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Here are 25 Best Creationism Blogs you should follow in 2023

1. Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis Kentucky, US
Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry, dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively. We focus on providing answers to questions about the Bible, particularly the book of Genesis regarding key issues such as creation, evolution, science, and the age of the earth.
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2. Reasons to Believe

Reasons to Believe Covina, California, US
At Reasons to Believe, we exist to spread the Christian Gospel. We use scientific advances to answer questions and identify new evidence of God's existence, character, and the Bible's reliability. We engage skeptics and cultivate communities where scholars and others learn to integrate science, theology, and philosophy so they can open the world of science to the gospel.
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3. Creation Moments Blog

Creation Moments Blog Foley, Minnesota, US
The blog provides accurate information about new discoveries in God's creation. Creation Moments is a nonprofit interdenominational Christian outreach program. We serve individuals, students, churches, homeschoolers, and professionals by offering products and resources that uphold the truth of God in creation. We exist to glorify God by presenting scientific evidence for the literal truth of the Bible.
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4. Naturalis Historia

Naturalis Historia Akron, Ohio, US
Naturalis Historia is the collective works and thoughts of Joel Duff, a professor of biology. He is fascinated by God's creation and concerned that modern conservative evangelicals have increasing abandoned the study of natural revelation. His goal is to provide knowledge from his research on science and faith issues, some less formal thoughts, and short highlights of pertinent stories about science and the church.
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5. Science & Belief in Society

Science & Belief in Society The International Research Network for the Study of Science and Belief in Society supports the growth of high-quality international research examining the relationship between science and religion, cutting-edge social issues, and individuals' lived experiences. The Network is based at the University of Birmingham, within the Science, Knowledge, and Belief in Society Research Group.
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6. New Creation Blog

New Creation Blog Learn more about Bible, science, astronomy, anthropology, geology, and many other topics. At New Creation, we steady about the Word of God. By arming our readers with a wide range of accessible research from the field of Biblical creation science, we empower them to think critically and make their own informed decisions about God's methods and handiwork.
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7. Creation Unfolding

Creation Unfolding US
Creation Unfolding stands for a new way of thinking about young-earth creationism. My name is Ken Coulson, I am the author of this website. I believe this website will be helpful in finding answers to tough questions related to creation versus evolution, progressive creationism, intelligent design, theistic evolution, the evolution of Adam, radioisotope dating, and many more.
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8. BioLogos

BioLogos Grand Rapids, Michigan, US
BioLogos exists to show that you don't have to choose between modern science and biblical faith. BioLogos was founded by one of the top biologists in the world, Francis Collins. BioLogos explores God's word and God's world to inspire authentic faith for today. We affirm the established findings of modern science, celebrating the wonders of God's creation. Our vision is faith and science working hand in hand.
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9. Alpha Omega Institute

Alpha Omega Institute Grand Junction, Colorado, US
Check out our Discover Creation blog for speaker updates, scientific articles, devotionals, and other great readings. Alpha Omega Institute is a worldwide outreach and educational organization. AOI offers educational programs in a variety of formats for children, youth, and adults. The institute is dedicated to strengthening Christians and reaching unbelievers by exposing the fallacies of evolutionary worldviews and defending the accuracy of the Bible.
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10. Free Thought Blogs » Pharyngula

Free Thought Blogs » Pharyngula US
Freethoughtblogs is an open platform for freethought writers. Find posts on Evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal.
10.3K 457 Jan 2011 Evolutionary relationships are just whatever Ken Ham decides Sneaky AiG A tiny scrap of good news

11. Rosa Rubicondior

Rosa Rubicondior rosarubicondior.bl..
2.1K Wacky Woo News - The Loopy Things People Can Be Made To Believe Malevolent Designer News: Marburg - Another, Even More Deadly Pandemic in Waiting? Malevolent Designer News - How Creationism's Favourite Sadist is Spreading Antimicrobial Resistance

12. Discovery Institute: Their Latest Fallacy | The Sensuous Curmudgeon

Discovery Institute: Their Latest Fallacy | The Sensuous Curmudgeon Conserving the Enlightenment values of reason, liberty, science, and free enterprise.
Is This the Discoveroids’ Wildest Post Ever? Discoveroids Say There’s No Science-Faith Warfare Discoveroids Can’t Give It Away

13. Righting America

Righting America rightingamerica.net
Biblical Marriage Isn’t Biblical Charles Darwin was Responsible for the Vietnam War? Megachurch forces all members to sign anti-LGBTQ+ statement, or be removed from membership

14. Apologetics315

Apologetics315 West Chicago, Illinois, US
The mission of Apologetics 315 is to provide educational resources for the defense of the Christian faith, with the goal of strengthening the faith of believers and engaging the questions and challenges of other worldviews. Apologetics 315 is a place where you can get daily apologetics resources including debates, podcasts, book reviews, quotes, and more.
14.1K 34.8K Oct 2007 Debate: Earth – Thousands or Billions Years Old? Debate: Young Earth Creationism Debate (Lazar V. Akin) Article: The Christian Worldview and Religious Nonrealism

15. Bruce Gerencser

Bruce Gerencser brucegerencser.net
1.5K Christians Say the Darnedest Things: You Don’t Have to Know Anything About Science to Discredit Evolution Evolution Played No Part in My Loss of Faith, Despite What Evangelicals Say Christians Say the Darnedest Things: “Who Created Evolution? Dr. David Tee Asks

16. Socialist Standard Past & Present

Socialist Standard Past & Present Socialist Standard Past & Present shares articles on everything on the present and history of socialism.
Answer to Correspondent. Bank Loans and Deposits. (1930) Tiny (URL) Tips (2009) Northern Clay (2007)

17. Baptist News Global

Baptist News Global US
Baptist News Global is a reader-supported, independent news organization providing original and curated news, opinion and analysis about matters of faith. We cover the people, events and ideas that are shaping American religion and culture. We do so from a perspective that is Baptist in heritage and ecumenical in spirit.
17 8.2K 644 Nov 1999 Why you don’t need to play a drinking game to understand the wonder of the James Webb Space Telescope’s first images Creationism is big business in Northern Kentucky How a student’s fashion design project upset the created order at Bob Jones University

18. Houston Public Media

Houston Public Media Houston, TX
Focused on delivering high quality local, regional and national content in the areas of news and information, arts and culture, and education, Houston Public Media utilizes its broadcast and online outlets to provide audiences with unprecedented access to the content that is meaningful to them.
35.6K 16.6K Engines of Our Ingenuity 2386: One of These Is True Engines of Our Ingenuity 2256: Darwin and Emotion Engines of Our Ingenuity 2229: Children and Science

19. Evolution News

Evolution News Seattle, Washington, US
Evolution News & Science Today (EN) provides original reporting and analysis about evolution, neuroscience, bioethics, intelligent design and other science-related issues, including breaking news about scientific research. It also covers the impact of science on culture and conflicts over free speech and academic freedom in science. Finally, it fact-checks and critiques media coverage of scientific issues.
29.7K 15.7K Dec 2004 I Got Canceled by the National Science Teaching Association Meyer, Craig, Turek: Examining the Kalam Cosmological Argument Dialogue with ChatGPT on Intelligent Design

20. Eat Your Brains Out; Exploring Scie...

Eat Your Brains Out; Exploring Scie... paulbraterman.word..
Biblical marriage isn’t biblical The problem’s not Kate Forbes’ faith; it’s her judgment Why a key creationist climate change denier has gone antivaxx

21. The Stream

The Stream The Stream is a rich and lively source for breaking news, inspiration, analysis and entertainment. A champion for freedom, limited government and human dignity, The Stream exists to equip every person to think clearly about the political, economic, and moral issues of the day.
462.7K 15.8K The Great Debate: What Should Christians Think About the Age of the Earth? Science is Affirming Creation, Not Accident

22. Atheist Alliance International Blog

Atheist Alliance International Blog Scotts Valley, California, US
Atheist Alliance International (AAI) is a global federation of atheist groups and individuals committed to educating its members and the public about atheism, secularism, and related issues.
196.9K 40.2K Probabilistic Calculations Are Flawed – Amino Acids An Analogy in Support for Random Mutations The Scientific Method applied to the existence of God / الأسلوب العلمي المطبق على وجود الله

23. She Seeks Nonfiction

She Seeks Nonfiction Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
Welcome to my blog! I'm Rebekah, a lifelong student, curious atheist, and creative introvert. I love to read and write about social justice, atheism, religion, science (especially human evolution), and the ever-inspiring words of Carl Sagan. Join me as I use skepticism and critical thinking to seek out that which is nonfiction while exposing fiction and pseudoscience for what they are.
1.9K Is There a Conflict Between Science and Religion? 9 Pre-Darwinian Evolutionary Thinkers You Didn’t Know About What the Lutheran Church (LCMS) Really Thinks About Evolution

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Mark Wingfield baptistnews.com 277
Jeff Brumley baptistnews.com 212
Nick Peters deeperwatersapologetics.com 203
Evolution News evolutionnews.org 193
Dr. John Lienhard houstonpublicmedia.org 154
David Klinghoffer evolutionnews.org 117
OR Staff orthodoxreflections.com 77
Tom Gilson stream.org 77
Rebekah Kohlhepp sheseeksnonfiction.blog 66
Casey Luskin evolutionnews.org 53
Rodney Kennedy baptistnews.com 27
Rick Pidcock baptistnews.com 27
Günter Bechly evolutionnews.org 17
Richard Weikart evolutionnews.org 11
William A. Dembski evolutionnews.org 8
Jean Corriveau atheistalliance.org/blog 7
Lawrence Reed stream.org 7
Robert Shedinger evolutionnews.org 5
Richard Weikart stream.org 2
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