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Cat Youtube Channels

1. Cole and Marmalade

Cole and Marmalade Chicago, Illinois, United States About Youtuber Cole & Marmalade are always up to something! ... Together with their human 'servant' Chris they will entertain and educate you, check out their fun videos to see them in action!
Frequency about 2 videos per month
Since Jun 2012
Youtube Followers- 1,162,101 . Views Count- 297,896,889 . Video Count - 337

2. CreamHeroes

CreamHeroes South Korea About Youtuber CreamHeroes is a channel with everything related to cats.
Frequency about 5 videos per week
Since Jan 2017
Youtube Followers- 2,815,905 . Views Count- 731,916,239 . Video Count - 960

3. Kitten Academy

Kitten Academy United States About Youtuber This channel features videos of and about our foster cats - and the 'foster failures' that live with us forever now.
Frequency about 6 videos per week
Since Jul 2006
Youtube Followers- 235,328 . Views Count- 13,545,688 . Video Count - 1,034

4. Robin Seplut | Cat Youtuber

Robin Seplut | Cat Youtuber About Youtuber Robin Seplut this channel is about feral cats and kittens that live on street. I feed feral cats on street. Cats living on street are very hungry. The cats live together, form bonds with each other, and hunt for food. In my city lives to more than 5,000 feral cats. I am unable to help everyone. I help cats in my yard on my street. Cats need attention and love.
Frequency about 5 videos per week
Since Jan 2015
Youtube Followers- 976,147 . Views Count- 307,757,325 . Video Count - 1,233

5. CatPusic

CatPusic Belarus About Youtuber Smart, funny and energetic cat Piusc pleases all. That you will not see anywhere else. The possibilities are endless ideas cat. Video out every 1-2 weeks.
Frequency about 3 videos per month
Since Jan 2016
Youtube Followers- 977,166 . Views Count- 202,282,945 . Video Count - 110

6. Relax My Cat - Relaxing Music for Cats

Relax My Cat - Relaxing Music for Cats United Kingdom About Youtuber RelaxMyCat specialises in music designed for all cats.The music is for cats who have anxiety problems or who are alone a lot and uses the power of music to relax your pet. It's perfect for occasions which bring fireworks or storms, or for cats who suffer with separation anxiety.
Frequency about 4 videos per week
Since Apr 2013
Youtube Followers- 347,589 . Views Count- 59,130,477 . Video Count - 886


CATMANTOO Australia About Youtuber Who say's cats can't learn... Didga, adopted from the shelter (and Boomer) are going to help me show that cats are smart and teachable as long as you use a specific positive 'methodology' (similar to the way marine animals are taught.) On CATMANTOO, you will not only see Didga and Boomer do amazing tricks and stunts but, you'll learn how to teach your cat to follow.
Frequency about 1 video per month
Since Apr 2012
Youtube Followers- 193,730 . Views Count- 66,077,478 . Video Count - 81

8. Ginger Kitties Four

Ginger Kitties Four Utah, USA About Youtuber Subscribe for all things cat & kitten related with Zeus & Phoebe and Helios & Athena, and all of their kittens.
Frequency about 2 videos per month
Since Jan 2007
Youtube Followers- 381,688 . Views Count- 138,080,763 . Video Count - 519

9. Cat Man Chris | Crazy Cat Guy!

Cat Man Chris | Crazy Cat Guy! United States About Youtuber Hi, my name's Chris Poole and I'm a crazy cat guy! (and proud of it) ... I'm also owned by internet kitties Cole & Marmalade. This channel will be full of clips of the dynamic duo, along with so much more, like vlogs, cat rescue, BIG cat videos, animal welfare vids and reviews.
Frequency about 1 video per month
Since Dec 2015
Youtube Followers- 368,434 . Views Count- 62,608,026 . Video Count - 89

10. Top Funny Cat Youtube

Top Funny Cat Youtube New York, United States About Youtuber Welcome to Top Funny Cat Youtube Channel. Have a nice time watching our content.The content we build with the aggregation of various sources on Youtube, Blog, Website. It is difficult to guarantee all copyright protection, we always try to communicate with the owners rights to cooperate copyright even if there are still errors.
Frequency about 2 videos per week
Since Dec 2015
Youtube Followers- 159,606 . Views Count- 56,417,927 . Video Count - 144

11. Simon's Cat

Simon's Cat London, United Kingdom About Youtuber This channel includes Simon's Cat Films - Short, funny animations that observe life as a cat owner. Simon's Cat Logic: A fun and informative series that looks at why cats do the silly things they do & what we can do to help them live happy & healthy lives. Simon's Cat 'How To' Tutorials on how to draw & animate in Simon's Cat style. Simon's Cat: Behind the Scenes, Sneak peek into the work we do
Frequency about 1 video per month
Since Mar 2008
Youtube Followers- 5,039,977 . Views Count- 1,045,344,358 . Video Count - 213

12. Talking Kitty Cat

Talking Kitty Cat United States About Youtuber Hey friends! My name is Steve Cash. I am a musician and an animal lover. I've been on youtube since 2007.
Frequency about 1 video per month
Since Dec 2007
Youtube Followers- 2,073,386 . Views Count- 649,058,272 . Video Count - 163

13. TheMeanKitty

TheMeanKitty United States About Youtuber Enjoy the videos on cat by TheMeanKitty.
Frequency about 2 videos per month
Since Jun 2008
Youtube Followers- 1,280,027 . Views Count- 311,084,851 . Video Count - 207

14. Lil BUB

Lil BUB Bloomington, IN About Youtuber BUB has many unique characteristics that make her a very special one of a kind critter. Please understand that she was NOT bred to be this way. BUB was the runt of an otherwise healthy litter from a stray outdoor mother, and was born with several genetic mutations that make her special. She is just one of nature's happy accidents.
Frequency about 1 video per month
Since Oct 2011
Youtube Followers- 294,438 . Views Count- 46,719,256 . Video Count - 247

15. Sho Ko

Sho Ko About Youtuber The ShoKo Show! Brightening up your day, waving the flag for shelter cats, and reminding us that life is pawesome! Featuring Shorty and Kodi. Both were adopted from local shelters.
Frequency about 1 video per month
Since Dec 2010
Youtube Followers- 246,615 . Views Count- 104,928,326 . Video Count - 286

16. Pastel Cat Diary

Pastel Cat Diary Japan About Youtuber My channel mainly introduce the live of a pastel tortoiseshell cat 'Neko-kichi'. Also, we introduce dramas occurred behind Dora-kichi's house. A number of videos sometimes make you cry or laugh.
Frequency about 3 videos per week
Since Jul 2013
Youtube Followers- 200,554 . Views Count- 125,108,339 . Video Count - 1,734

17. Purina Friskies

Purina Friskies About Youtuber Cats are awesome, and Friskies has the cat videos to prove it. Cats are daily invitations to a more vibrant world. Let's celebrate what makes cats great. Let's celebrate their catness.
Frequency about 1 video per month
Since Feb 2010
Youtube Followers- 163,877 . Views Count- 47,970,527 . Video Count - 126

18. N2 Cat Crew | Talking Cat YouTube Channel

N2 Cat Crew | Talking Cat YouTube Channel About Youtuber N2 the Talking Cat is not your everyday house cat. He can fly, shoot lasers from his eyes, dance, sing, but what he specializes in is just plain old talking. N2's popularity reached new heights as he and his co-star Kona (Siamese) landed a spot on Animal Planets 'My Pet's Gone Viral'.
Frequency about 1 video per month
Since Nov 2010
Youtube Followers- 148,267 . Views Count- 49,197,707 . Video Count - 198

19. TinyKittens HQ | Rescue Cats and Kittens LIVE

TinyKittens HQ | Rescue Cats and Kittens LIVE About Youtuber We help cats and kittens in need. Watch our rescue cats and kittens LIVE 24/7.
Frequency about 4 videos per week
Since May 2013
Youtube Followers- 136,787 . Views Count- 66,700,020 . Video Count - 399


CATS UPS AND DOWNS About Youtuber Cats are graceful, clumsy, silky soft with sharp edges, softly glowing eyes in the dark, purring, kneading balls of fur curled up closely against your body warmth, intellegent, annoying, funny, great conversationalists with comments about many things, and intriguing little creatures who display many emotions including affection, even love for their guardians.
Frequency about 3 videos per month
Since Mar 2015
Youtube Followers- 133,314 . Views Count- 55,432,741 . Video Count - 41

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