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Dhamma Blogs

Here are 35 Best Dhamma Blogs you should follow in 2024

1. Pariyatti Blog

Pariyatti Blog Onalaska, Wisconsin, US
Pariyatti exists to bring people into contact with the teachings of the Buddha. Pariyatti provides resources in the Theravada tradition and supports P...ali language students and Vipassana meditators. Different authors share their views on recent happenings, and dhamma is applicable in everyday life.more
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2. Dhamma USA

Dhamma USA Dhamma USA Official Website
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3. The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople

The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople lynnjkelly offers others a clear description of the ethical teachings of the Buddha. Her purpose is to build a bridge so modern readers can benefit f...rom these ethical trainings. She believes the Buddha's ethical training for laypeople has the power to bring about profound transformations.more
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4. Jayarava's Raves

Jayarava's Raves An independent scholar examines Buddhist ideas from a historical perspective and in light of the European Enlightenment. The emphasis of the blog chan...ges depending on his interests at the time. These days he is wrestling with major intellectual issues and he doesn't think anyone is served by yet more superficial analysis, so he writes for clarity but also depth.more
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5. Dhamma Footsteps

Dhamma Footsteps posts in this blog are written from a Theravadin Buddhist perspective, in the lineage of Ajahn Chah. There are also aspects of Advaita Vedanta - and h...ow do these two points of view sit together? The process of sourcing the texts and writing the posts has become part of the Practice for the author.more
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6. Buddhistdoor Global » Death Dhamma

Buddhistdoor Global » Death Dhamma Hong Kong
Learn how to handle modern-day problems with ancient teachings. Founded in 1995, Buddhistdoor Global is an online Buddhist journal providing a diverse... range of English-language Buddhist content to the world, centered on the Dharma and dedicated to serving Buddhist communities and helping practitioners navigate their spiritual path.more
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7. American Buddhist Monk Bhante Subhūti

American Buddhist Monk Bhante Subhūti Bhante Subhuti is an American Buddhist Monk. He writes about his journey around the world as a Buddhist monk, modern applications, and more. His writi...ngs are independent unless he specifically states so.more
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8. Buddha-Sāsana Blog

Buddha-Sāsana Blog This site is set up as a container for various writings centered around the project of developing the bases of vibrant Buddhist thought and practice ...to benefit American needs.more
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9. Reflections: Ajahn Sucitto

Reflections: Ajahn Sucitto This site is a hub. It offers access to written teachings by Ajahn Sucitto and information as to upcoming teaching venues. This blog follows the his l...ife, his views, and his perspective on dharma.more
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10. Association of Engaged Buddhists » Dhamma Talk

Association of Engaged Buddhists » Dhamma Talk Established in 1993, The Association of Engaged Buddhists is a group of lay Buddhist practitioners and ordained Sangha who are committed to putting th...e Dhamma into action within their own lives to be of benefit to the wider community. Read about different takes on dhamma and past events by several authors.more
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11. Cattāri Brahmavihārā

Cattāri Brahmavihārā Upasaka Subhavi is a father of three and a husband living and working in NYC. He (attempts to) maintain a daily practice of formal sitting and walking... meditation, pujas, and sutta reading/chanting. He writes about practicing the Dhamma-Vinaya in the context of full-blown lay life.more
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12. Noble Eightfold Blog

Noble Eightfold Blog Noble Eightfold blog shares stories, teachings, and reflections on Buddhist Practice.
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13. Dhammavicaya Blog

Dhammavicaya Blog Andrea Sangiacomo worked extensively on early modern Western philosophy and science, especially on authors such as Baruch Spinoza, and on topics such ...as causation and emotions. He wishes to integrate the Buddha's insights into both daily life and higher education. He writes about it in his blog and shares his experiences with the world.more
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14. Mahasati Insight Blog

Mahasati Insight Blog The Mahasati Insight Meditation Association is a non-profit organization. We formed our association to support the practice of Mahasati Insight medita...tion, a technique developed by the 20th-century Thai insight meditation master, Luangpor Teean. Mike Bresnan writes about the dhamma in everyday happenings.more
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15. Dhamma Gavesi Meditation Centre

Dhamma Gavesi Meditation Centre Homage to The Blessed One, The Exalted One, and The Fully Enlightened One... The Dhamma Gavesi Meditation Centre was established under the leadership ...and guidance of Ven Bhante Jinalankara with the pure intention of rendering Dhamma service to those who are interested in the Buddha's teaching. Read about the mind and its content, Kamma, meditation, and more.more
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16. Dhammagiri Forest Hermitage

Dhammagiri Forest Hermitage Australia
Dhammagiri is a Theravada Buddhist forest monastery associated with the tradition of Ajahn Chah. It aims to transcend today's bewildering confusio...n of Buddhist gurus, dogmas, and techniques by returning to the original teachings of the Buddha. Read Dhamma reflections by our abbot.more
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17. Abhayagiri Monastery

Abhayagiri Monastery Abhayagiri Monastery provides an environment in which individuals, families, guests, and residents are allowed to be in contact with the principles of... Buddha's teachings and cultivate those same qualities in their own lives. several authors document their learnings from the dhamma, and they share it with the world.more
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18. Amaravati Buddhist Monastery » Dhamma

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery » Dhamma Hertfordshire, England
Amaravati is a Theravada Buddhist monastery whose purpose is to provide a place of practice for monastics in the Forest Tradition, whose shared intent...ion is the realization of Nibbana, freedom from all mental suffering. Read about dhamma reflection in the present-day world.more
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19. Dhamma To End Suffering

Dhamma To End Suffering Dhamma To End Suffering is a guide to mindfulness and Vipassana meditation as taught by Luangpor Pramote. Luang Por Pramote Pamojjo is a highly respec...ted and appreciated Dhamma teacher. His teachings are especially appealing to modern urban people, helping them to become successful mindfulness and insight practitioners despite their busy lifestyles.more
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20. Dhamma Sukha Blog

Dhamma Sukha Blog Our purpose is to awaken and eliminate unhappiness. Bhante Vimalaramsi is the abbot of Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center. He is the guide for the on-site... residential retreats. He teaches tranquil wisdom insight meditation, which he also documents in this blog.more
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21. Dharma Wisdom

Dharma Wisdom Marin County, California, US
Explore teachings on a wide variety of Dharma subjects-from mindfulness meditation practices to Buddhist psychological insights for dealing with diffi...cult emotion-that will help guide you on your spiritual journey. Mindful meditation teacher, Phillip Moffitt shares his story and views about Buddha and his teachings.more
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22. Insight Santa Cruz » Dhamma

Insight Santa Cruz » Dhamma Santa Cruz, California, US
Insight Santa Cruz is a meditation community that develops mindfulness and cultivates wisdom. We learn to live more wisely, to stay present, and to op...en our hearts. Learn the basics of meditation, and the usefulness of meditation from several authors.more
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23. Just A Little Dust Blog

Just A Little Dust Blog Linda Blanchard has been an avid Skeptical Buddhist since she first discovered Stephen Batchelor's 'Buddhism Without Beliefs' in 1998. This blog i...sn't entirely about her, it's primarily about her passion for language and the way we express ourselves, and it follows her as she focuses on researching what the Buddha taught, and why.more
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24. This & That at Kevala Blog

This & That at Kevala Blog Kevala Retreat is a Buddha-Dhamma refuge in southwestern Wisconsin that hosts individual and small-group self-retreats for mature students of Buddha-D...hamma. Several authors share their life journeys. thoughts, the latest happenings, their take on dhamma, and more.more
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25. Wat Buddha Dhamma

Wat Buddha Dhamma Wat Buddha Dhamma is a Theravadin Forest Monastery devoted to the training of monks and lay practitioners. It encourages the development of seclusion,... simplicity, and renunciation. Read the latest happenings within the monastery, study dhamma, get answers to your questions, and more.more
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26. The Buddhists News » Dhamma

The Buddhists News » Dhamma Read interesting articles about dhamma, enlightenment, ignorance, and much more. The Buddhists News is an online news site that keeps you updated on B...uddhist activities, and also provides compelling articles about the life of Buddha.more
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27. The Meditation Circle » Dhamma Talk

The Meditation Circle » Dhamma Talk The Meditation Circle is a meditation group in the Buddhist tradition, practicing insight meditation. Our members come from a wide variety of spiritua...l traditions and backgrounds. One can find articles about life within the circle.more
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28. Colombo Dhamma Friends Blog

Colombo Dhamma Friends Blog Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka
Mahamevanawa Buddhist Monastery's sole purpose is to spread the original teachings of the Buddha. Here on Colombo Dhamma Friends Blog Buddha's... teachings are presented in modern language that is easy to understand. Read all about dhamma, kamma, wisdom, Buddha, and more.more
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29. Maha Satipatthana » Dhamma

Maha Satipatthana » Dhamma Bhante Kovido shares his vision, knowledge, preachings, and more. We are a boutique Buddhist Society that believes in purifying the mind and increasin...g stillness by following Buddhism.more
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30. Buddhist Nuns of Mahamevnawa

Buddhist Nuns of Mahamevnawa Mahamevnawa Anagarika Monastery was established for those women wishing to devote their lives to practicing the Dhamma. What makes Mahanevnawa unique ...is the effort to bring the Supreme Dhamma to listeners in its original form. Read e3ngrossing articles about women's freedom, stark reality, and more.more
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31. Cape Town Meditation Centre » Dhamma Talk

Cape Town Meditation Centre » Dhamma Talk Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
The Cape Town Meditation Centre is a non-profit organization that aims to create peace in Africa through inner peace by utilizing the practice of medi...tation. We believe peace in Africa begins with our inner peace. Read engaging articles about dhamma, how to live a better life, what makes you happy, and more.more
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tiramit dhammafootsteps.com 16
Andrea Sangiacomo dhammavicaya.com 12
Kynan Tan engagedbuddhists.org.au 10
Michael Rickicki cattaribrahmavihara.com 8
Diyasena dhammagavesi.org 8
Bhikkhu Subhuti americanmonk.org 8
Jayarava jayarava.blogspot.com 4
Margaret Meloni buddhistdoor.net 4
Mike Bresnan mahasati.cfmim.org 2
bhavanasociety bhavanasociety.org 1
santi liberationpark.org 1
wbdorg wbd.org.au 1
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