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Chronic Illness RSS Feeds

1. ScienceDaily » Chronic Illness News RSS Feed

ScienceDaily » Chronic Illness News Rockville, Maryland, US
ScienceDaily is your source for the latest research news. Learn about coping with chronic illness. Read the latest research on chronic illnesses including new treatment options.
1.6M 309.2K 7 posts / week Get Email Contact More

2. Pain Resource | Chronic Pain Management RSS Feed

Pain Resource | Chronic Pain Management
Pain Resource blog helps people with persistent pain feel better and live healthier, happier lives. Gives readers the very latest information on chronic pain management, fibromyalgia, back pain, arthritis and other pain related conditions.
6.5K 7.3K 2.5K 2 posts / week Get Email Contact More

3. Brainless Blogger RSS Feed

Brainless Blogger Canada
Health blog about life with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chronic illness, migraines, and chronic migraines. I introspect about the experience of living with chronic illness and chronic pain. I also will post research and articles. Occasionally you will see book reviews or item reviews of things I have found.
21K 7 534 3 posts / quarter Oct 2007 Get Email Contact More

4. A Chronic Voice RSS Feed

A Chronic Voice Singapore
Hello, my name is Sheryl, and welcome to my blog, 'A Chronic Voice'. My aim with 'A Chronic Voice' through this blog and various channels is to raise awareness about lifelong illnesses from multiple perspectives. I also want to encourage empathy in all facets of society and not just within healthcare.
2.2K 17.8K 7.5K 2 posts / quarter Dec 2015 Get Email Contact More

5. HealthSkills Blog RSS Feed

HealthSkills Blog Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
This blog offers health care providers thoughtful commentary and resources so they can help people develop their skills for living well, and for health professionals supporting chronic pain self-management.
1 post / week Nov 2007 Get Email Contact More

6. The Disabled Diva's Blog RSS Feed

The Disabled Diva's Blog Los Angeles, California, US
Cynthia Covert, The Disabled Diva shares how she makes living with psoriasis, fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, and endometriosis easier to live with, less painful, and more fun!
4.7K 16.4K 8.5K 5 posts / month Nov 2012 Get Email Contact More

7. RSS Feed Nottingham, England, UK
Covers news on health, lifestyle, wellbeing, treatments, reviews and tips on chronic pain. The author of the blog started the blog to help others who have spinal problem, back pain problems.
215 1.9K 137 4 posts / week Jan 2009 Get Email Contact More

8. Health Rising - Finding Answers for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and Fibromyalgia RSS Feed

Health Rising - Finding Answers for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and Fibromyalgia US
Cort Johnson founded Phoenix Rising and Health Rising to support people with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Health Rising provides the latest treatment and research information for people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Follow to get frequent and up-to-date information.
9.8K 8.9K 1 post / week Dec 2012 Get Email Contact More

9. Uncomfortable Revolution RSS Feed

Uncomfortable Revolution Dublin, Ireland
Living with illness and chronic disability means having some pretty awkward conversations. Uncomfortable Revolution is the place to share those uncomfortable moments, whether you're dealing with disability or illness -- or you love someone who is. Let's get awkward, together!
7.6K 1.8K 581 2 posts / week Get Email Contact More

10. CareClinic RSS Feed

CareClinic Markham, Ontario, Canada
Keep up with articles from CareClinic.
85 4.8K 3.7K 1 post / week Get Email Contact More

11. Skillfully Well & Painfully Aware RSS Feed

Skillfully Well & Painfully Aware
Hi there! I am a health writer, health advocate and all-around health nerd. Free lance writer, ePatient Blogger and Certified Health Coach Five years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition. On my health journey, I've learned the power of self-care skills to improve my health and well-being.
562 4.1K 1 post / week Feb 2015 Get Email Contact More

12. Lights Camera Crohns RSS Feed

Lights Camera Crohns Saskatchewan, Canada
Natalie was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2005. Her mission in life is to be an advocate for those battling inflammatory bowel disease and to show that a chronic illness doesn't have to dull your sparkle. After several hospitalizations, countless medications and flare ups she underwent her first surgery in 2015. The blog covers everything from overcoming struggles to celebrating small victory.
4.4K 4.9K 3.8K 1 post / month Get Email Contact More

13. My Migraine Life RSS Feed

My Migraine Life
Welcome to the home of my migraine life. I'm living life through migraine one day at a time as a mom, teacher and so much more. Sharing information, support, products, awareness and positivity.
3.3K 5.6K 2.8K 1 post / month Get Email Contact More

14. The Migraine Diva RSS Feed

The Migraine Diva Fredericksburg, Virginia, US
I'm a 38 year old mom to three wonderful kids who lives with chronic migraine, fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety. This blog is my personal diary, platform for advocacy, and sounding board to anyone willing to listen to how chronic pain affects a person and a family. Come and follow me on this journey of discovery where I seek to find the best way to live a full life within the restrictions of pain.
3K 3.5K 1 post / quarter Get Email Contact More

15. Looking For The Light RSS Feed

Looking For The Light US
In this blog, you will find articles on SuicidePrevention, ChronicIllness & Mental Health. I am a mental health Advocate and a Lifestyle Blogger.
4.3K 2 posts / day Oct 2005 Get Email Contact More

16. Sunshine and Spoons RSS Feed

Sunshine and Spoons Minnesota, US
EDS mama of 4 little zebras and lover of Jesus, chai lattes, and sewing. Blogging about special needs, chronic illness, parenting, and life in general. The mission of Sunshine and Spoons is to help raise awareness for and support special needs and chronic illnesses.
1.8K 3.7K 2.7K 1 post / quarter Apr 2016 Get Email Contact More

17. Seeking Serenity & Harmony RSS Feed

Seeking Serenity & Harmony Maine, US
I started this blog in hopes of the lessons I've learned in life have given me wisdom and experience that I can help make the journey a bit less painful for others who are struggling. Please bear with me as this is still a work in progress. Get comfortable and read. Check out my blog and follow along with my journey. On my blog I write about the reality of many with chronic illness. I write about home making, homesteading as well as parenting while struggling.
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18. Despite Lupus RSS Feed

Despite Lupus Virginia, US
Sara Gorman was diagnosed with systemic lupus at the age of 26. Committed to working with the disease rather than against it, she made it her top priority to start living well, despite lupus. On her blog, Despite Lupus, you can read about ongoing developments in the treatment of the disease and Sarah's personal stories of living life with lupus.
811 1 post / month Jan 2014 Get Email Contact More

19. HidraWear RSS Feed

Learn everything you need to know about Hidradenitis Suppurativa from the below blogs.
3.7K 862 13 posts / year Get Email Contact More

20. Chronically Content RSS Feed

Chronically Content Virginia, US
Chronically Content is my journey that takes me through pain and suffering. My goal is to live in contentment. I blog to challenge myself an dto encourage and challenge you to live a life on contentment.
9K 21.8K 1 post / week Sep 2013 Get Email Contact More

21. Just Got Diagnosed RSS Feed

Just Got Diagnosed New York, US is for individuals recently diagnosed with chronic and catastrophic medical conditions, their caregivers, and loved ones. Gary McClain, PhD is a recognized expert in understanding the emotional reactions to medical diagnosis.
222 2.9K 1 post / quarter Get Email Contact More

22. Girl with MS | Tips & Tools for Thriving with Multiple Sclerosis RSS Feed

Girl with MS | Tips & Tools for Thriving with Multiple Sclerosis California, US
Caroline Craven is an Award-winning Blogger, Speaker who is living with Multiple Sclerosis. In my blog you will know about my experiences and how to live better with MS & chronic illness.
2.6K 8.2K 1 post / quarter Get Email Contact More

23. A 30 Minute Life RSS Feed

A 30 Minute Life Galway, Ireland
My Blog about Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Headache. Imagine a life that can only be lived 30 minutes at a time. This blog will reflect my thoughts, and musings, about this lifestyle.
2.5K 2.5K 1 post / month Get Email Contact More

24. Living with Superficial Siderosis RSS Feed

Living with Superficial Siderosis US
A blog chronicling our life after a diagnosis of Superficial Siderosis and the symptoms it brings to the party.
160 4 posts / quarter Get Email Contact More

25. IVX Health RSS Feed

IVX Health Brentwood, Tennessee, US
IVX Health is a national provider of infusion and injection therapy for patients with complex chronic conditions.
1.6K 710 1 post / quarter Feb 2013 Get Email Contact More

26. Living With ME/CFS RSS Feed

Living With ME/CFS Delaware, US
I am Suzan Jackson. I have had Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) since March 2002. Both of my sons also got ME/CFS at ages 6 and 10. This blog is about how our family lives with chronic illness, with a focus on living and enjoying our lives in spite of these challenges.
712 2.7K 4 posts / month Feb 2006 Get Email Contact More

27. Fighting Parkinson's Drug Free RSS Feed

Fighting Parkinson's Drug Free Warrenton, Oregon, US
Fighting Parkinson's Drug Free shares with you what I did to recover from Parkinson's Disease without medications or supplements by using a holistic approach that I developed. My story is chronicled on my web site.
717 256 1 post / week Mar 2010 Get Email Contact More

28. ME/CFS Self-Help Guru RSS Feed

ME/CFS Self-Help Guru UK
Holistic coaching, supporting and empowering people with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and other chronic illness towards better health, happiness and rediscovered dreams.
1.4K 3.3K 2 posts / quarter Feb 2012 Get Email Contact More

29. Blooming Mindfulness | Trying to live with Chronic Illness RSS Feed

Blooming Mindfulness | Trying to live with Chronic Illness England, UK
Hi there I am Beverley, I am a Buddhist Christian trying to find a way to live with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression and General Anxiety Disorder. I live with my Husband Lee and our dog Gizmo and our budgies Rey and Finn. I live in England and look forward to getting to know you better.
257 13 1.4K 1 post / week Jul 2016 Get Email Contact More

30. Read Between The Lyme RSS Feed

Read Between The Lyme Houston, Texas, US
A Human being most of the time. Diagnosed with Lyme disease in March 2013. My life, and my family's lives have changed with this diagnosis and this disease. Taking it day by day with Chronic Lyme Disease, learning as I go!
28 2 posts / month Get Email Contact More

31. Vita's Little Journey RSS Feed

Vita's Little Journey London, England, UK
My name is Evita Gamber. I am 22 years old, I am from Koblenz/Germany, but I study Maths and Physics in London. I love the sciences (especially quantum mechanics and cosmology), solving riddles, philosophising and exploring hidden places. I would like to reach out to other chronic pain warriors and raise awareness of chronic pain and chronic illnesses.
1 post / year Get Email Contact More

32. Amanda Hughley RSS Feed

Amanda Hughley Chicago, Illinois, US
Weekly encouragement posts dealing with topics such as faith, relationships, health, hope, and purpose.
12 247 1 post / year Get Email Contact More

33. Andrew David Shiller, MD RSS Feed

Andrew David Shiller, MD US
Reclaim Your Life and Heal from Unresolved Pain and Chronic Illness. In this blog you will find high-quality information about healing chronic illness and pain
5K 2 posts / month May 2013 Get Email Contact More

34. Breathinstephen RSS Feed

Breathinstephen San Francisco, California, US
To help cope with his severe asthma, Stephen Gaudet turned to exercise, developing his own pulmonary rehab program to help maintain what was left of his lung function. Big on aerobic exercise, he frequently takes part in race walking and endurance walking tournaments, chronicling his experiences, discussing his treatment decisions, and sharing the nuances of living with asthma in general.
36 1 post / day Oct 2005 Get Email Contact More

35. Chronic Babe RSS Feed

Chronic Babe Chicago, Illinois, US
A site to help women with chronic illness ROCK their life1. As a young woman with multiple chronic illnesses, I get you-I know what it's like to feel limited and to want more out of life. That's why I created ChronicBabe: To help you have an amazing life in spite of illness.
7.8K 6 posts / month Aug 2013 Get Email Contact More

36. Laura's Pen RSS Feed

Laura's Pen UK
This blog is all about life with chronic illness. I write about my experiences of Lyme disease, ME/CFS and Endometriosis and try and raise a bit of awareness along the way.
744 3.1K 2 posts / quarter Oct 2013 Get Email Contact More

37. Ashleys Anatomy | Chronic Illness Blog RSS Feed

Ashleys Anatomy | Chronic Illness Blog US
Beauty & Chronic Illness Blogger Ashley B., gives readers advice and tips on how to remain chronically fabulous while living with a life long disease. Ashley was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular autoimmune disease called Myasthenia Gravis in 2017. Her goal is to raise awareness, educate, and provide support to other 20 something year olds with a life long disease.
97 2.3K 3 posts / quarter Get Email Contact More

38. Michelle Irving Articles RSS Feed

Michelle Irving Articles
Michelle Irving is best known for guiding women into their Freedom while living with chronic illness. In her forthright style, she provides practical relationship and self-care strategies for the whole illness journey which she has also experienced.
130 137 5 posts / year Get Email Contact More

39. The Last Diagnosis RSS Feed

The Last Diagnosis
Hi. My name is Sandy Burkett. (aka SjoDry). I am a 63 y/o Southern Belle who grew up in Chattanooga, TN., but somehow landed in Pittsburgh, PA. This blog is a look at my life with chronic illness. I decided to entitle the blog, The Last Diagnosis.. believing that I had just received my 'likely' LAST diagnosis.
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40. LupusChick | Your Go-To Girl for Chronic Illness Advice RSS Feed

LupusChick | Your Go-To Girl for Chronic Illness Advice
LupusChick is a nonprofit organization that works to empower people living with lupus through college scholarships, emergency assistance, and more. It was created by Marisa Zeppieri in 2001. On the organization's blog, Marisa and other contributors discuss lifestyle tips, review products, recipes, talk about the latest news and research, and share the stories of other people living with lupus.
49.1K 28.6K 9 posts / year Sep 2016 Get Email Contact More

41. Caring Voice Coalition RSS Feed

Caring Voice Coalition Richmond, Virginia, US
Caring Voice Coalition is dedicated to improving the lives of patients with chronic illnesses through financial, emotional and educational support.
3.6K 1.3K Get Email Contact More

42. The Health Sessions | In-Depth Advice on Coping with Chronic Illness. RSS Feed

The Health Sessions | In-Depth Advice on Coping with Chronic Illness. Netherlands
I'm a psychologist living with chronic illness. I want to help you feel as energetic, symptom-free and happy as possible, by showing you how to create lasting health habits and by giving you advice on how to cope with (chronic) health problems.
674 603 711 26 posts / year May 2013 Get Email Contact More

43. Inflamed and Untamed RSS Feed

Inflamed and Untamed Ann Arbor, Michigan, US
I'm Sara. I am the proud writer/founder of Inflamed & Untamed which I started in 2011. I make chronic illness and lifestyle videos. I have a rare disease called Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction and I also have Crohn's disease. On this blog I talk about the good, the bad, the ugly, and sometimes funny, in living with chronic illness.
14K 5.4K Get Email Contact More

44. My Several Worlds RSS Feed

My Several Worlds Taiwan, Province of China
Life in Asia with Chronic Illness. Hi! I'm Carrie. I'm a Canadian living in Taiwan with Ankylosing Spondylitis, Fibromyalgia, and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (MECFS), among other health issues. Travel Asia with me! MSW focuses on expat life, living abroad and being chronically ill, Asian destinations, and intimate knowledge of Taiwan, my adopted homeland away from Canada.
2.1K 4.9K 603 13 posts / year Get Email Contact More

45. Chronicles of an NF survivor RSS Feed

Chronicles of an NF survivor
This blog is about the hard stuff that has happened to me since I got sick... very sick, in 2007. Here you will find some helpful atricles for chronic illness.
6 posts / year Aug 2008 Get Email Contact More

46. Chronic Mom RSS Feed

Chronic Mom Texas, US
My name is Shelley. I turned to blogging when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2011 after years of trying to find the answers to my health problems. The purpose of my blog is to let sick people know that they are not alone and that there are other people out there like them. I also hope to make people laugh along the way because laughter makes everything better. You can read my illness story.
10.3K 4.2K 1 post / year Aug 2011 Get Email Contact More

47. Chronic Illness Trauma Studies RSS Feed

Chronic Illness Trauma Studies Boulder, Colorado, US
I'm Veronique, a former family physician and assistant professor who retrained to learn more about the intelligence of the body. I have been researching the role of the nervous system and how it learns to perceive threat as an important and under-recognized contributor to chronic illnesses of all kinds.
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48. Smiles and Sundays RSS Feed

Smiles and Sundays
Finding Faith and Encouragement While Parenting with Chronic Illness
1.1K 507 1 post / year Dec 2015 Get Email Contact More

49. Brains & Bodies RSS Feed

Brains & Bodies Oxford, England, UK
Hi world, to give you a bit of history on me. I am Morgan, a 24 years old Business Student at Oxford Brookes University diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos syndrome III at 23.
230 461 Get Email Contact More

50. Sickly Confidential RSS Feed

Sickly Confidential San Diego, California, US
Empowering women with chronic conditions to become the best versions of themselves through personal growth strategies and relationship advice.
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51. MS Health Blog RSS Feed

MS Health Blog Scotland, UK
MS Health Blog is the new home of Stephen Walker the Spoonie Blogger Predominantly, this blog will focus on health. And, in particular, Multiple Sclerosis or MS will play centre-stage in many of the posts.
16.1K 18 posts / year Get Email Contact More

52. Chronic Illness Bloggers RSS Feed

Chronic Illness Bloggers England, UK
Chronic Illness Bloggers is a network for bloggers focused on chronic illness. We seek to provide educational opportunities for bloggers so that they can improve their blogs and reach a wider audience. Work together to raise awareness for chronic conditions and increase traffic to our networked blogs.
3.4K 4.7K 1 post / year Jan 2016 Get Email Contact More

53. Chronic Mom Life | Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit RSS Feed

Chronic Mom Life | Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit Tampa, Florida, US
My name is Marya and I live in Florida with my husband and three of my younger children (16, 18 and 21.) As a special needs mom with chronic illness I've learned a lot about juggling spoons since my diagnosis in 2010. On these pages you can find hope and encouragement for a healthier mind, body and spirit.
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54. Moving Towards Better RSS Feed

Moving Towards Better Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Supporting Chronic Pain through resources, research, and connection.
229 321 Get Email Contact More

55. Caleb's Cooking Company RSS Feed

Caleb's Cooking Company Washington, District of Columbia, US
This journey of chronic illness is a challenging one, certainly for Caleb, as well as for me, his mom. This is my attempt to pass it on. Here, you will find stories and rants from other parents, survival tips, recipes and more. I hope you find them helpful, interesting, or at least entertaining.
931 Get Email Contact More

56. Chronic Migraine Ellie RSS Feed

Chronic Migraine Ellie Washington, District of Columbia, US
I am Ellie. My goal is to raise awareness about living with migraines. Public perception of chronic illnesses is still very negative, especially invisible chronic illnesses because we 'look fine' on the outside. Hopefully, you'll learn more about migraines and living with a chronic illness as you read more from my blog!
750 1K Get Email Contact More

57. The Broken Traveller RSS Feed

The Broken Traveller Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Medical, health and wellness blog. Understanding common terms in the community, awareness and providing the best and safest ways to travel with Chronic Illness.
165 690 3.1K Get Email Contact More

58. Abounding in Hope with Lyme RSS Feed

Abounding in Hope with Lyme Maryland, US
I'm a homeschool Mom who found myself with Chronic Lyme Disease. After a few years I realized that my 4 children and husband also have Chronic Lyme Disease. I share with you encouragement, faith, homeschool life and information about health, healing & Lyme Disease.
1.2K 786 2 posts / year Jan 2015 Get Email Contact More

59. Picnic with Ants RSS Feed

Picnic with Ants Charlotte, North Carolina, US
A mindfulness journey of a Chronic Illness patient. Meniere's, Migraines, Bipolar, and more.
92 310 4 posts / year Nov 2009 Get Email Contact More

60. Bladder Help | Natural help for Bladder Infections, Bladder Pain & Incontinence RSS Feed

Bladder Help | Natural help for Bladder Infections, Bladder Pain & Incontinence Bethesda, Maryland, US
I'm Layla, a Nutritional Advisor and musician. I've recovered from bladder issues - and so can you! My mission is to provide helpful, informative and science-backed material to empower you to overcome bladder issues naturally through diet and lifestyle changes.
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61. Rising Above rheumatoid arthritis RSS Feed

Rising Above rheumatoid arthritis Chicago, Illinois, US
My name is Efstathia. I created RARA, to not only encourage those living with arthritis and related conditions, autoimmune illness, chronic illness and disability but to provide a place of support, hope, inspiration, courage and healing. Here people will be able to find all types of advice, tips and tricks, researched based information, opinion based articles, general information, real-life stories, advocacy, awareness, recipes, nutrition, mind-body-soul connection, humor and more!
365 2.8K 1.7K 2 posts / year Get Email Contact More

62. Dysautonomia Support RSS Feed

Dysautonomia Support US
A U.S. based, non-profit organization providing support, resources, edification and advocacy for patients affected by the many forms of Dysautonomia and related conditions such as Connective Tissue Disorders, Mast Cell Activation Disorders, Chiari Malformation, and Gastric Motility Disorders.
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63. There's More to the Story RSS Feed

There's More to the Story Boston, Massachusetts, US
A blog about LIFE, chronic illness, and Mental Health.
406 1.7K Get Email Contact More

64. Blessings of Chronic Illness RSS Feed

Blessings of Chronic Illness
Uplifting and informative posts for the chronically ill and their loved ones. Sara Gruber writes about Chronic illness, brain fog, circulation, fatigue, heart palpitations, and physical therapy.
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65. Arthritis Broadcast Network - News RSS Feed

Arthritis Broadcast Network - News Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Arthritis Broadcast Network a collaborative public awareness campaign developed by Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) and the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada (ARC). Find out how you can make a difference and help spread the word about arthritis.
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66. Damsel in a Dress RSS Feed

Damsel in a Dress UK
Hi, I'm Lisa and that's exactly what I look like when I type. I'm the author behind Damsel in a Dress, which is a personal blog about being in your twenties with a chronic illness, a terrible chocolate addiction, and a desire to be best friends with Mindy Kaling.
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67. Wellness Yoga | Specializing in Cancer & Chronic Illness RSS Feed

Wellness Yoga | Specializing in Cancer & Chronic Illness Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Michelle Stortz is a certified yoga therapist specializing in yoga for cancer and chronic illness. Since 2010, she has worked with hundreds of cancer and chronic illness survivors. My mission is to serve those living with cancer or chronic illness through the practice of yoga -- educate this population, their caregivers, and medical professionals.
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68. Pesky Pelvis RSS Feed

Pesky Pelvis Coventry, England, UK
I am an endo blogger, youtube addict and crazy cat lady in the making. I blog about my life with endometriosis and a few other things thrown in for good measure.
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69. Laughing While You're Crying RSS Feed

Laughing While You're Crying UK
My journey into the world of migraine and idiopathic intracranial hypertension; being in chronic constant pain; battling to be diagnosed and how I've managed to stay strong and happy with only a few bumps on the way!
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70. Pain Pals | My family & friends living with me…..and Chronic Illness RSS Feed

Pain Pals | My family & friends living with me…..and Chronic Illness Surrey Quays, England, UK
A Blogger, mum of 3 & one mad dog, cake baker, living with Ehlers Danlos syndrome,POTS, back ops, chronic pain, spinal cord stimulator & disability.
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71. Positively Rachel RSS Feed

Positively Rachel Virginia, US
Just a 21 year old chronic illness blogger, tube fed cook, try-hard artist, and die-hard dog lover
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72. Living in the Shadow of Alzheimer's Blog RSS Feed

Living in the Shadow of Alzheimer's Blog Minnesota, US
When Sheri's husband, Bob, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and frontal lobe dementia, she felt as if a new and unwelcome visitor had permanently moved in with them. She named that visitor 'Al.' Her blog posts chronicle what it's like living with both her husband and his uninvited guest. Ranging from one-sentence anecdotes to poems, each blog packs an emotional punch.
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73. Living with ME RSS Feed

Living with ME York, England, UK
I am 21 years old and have grown up in Northumberland. This blog is to document my ups and downs with my fitness journey as well as how I cope with my illness as a student living away from home. In it I will be talking about different techniques I use to help my illness or weight loss, I will post helpful and hopefully healthy recipes I've used and different lifestyle tips.
248 4.1K 1.3K Get Email Contact More

74. Heart of a Giant RSS Feed

Heart of a Giant Boston
I share an unfiltered account of my lived experience with my illness and the support system that is helping me to stay alive, be successful, and aspire to self-actualization. I blog as a heart patient because I strongly believe it is critical that the patient's point of view is made more relevant and informs the improvement of therapies and healthcare systems.
79 1 post / year Get Email Contact More

75. Finding my Miracle RSS Feed

Finding my Miracle
Hi! I'm Catherine. When chronic illness came into my life I wasn't sure how my life was supposed to carry on, and for a while it really didn't. I was stuck. I felt like I had lost everything that made me who I was.
1.1K 730 Get Email Contact More

76. Chronic Illness is a Journey RSS Feed

Chronic Illness is a Journey theadventuresofarthritisnfib.. 
Like many of you, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia have touched my life. They have changed my life and they have made it crazy at times. I am here to give an honest view on live with RA and FM from my perspective. If it helps just one person, I have done more than I thought I could.
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77. Crazy Chronic Life RSS Feed

Crazy Chronic Life Kentucky, US
A chronic illness life is a crazy life. We can handle it together- with humor, kindness, and a few meltdowns along the way. Peace, love, and health.
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78. Mindfully Evie RSS Feed

Mindfully Evie
The home of positivity and happiness. Blogging from my bed about meditation and chronic illness
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79. Working with Chronic Illness RSS Feed

Working with Chronic Illness Newton, Massachusetts, US
A Blog about living and working with chronic illness and difficult health challenges. This page focuses on wide ranging issues facing people living with chronic disease, including unpredictable, debilitating, invisible. I live this life and coach those wanting to make significant changes
281 2.7K 1 post / year Get Email Contact More

80. Chronic Wellness Nurse RSS Feed

Chronic Wellness Nurse
Katherine Greene Housh, RN, BSN, is a registered nurse, holistic health coach, and community educator in the Sacramento, California, area. Her mission is to offer you support with the social and lifestyle challenges of living with a chronic illness and to empower you to take responsibility for your own health by focusing on self-care.
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81. The Girl On Fire | Living the Chronic Illness Life RSS Feed

The Girl On Fire | Living the Chronic Illness Life livingthechronicillnesslife... 
I am an engaged spoonie who has RSD/CRPS and EDS Stage III.
11 posts / year Sep 2017 Get Email Contact More

82. The Life of a Girl Living with Chronic Illness RSS Feed

The Life of a Girl Living with Chronic Illness
My name is Brittany Imperadeiro. On August 29th, 2017 I was newly diagnosed with pancolitis. This is my journey as I navigate through this new chapter in life with my chronic illness.
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83. A Touch of Flourish RSS Feed

A Touch of Flourish
Content Creator and Author, Kathryn Ball Sharing her journey with chronic illness, God, and Marriage. Follow the blog to get more updates.
125 14 1 post / month Get Email Contact More

84. River Quill RSS Feed

River Quill Rockford, Illinois, US
Hello friends! River and Quill is a chronic disease support blog started to help bring together those of you that are in need of hope for healing.
296 7K 3 posts / year Get Email Contact More

85. LIving Faithfully with Autoimmune Disease RSS Feed

LIving Faithfully with Autoimmune Disease
Welcome to my page! This site is for everyone. My name is Tabitha. I have over ten Autoimmune Diseases and I still have a pretty good attitude about my life. In fact, I even consider myself blessed. I write because there are real people out there that are going through the same very real things that I am going through. I pray that I can encourage and bring hope to my readers.
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86. God-Living with Chronic Illness RSS Feed

God-Living with Chronic Illness god-livingwithchronicillness.. 
God-Living with Chronic Illness is a place where people with chronic illness can be encouraged and supported. Here you will find resources and encouragement for life with chronic illness and pain.
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87. Amy's Mystery Illness RSS Feed

Amy's Mystery Illness UK
I mainly blog about my journey with chronic physical and mental illness, as well as experiences with, & thoughts on, financial & employment support in the UK.
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88. Charlotte Judd |Therapy for Chronic Illness,Transplant & PTSD Houston | RSS Feed

Charlotte Judd |Therapy for Chronic Illness,Transplant & PTSD Houston |
It is about therapy, counseling, chronic illness, trauma,transplant, depression, and anxiety. I am a survivor of congenital heart disease and a heart transplant recipient. I know what it's like to face day to day challenges and not always have those around you understand.I've heard: ' You don't look sick' thousands of times. I understand what it's like to make plans and then have your body decide to make its own plans.
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89. Bendy is Beautiful RSS Feed

Bendy is Beautiful Alpharetta, Georgia, US
Ehlers-Danlos, kayaking, hiking, walking, spending time with friends and family.
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90. Ribbonrx RSS Feed

Ribbonrx Mentor, Ohio, US
The goal of this page is to supplement my blog and give a voice to medical issues such as women's health, mental health, and other chronic illnesses.
277 480 1 post / year Jul 2016 Get Email Contact More

91. Lala Jackson | Author, Speaker & Advocate RSS Feed

Lala Jackson | Author, Speaker & Advocate Brooklyn, New York, US
I'm Lala Jackson, and I'm a chronic health author, speaker, and advocate. I'm a staunch and vocal advocate for health justice and intelligent approaches to health care policy and delivery, particularly as it concerns people living with chronic illness, and I love writing and speaking about all of the amazing things that bond the chronic illness community
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92. By Star & By Sea | Fighting Chronic Illness One Adventure At A Time RSS Feed

By Star & By Sea | Fighting Chronic Illness One Adventure At A Time
Launched in 2018 By Star & By Sea is a place to share my story of living life with a chronic illness. I'm a Fibromyalgia patient, fighting daily to balance those effects on my life. I define myself in many ways, but fibro is always an undercurrent. My hope is to inspire others, battling invisible illness, to live lives of courage and kindness. Together we can build a network of people who face their challenges head on, in positive and productive ways.
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93. The Peaks & The Valleys RSS Feed

The Peaks & The Valleys
A blog about a few auto immune diseases & all life's adventures. This blog is dedicated not only to my journey navigating life after being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions, but also the not-so-serious parts like traveling, managing career, eating healthy, and having a good time!
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94. Intrestinal Fortitude RSS Feed

Intrestinal Fortitude intrestinalfortitude.wordpre.. 
Hey! Welcome to my blog! I'm Kayla, a soon-to-be 27-year-old Crohn's patient with an itch to share my truth. The sometimes interesting account of the intestinally challenged!
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95. The Migraine Chronicles RSS Feed

The Migraine Chronicles Austin, Texas, US
Reimagining life with chronic illness
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96. The Pained Life RSS Feed

The Pained Life
The Pained Life, 30 years, and counting, of living with chronic pain. Thoughts on the life, the struggle, the good, the bad, and more
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Finding Happiness Despite Chronic Illness. I hope this will become a place you grow to love if you are looking to make sense out of your life with chronic illness. A place to help you ultimately find some happiness in your life. I know you will! Blog by Kate.
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98. It's not you it's M.E. RSS Feed

It's not you it's M.E. itsnotyouitsmeblogger.wordpr.. 
My journey with a chronic illness
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99. Chronically Whole RSS Feed

Chronically Whole Orlando, Florida, US
A blog community for those battling towards health and discovering wholeness
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100. Life is an Option RSS Feed

Life is an Option
I am chronically ill, an authentic spoonie. I live my life to the fullest. Every day. As much as I can. Let me share my experiences with you.
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101. Chronically Rising RSS Feed

Chronically Rising
Welcome to Chronically Rising! May you quickly feel at home and find your daily dose of inspiration, motivation, and determination. I aim to bring relevant, informative and easy-to-understand content to the chronic illness community, as well as our families and friends.
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102. Chronically Salty RSS Feed

Chronically Salty
Chronically Salty features Tips to Taking on the World with Chronic Illness
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103. Chronically Healthy RSS Feed

Chronically Healthy
Chronically Healthy is an online community of people with invisible illnesses. We live in a world where it's assumed if you can't see it, it must not exist. This community is a place filled with love, health, happiness, and education.
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104. Spoonie Sanctuary RSS Feed

Spoonie Sanctuary Idaho, US
Keep up with articles from Spoonie Sanctuary.
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105. Is Was Will Be RSS Feed

Is Was Will Be
Life with a chronic illness can be difficult and down right depressing. I created Is Was Will Be to help lighten your load and inspire you to find your happiness.
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106. Chronic Musings RSS Feed

Chronic Musings
Chronic Musings is where I blog to educate, empower and inspire other women who are suffering with autoimmune disease or chronic illnesses. Providing Tips, Resources and Encouragement to the Chronic Illness Community.
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107. Knot Tachy RSS Feed

Knot Tachy
A Canadian woman's chronic illnesses journey with dysautonomia, small fibre neuropathy, neuropathic Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) with hypovolemia, gastroparesis, and Interstitial Cystitis (IC).
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108. Wear, Tear & Care | Conquering Chronic Pain RSS Feed

Wear, Tear & Care | Conquering Chronic Pain
A blog about chronic pain and related health conditions that is illustrated by my own whacky adventures in the health care system.
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109. Mental Olympian RSS Feed

Mental Olympian Boston, Massachusetts, US
Mental Olympian is a blog focused on understanding the beauty of the human condition, using our mind and body to manifest our dreams and passions, and learning how to live an authentic, intentional life.
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110. Painted Teacup RSS Feed

Painted Teacup Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
My name is Chantal. Iam a full time blogger and virtual assistant with a background in social work. I have a passion for spreading awareness and sharing information about essential oils, mental health and chronic illness
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111. Honey Jade Essentials RSS Feed

Honey Jade Essentials Pennsylvania, US
Hey there, I'm Barbi! You've made it to Honey Jade Essentials! Where I blog about my life, my adversities with chronic illness, and how I maintain happiness with only the Essentials! Explore the site and reach out if you'd like to learn more!
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112. Petite Vibrant RSS Feed

Petite Vibrant Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Welcome to Petite Vibrant. I have built this site for everyone to come together who are facing a chronic illness, chronic disabling pain, cancer, chronic fatigue, fibro, mental illness and all of the above I haven't mentioned.
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113. Alessia At One RSS Feed

Alessia At One Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
A supportive community for those living with autoimmune conditions and chronic illness. Manage these conditions naturally and work towards a pain-free life. Starting with my own autoimmune journey research, information, and tips.
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114. Reachout | Support Network for Chronic Disease Patients RSS Feed

Reachout | Support Network for Chronic Disease Patients
Reachout is the Support Network for patients and caregivers fighting chronic conditions. By connecting with other patients with similar ailments in specific support groups, users are able to find support, gain self-confidence, develop better coping skills and reduce loneliness and depression. Join the Support Network for a safe and compassionate environment where you can express yourself freely among those who understan
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115. The Whitney West RSS Feed

The Whitney West
Providing you with the strategies you desire in order to live life abundantly. Whitney helps chronically ill women strategize ways to redesign their lives and successfully overcome obstacles that are stopping them from living a life that they love.
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116. The Chronic Traveller RSS Feed

The Chronic Traveller Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
The Chronic Traveller is a travel blog, with a focus on chronic illness. It is about traveling with chronic illnesses, disabilities and invisible diseases.
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117. Chronic Illness Support RSS Feed

Chronic Illness Support chronic-illness-support.tumb.. 
A blog about chronic illness, chronic pain, disability, and mental health. Please do not ask me if you 'count' as a spoonie.
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118. February Stars | Living with Lyme disease & fibromyalgia RSS Feed

February Stars | Living with Lyme disease & fibromyalgia Scotland, UK
UK based blog sharing my experiences of life with Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue. Learning to live better with chronic illness.
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119. Pamela Jessen | There is Always Hope RSS Feed

Pamela Jessen | There is Always Hope Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
A blog about invisible illness, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, total hip replacement surgery, bipolar disorder, Type 2 Diabetes and living with these issues.
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