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Crochet Youtube Channels

1. MilArt Marroquin

MilArt Marroquin About Youtuber Tutorials for weaving different garments with one or two needles at the level of beginners and advanced.
Youtube Followers- 605,885 . Views Count- 176,173,755 . Video Count - 562

2. The Crochet Crowd - How to Crochet

The Crochet Crowd - How to Crochet Ontario, Canada
About Youtuber Crochet ON DEMAND made easy with Mikey to learn how to crochet. From simple tips to full projects, this channel is designed to inspire, delight and educate you. Enjoy the comfort and explore the learning series with Mikey with a relaxed learning channel. Through quirky memory hooks and alternative descriptions of technique, skill building doesn't have to be so hard.
Youtube Followers- 621,476 . Views Count- 95,880,492 . Video Count - 1,804

3. TejiendodeCorazon

TejiendodeCorazon Canada
About Youtuber A series of videos to learn and practice the beautiful art of weaving in different techniques: Crochet, Double Needle, Tunisian and more.
Youtube Followers- 445,058 . Views Count- 109,778,854 . Video Count - 784

4. Naztazia

Naztazia Scranton, PA
About Youtuber Creative self-sufficient living. Tutorials related to crocheting, knitting, gardening, beading, sewing and other arts/crafts.
Youtube Followers- 434,837 . Views Count- 56,307,525 . Video Count - 126

5. Liliana Milka

Liliana Milka Mexico
About Youtuber I like to transform the things that surround me, to add something of mine ... And to weave is to create with the hands! (Woven, crochet, two needles and other avatars)
Youtube Followers- 328,360 . Views Count- 62,598,399 . Video Count - 299

6. Bella Coco

Bella Coco Nottingham
About Youtuber My name is Sarah-Jayne, I make videos on the things I am passionate about- Life, Beauty, crafts, crochet.
Youtube Followers- 310,603 . Views Count- 33,932,423 . Video Count - 210

7. Ahuyama Crochet

Ahuyama Crochet Spain
About Youtuber Step by step crochet tutorials. Easy patterns for beginners. New tutorial every week! Grab a hook and learn how to crochet your dreams
Youtube Followers- 536,637 . Views Count- 55,425,203 . Video Count - 213

8. HappyBerry Crochet

HappyBerry Crochet United Kingdom
About Youtuber You can enjoy: Regular crochet tutorials, Beginner crochet stitch tutorials, New embroidery beginner stitch tutorials, Even the occasional unboxing video to keep you updated on what's hot in the crafting world!
Since Aug 2011
Youtube Followers- 442,722 . Views Count- 50,121,406 . Video Count - 368

9. Bobwilson123

Bobwilson123 About Youtuber Learn how to Crochet for free with great video tutorial. It started just as a bit of fun and now is a full time hobby!!
Youtube Followers- 336,841 . Views Count- 92,748,405 . Video Count - 882

10. Meladora's Creations for Crochet

Meladora's Creations for Crochet About Youtuber Learn to crochet for free with video tutorials and patterns with pictures.
Youtube Followers- 263,024 . Views Count- 42,423,912 . Video Count - 724

11. Bag-O-Day Crochet & More

Bag-O-Day Crochet & More United States
About Youtuber I create all the designs you see on my channel so come check me out for Free Crochet Tutorials! Crochet Bags, Purses, Hats, Scarves, Sweaters, Baby Dresses, Baby Bonnets, Socks, Booties, Slippers, Coats, Jackets and More! All for FREE! So what are you waiting for? Pick up your Crochet Hook and Create your own clothing and accessories. Don`t be afraid to try! Crochet is Easy, Fun, and Relaxing!
Youtube Followers- 260,654 . Views Count- 43,716,092 . Video Count - 418

12. WoolyWondersCrochet

WoolyWondersCrochet About Youtuber Approachable and contemporary crochet tutorials in HD! Follow my detailed step by step crochet tutorials and learn how to make a wide variety of projects, from blankets, granny squares, baby clothes, home decor and more!
Youtube Followers- 218,709 . Views Count- 23,703,278 . Video Count - 194

13. marinella marifu6a

marinella marifu6a About Youtuber Welcome to my Free crochet video tutorials channel. Some may think of my channel as a crochet channel however my channel is dedicated to teaching people to crochet.
Youtube Followers- 187,721 . Views Count- 36,265,140 . Video Count - 252

14. Fiber Flux

Fiber Flux About Youtuber I'm Jennifer from the Fiber Flux blog where we celebrate all things stitchy! Featuring crochet and knitting patterns, tutorials and lots more. Stop by and join in the yarny fun!
Since Oct 2013
Youtube Followers- 212,482 . Views Count- 27,760,337 . Video Count - 510

15. B.hooked Crochet

B.hooked Crochet United States
About Youtuber I'm Brittany and I’m proud to say that I am the creative designer behind the patterns here at B.hooked Crochet. I’ve never been one to follow along with provided instructions. In fact, I typically do just the opposite. I love to draw inspiration from all around me and figure out techniques and designs on my own. I absolutely love this aspect of my hobby and passion! Sharing my designs.
Youtube Followers- 177,478 . Views Count- 16,925,721 . Video Count - 322

16. Sharon Ojala

Sharon Ojala About Youtuber Here you will find crochet amigurumi tutorials for patterns. Most of them are full length tutorials from the first stitch to the last stitch!
Since Sep 2011
Youtube Followers- 206,748 . Views Count- 23,623,567 . Video Count - 191

17. Fuad Azmat / YARNutopia by Nadia

Fuad Azmat / YARNutopia by Nadia USA
About Youtuber This channel offers high end quality tutorial videos teaching the art of crochet stitches and a variety of crochet projects for the beginner to the advanced crocheter. I use a variety of materials in my videos. Our channel has a section of playlists including blankets, afghans, baby items, fashion items, granny squares, and other miscellaneous crochet projects.
Youtube Followers- 161,867 . Views Count- 21,752,655 . Video Count - 800

18. ExpressionFiberArts

ExpressionFiberArts About Youtuber Bringing joy to the world one colorful skein of yarn at a time! The place to learn knitting, crocheting, spinning and other fibery goodness! I'll also be sharing shop updates, sales and more!
Youtube Followers- 158,902 . Views Count- 14,406,250 . Video Count - 48

19. iKNITS

iKNITS About Youtuber This is my collection of patterns that I think are so fun to wear and make! I create videos on how to make different knitting and crochet patterns, and also showcase patterns that I LOVE! If you have a stylish pattern you want to make but don't know how, send it to me, and I'll make a video or explain it for ya!
Youtube Followers- 150,010 . Views Count- 18,491,617 . Video Count - 120

20. Crochet Estilo

Crochet Estilo About Youtuber Crochet Tutorials.
Youtube Followers- 151,599 . Views Count- 41,043,565 . Video Count - 9,465

21. All in crochet

All in crochet About Youtuber "Everything in crochet" in this channel you will find the step by step of the fabric, for experts and beginners, so that you learn to knit, and even some other craft, you will also find designs and unique stitches of this your channel, weaves with me in two needles , Sticks, crochet etc. Do not miss any crochet tutorial and enjoy the passion of knitting.
Youtube Followers- 145,953 . Views Count- 20,015,896 . Video Count - 485

22. Canal Crochet

Canal Crochet Spain
About Youtuber Follow this channel to watch the latest Amigurumi crochet videos by Yolanda Garcia Naranjo.
Since Dec 2012
Youtube Followers- 205,750 . Views Count- 20,716,550 . Video Count - 142

23. Joannes Web

Joannes Web San Antonio, TX
About Youtuber Joanne's Web is a place to lear to knit, crochet and more. There are video tutorials, blogs posts and many ways to communicate among each other to learn the beautiful craft of knitting. Join our growing knitting and crochet community.
Youtube Followers- 89,143 . Views Count- 14,248,600 . Video Count - 269

24. oana's crochet

oana's crochet Italy
About Youtuber I love to crochet and knit I also have my own designs and projects and this is the place where I share my creations with you, I also like to find new stitchs or crochet/knit techniques and to share them with you so if you are a crocheter this is the right place for you.
Youtube Followers- 122,263 . Views Count- 14,246,227 . Video Count - 451

25. Lidia Crochet Tricot

Lidia Crochet Tricot Valencia, Spain
About Youtuber "Lidia Crochet Tricot (Lidia Crochet Knitting) is a channel where you can find many knitting tutorials (with a crochet, with the hooks, even with your hands, tunisian crochet etc).
Youtube Followers- 89,309 . Views Count- 15,356,364 . Video Count - 345

26. Annoo Crochet Designs

Annoo Crochet Designs Weston
About Youtuber Free Crochet Tutorial Every week By AnnooCrochet Designs. Step By step Easy to follow Crochet Patterns and Crochet Techniques.
Youtube Followers- 88,827 . Views Count- 4,834,376 . Video Count - 101

27. Crochet Lovers

Crochet Lovers About Youtuber In this channel you'll find step by step tutorials on how to crochet. From simple stitches to original, beautiful and easy projects. So get your yarn, grab your hook and let's crochet!
Youtube Followers- 58,360 . Views Count- 4,336,163 . Video Count - 42

28. crochet patternss

crochet patternss saudia
About Youtuber Crochet for beginners and Crochet tutorial. Various patterns and designs for Crochet dress.
Youtube Followers- 58,620 . Views Count- 13,987,133 . Video Count - 2,748

29. HelenMay Crochet

HelenMay Crochet About Youtuber I love to see looks of joy on someone's face after giving them something I have crocheted, and I want to give that feeling to other people. I have found that I enjoy making You Tube video tutorials showing others how to crochet their own crochet items, or gifts. Whether you are a beginner, or advanced, I try to tailor my videos so that anyone can follow along easily.
Youtube Followers- 49,167 . Views Count- 4,871,405 . Video Count - 319

30. Mariie Crochet

Mariie Crochet United States
About Youtuber Crochet Tutorials - Step by Step !!!
Youtube Followers- 48,217 . Views Count- 5,139,006 . Video Count - 129

31. Two Bee - Bia Moraes

Two Bee - Bia Moraes Brasília, Brazil
About Youtuber Bia Moraes creates various amigurumi design patterns, toys, dresses using crochets.
Since Jun 2015
Youtube Followers- 100,051 . Views Count- 4,162,081 . Video Count - 87

32. Creative Grandma

Creative Grandma United States
About Youtuber A great place to come learn a new crochet stitch or other great crafting lessons. I have been a professional crochet designer for over 40 years, designing for Annie's Attic and Leisure Arts. I will be releasing step by step crochet videos from beginner to advance skill levels.
Youtube Followers- 34,152 . Views Count- 1,361,199 . Video Count - 112

33. Create Happy Life

Create Happy Life India
About Youtuber This channel is all about knitting, crochet, stitching & embroidery.... We all learn and create new easy things together to create happy life... Its just beginning....Life is too short.. live it full...
Youtube Followers- 36,084 . Views Count- 7,823,289 . Video Count - 89

34. Kristin Omdahl

Kristin Omdahl Bonita Springs, Florida
About Youtuber Kristin Omdahl is a creative entrepreneur that believes in creating, sharing and inspiring others to do the same! Join her for ideas, inspiration and tutorials on crocheting, knitting, sewing, crafting, and healthy budget-friendly recipes.
Youtube Followers- 27,830 . Views Count- 2,124,814 . Video Count - 538

35. The Indian Knitter

The Indian Knitter India
About Youtuber Learn Knitting, Crochet and several design.
Youtube Followers- 24,763 . Views Count- 5,407,536 . Video Count - 199

36. Dana B - Crochet Tutorials

Dana B - Crochet Tutorials San Francisco
About Youtuber Style the crochet tops that I make, and I live in San Francisco so even during summer it never really gets that hot so that's why I pair them with lots of cardigans/jeans.
Youtube Followers- 30,654 . Views Count- 2,082,841 . Video Count - 51

37. knit and crochet with Joanna

knit and crochet with Joanna About Youtuber Here you will find step by step knitting and crocheting tutorials..easy patterns also for beginners.
Youtube Followers- 19,302 . Views Count- 2,979,782 . Video Count - 166

38. The Yarn Hoarder Podcast

The Yarn Hoarder Podcast About Youtuber Welcome to The Yarn Hoarder Podcast! A podcast about the fiber arts.
Youtube Followers- 14,106 . Views Count- 568,104 . Video Count - 22

39. YarnGasm Podcast - Knitting with Voolenvine

YarnGasm Podcast - Knitting with Voolenvine About Youtuber I'm Kristin Lehrer, the host of YARNGASM, a weekly podcast about knitting and making things. I'm also the indie yarn-dyer behind Voolenvine Yarns. If you're down with yarn, sewing, cats, and copious tea-drinking ... you're in good company!
Youtube Followers- 13,166 . Views Count- 888,946 . Video Count - 229

40. WIKA Crochet

WIKA Crochet Ukraine
About Youtuber Learn to crochet for free with video tutorials and patterns with pictures.
Youtube Followers- 12,312 . Views Count- 1,125,024 . Video Count - 148

41. Wool Story

Wool Story Serbia
About Youtuber My channel has DIY Tutorial videos on crochet and knitting. People of all ages can learn how to knit and crochet because it's easy, fun and relaxing. Check out our various tutorials and you will be creating your very own high quality knitting and crocheting projects in no time. Please hit like and subscribe to our channel for every-day knit and crochet video lessons, amazing free patterns, tips.
Youtube Followers- 10,901 . Views Count- 2,038,169 . Video Count - 164

42. !Crochet!

!Crochet! UAE
About Youtuber !Crochet! teaches different crochet patterns such as different types of flowers, heart,pouches and many more.
Youtube Followers- 7,790 . Views Count- 663,793 . Video Count - 65

43. Kerri's Crochet

Kerri's Crochet Queensland, Australia
About Youtuber Hello, I'm Kerri and I'll be helping you to crochet by designing crochet patterns and making how to crochet video tutorials for my YouTube channel, Kerri's Crochet. I'll be designing mostly crocheted appliqué, but there will also be items like towels and baskets that are decorated with appliqués.
Since Jun 2017
Youtube Followers- 7,511 . Views Count- 502,196 . Video Count - 110

44. ABCuteCreations - YouTube

ABCuteCreations - YouTube Wisconsin, USA
About Youtuber Handmade, quality creations for you or your loved ones. Custom orders are welcome. Bethany Ciche creates free crochet video tutorials and patterns.
Since Jan 2017
Youtube Followers- 1,221 . Views Count- 48,957 . Video Count - 17

45. Maya Luna Corazon

Maya Luna Corazon Germany
About Youtuber Crochet tutorial and coming soon how to turn Your crochet passion into successful business.
Youtube Followers- 7,526 . Views Count- 348,014 . Video Count - 20

46. Simply Crochet

Simply Crochet About Youtuber Simply Crochet is a celebration of all things crochet and is full of creative ideas for anyone who loves - or would love to learn - crochet.
Youtube Followers- 1,655 . Views Count- 44,887 . Video Count - 24

47. Spincushions Crochet

Spincushions Crochet Narrawong, Victoria, Australia
About Youtuber I design crochet patterns that extend your crochet skills, gently challenging and encourage you to create timeless, classic pieces sure to be admired and appreciated. Head over to for patterns/ebooks/free app/crochet tips To stay up to date with new designs.
Youtube Followers- 1,575 . Views Count- 36,293 . Video Count - 44

48. Infiniti Crafting Co.

Infiniti Crafting Co. About Youtuber Welcome to the official Youtube channel of Infiniti Crafting Company. a small business start up, spreading the awareness of therapy through crafting. Here you will find various tutorials, vlogging, and company announcements.
Since Oct 2018
Youtube Followers- 5 . Views Count- 81 . Video Count - 13

49. Duplet Crochet Magazines

Duplet Crochet Magazines About Youtuber The world of wonderful models and patterns, creative university of crochet mastery! This magazine allow you to put into practice your most daring projects, help to pass thorny path of exclusive garment creation using truly unique patterns and charts created not for industrial manufacturing. Owing to the ideas of Duplet magazine you will have inimitable, unique and attractive look.
Youtube Followers- 2,058 . Views Count- 441,784 . Video Count - 255

50. Crochet in You

Crochet in You Spain
About Youtuber In this channel I want to upload tutorials on how to do step by step amigurumis, crochet tips, how to make crochet clothes and more things that are happening to me.
Youtube Followers- 2,009 . Views Count- 133,311 . Video Count - 31

51. United Kingdom
About Youtuber We at LoveCrochet have just one modest goal - to provide you with everything you need to satisfy your thirst for crochet, all in one place. We want to ensure that you've got everything at your disposal to ensure that you can crochet with ease and find inspiration around every corner!
Youtube Followers- 1,481 . Views Count- 60,351 . Video Count - 68

52. American Crochet Association - Master crochet with the ACA and our one-of-a-kind learning path!

American Crochet Association - Master crochet with the ACA and our one-of-a-kind learning path! United States
About Youtuber We’re a membership for crochet lovers who are looking to build valuable skills, network with other crochet enthusiasts and designers, and provide enriching, creative ideas in a supportive community!
Youtube Followers- 3,532 . Views Count- 196,645 . Video Count - 33

53. Pretty Darn Adorable Crochet Tutorials

Pretty Darn Adorable Crochet Tutorials Canada
About Youtuber Welcome to Pretty Darn Adorable, offering you unique and easy to make crochet pattern designs. My pieces feature simple, classic textures that are wonderful for children, men and women, many with beautiful detail running throughout the entire design. I love to work with different yarns and hook sizes experimenting until I have achieved the best choices for a finished product with optimum feel.
Youtube Followers- 5,117 . Views Count- 273,959 . Video Count - 13

54. THM By Dani

THM By Dani Brazil
About Youtuber On the YouTube channel you find videos explaining crochet materials, tutorials and some clarification on how to take care of your business.
Youtube Followers- 22,258 . Views Count- 644,052 . Video Count - 28

55. Crochet & Knitting Vasilisa

Crochet & Knitting Vasilisa Russia
About Youtuber My name is Vasilisa and I am a crochet videoblogger and designer. I live in Russia. My video blog is filled with helpful information and tutorials. I specialize in innovative and practical patterns that are timeless and unique. Happy Crocheting!!
Youtube Followers- 35,556 . Views Count- 4,747,549 . Video Count - 25

56. Barry Cute Crochet

Barry Cute Crochet United States
About Youtuber YouTube is a great outlet for me. A lot of my days are spent in bed as I have a chronic condition that has now affected my bones which makes them break very easily. But now I am making my life more meaningful despite my physical abilities by helping others learn to crochet. It is something I love and it keeps my mind busy even when my body can't.
Youtube Followers- 2,093 . Views Count- 199,029 . Video Count - 28

57. HopefulHoney

HopefulHoney Australia
About Youtuber Over the last few years of my blogging journey, I’ve love exploring through the wonderful world of crochet, and using those techniques I’ve learned to create adorable baby accessories, chic cowls and fashionable flapper hats! In addition to crocheting, I’m also very passionate about teaching others a love for learning and creating.
Youtube Followers- 35,597 . Views Count- 2,652,779 . Video Count - 67

58. Knitting womens Work

Knitting womens Work About Youtuber Knitting , women , handmade, crochet
Youtube Followers- 4,616 . Views Count- 896,676 . Video Count - 194

59. simplydaisy

simplydaisy United States
About Youtuber simplydaisy shows how to make various crochet patterns and designs.
Youtube Followers- 85,465 . Views Count- 7,109,145 . Video Count - 27

60. GillysCraftWorld

GillysCraftWorld About Youtuber I can help you in your crochet and knitting endevour. I love crocheting, knitting and sewing. I am also an artist and love painting in oil and in watercolor. I will be showing you how to crochet and knit but will stick to crochet work initially.
Youtube Followers- 37,543 . Views Count- 5,003,922 . Video Count - 163

61. Jade Lilly Crochet

Jade Lilly Crochet United Kingdom
About Youtuber On my YouTube channel you can find crochet tutorial video's and tips.
Youtube Followers- 2,781 . Views Count- 129,549 . Video Count - 19

62. Crochet Guru

Crochet Guru United States
About Youtuber The main goal for Crochet Guru is to create video tutorials that make crochet fun and easy to learn! I understand what it’s like to be brand new to crochet and have no idea where to begin. That’s why I make every effort to create crochet tutorials that provide simple instructions and clear visuals. My crochet tutorials include: learning crochet basics, pattern reading, crochet stitches.
Youtube Followers- 93,249 . Views Count- 8,233,236 . Video Count - 92

63. Bethintx1

Bethintx1 About Youtuber I started this channel because I was teaching a friend to crochet but she could not remember what she learned by the time she got home. Her memory was affected by a stroke, so I made these video for her to review what I taught her in person. I filmed the first few lessons for her. I can hardly believe the number of people all over the world who have watched my videos and learned to crochet.
Youtube Followers- 98,023 . Views Count- 24,758,525 . Video Count - 568

64. Pola Bome Crochet

Pola Bome Crochet United States
About Youtuber Pola Bome Crochet makes various patterns and designs such as fruits, scarfs, flowers and many more.
Youtube Followers- 6,576 . Views Count- 623,032 . Video Count - 20

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