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Coin Youtube Channels

1. Couch Collectibles

Couch Collectibles Cincinnati, OH About Youtuber Welcome to Couch Collectibles formerly known as Couch Coins! I've collected rare coins, I do coin roll hunting and collect baseball cards, and many other rare collectible toys since I was a kid. I'm sharing this collecting experience with others through educational videos on YouTube.
Frequency 2 videos / day
Since May 2013
Youtube Followers- 188,000 . Views Count- 32,428,330 . Video Count - 920

2. Coin Opp

Coin Opp North Carolina, USA About Youtuber Welcome to Coin Opp! The online channel where I answer your questions and give information on error and variety coins to help you grow as a collector. I pull together my resource to give you the best information possible!
Frequency 2 videos / week
Since Aug 2009
Youtube Followers- 112,938 . Views Count- 17,692,004 . Video Count - 595


JBCOINSINC About Youtuber Coin collecting channel! We search live through our pocket change, and coin roll hunt! We provide key dates/errors/varieties coin list! We give you our own best tips & tricks. We are a family owned channel, that covers all things coin collecting.
Frequency 1 video / day
Since Nov 2013
Youtube Followers- 103,008 . Views Count- 16,354,083 . Video Count - 1,341

4. Silverpicker

Silverpicker US About Youtuber This channel is dedicated to starting a discussion on 'picking' precious metals and coins at garage sales, estate sales, auctions and everywhere in between. I show off my hauls and teach you how you can make money like I have. Enjoy!
Frequency 3 videos / month
Since Jul 2011
Youtube Followers- 60,400 . Views Count- 5,564,908 . Video Count - 208

5. Quin's Coins

Quin's Coins United States About Youtuber Hello and welcome to Quin's Coins! This is your one stop shop for everything coins. I do coin roll hunting, silver stacking and metal detecting all in one channel!
Frequency 4 videos / month
Since Nov 2015
Youtube Followers- 33,200 . Views Count- 5,331,834 . Video Count - 165

6. World Numismatic News

World Numismatic News About Youtuber My Name is Numisman - I collect Coins, I love coins, I live coins. I explore rare and modern coin varieties, that can be worth a lot of money or are just fascinating coins. The World Numismatic News is all about World Coin and Banknote News. From top stories in the numismatic world to the latest coin releases from across the world.
Frequency 7 videos / month
Since Jun 2016
Youtube Followers- 43,437 . Views Count- 6,306,667 . Video Count - 327

7. Coins and Currency

Coins and Currency India About Youtuber This Channel is all about Coins and Currency, World money.
Frequency 2 videos / week
Since Nov 2016
Youtube Followers- 25,150 . Views Count- 2,282,119 . Video Count - 285

8. Coin Channel

Coin Channel India About Youtuber Coin Channel features videos about world's rare and old banknotes and coins.
Frequency 3 videos / year
Since Feb 2017
Youtube Followers- 23,006 . Views Count- 1,976,041 . Video Count - 152

9. CoinWeek

CoinWeek Florida. USA About Youtuber CoinWeek is the leading channel for news and information about coins and paper money collecting. It is the first place most collectors turn to in order to get informed about the rare coin market. Subscribe to CoinWeek and take your hobby to the next level!
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Dec 2010
Youtube Followers- 22,800 . Views Count- 4,680,195 . Video Count - 1,509

10. PCGS coin

PCGS coin Newport Beach, CA About Youtuber Learn coin grading basics from the official channel of Professional Coin Grading Service. Subscribe to improve your coin collecting and grading skills.
Frequency 2 videos / week
Since Sep 2008
Youtube Followers- 15,300 . Views Count- 2,348,354 . Video Count - 889

11. CoinHELPu

CoinHELPu United States About Youtuber Coin collecting and general numismatic videos for teaching coin collectors about grading coins, mint errors, varieties, coin grading companies and general coin and currency topics.
Frequency 1 video / day
Since Jul 2018
Youtube Followers- 20,583 . Views Count- 1,686,021 . Video Count - 195

12. Absolute Coins

Absolute Coins United Kingdom About Youtuber The world of coins! A numismatic paradise! Sharing my passion for coin collecting, by sharing my personal collection. Rare and Error coin videos. Coin roll hunting videos.
Frequency 1 video / day
Since Jul 2017
Youtube Followers- 16,160 . Views Count- 1,862,009 . Video Count - 295

13. Coins for Amateurs

Coins for Amateurs Pacific Northwest About Youtuber Coin collecting, Metal detecting, Coin roll hunting, rare varieties/errors, fancy notes, Coin roll hunt competition, numismatics, magnet fishing & some gold prospecting. We are all about Treasure Hunting in a variety of ways! We also have some informational/educational videos about numismatics & Coins and what you may find in your change daily!
Frequency 1 video / day
Since Oct 2014
Youtube Followers- 11,400 . Views Count- 929,737 . Video Count - 422

14. Change Checker

Change Checker United Kingdom About Youtuber Have you ever glanced at the coins in your hand and noticed a striking design which stands out against the others? Each one is issued to mark an anniversary or celebrate an occasion and there are millions of these commemorative coins in circulation - chances are you have some in your loose change right now!
Frequency 2 videos / week
Since Sep 2013
Youtube Followers- 8,600 . Views Count- 1,619,456 . Video Count - 117


COIN COLLECTING FUN About Youtuber Hello everyone and thank you so much for visiting my channel. This channel is dedicated to the king of hobbies and the hobby of kings! I hope that you view as many videos that interest you about coin and bullion round collecting.
Frequency 5 videos / day
Since Dec 2014
Youtube Followers- 7,140 . Views Count- 621,729 . Video Count - 2,709

16. Coin Metallurgist

Coin Metallurgist United States About Youtuber As a Metallurgical and Materials Engineer, I love METAL. I have collected coins since I was young and love it! I am also an amateur at metal detecting. I hope to provide you with quality, educational, and entertaining videos related to coins.
Frequency 5 videos / quarter
Since Oct 2015
Youtube Followers- 6,782 . Views Count- 1,333,589 . Video Count - 299

17. Perth Mint

Perth Mint Australia About Youtuber The Perth Mint Channel offers behind-the-scenes coverage of our activities and provides information about gold, silver and platinum coins for investors and collectors.
Frequency 1 video / month
Since Feb 2010
Youtube Followers- 5,560 . Views Count- 1,451,591 . Video Count - 119

18. Pams Coins

Pams Coins Concord, NC About Youtuber I am a Mom of 3 beautiful kids. I have always loved coins but never had the time, now that my kids are older I have found some time. I really enjoy coin roll hunting it is like looking for treasure. You never know what you are going to find. Sometimes there is nothing to find but other times you will be amazed at what is still out there in circulation.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Jul 2017
Youtube Followers- 5,433 . Views Count- 580,668 . Video Count - 265

19. UK Coin Hunter | Richie's World

UK Coin Hunter | Richie's World United Kingdom About Youtuber Hi guys, and welcome to UK Coin Hunter, on this channel we do Coin Bank runs and take closer looks at coins and notes from all over the world.
Frequency 1 video / day
Since May 2013
Youtube Followers- 4,570 . Views Count- 766,774 . Video Count - 994

20. Coin Collecting Videos | Numismatics with Kenny

Coin Collecting Videos | Numismatics with Kenny Southeastern, PA About Youtuber Numismatics with Kenny will present numismatic (coin collecting) videos on many of the coins the US Mint has minted for the past 200 plus years. In addition, I will create guess the coin videos, unboxing coin videos, interviews with leading numismatists, general coin collecting videos, currency videos, world coin videos, and much more.
Frequency 15 videos / year
Since Feb 2015
Youtube Followers- 3,670 . Views Count- 719,425 . Video Count - 196


US MINT Washington, DC About Youtuber The primary mission of the United States Mint is to manufacture and distribute circulating coins, precious metals and collectible coins, and national medals to meet the needs of the United States.
Frequency 2 videos / quarter
Since Jul 2007
Youtube Followers- 3,558 . Views Count- 757,799 . Video Count - 136

22. RavenHawk Coins

RavenHawk Coins Norman, Oklahoma About Youtuber This channel will cover topics about coin roll hunting, coin collecting tips, and various coin related news and finds.
Frequency 1 video / day
Since Aug 2017
Youtube Followers- 3,303 . Views Count- 210,731 . Video Count - 691

23. Coin Collecting With Superneo123

Coin Collecting With Superneo123 United States About Youtuber This channel is dedicated to coin collecting, coin roll hunting, and occasionally some metal detecting.I started coin collecting when i was a kid and my dad used to bring me home $20 in nickels every pay day for me to search. Then I did not do as much with it for 10 years or so and have recently gotten back into coin collecting and enjoy the hobby.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Jan 2014
Youtube Followers- 2,149 . Views Count- 409,314 . Video Count - 538

24. Coin Sense And Nonsense

Coin Sense And Nonsense About Youtuber A lighthearted approach to coins, coin collecting, coin roll hunting and treasure hunting. We provide tips and share our experiences while attempting to have fun.
Frequency 2 videos / week
Since Sep 2017
Youtube Followers- 1,006 . Views Count- 62,720 . Video Count - 289

25. Alisha Ortiz

Alisha Ortiz US About Youtuber Hey Guys! If you love freebies, beauty videos and more, you should subscribe. Will be posting again soon
Frequency 3 videos / quarter
Since Jan 2016
Youtube Followers- 519 . Views Count- 8,389 . Video Count - 78

26. TJ Coins

TJ Coins About Youtuber Hello everyone and welcome to my channel!! I'm a coin roll hunter and coin collector. On this channel I show you my collection as well as my coin hunts.
Frequency 1 video / day
Since Dec 2014
Youtube Followers- 458 . Views Count- 12,232 . Video Count - 171

27. Coin Crazy

Coin Crazy United States About Youtuber Welcome to the channel dedicated to rare coins, paper money, silver bullion, gold bullion, and vintage radios! If you explore the videos on this channel you will find that many are entertaining, interesting, and very educational.
Frequency 4 videos / month
Since May 2018
Youtube Followers- 354 . Views Count- 32,638 . Video Count - 126

28. David Smock

David Smock About Youtuber My name is David Smock. I've been a coin collector for most of my life. Because of coin collecting, i've gotten to go on many adventures and meet many wonderful people. I've had the opportunity to make wonderful friends and be mentored by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the hobby. This channel will discuss those adventures as well as collectible coins you should look out for including specific varieties and errors.
Frequency 7 videos / quarter
Since Jul 2013
Youtube Followers- 312 . Views Count- 5,719 . Video Count - 96

29. Garrett's Coins

Garrett's Coins United States About Youtuber This channel features videos about Garrett's Coins.
Frequency 30 videos / year
Since Dec 2017
Youtube Followers- 293 . Views Count- 14,404 . Video Count - 102

30. Time Travelers Coin Exchange

Time Travelers Coin Exchange About Youtuber Cents on ebay
Frequency 30 videos / day
Since Jan 2012
Youtube Followers- 198 . Views Count- 59,644 . Video Count - 2,074

31. CPM | Coin Portfolio Management

CPM | Coin Portfolio Management United Kingdom About Youtuber A selection of our videos which will help you build a collection of some of the most exclusive and limited edition gold, silver and platinum coins, medals and ingots available today.
Frequency 1 video / year
Since Feb 2012
Youtube Followers- 60 . Views Count- 8,588 . Video Count - 25

32. Kyle's Coins

Kyle's Coins United States About Youtuber On Kyle's Coins we will go coin roll hunting, metal detecting, and much more. So come and join the channel.
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since Nov 2016
Youtube Followers- 170 . Views Count- 22,039 . Video Count - 106

33. Global Banknotes

Global Banknotes About Youtuber Hello everyone welcome to my channel. I had another channel with a similar name but something happened with that channel so here I am again. I'm a girl from Kuwait and I collect banknotes and coins.
Frequency 8 videos / quarter
Since Jan 2019
Youtube Followers- 20 . Views Count- 208 . Video Count - 13

34. Cointelligence

Cointelligence About Youtuber Cointelligence channel features informative videos about coins.
Frequency 30 videos / year
Since Dec 2014
Youtube Followers- 1,287 . Views Count- 39,434 . Video Count - 254

35. The Coin Couch

The Coin Couch Germany About Youtuber G'Day! I'm an 'Aussie' living in Germany, who likes coins! When I lived in Australia I was a Gallery Guide at The Royal Australian Mint, so talking about coins comes naturally. I look forward to providing you with new coin releases, behind the scenes footage, info on coin production, International Mints and coin shows. So if that sounds like something you would be interested in subscribe to grab your seat on the couch!
Frequency 21 videos / year
Since Jan 2016
Youtube Followers- 1,930 . Views Count- 127,643 . Video Count - 434

36. Coin Hunter

Coin Hunter About Youtuber Welcome! I love to coin roll hunt, metal detect. If you like what you see on my channel, please subscribe!
Frequency 5 videos / year
Since Jul 2016
Youtube Followers- 4,615 . Views Count- 609,352 . Video Count - 251

37. Logan The Collector

Logan The Collector United States About Youtuber Logan The Collector channel features videos about Coin Roll Hunting, Coin Collecting, Bottle Hunting and Collecting, and more.
Frequency 1 video / year
Since May 2014
Youtube Followers- 494 . Views Count- 57,263 . Video Count - 121

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