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Deaf Youtube Channels

Bill Vicars

Bill Vicars Sacramento, California, US
Resource site for ASL students, teachers, interpreters, and parents of Deaf children.
393Ksubscribers 1 video / month ⋅ Mar 2007 Get Email Contact

The Daily Moth

The Daily Moth The Daily Moth delivers news in video using American Sign Language. The Deaf host, Alex Abenchuchan, covers trending stories and Deaf topics with a twist of humor and Deaf culture.
50.7Ksubscribers 174.2K 9.3K 7 videos / week ⋅ Jun 2014 Get Email Contact

Rikki Poynter

Rikki Poynter Charlotte, North Carolina, US
Rikki Poynter is a 25-year-old Deaf vlogger on YouTube. After four years of being a beauty blogger and vlogger, she took a hiatus in October 2014 to focus on more lifestyle blogs and vlogs about deafness and Deaf culture.
91.7Ksubscribers 13.9K 4 videos / month ⋅ Jun 2013 Get Email Contact


deafnewspaper Colorado
The Deaf Newspaper, LLC, is not responsible for any errors in the Deaf Newspaper's news we provide. Around the News by Ken Davis in ASL.
17.3Ksubscribers 23.5K 1.1K 2 videos / week ⋅ Aug 2007 Get Email Contact


Sign1News US
Sign1News delivers news for the deaf community powered by CNN in American Sign Language (ASL). Sign1News provides equal access to local, regional and national news and information to the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community via a daily post-produced broadcast. The vision of Sign1News is to be the preeminent and unparalleled news outlet for the Deaf community by providing first-of-its kind network access to news and information.
6.5Ksubscribers 50.3K 404 5 videos / week Get Email Contact


NADvlogs The NAD mission is to preserve, protect, and promote the civil, human, and linguistic rights of deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the United States of America. The NAD is the nation's premier civil rights organization of, by and for deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the United States of America.
7.5Ksubscribers 41.8K 22.9K 1 video / week ⋅ Jan 2010 Get Email Contact

Dana Vlog

Dana Vlog YouTube official channel of Dana Vlog and I'm DEAF YOUTUBER! Welcome to my Channel and come to looking the videos! Yes, I'm grew up with deaf and 17 years old. If you are interesting about my deaf stories, filmmaker, challenge, DIY, learn America Sign Language, and else!
9.7Ksubscribers 6 videos / month ⋅ Dec 2017 Get Email Contact

National Deaf Children's Society

National Deaf Children's Society Welcome to the official YouTube channel for the National Deaf Children's Society, the leading charity dedicated to creating a world without barriers for deaf children and young people.
9Ksubscribers 38.5K 22.1K 4 videos / quarter ⋅ Nov 2008 Get Email Contact

Rogan Shannon

Rogan Shannon US
A queer Deaf guy that loves learning about new things, this channel has random musings, adventures I have with my friends, interesting things I learn about, advocacy and raising awareness of the Deaf community.
14.5Ksubscribers 447 2.4K 1 video / month ⋅ Nov 2007 Get Email Contact


Crow_Se7en New Jersey, USA
Welcome to Crow_Se7en's channel. I'm a Deaf YouTuber who plays video games and uses American Sign Language with closed captions at the same time. You never saw like that before?
4.9Ksubscribers 598 875 3 videos / week Get Email Contact

EO Horizons Deaf Singapore

EO Horizons Deaf Singapore Singapore
Deaf, Deaf Culture, Deaf Performing Arts, Deafness, Sign Language, Interpretation, Song Signing, Percussion, Education, Entrepreneurship, Singapore.
872subscribers 3.6K 395 2 videos / month ⋅ Jan 2011 Get Email Contact

Islam for Deaf

Islam for Deaf UK
Islam for Deaf is a unique project, which strives to make an abundance of Islamic resources available for the Muslim Deaf community.
325subscribers 2.1K 493 2 videos / month ⋅ Mar 2015 Get Email Contact

Chella Man

Chella Man I am a 19 year old deaf, genderqueer, artist currently transitioning on testosterone! Based in New York City.
253Ksubscribers Get Email Contact

Ali Ibrahim Aksu DeafTvShowAksuAli

Ali Ibrahim Aksu DeafTvShowAksuAli A Deaf Tv Show by Aksu Ali is one of the best channel on youutbe for the deafs.
33.2Ksubscribers 5 videos / year ⋅ Jun 2011 Get Email Contact


dpanvideos Deaf Professional Arts Network exists to support, encourage and develop professional and educational opportunities for talented individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing as well as hearing individuals who work with the community. We are equally committed to enhancing the visibility of that talent and establishing new audiences for exceptional artists who happen to be deaf or hard of hearing.
20.1Ksubscribers 6K Get Email Contact

ASL Stew

ASL Stew ASL Stew is your one stop shop for anything interpreting, or Deaf culture related.
25.6Ksubscribers Get Email Contact

Jessica Flores

Jessica Flores Jessica Flores is an comedian and a deaf advocator.
17.5Ksubscribers 27.3K Get Email Contact

Don Grushkin

Don Grushkin Don Grushkin is one of the best deaf youtuber on the the youtube.
1.2Ksubscribers Get Email Contact

Deaf Services Queensland

Deaf Services Queensland Deaf Services Queensland is a not-for-profit organisation providing services to thousands of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Queenslanders.
1.3Ksubscribers 11 videos / year ⋅ Jan 2011 Get Email Contact

Cochlear Kaz

Cochlear Kaz Scotland, UK
Hey guys, my name is Kara but you can call me Kaz. I'm profoundly deaf in both ears and I've got 2 cochlear implants. My channel is about raising deaf awareness and just having fun.
888subscribers 102 164 1 video / quarter Get Email Contact

Liam O'Dell

Liam O'Dell UK
This channel is about many different things and is brought to you by deaf young person Liam. He sometimes talks about his deafness, but mostly he talks about the stuff that interests him: writing, music and photography.
484subscribers 1 video / year ⋅ Oct 2012 Get Email Contact

That Deaf Girl

That Deaf Girl US
That Deaf Girl. That deaf girl can sign, talk and do basically anything she wishes. Her deafness doesn't prevent her from being successful.
296subscribers Get Email Contact


calshot Hey I'm Jackson aka Calshot and I'm a deaf creator from Kansas who has passion with making videos! Thanks for visiting my channel!! I make my own vlogs, prank videos and challenge videos.
240subscribers 2.3K Get Email Contact


Deafway Preston, England, UK
Deafway is a registered charity. We have been based in Preston since 1894. We work with Deaf people locally, nationally, and in the developing world.
13subscribers 4.3K 457 Get Email Contact

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Deaf Youtubers

Top Youtubers covering Deaf. Get Spreadsheet.
Youtuber Name Email Subscriber Count Video Views Video Count Youtube Channel Link
The Daily Moth 50.7K 22.7M 483 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaayieDFpDIZ1b_mspO_Rzg/videos
Sign1News 6.5K 1.7M 465 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuyQHJ4y76-i0w9N33vT-kg/videos
NADvlogs 7.5K 1.9M 140 https://www.youtube.com/user/NADvlogs/videos
Deaf Newspaper 17.3K 5.7M 112 https://www.youtube.com/user/deafnewspaper/videos
Deaf Services 1.3K 149.2K 76 https://www.youtube.com/user/DeafServicesQld/videos
Bill Vicars 393K 29.3M 59 https://www.youtube.com/user/billvicars/videos
Dana Tuy 9.7K 2.8M 59 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClnJiqq_SAKqe4_xeDn4Ubw/videos
Rikki Poynter 91.7K 6.4M 37 https://www.youtube.com/user/rikkipoynter/videos
Islam for Deaf 325 24.1K 31 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkLf7G-hsEu7uDUqHrTDyow/videos
National Deaf Children's Society 9K 2.8M 22 https://www.youtube.com/user/ndcswebteam/videos
Cochlear Kaz 888 83.6K 19 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8CZPFCzfY5z9JZIj_YDVWQ/videos
Rogan Shannon 14.5K 828K 17 https://www.youtube.com/user/FlameMaverice/videos
Crow_Se7en 4.9K 197K 15 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQvV22JDufIzptqIn4YgTzA/videos
dpanvideos 20.1K 3.6M 8 https://www.youtube.com/user/dpanvideos/videos
Deaf Tv Show 'Aksu Ali 33.2K 5.8M 5 https://www.youtube.com/user/DeafAliAksu/videos
Lily Goh 872 154.3K 3 https://www.youtube.com/user/eohorizons/videos
Liam O'Dell 484 29.2K 1 https://www.youtube.com/user/TheLifeofaThinker/videos
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