35 Best Couples Therapy Podcasts

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Couples Therapy Podcasts

Here are 35 Best Couples Therapy Podcasts worth listening to in 2023

1. The Couples Therapist Couch

The Couples Therapist Couch New Hampshire, US
The Couples Therapist Couch is a podcast by licensed marriage and family therapist, Shane Birkel. The show provides education, support, and connection for Couples Therapists, Marriage Counselors, and Relationship Coaches. Each week Shane interviews an expert in the field of Couples Therapy to explore all about the world of relationships and how to be an amazing therapist.
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2. KX Couples Therapy

KX Couples Therapy Nebraska, US
Things don't always go smoothly in a relationship. So the KX morning team of JP, Lauren and Husker Nick are here to help couples air their grievances. But it's never as easy as wrong vs right. And often hysterical.
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3. Relationship Advice

Relationship Advice San Diego, California, US
I Do Podcast interviews today's most successful and inspiring relationship experts, therapists, and couples. Hosted by Chase and Sarah Kosterlitz, I Do Podcast is all about inspiring young couples to create a fulfilling and happy relationship. Our weekly podcast will give you great advice to improve your relationship and fun ways to keep the spark alive. Each episode we will interview amazing relationship experts who share their knowledge on building successful and lasting love.
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4. Marriage Therapy Radio

Marriage Therapy Radio Look... every couple struggles. You fight too much; you're bored; sex is either okay (or rare); maybe you're even considering divorce. OR... maybe your marriage is actually pretty good, but you want to go deeper. In this podcast, straight-talking marriage therapists Zach Brittle and Laura Heck tackle the most common complaints virtually every marriage experience. Along the way, they reveal the science behind strong relationships and talk about what's really going on for couples.
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5. Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy Los Angeles, California, US
The show where stand-up lovers, ex-lovers, siblings & friends do sets together about their relationship. The fun of a comedy show mixed with the intimacy of a private therapy sesh!
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6. Dear Young Married Couple

Dear Young Married Couple Elk Grove, California, US
Marriage Counselors, Adam King, MA and Karissa King, MA talk with couples, pastors, and therapists about marriage as a busy couple: communication, sex, finances, parenting, and building trust.
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7. Growing In Marriage

Growing In Marriage A lot of married couples struggle to connect and experience a close friendship. Feeling like you're drifting apart is paralyzing. We help you build lasting intimacy so you can experience a lifetime of love.
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8. Couples Synergy

Couples Synergy Arlington Heights, Illinois, US
A podcast about love, marriage & relationships: Couples Synergy with couples therapy and relationships experts, Dr. Ray and Jean Kadkhodaian, They offer their relationship advice in addition to interviewing couples, and over the course of their podcast cover topics such as communication, sex, conflict, divorce, adoption, infertility, miscarriage, pornography, infidelity, anxiety, depression, blended families, dating, remarriage, intimacy, addiction, social media, parenting, PTSD and much more!
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9. What Healthy Couples Know That You Don't

What Healthy Couples Know That You Don't Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
Relationships matter. Do you want to know the nitty-gritty of what makes a relationship work? Get your answers to relationship questions. Learn how to keep respect alive & well, because lack of respect is why people get divorced. Learn what builds trust & how to recover from infidelity, drama, or codependency. Advice from psychotherapist Rhoda Sommer based on over 35 years of working with couples.
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10. LoveBonds

LoveBonds Princeton, New Jersey, US
If you struggle in your romantic relationship or have experienced infidelity the LoveBonds podcast can help. Listeners find that trusted New Jersey couple counselor Terri DiMatteo, LPC of Open Door Therapy in Princeton, New Jersey provides guidance that helps increase intimacy and restore fractured relationships.
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11. Relationship Psych | Ember Relationship Psychology

Relationship Psych | Ember Relationship Psychology Turn the embers of a distant and lonely relationship into a blazing emotionally intimate connection. The goal it to teach you to create a strong and connected relationship, that withstands the test of time. Each week I share stories, practical strategies, and have inspiring conversations with guests to help you get and keep the relationship you and your partner dream of. Lets find out how to avoid relationship disaster and become relationship masters.
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12. Strong Men Strong Marriages

Strong Men Strong Marriages Get strong. Get attractive. Get a strong, joyful, and intimate marriage. Traditional marriage counseling, couples therapy, or couples counseling will tell you that a good marriage is based on compromise. Validating feelings. Sacrifice. I tried that for years. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. That's why most couples who go through marriage counseling are the same or worse off after. BUT, in my studies in neuroscience at BYU, MD training at UCLA, psychiatry residency, marriage coach training, and most importantly in my own marriage, I finally found what DOES work.
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13. Couples Therapy In Seven Words

Couples Therapy In Seven Words Vermont, US
Be Kind, Don't Panic, and Have Faith. Psychologist Dr. Bruce Chalmer and educator Judy Alexander talk about relationships, and answer your questions.
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14. The Intimacy Experiment

The Intimacy Experiment Tucson, Arizona, US
The Intimacy Experiment is a podcast exploring the joys and challenges of navigating intimate relationships. We know that when relationships are connected and secure the everyday stresses of life become much more manageable. We also know that cultivating a healthy, loving relationship takes insight, intentionality, and work. Our goal is to help couples understand themselves and each other better and love each other in a more fulfilling manner.
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15. It's Complicated | The Couples Guide Podcast

It's Complicated | The Couples Guide Podcast It's Complicated - The Couples Guide Podcast is aimed at debunking myths delivering the truth about couples therapy. Trust us, it's awesome.
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16. Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel

Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel New York City, New York, US
Listen to the Mating in Captivity book author and incomparable therapist, Esther Perel counsel real couples as they reveal the most intimate, personal, and complicated details of the conflicts that have brought them to her door. This season, she takes on open marriage, racism inside an extended family, coming out in a religious home, and chronic infidelity, among other delicate dynamics. Esther creates a space for us to hear our own lives and struggles articulated in the stories of others. So....where should we begin?
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17. Make Marriage Work

Make Marriage Work Edina, Minnesota, US
Are you a couple ready to learn how to argue better and connect more? Mallory Wolfgramm, a Couples Therapist, and her husband Stranz interview couples on the happy and the heavy behind what makes a marriage work. Each episode leaves you with 'Work It' takeaways that you can discuss with your partner to make YOUR marriage work just a little bit better.
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18. How's Work

How's Work Brooklyn, New York, US
All the relational habits you built in life don't immediately disappear the moment you walk in the office door. In the new podcast, How's Work?, iconic couples therapist Esther Perel brings new perspective to the invisible forces that shape workplace connections, conflict and dynamics through one-time therapy sessions with coworkers, cofounders and colleagues, touching every work environment from start-ups and family businesses to corporations and service industries.
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19. Connecting Couples

Connecting Couples Arkansas, US
Dr. Chad Imhoff, a Marriage and Family Therapist, and his wife Angela, a Certified Life Coach and Speaker, have created this Therapy companion for couples. Designed for those in EFT Therapy or who have participated in a Hold Me Tight or Created for Connection Workshop, this podcast briefly describes a concept from EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) and then encourages the listener to have a conversation with their partner about the topic. Join The Real Imhoffs as they create conversations for Connection Couples.
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20. Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy A platform for couples. Hosted by Cece Richmond.
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21. Sex, Love, & Couples Therapy

Sex, Love, & Couples Therapy San Francisco, California, US
Everyone wants to be loved, that's a universal desire. But sometimes our relationships can be confusing, frustrating, or even drive us crazy. Sex, Love, and Couples Therapy will help you understand what's happening in your relationship and help you and your partner feel closer, more connected, and more loving. My name is Jacob Brown, and I'm a Couples Therapist in San Francisco.
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22. Connectfulness Practice

Connectfulness Practice New Paltz, New York, US
Every month relationship therapist, Rebecca Wong, LCSW, invites a fabulous, big-thinking guest to talk about what it means to be human together. We'll have deep conversations about the big stuff life, love, and legacy and how you can foster connection for yourself and with yourself. Let's start to reconnect the world, one conversation at a time.
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23. Sex And Couples Therapy with The Happy Ending Therapist

Sex And Couples Therapy with The Happy Ending Therapist New Bedford, Massachusetts, US
How do you want your love story to unfold? Would you like a happy ending? Improve your relational health, sexual health, mental health and wellbeing with Donna!
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24. Human Nurture

Human Nurture Human Nurture - Season 1, is entitled, 'PACT - In Theory' and will look at the foundational elements that make up the psychobiological approach to couples therapy.
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25. Conversations With A Black Male Couples Therapist

Conversations With A Black Male Couples Therapist Conversations With A Black Male Couples Therapist is a channel for people who want to learn more about how to create, maintain, and strengthen your relationship. Issues addressed include infidelity, sex, communication, and conflict from a Black Male Therapist and African American Marriage Counseling prospective.
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26. Brave Marriage Podcast

Brave Marriage Podcast Lexington, Kentucky, US
Intimate, life-giving marriages don't just happen. They take courage, action, self-awareness, and surrender to Jesus. Tune in each week for trustworthy teachings and practical tips on how to make your relationship healthy, strong, and Christ-centered, so that your marriage, family, church, and community might thrive. If you want to grow personally, do marriage with intention, and live mutually empowered, purposeful lives, then be sure to listen in! Kensi Duszynski is an LMFT a certified couples therapist, relationship educator, and professional coach.
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27. The DNA of Mindful Relationships

The DNA of Mindful Relationships Dilek (Di) is an experienced Psychologist and Couples Therapist and Alex is...not. They are a couple who are building a consciously mindful relationship and who love to discuss the ups and downs of relationships with episodes about effective communication, having a fair fight, and how to reduce the drama in your life. This podcast is not only for couples searching for ideas to enhance their relationship but also for single people seeking to establish a meaningful relationship.
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28. Why are you here?

Why are you here? Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Dr Karen Debbie Cradle Ph.D. is back with another season of compassionate, selfless, and professional couples counselling. But this time, she's in Hollywood! Join Karen and a slew of celebrities* on a spiritual journey sure to have Dr. Phil and Esther Perel shaking in their boots. *improv comedians
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29. Couples Therapy: Real Conversations for Fulfilling Lives & Relationships

Couples Therapy: Real Conversations for Fulfilling Lives & Relationships Couples Therapy, the podcast from Richard & Steve offers a real and honest look at life from every angle. We cover romantic relationships, family dynamics, kids, and how to live your best life.
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30. Helping Couples Heal Podcast

Helping Couples Heal Podcast Welcome to the Helping Couples Heal podcast. If you have lost hope around healing your relationship due to infidelity, relational or betrayal trauma you have come to the right place. Helping Couples Heal is an ongoing podcast designed to help couples recover and heal from the impact of betrayal trauma on their relationships. We cumulatively bring over two decades of experience and expertise in the field of betrayal. Throughout this podcast series, we will offer resources and support and teach you the tools and skills necessary to heal your relationship.
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31. Rewilding Love

Rewilding Love Los Angeles, California, US
Between the two of them, transformative coaches Angus and Rohini Ross have worked with hundreds of couples. They created the Rewilding Love podcast because they believe there is too much suffering in relationships. Too many good relationships fall apart because couples give up thinking their relationship problems can't be solved. Many couples don't know how to navigate low moods, conflict, and emotional reactivity. In each season of the Rewilding Love Podcast,
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32. The Couch with Nathan and Amy Oliver

The Couch with Nathan and Amy Oliver Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, US
Welcome to our podcast! As licensed therapists, we have had the privilege of spending over a decade helping others find healing in their lives and relationships. We want to share with you what we have learned from our time counseling individuals, couples, and families, as well as what we have learned in our over 15 years of marriage.
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Mike Frazier, MD buzzsprout.com 117
Adam & Karissa King dearyoungmarriedcouple.podbean.com 110
Esther Perel Global Media & Gimlet whereshouldwebegin.estherperel.com 58
Naomi and Andy couplestherapypod.libsyn.com 50
Dr. Ray and Jean Kadkhodaian: Love, Marriage & couplessynergy.libsyn.com 47
Zach Brittle and Laura Heck at forBetter marriagetherapyradio.com 45
EJ and Tarah Kerwin redcircle.com 44
Hosted by Chase Kosterlitz, Produced by Sarah Kost idopodcast.com 43
Amber Dalsin anchor.fm 39
Duane Osterlind & Marnie Breecker helpingcouplesheal.com 36
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