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1. Femme Secrets RSS Feed

Femme Secrets San Francisco, California, US
I began my career as a fashion designer and photo stylist. I decided to embrace this opportunity by launching my Femme Secrets blog and by creating a collection of image transformation programs for crossdressers and TG women. Follow and get male to female transformation tips, advice, and inspiration for crossdressers and MTF transgender women.
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2. Femulate RSS Feed

Femulate US
I am a woman who happens to have a male body, but I am not going to let that little handicap hinder me from being the best woman I can be. Follow this blog to get crossdressing ideas and tips.
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3. Crossdresser Heaven RSS Feed

Crossdresser Heaven Seattle, Washington, US
Crossdresser Heaven is your crossdressing home on the Internet. Stories, advice and photos. Feminization, makeup and beauty tips. A welcoming place for all in the transgender community. Your crossdressing home on the Internet. Follow this blog and get Community, chat, forums and insightful articles to help you discover your woman inside.
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4. Crossdressers Forums RSS Feed

Crossdressers Forums
Crossdressers is a message board focusing on cross-dressers as individuals and allowing them an outlet to discuss everything to do with crossdressing.
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5. Roanyer Blog RSS Feed

Roanyer Blog
Covers articles about a wide variety of crossdressers' essential information on fashion wear, makeup tips, personal stories, as well as well outlined articles, which have been written by our team of professional writers with years of experience in crossdressing, to help you become the better version of yourself.
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6. All About Crossdresser RSS Feed

All About Crossdresser California, US
All About Crossdresser is a complete website for crossdressers and people interested in crossdressing and male to female transformation. We have a blog section dedicated to crossdressers where you will be able to read different articles, tips, and tutorials for crossdressers.
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7. Fiona Dobson's Crossdressing Blog. RSS Feed

Fiona Dobson's Crossdressing Blog. Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Accept yourself as you are - create yourself as you desire. Follow this blog to get crossdressing articles regularly.
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8. Crossdresser Style RSS Feed

Crossdresser Style
This blog is dedicated to my husband and to all men who like to wear women's clothes. We must make an effort to understand the complicated human nature and the diversity of forms that we have to express our sexuality.
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DREAMS AND FANTASY femaletransformationcaption... 
Read crossdressing stories by Harshita Sharma.
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10. Bluestocking Blue - Reflections of an Intellectual Crossdresser RSS Feed

Bluestocking Blue - Reflections of an Intellectual Crossdresser UK
I'm forty-something years old. I'm a heterosexual male crossdresser, peeping out of the closet. I'm also an academic, with a strong science background (but I read widely in all sorts of things), and I work in a large institution. I have kids, and I live in the suburbs, where my life is pretty ordinary. The urge to crossdress has been with me my whole life.
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11. Amanda's Reading Room RSS Feed

Amanda's Reading Room Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Transgender and Cross-Dressing Fiction: Stories, Vignettes and Captions. This is where I will post my own works of transgender fiction. My work is not restricted to any of the themes commonly found in transgender fiction. It ranges from straightforward cross-dressing to any and all varieties of magical and SciFi tropes.Follow and get crossdressing and transgender articles.
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12. Unordinary Style RSS Feed

Unordinary Style California, US
This is a style blog and yes I am aware that I am transgender! I am a married, 40 something male, that enjoys cross dressing. I am a man who likes to dress in women's clothes. I like to call myself Nadine while dressed as a woman. On my blog I will be exploring women's clothes and men being able to wear them in a fashionable manner and other various topics that interest me. Follow this blog to get articles on crossdressing, fashion, style, and being transgender!
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A New Generation Enfemme Blog. Cross-Dressing And Androgy All Is Here. This Website Is Place For Cross-Dressing, Androgyny, Male Femininity And Cosplay. We Provide you Latest Cross-dressing Pictures And Stores.
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14. Crossdreamers RSS Feed

Crossdreamers are men and women who dream about being the other gender and who might even get turned on by such dreams. They are all part of the diverse family called transgender or gender variant people. is a blog focusing on crossdreamer, crossdresser, queer and transgender issues.
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15. Hannah McKnight RSS Feed

Hannah McKnight Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Hi! My name is Hannah McKnight and I identify as transgender but I prefer the term T-Girl. Over the years I have gotten more involved with trans-activism, social awareness and creating a supportive environment for all transwomen. I also contribute to Frock magazine and model for Glamour Boutique.
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16. Susanmillers Blog | My life as a heterosexual crossdresser. RSS Feed

Susanmillers Blog | My life as a heterosexual crossdresser. Vancouver, Washington, US
Hi all my name is Susan Miller and I am a crossdresser in my late 40's. I am not a woman trapped in a man's body but I do have a woman inside that needs to be able to express herself. I guess the best way to explain is that I have both a feminine and masculine side to me and both feel right and comfortable to me although I will admit that I probably lean more to the feminine side.
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17. Rachel - Life as a Crossdresser RSS Feed

Rachel - Life as a Crossdresser Auckland, New Zealand
This is a page about a man who escapes the pressures of mortgage repayments, of fixing the plumbing, of rebuilding a car engine, of laying pavers. This is a page, where the woman within takes over for a few hours a week .
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18. My Weekend Shoes RSS Feed

My Weekend Shoes San Francisco, California, US
Liz Summers' blog about crossdressing, full of crossdressing tips, crossdresser pics, and thoughts about being a crossdresser/transvestite and crossdressing openly.
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19. Naughty Nina RSS Feed

Naughty Nina Bristol, England, UK
Fetish/BDSM loving transgendered. As Nina I've only been in the world since 2005.I started dressing before that but only on visits to dressing services.
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20. O Homem Feminino RSS Feed

O Homem Feminino Brazil
Samantha Oliver is a fluid gender blogger (crossdresser, transvestite, transvestite, I do not know) exploring the female world. In The Female Man blog you will find transformation tips, relevant information, lots of photos, short stories, comics and much more!
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21. Crossdressing Tales RSS Feed

Crossdressing Tales crossdressingtales.wordpress.. 
Crossdressing Tales provide fictional stories mainly based on the forced crossdressing & transformation scenarios, centered on themes around the world, mostly in the school era, with no/minimal sexual content.
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22. Clawdeena RSS Feed

Clawdeena Florida, US
I'm just a boy who enjoys Make Up and Dolls! If you want to see something fabulous be sure to check my channel for awesome tutorials, reviews, and skits featuring the skills of my imagination! Follow my channel as I post videos on crossdressing and make-up.
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23. Starrynowhere RSS Feed

Hello I'm Emma, a Scottish transvestite who has enjoyed dressing as a girl for as long as I care to remember. I have no desire to become a F/T girl, nor am I attracted to men, I just have a preference for wearing women's clothes.
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24. Vera Wylde RSS Feed

Vera Wylde New England, North Dakota, US
Vera Wylde is a crossdresser as well as a drag performer and model. She's seen so many dressers of all ages struggle with what they are and what they're doing that she's endeavored to help as best she can.
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25. TheCourtneycummings RSS Feed

I am a hetero sexual cross dresser who was introduced to this years past by my ex girlfriend. it excites me to appear as passable as possible, I am soley into girls. Sorry Gentlemen. I used to appear extremely passable with her assistance in make up, hair, clothes and jewelry. I would love to find a girl with whom I can share this. No body knows this side of me.
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26. Yoya Fabulosa - Youtube RSS Feed

Yoya Fabulosa - Youtube US
Hello and welcome to my channel. I am YoyaFabulosa (or Gio).My channel is a still try to find it's place on this massive site called youtube. For the sake of simplicity my channel is a crossdressing / video gaming / skits & parodies / DRAG QUEEN EXTRAVANGZA / Vlogs from a gay boy / Rants (eventually) / Puppet play/ and whatever else I can think of putting on here...
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27. Glamour Boutique RSS Feed

Glamour Boutique US
Discover Crossdressing Tips and Advice On Makeup, Clothes, Fashion. Follow this blog to get relevant tips for the Beginner and Transgendered Men.
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28. TG WORLD | Youtube RSS Feed

TG WORLD | Youtube UK
Welcome to our channel.This page is for the purpose of celebrating the beauty and strength of cross-dressers and trans women. Follow our channel as we bring you the best videos about crossdressing, boy to girl transformations, male to female transformations, crossdressers, transgenders and videos related to the crossdresser and transgender community from around the world.
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29. Hgillmore RSS Feed

Celebrating Crossdressers and Transgendered women. Follow to get articles on crossdressing frequently.
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30. Indian Crossdressing Novel RSS Feed

Indian Crossdressing Novel India
Our website has the best indian crossdressing stories available on the web. We are dedicated to all the indian crossdressers looking for high quality stories. In a short time, with support from our readers, we now have several long and short indian crossdressing stories listed here. Follow this blog to get new Indian crossdressing stories regularly.
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31. En Femme RSS Feed

En Femme Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
The En Femme Crossdresser & Transgender Learning Center contains frequently published articles about the T-Girl lifestyle by leading industry experts and published authors. Our resource center covers a broad array of topics: Sizing Advice, Dressing tips & tricks and more.
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32. Nadine´s Crossdressing Abenteuer RSS Feed

Nadine´s Crossdressing Abenteuer Germany
Hello my love! I am a dear crossdresser from Vienna, who tries to live out his female side as often and as well as possible.
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33. I Love Beauty : Makeup Transformation RSS Feed

I Love Beauty : Makeup Transformation Vietnam
THIS CHANNEL IS ABOUT ART MAKEUP ,this is where you and I can share everything about beauty ^^ ,perfect together , jointly develop
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34. Nena Crossdresser - Youtube RSS Feed

Nena Crossdresser - Youtube UK
Hello, My name is Nena and I'm a crossdresser from North London.
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35. Juliette Noir | Youtube RSS Feed

Juliette Noir | Youtube UK
The random musings of a 40 year old transvestite from the UK. Make of that what you will... The kind of stuff I upload is just updates on what I'm doing, whether I'm going out or have some new stuff to talk about. Essentially it's just me being me... trying to be funny...
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36. Translife Limited | Crossdressing Blogs RSS Feed

Translife Limited | Crossdressing Blogs England, UK
Established in March 2002 by Andrew Maggs Translife has become one of the UK's leading suppliers to the crossdressing / transgender community by providing a caring and professional service to our clients both old and new. If you are looking to purchase breast forms, wigs, footwear, jewellery, clothing, shapewear or even cosmetics then we are here to assist with a huge array of products at your disposal.
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37. Frock Magazine RSS Feed

Frock Magazine
Frock Magazine is your free drag and transgender related bi-monthly, for drag queens, transsexuals, transvestites, crossdressers and transgender people everywhere, full of features and articles about well known members of the transgender community, crossdressing clothes and clothing guides, make-up tutorials, transgender related movie and book reviews, trans-activism, news and fiction.
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38. Sandra M. Lopes RSS Feed

Sandra M. Lopes Portugal
Rantings from a Crossdresser. On my page you will see mostly updates from my blog, which publishes non-academic essays about transgenderism, crossdressing, and smoking fetishism.
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39. Daniella's Ramblings RSS Feed

Daniella's Ramblings South Africa
I am just your average happily married, monogamous semi closeted crossdresser. I hope to entertain, educate, inspire and connect with as many people as possible by sharing my experiences, my journey and my thoughts with you. This blog deals with the lives and experiences of transgender people and how we interact with the society we find ourselves in. I hope you enjoy reading about this demi monde.
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40. Crossdresser's Hub RSS Feed

Crossdresser's Hub Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
This page is for all crossdressers out there. Please feel free to share your crossdressing stories.
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41. Anee the girle RSS Feed

Anee the girle Karnataka, India
Life of Heterosexual Cross dresser.
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42. Crossdressing Commentary RSS Feed

Crossdressing Commentary Canada
A crossdressers collection of thoughts. Well Jess is not my real name for privacy reasons. I am a somewhat closeted Male to Female Crossdresser, somewhat as some people know but not a whole lot. I have a girlfriend of 5 years and a German Shepherd cross, they are both fully aware of my crossdressing though only the girlfriend is able to contextualize it.
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43. Alice Jane in Newcastle RSS Feed

Alice Jane in Newcastle alicejaneinnewcastle.blogspo.. 
General life commentary from a crossdresser who is gradually coming out to the people around her. I'm married with a child. I'm a left handed, red headed, rational scientific atheist, engineer and a Slackware Linux geek. I'm also a crossdresser.
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44. Bobby Sox Blog RSS Feed

Bobby Sox Blog New South Wales, Australia
I am a guy that likes to wear and feels comfortable in ladies clothes. I've had a few years being totally in the closet with my dressing, it was difficult getting my dress on in there so I eventually got out and ended up in the bedroom for a while and also found out how liberating it was to walk on a carpet in heels.
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45. The Crossdresser Report | Your Source for Advice and Inspiration for the New Dresser RSS Feed

The Crossdresser Report | Your Source for Advice and Inspiration for the New Dresser Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Sami has been a part-time crossdresser for about 5 years. Although she still has a lot to learn herself, she is enjoying teaching new crossdressers tips that will hopefully help them on their adventure.
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46. Sometimes Samantha RSS Feed

Sometimes Samantha sometimessamantha.blogspot.c..
Another blog on gender identity, self-discovery and rants. Lovely, lovely rants. I was around 13 when I first started crossdressing. I've worn women's clothes on and off until this day, more-so in the last 9 years
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47. Lucy's Blog RSS Feed

Lucy's Blog UK
Welcome to Lucy-CD, I'm a 22y/o Straight Male from the UK. On occasion in my spare time I like to express my femininity through dressing up, here I post pictures of myself dressed up as 'Lucy' as an expression of my femininity. Also on Instagram @lucy_summers_cd.
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48. Boys Will Be Girls - London Dressing service RSS Feed

Boys Will Be Girls - London Dressing service London, England, UK
Being a trans women myself i was naturally drawn to the beauty of transformation and the endless possibilities you can achieve with makeup. I can do a range full of different looks and styles, i love doing glamour makeup and can work on all types of faces whether they are masculine or more feminine and make them appear super feminine!
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49. My Cool Diverse life - Gabrielle Hermosa RSS Feed

My Cool Diverse life - Gabrielle Hermosa Rochester, New York, US
Exploration of society through transgender perspective. I was born in 1970 and grew up as a heavily closeted transgender woman in a world that didn't understand what 'transgender' means. Up to mid-2013, most of the content was crossdressing-related. The content from mid-2013 and after reflect general trans issues, rather than just crossdressing (CD fall within the 'transgender' umbrella term).
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50. The Michelle In Me RSS Feed

The Michelle In Me
My take on being a hetero-crossdresser. I'm a straight, heterosexual guy, father and husband, who, on occasion, likes to dress as a woman. And when I do, I want to portray the image of a woman. I don't do it that often, but enjoy it when I can. This blog is about my experiences and some of my thoughts on the subject of crossdressing.
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51. Travmaga Blog - Tgirl, Transgender, Crossdresser news RSS Feed

Travmaga Blog - Tgirl, Transgender, Crossdresser news
An online dating blog for Tgirl, crossdresser and ladyboys that covers the topics of dating, relationships, and sex, dating profile help, fashion tips and more.
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52. DressTech Store - Crossdressing Blog RSS Feed

DressTech Store - Crossdressing Blog California, US
We're active members and supporters of the CD/TG community; just like you. DressTech is also the #1 manufacturer of professional products for the CD/TG community. Our engineers, who have worked in the most demanding industries, use the latest CAD/CAM technologies to create industry-leading products. Follow this blog to get crossdresser news, tips and more! Judi and Diana review products, share personal stories and take you along on adventures.
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53. Lost in Transgender RSS Feed

Lost in Transgender London, England, UK
Lost in Transgender is a blog about Crossdressing, Autogynephilia, Transgender, Feminisation Transsexual Fantasy & Crossdreaming, Male to Female Transformation, TG Films & Videos and Forced Fem & Men Becoming Women
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54. CrossdresserPhotoBlog - Transgendered life and Crossdressing RSS Feed

CrossdresserPhotoBlog - Transgendered life and Crossdressing Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US is a meeting place for cross dressers, transvestites and their admirers. Welcome and feel free to interact!Fly Fashion Engineers to transgender, crossdressing and drag queen clientele all over the world. Designed to fit T-girls right and look sexy.
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55. Crossdressed in the Closet RSS Feed

Crossdressed in the Closet
A blog from a married crossdresser just trying to get by.
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56. Why do Men Crossdress???? RSS Feed

Why do Men Crossdress???? why-do-men-crossdress.webnod.. 
If You've arrived here you're either Curious about Crossdressing, You Crossdress or You're the Partner of a Crossdresser and You're looking for Answers and Advice? Hopefully I can help through experiance as a Crossdresser and my Wonderful Wifes acceptance of my dressing up..
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57. Crossdressing Story RSS Feed

Crossdressing Story India
Indian Crossdressing Story
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58. Crossdresser Jennifer RSS Feed

Crossdresser Jennifer Germany
Crossdresser Jennifer - feminin & modisch
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