabetes. This includes lobbying for better Medicare coverage of diabetes-related medications and supplies, working against diabetes-related stigma and discrimination, encouraging FDA and other regulatory organizations to fast-track diabetes-related decisions, and more.
COVID-19 In order to make discussion on the current COVID-19 situation more readily accessible for members, please use this category. COVID-19 Forums
Christian Forums Diabetes & Endocrinology Support of those suffering from diabetes and other endocrine disorders.
Recipe Secrets Diabetic Recipes Share your favorite Diabetic Recipes here. This open forum is an excellent resource for those seeking recipes and meal ideas catering to Diabetic needs.

Diabetes Forum Topics