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Youtuber Name Email Subscriber
Youtube Channel Link
1MILLION Dance Studio
25.9M 7.7B 1268 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw8ZhLPdQ0u_Y-TLKd61hGA/videos
373K 315.8M 877 https://www.youtube.com/user/carmo1500/videos
2.3M 448.8M 635 https://www.youtube.com/user/vivaglamgus/videos
Salsa & Bachata *Moves*
10.8K 1.8M 207 https://www.youtube.com/user/SalsaandBachataMoves/videos
1.9M 248.4M 203 https://www.youtube.com/user/mihrantv/videos
Dance With Madhuri
1.2M 45.5M 188 https://www.youtube.com/ersu/hWirahdMtanecDui/isedov
Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts
19.6K 2.8M 188 https://www.youtube.com/srue/dausmvneeget/oidvse
161K 88M 168 https://www.youtube.com/erus/ADRBSIADIM/esdvio
Poppin John SBK
1.1M 221.5M 96 https://www.youtube.com/srue/ohpopnffpjion/odseiv
Kunal More
899K 216.9M 93 https://www.youtube.com/resu/n4kuuecdna/ideovs
Sridevi Nrithyalaya
507K 139.7M 75 https://www.youtube.com/reus/haisnlnuee/devosi
LiveToDance with Sonali
2.7M 561.8M 74 https://www.youtube.com/lnechan/eCWG1vHUH0gT3nr_m_e1CrAV/iedvos
Elif Karaman
2.9M 592.1M 72 https://www.youtube.com/clhnnea/mUpwrt0qMY4RQnZbRC1IAZug/eivosd
Baila Productions Salsa Dance School
21.3K 4.5M 64 https://www.youtube.com/resu/icsnaoBPdltiuroa/dioevs
Matt Steffanina
13.1M 3.1B 63 https://www.youtube.com/ancelhn/bUeMzpCmVcQq4d4pocwEWdF-
Brian Friedman
464K 130.8M 49 https://www.youtube.com/resu/7fee7rb/deovsi
Egils Smagris
72.8K 31.6M 48 https://www.youtube.com/usre/lgsimeasgris/eiosdv
So You Think You Can Dance
191K 2.3M 48 https://www.youtube.com/alhnenc/3XzCU_TC6Gw-zCd3y7BqQCQt/doievs
Brinn Nicole
651K 130.2M 47 https://www.youtube.com/uers/bicnennilro/sioedv
25K 3.1M 46 https://www.youtube.com/ahcelnn/yViv2FQwW1oSDZgpU-C3vsS1/deovsi
59.8K 7.4M 46 https://www.youtube.com/seru/acfknendup/ovseid
Ritika Viswanath
254K 80.7M 46 https://www.youtube.com/eurs/trec1we1h36/dveois
Dance with Miss Auti
504K 62.4M 44 https://www.youtube.com/seru/tMiusAsi/dviseo
Kanishka Talent Hub
2.8M 1B 41 https://www.youtube.com/clnhnea/CCJO2HcgWJxSRyX4UYGONcK4/sdveoi
Dance Dojo
55.9K 7.4M 38 https://www.youtube.com/seur/ehontaodjdec/ioevsd
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Dance Youtube Channels

1MILLION Dance Studio | Dance Videos

1MILLION Dance Studio | Dance Videos Keep your eyes wide open..., because DANCE IS EVERYWHERE.
25.9Msubscribers 857.7K 3 videos / day Feb 2015 Get Email Contact More

Matt Steffanina | Hip Hop Dance Channel

Matt Steffanina | Hip Hop Dance Channel US
Choreographer & Entrepreneur from Los Angeles. Matt teaches hip hop classes all over the world, but you can catch him each week in LA teaching at Millennium Dance Complex and IDA Hollywood.
13.1Msubscribers 4.8K 219.3K 1 video / day Sep 2011 Get Email Contact More

Viva Dance Studio

Viva Dance Studio Viva Dance Studio is engaged in creative activities for producing visual media, broadcasting and performances based on the arts and culture contents business with the aim of training professional choreographers. The in-depth approach to dance presents a systematic education and a balanced perspective, making it easy for anyone to experience and realize their dreams.
2.3Msubscribers 30.6K 8 videos / week Get Email Contact More

Kanishka Talent Hub

Kanishka Talent Hub Keep up with videos from Kanishka Talent Hub.
2.8Msubscribers 8 videos / month Aug 2016 Get Email Contact More

Mihran Kirakosian

Mihran Kirakosian Los Angeles CA
Mihran K. Productions is a Los Angeles based production Company specializing in Film and Live Entertainment, all in an effort to realize its vision: a partnership in entertainment between each microcosm of the entertainment world. Thus, Mihran K. Productions prides itself in being a comprehensive Film, Commercial, Music Video, Live Staging/Choreography and Music Production Company.
1.9Msubscribers 34.7K 11 videos / week Get Email Contact More

Elif Khan | Bollywood Dance Tutorials

Elif Khan | Bollywood Dance Tutorials Germany
I hope through my dance you get insight into the Bollywood dances. My dance steps may be may not be identical with the original dances. But that makes me distinctive. And there is a saying: 'Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.' - Martha GrahamEnjoy the look on my dances.
2.9Msubscribers 1 video / week Get Email Contact More

LiveToDance with Sonali | Indian Dance YouTube Channel

LiveToDance with Sonali | Indian Dance YouTube Channel Pune, India
Choreographer & Entrepreneur from Pune, India.
2.7Msubscribers 86.5K 1.8K 495.6K 4 videos / month Jan 2016 Get Email Contact More

Kyle Hanagami | Dance Youtuber

Kyle Hanagami | Dance Youtuber Los Angeles, CA
My name is Kyle and I'm a choreographer from Los Angeles. I've choreographed for some of the biggest stars and TV shows in the world but my favorite thing to do is make dance videos for you.
4.6Msubscribers 164.4K 247.8K 4 videos / quarter Aug 2009 Get Email Contact More

Tim Milgram

Tim Milgram Los Angeles, CA
Tim Milgram is a director and cinematographer with a choreography and dance background based out of Los Angeles, CA. T.Milly Productions is a creative production house specialized in making dance content in the form of concept videos, class videos, music videos, branded content, and more.
3.9Msubscribers 11.7K 1 video / quarter Jan 2006 Get Email Contact More

Nicole Kirkland

Nicole Kirkland Nicole Kirkland is a professional dancer, choreographer and instructor in LA. I make up cool dance moves. Follow my journey for some every-day inspiration.
1.5Msubscribers 25.7K 2 videos / week Sep 2009 Get Email Contact More

Sabrina Lonis

Sabrina Lonis Trained in PARIS, NEW YORK, LONDON and LOS ANGELES , Sabrina Lonis is CHOREOGRAPH for television, commercials, clips, live shows and events. Many artists and big productions trust him.
1.9Msubscribers 9.5K 1 video / week Get Email Contact More

Kunal More

Kunal More Pune, India
Dance & ZUMBA fitness classes/wedding & event choreography / flash mobs / workshops and more.
899Ksubscribers 6.5K 5 videos / week Jun 2011 Get Email Contact More


Dytto Barbie World
I am Dytto (Dit-oh). I hope you enjoy my dance videos. I am trained in choreography and all styles of dance, as you will see throughout my channel. They include:popping, freestyle, tutting, animation, robotting, finger tutting and even tap, to name a few.
3.9Msubscribers 1.6M 89.9K 2 videos / month Get Email Contact More

Melvin Louis

Melvin Louis Mumbai, India
Melvin Louis Choreography | DancePeople Studios
3.5Msubscribers 61.6K 3.7K 1 video / week Oct 2006 Get Email Contact More


DanceOn worldwide
DanceOn creates the most buzzworthy music and pop culture programming for millennials and Gen Z seeking entertainment everywhere. ARTIST REQUEST merges music artists with industry leading choreographers and dancers to create videos that captivate the new generation. The Dance Video is the New Music Video
1.8Msubscribers 2.3M 54K 1 video / week May 2006 Get Email Contact More

Team Naach

Team Naach Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
We are Nicole & Sonal, choreographers and dancers from Mumbai who are here to take you through various dance choreography in styles like Bollywood, Hip Hop, Belly Dance. We love dancing and that's how we started Naach and this channel, we teach and take classes in Mumbai but we wanted to spread our love of dance across the world. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!
2.9Msubscribers 814.8K 2.2K 475K 9 videos / quarter Oct 2014 Get Email Contact More


CarmoDance CarmoDance brings you the best dance videos from the best dance competitions! I also post clips from dance moms meet and greets i go to and sometimes clips from the show! Or another dance related things I find interesting!
373Ksubscribers 4 videos / day Get Email Contact More

WilldaBeast Adams | Dancing Videos

WilldaBeast Adams | Dancing Videos Profesional dancer and choreographer from Indianapolis...Now residing in Los Angeles.
2.2Msubscribers 38.4K 6 videos / quarter Jul 2007 Get Email Contact More

Phil Wright

Phil Wright Miami, Florida
Phil Wright is a Choreographer and dancer from Florida. He now is currently active as a professional dancer and choreographer. Phil has danced for artists including Will Smith, Chayanne, Nicki Minaj, and Pitbull. He also is a teacher for Millennium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, IDA Dance Academy, and Abby Lee Dance Studio.
1.3Msubscribers 2.4K 1 video / month Get Email Contact More

Brian Esperon

Brian Esperon US
Dancer/Choreographer from the island of Guam currently living in Los Angeles!
1.5Msubscribers 3 videos / month Get Email Contact More

Poppin John SBK - The Best and Easiest way to start dancing today!

Poppin John SBK - The Best and Easiest way to start dancing today! Los Angeles, CA
I have been Poppin and competing for over 10 years now, and am considered to be one of the top up and coming dancers of today, recognized by dancers all over the world! I have won many battles and I have been in tons of Poppin videos. I teach my own classes and you can learn how to dance from me in your town!
1.1Msubscribers 14.2K 3 videos / week Get Email Contact More

Mega Jam | Choreography Videos

Mega Jam | Choreography Videos Brisbane, Australia
Dance classes and choreography by Jasmine Meakin and Luis Pinto (Mega Jam).
1.4Msubscribers 118.5K 4 videos / week Jan 2010 Get Email Contact More

Sheela Unni's Sridevi Nrithyalaya

Sheela Unni's Sridevi Nrithyalaya Quality, perfection and motivation are the mantra of Nrithyalaya. 'Dancing is Bliss' -- this motto is inculcated during the training. Each student gets individual attention in the class, nurturing a close relationship with the teacher. The teachers of Nrithyalaya take absolute care to ensure that the training period in this institute is an experience of learning dance with joy.
507Ksubscribers 111.2K 1 video / week Get Email Contact More

ALiEN Dance Studio

ALiEN Dance Studio This is youtube channel of Korean Team Dance Studio 'ALiEN'.
941Ksubscribers 1 video / week Get Email Contact More

Belly Dancer Isabella | Belly Dance Channel

Belly Dancer Isabella | Belly Dance Channel Germany
I am a 24 years old law student and a very passionate self taught belly dancer living in Germany. I started teaching myself dancing about 8 years ago by watching belly dance videos on youtube. I am not a professional belly dancer and belly dance is at the moment just a hobby for me.
293Ksubscribers 4 videos / week May 2011 Get Email Contact More

D.side Dance Studio

D.side Dance Studio Ukraine, Kiev
Dance studio D.SIDE - are professional educators, who for the past few years developing their creativity in the dance industry. Professional choreographers, sympathetic people, and just good, and the good atmosphere of the soul - that's what D.SIDE Dance Studio!
323Ksubscribers 8.9K 1.7K 2 videos / week Get Email Contact More

Mandy Jiroux | Dance Tutorials

Mandy Jiroux | Dance Tutorials Here you'll find my Dance Tutorial and Fitness videos along with my DJ, Music Videos, Covers and Remixes featuring my singles Fade Away and My Forever. You'll also be able to watch my Dance Routine videos to hit songs from Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Lorde and many more!
1.3Msubscribers 2.5K 344.4K 2 videos / month Get Email Contact More

Basimadrid | Learn to Dance YouTube Channel

Basimadrid | Learn to Dance YouTube Channel Learn to dance bachata, Salsa ...
161Ksubscribers 1 video / day Get Email Contact More

Hamilton Evans

Hamilton Evans London, England, UK
I love Teaching and Choreographing and am here to provide you with Brand new Uploads weekly to my Channel, weather it be Class Footage, Concept Video's, Tutorials of Live Performances.
656Ksubscribers 22.3K 6K 1 video / week Get Email Contact More

Brian Friedman

Brian Friedman London, England, UK
During the first 15 years of his career, Brian Friedman was nominated 4 times at the MTV Video Music Awards, 2 times at the Music Video Production Awards, and 5 times at the American Choreography Awards for outstanding achievements in choreography. Having worked on some of the most sought after jobs in the business, his film credits include 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle', 'You Got Served', etc.
464Ksubscribers 90.6K 137.7K 1 video / week Get Email Contact More


IMI DANCE STUDIO From all corners of Sydney, with individuals of a wide range of ages (may it be primary school, high school or University), we are a performance-based team that are united together by the common passion we share for DANCE and K-POP.
564Ksubscribers 10.1K 1 video / week Get Email Contact More

Dance Fitness with Jessica | Zumba Dance Workout Videos

Dance Fitness with Jessica | Zumba Dance Workout Videos Carrollton, Texas, US
A fitness group where women could come together for a great workout in a judgement free setting that was fun and helped them lose weight or reach a fitness goal. Follow this channel to get zumba videos by Jessica.
805Ksubscribers 370.2K 4.9K 1 video / month Feb 2014 Get Email Contact More

Brinn Nicole

Brinn Nicole LA
I am a Choreographer, Professional Dancer, Instructor, and the creator of my brand / style PUMPfidence! My channel mainly features my PUMPfidence class videos and Choreography Concept Videos, but also some other fun pieces of my life!
651Ksubscribers 24.5K 2 videos / month Get Email Contact More

Dana Alexa Dance

Dana Alexa Dance NYC--LA
Dana began her professional dance career by representing the NBA in NYC as a Knicks City Dancer. She went on to dance with recording artist Kat Deluna on her world promo tour. In addition, Dana became Kat's choreographer and artistic director and choreographed Kat's world tour for her album Inside Out and also two music videos.
419Ksubscribers 61K 2 videos / week Get Email Contact More

Alexander Chung

Alexander Chung Choreographer from Los Angeles/Canada.
493Ksubscribers 4.1K 1 video / week Apr 2010 Get Email Contact More

Auti Kamal

Auti Kamal US
Hey beauties! I'm Miss Auti, a 20 something artist who vlogs all things about dance. We have tutorials, how-to's, things trending in the dance world, choreography videos, and more.
504Ksubscribers 15.1K 2 videos / week Nov 2012 Get Email Contact More

Perfect Dance Videos

Perfect Dance Videos US
The best quality competition dance videos, with PERFECT music.
42.4Ksubscribers 30 videos / quarter Get Email Contact More


MissJanelleG Choreography by Janelle Ginestra.
479Ksubscribers 2 videos / month Get Email Contact More

Egils Smagris

Egils Smagris Riga, Latvia
Egils have been trained as dance competitor in Ballroom and Latin more than 10 years, regular finalist in Latvian Championships. Join his YouTube Channel and enjoy Ballroom and Latin Dance Tutorials.
72.8Ksubscribers 2.1K 227 1 video / week Jun 2009 Get Email Contact More

Guy Amir

Guy Amir This is some of my dancing and choreography, hope you enjoy it.
200Ksubscribers 3 videos / week Get Email Contact More


DANCE FUN - YouTube DISCOVER DANCE WITH EVERY MOVE While every other channel will have catchy captions and average infotainment, we provide you with a mixture of both!
59.8Ksubscribers 14K 1 video / day Aug 2014 Get Email Contact More

Tanya Chamoli

Tanya Chamoli Delhi, India
Tanya Chamoli is a famous YouTuber, Choreographer and a performer across the globe from India. Trained under Millenium Dance Complex, Movement Lifestyle, Playground, Evolution, Edge, Debbie Reynolds in Los Angeles, California. Trained in various dance forms at a very young age including Kathak, Jazz, Funk, Ballet, Hip Hop, Waacking, Dancehall, etc; doesn't underestimate the importance of being versatile and is a keen learner.
225Ksubscribers 3.4K 1 video / quarter Get Email Contact More

Hollywood Movement

Hollywood Movement World Renowned Choreographer Jose 'Hollywood' Ramos has worked for Beyoncé, P.Diddy, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez , Rihanna and more.
171Ksubscribers 1 video / month Get Email Contact More

Claudia Dean Coaching | Ballet Youtuber

Claudia Dean Coaching | Ballet Youtuber Your Specialist in Private Ballet CoachFresh from an acclaimed career as an accomplished international ballet dancer for The Royal Ballet, Claudia Dean draws upon her experience and expertise to provide customised ballet coaching. From beginners through to skilled dancers, Claudia services include customised skill development.
262Ksubscribers 1 video / week Mar 2015 Get Email Contact More

Learn Kathak Online

Learn Kathak Online Here we offer you a Kathak Online Learning Progamme. The content has been designed and presented by Guru Pali Chandra. In the beginners session there are 51 modules with nearly 222 sub divisions to make it simple, interactive and enjoyable. The lessons are self-explanatory.
314Ksubscribers 3.9K 1 video / week Get Email Contact More

Rumer Noel

Rumer Noel Los Angeles, California
You can catch Rumer and her choreography on a few episodes of 'Dance Moms' Season 6! Rumer will continue to grow throughout her journey as a dancer/choreographer while following the path to success, wherever it may take her.
319Ksubscribers 1 video / quarter Get Email Contact More


DanceWithAbby Raleigh, NC
I am a Dancer/Choreographer! Welcome to my online Dance Tutorial Channel where I teach you awesome dance moves to Bollywood, Hip-hop, Waacking and Salsa!!
108Ksubscribers 1.3K 79 1 video / week Jun 2015 Get Email Contact More

Baila Productions Salsa Dance School

Baila Productions Salsa Dance School Canada
This channel was created to share Salsa dance techniques, tips, tricks, experiences and some funny bits about our Salsa world. Through Salsa we inspire you to move, connect and express yourself.
21.3Ksubscribers 8.9K 137 1 video / week Jan 2009 Get Email Contact More

STEP Studio

STEP Studio Singapore
A friendly and welcoming dance studio with dance classes catered to different levels - for dancers with no experience at all to dancers who wish to challenge themselves more! Come spread our love for dance together and begin your dance journey with us!
53.2Ksubscribers 6K 111 1 video / week Get Email Contact More

Salsa & Bachata *Moves*

Salsa & Bachata *Moves* I teach Salsa, Bachata & various other Latin Dances. I hope you have fun learning & exploring these moves!
10.8Ksubscribers 2 videos / week Get Email Contact More

Dance Dojo

Dance Dojo Canada
Dance Dojo helps you learn to dance Salsa online. We cover everything from lead and follow technique for individual steps and patterns to solo shines and workshops on body movement, musicality and salsa turn and spin technique. Follow along to get plenty of stories, opinions and dance tips.
55.9Ksubscribers 9.6K 1.9K 2.1K 1 video / month Nov 2013 Get Email Contact More

Indian Dances - Classical, traditional, folk etc

Indian Dances - Classical, traditional, folk etc India
An exclusive channel for Indian dances. We feel ourselves committed to present classical, carnatic, traditional and folk dance from around the country. We brought to you some unique and popular music collections from Invis Dance library.
25Ksubscribers 2 videos / week Get Email Contact More


Francesca Adelaide, South Australia
Fusion Beats Dance breaks down the Cultural barriers of Dance and brings people together in a fun and educational way. I have chosen to bring fun and magic into people's lives by offering unique and vibrant Bollywood dance classes and Workshops, Bollywood Fitness Classes, Cultural Schools Programs.
55.4Ksubscribers 5.4K 36 1 video / quarter Get Email Contact More

Toronto Dance Salsa

Toronto Dance Salsa Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Toronto Dance Salsa, Canada's largest salsa dance school that specializes in turning absolute 'Two-left feet' beginners into seasoned Salseros/Salseras so get ready to get fit, meet new friends and have a blast learning Salsa with our fun salsa lessons!
3.6Ksubscribers 8K 5.8K 1.4K 1 video / week Aug 2007 Get Email Contact More

MN Dance Company | Contemporary Dance YouTube Channel

MN Dance Company | Contemporary Dance YouTube Channel Dance videos, dance films of contemporary dance, contemporary fusion and urban dance. Here you can find dance video choreographies, dance performances and dance studio rehearsals from MN Dance Company - Michal Rynia and Nastja Bremec.
60.7Ksubscribers 12.3K 2 videos / quarter Get Email Contact More

Meghan Sanett

Meghan Sanett los angeles
I'm a dancer, choreographer, & teacher based in Los Angeles. I tour on faculty with Tremaine Dance Conventions and travel to teach and choreograph all around the US. I love what I do. I'm grateful for moment I spend doing what I love. I hope you enjoy my channel!
49.3Ksubscribers 11.4K 1 video / quarter Get Email Contact More

Arshiya Bhan

Arshiya Bhan I love dance and fitness. Founder of Belly AB Fitness.Choreographer, Dancer, Performer
37.8Ksubscribers 55 1 video / week Get Email Contact More

Clint Rauscher

Clint Rauscher This channel contains short films that I have directed and many Tango videos of myself and other members of Tango Evolution.
9.3Ksubscribers 11 videos / week Nov 2006 Get Email Contact More

Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts

Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts India
SNDA, concurrently runs a School of Performing Arts under Sumeet's supervision, giving dance education to children, young adults and adults with different modules of Urban Street Dance, Modern & Contemporary Dance, Classical Ballet, Bharat Natyam and many more with experienced guest artists from India and various other countries coming and conducting the same.
19.6Ksubscribers 11.7K 5 videos / month Get Email Contact More

Andrew Winghart

Andrew Winghart Los Angeles, CA
Director and choreographer.
33.4Ksubscribers 36.6K 9.7K 1 video / quarter Get Email Contact More


jackevans9 Jack Evans choreography.
10.3Ksubscribers 1 video / month Get Email Contact More

Yankee Lui - YouTube

Yankee Lui - YouTube Hong Kong
Come dance with us and feel the joy in every movement.
4.2Ksubscribers 1 3 videos / quarter Mar 2013 Get Email Contact More


sourtaps Los Angeles, CA
sourtaps provides videos about tap dance by Sarah Reich, a performer, choreographer, instructor who has emerged as one of the new leaders in the Art Form of Tap Dance.
10.8Ksubscribers 38.6K 43.8K 1 video / quarter Dec 2005 Get Email Contact More

Latinquarter Video

Latinquarter Video UK
Videos on Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Swing, Jive and Tango Dancing from Latinquarter Video channel.
99subscribers 1 video / month Jan 2013 Get Email Contact More


Brother - Sister official channel. My name is Nia Dmello and I have created BRENIA channel for Dance Videos. I danced with Passion along with my brother Brendan Dmello and would like to show you how you can dance on different songs.
367subscribers 70 1 video / year Mar 2020 Get Email Contact More

Valerie worldwide

Valerie worldwide Austria
This channel guides you gently into free expressive movement, invites you to give space to whatever moves within you. All my dances are connected to positive encouraging thoughts that are dedicated to personal growth!
108subscribers 2 videos / month Dec 2016 Get Email Contact More

Urban Dance Camp

Urban Dance Camp Germany
The Urban Dance Camp is the world's leading dance intensive education. The annual international workshop event has become after many years the best summer intensive for studio-styles (choreography) as well as streetdance-styles, with the highest standard of teaching and unique talents from around the world.
2.6Msubscribers 287.5K Get Email Contact More


DancingWithYT If you are a dancer, parent, choreographer, or studio director interested in having your performances featured on DancingWithYT e-mail a link to download video of the performance.
1.4Msubscribers 42 Get Email Contact More

Tricia Miranda

Tricia Miranda US
1.8Msubscribers 25.2K 6 videos / year Jul 2007 Get Email Contact More

Jayden Rodrigues

Jayden Rodrigues Sydney, Australia
Singer, Dancer, Choreographer & Self-Proclaimed Nerd, Australian YouTuber Jayden Rodrigues hit his first million views with a dance cover to Jason Derulo's Talk Dirty. Uploading weekly dance videos to trending songs with easy to follow tutorial's, Jayden's routines are used all over the world by his subscriber base which he calls his 'Rod Squad'.
1.1Msubscribers 687.5K 5.6K 16 videos / year Get Email Contact More

Dancercise Studio

Dancercise Studio Delhi, India
Dancercise is a dance and zumba fitness academy situated in New Delhi, India. This channel is run by Aditi and Sarika who make dance covers and dance tutorials to teach dance online through easy step by step tutorials.
1Msubscribers 3 videos / year Jun 2014 Get Email Contact More


DeepaDance Choreographer and dancer.
962Ksubscribers 5 videos / year Get Email Contact More

Nika Kljun

Nika Kljun Los Angeles
A professional dancer/international instructor/choreographer/dance judge. CO-OWNER of BOLERO DANCE SCHOOL. MSA talent agency Hollywood.
765Ksubscribers 50.6K 12.4K 2 videos / year Get Email Contact More

Dance With Madhuri

Dance With Madhuri The first ever Online Gamified Dance Academy. Taking Dance to the world with the first gamified Online Dance School by Madhuri Dixit Nene.
1.2Msubscribers 170.4K 15.6K 30 videos / year Jun 2013 Get Email Contact More

Soul to Sole : The Fitness & Dance Hub

Soul to Sole : The Fitness & Dance Hub India
Soul to Sole Dance Academy is a Delhi based dance and fitness studio. Our certified dance instructors specialize in individual and group dance classes in Zumba, Bollywood, Pilates, Modern Jazz, Bhangra and much more
410Ksubscribers 3.6K 11.5K Get Email Contact More

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