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Blog Lists No. of Blogs Purchase Spreadsheet
Novel Blogs 575
Children's Book Blogs 221
Science Fiction Blogs 152
Fiction Blogs 143
Young Adult Book Blogs 141
Drama Blogs 132
Crime Fiction Blogs 95
Fantasy Book Blogs 87
Short Story Blogs 75
Women's Fiction Blogs 46
James Bond Blogs 41
Star Wars Blogs 39
Middle Grade Books Blogs 28
Harry Potter Blogs 27
Western Fiction Blogs 21
Marvel Blogs 20
Game of Thrones Blogs 18
Tolkien Blogs 18
Transformers Blogs 18
Vampire Blogs 14
Cyberpunk 2077 Blogs 14
Dystopian Book Blogs 13
Worldbuilding Blogs 13
DC Universe Blogs 13
Horror Story Blogs 12
Zombie Blogs 11
Chick Lit Blogs 8
Sherlock Holmes Blogs 5
Time Travel Blogs 4

Podcast Lists No. of Podcasts Purchase Spreadsheet
Sci-fi Podcasts 169
Children's Book Podcasts 104
Fiction Podcasts 103
Doctor Who Podcasts 85
Star Wars Podcasts 75
Star Trek Podcasts 62
Marvel Podcasts 57
Harry Potter Podcasts 48
Young Adult Book Podcasts 48
Drama Podcasts 41
Transformers Podcasts 40
James Bond Podcasts 36
Novel Podcasts 36
Superhero Movies & TV Shows Podcasts 36
Short Story Podcasts 30
Fairy Tales Podcasts 28
Vampire Podcasts 27
Game of Thrones Podcasts 26
DC Comics Podcasts 24
Historical Fiction Podcasts 24
Cyberpunk Podcasts 23
Tolkien Podcasts 21
Batman Podcasts 21
Alien Podcasts 20
The Twilight Saga Podcasts 20
Superman Podcasts 19
Worldbuilding Podcasts 18
Spiderman Podcasts 17
Children Literature Podcasts 17
Lord of the Rings Podcasts 16
X-Men Podcasts 16
Watchmen Podcasts 16
The Twilight Zone Podcasts 15
Time Travel Podcasts 14
Power Rangers Podcasts 14
Horror Story Podcasts 14
Fiction Writing Podcasts 14
Urban Fantasy Podcasts 13
Sherlock Holmes Podcasts 12
Christian Fiction Podcasts 12
Literary Fiction Podcasts 12
Zombie Podcasts 11
Crime Fiction Podcasts 10
Supergirl Podcasts 9
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Podcasts 8
Batwoman Podcasts 7
Chick Lit Podcasts 6
The Flash Podcasts 6
Thor Podcasts 4

Magazine Lists No. of Magazines Purchase Spreadsheet
Science Fiction Magazines 16

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