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Cannabis Youtube Channels

1. RuffHouse Studios

RuffHouse Studios United States About Youtuber Cannabis Culture Videos including Cannabasics, Marijuana Tips & Tricks, Cooking With Marijuana, Rolling Tutorials , Stoned Trailers and more quality entertainment for cannabis enthusiasts.
Since Dec 2007
Youtube Followers- 539,535 . Views Count- 60,997,939 . Video Count - 447

2. tokinGLX

tokinGLX About Youtuber Paul Tokin (tokinGLX) is one of the biggest faces in the cannabis world on YouTube. He has been making videos for almost seven years now, and is all about 'spreading seeds of One Love, one video at a time.' Paul Tokin is a Denver native and makes videos every day of his toking adventures.
Since Sep 2006
Youtube Followers- 167,945 . Views Count- 100,000 . Video Count - 21

3. TheCCC420

TheCCC420 United States About Youtuber The Cannabis Connoisseur Connection is an interactive weekly program focusing on different cannabis products and their uses, as well as many different aspects of cannabis culture. We believe that everyone should have safe access to top quality meds, and the information necessary to be able to maximize the benefits of cannabis.
Since Oct 2010
Youtube Followers- 155,618 . Views Count- 20,959,257 . Video Count - 547

4. Bubbleman's World

Bubbleman's World About Youtuber Bubbleman's world is a world of Macro photographs, cannabis education. EndoCannabinoid knowledge, growing, hash making, and everything in between.
Since Mar 2007
Youtube Followers- 118,937 . Views Count- 16,691,396 . Video Count - 989

5. hashbartv

hashbartv United States About Youtuber Hashbar TV was based out of the Medical Kush Beach Club, and the Kush Clubhouse, the first and only Hash Bars on the Venice Beach Boardwalk in Venice CA.
Since May 2010
Youtube Followers- 61,051 . Views Count- 9,681,897 . Video Count - 212

6. Growers Network

Growers Network US About Youtuber Empowering growers around the world to raise their craft.
Since May 2016
Youtube Followers- 42,562 . Views Count- 2,429,521 . Video Count - 41

7. That High Couple

That High Couple Los Angeles, California, United States About Youtuber High Friends! Welcome to That High Couple, where we explore and discuss our passion for cannabis. Good vibes guaranteed. We're Alice & Clark, two stoners living in Hollywood that decided to get high with the Internet. Join us for discussions, showcasing special stoners, and building up the digital cannabis community.
Since Feb 2016
Youtube Followers- 39,962 . Views Count- 1,044,145 . Video Count - 90

8. CannabisReviewTV

CannabisReviewTV United States About Youtuber CannabisReviewTV is a Lifestyle Brand centered around the cannabis community, dedicated to spreading knowledge & awareness!
Since Aug 2011
Youtube Followers- 26,900 . Views Count- 3,241,011 . Video Count - 670

9. Cannabis in Canada

Cannabis in Canada Canada About Youtuber In 2009, Wilcox founded the independent media and community organization, the Cannabis In Canada Society, to provide a forum where like-minded cannabis patients can collaborate on instructional growing techniques, discover the latest news, events, and political debates regarding the free cannabis movement.
Since Nov 2007
Youtube Followers- 28,198 . Views Count- 5,477,209 . Video Count - 721

10. Cannabis Saves Lives!

Cannabis Saves Lives! About Youtuber The US Federal government has known about the cancer fighting properties of cannabis since 1974. HHS claims cannabinoids are 'useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation associated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.
Since Feb 2016
Youtube Followers- 18,737 . Views Count- 3,086,562 . Video Count - 250

11. Cooking With Cannabis

Cooking With Cannabis Canada About Youtuber Marijuana has MANY medicinal properties and they are ALL NATURAL. I myself have many allergies to pharmaceutical pain relievers and as a chronic pain sufferer, marijuana has been a miraculous solution for me. For many others as well. Such as cancer, chemo, seizure patients and MANY more.
Since Jan 2016
Youtube Followers- 13,633 . Views Count- 364,463 . Video Count - 124

12. Cannabis Talk 101

Cannabis Talk 101 United States About Youtuber Cannabis Talk 101 is one of the most highly anticipated talk shows in Orange County. The show brings out an element of open and honest conversation about one of the most popular topics today, Marijuana. This is your portal into the ever evolving world of cannabis.
Since May 2016
Youtube Followers- 4,013 . Views Count- 678,376 . Video Count - 323

13. C&C Connoisseurs Cannabis Knowledge

C&C Connoisseurs Cannabis Knowledge United States About Youtuber C&C is based on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. We like to experiment with all the new cannabis and cannabis related products that are now available with the legalization of marijuana at the state level!!!
Since Dec 2015
Youtube Followers- 6,150 . Views Count- 1,375,089 . Video Count - 326

14. Cottonmouth Media

Cottonmouth Media US About Youtuber Documenting my life in the cannabis industry.
Youtube Followers- 4,053 . Views Count- 519,290 . Video Count - 45

15. Cannabis Club Australia

Cannabis Club Australia Australia About Youtuber We believe that there are many beneficial cannabis strains/products out there for you. Let's prevent and alleviate human suffering with affordable and legal cannabis.
Since Mar 2014
Youtube Followers- 3,884 . Views Count- 3,132,639 . Video Count - 173


THE CANNASHOW US About Youtuber Comedian since birth. Mechanic T Former Host and Producer of The Raizen Hell Show. Former Lead Singer of The Six Pigeons and Slinky Styles. Best Dad and Influncer to Raymon Parton IV Future Comedian.
Since Oct 2011
Youtube Followers- 284 . Views Count- 23,225 . Video Count - 80

17. Medical Cannabis Spain

Medical Cannabis Spain Spain About Youtuber A channel dedicated to all things cannabis.
Since May 2010
Youtube Followers- 2,394 . Views Count- 687,421 . Video Count - 73

18. Learning Cannabis

Learning Cannabis United States About Youtuber Follow this series, as Felix shows you everything you need to know about growing weed and more. Felix has been a professional grower in the industry for many years, and would love to show you his secrets!
Since Aug 2016
Youtube Followers- 16,520 . Views Count- 816,176 . Video Count - 29

19. Nate 20

Nate 20 About Youtuber Keep up with videos from Nate 20.
Since Nov 2018
Youtube Followers- 141 . Views Count- 5,511 . Video Count - 48

20. Elljoworld

Elljoworld Netherlands About Youtuber Our mission is to make weed/cannabis more socially acceptable - also for families. We moved to Amsterdam on a whim looking for a fresh start and we couldn't be happier with our decision. We've since had a kid and are living here working as yoga teachers and uploading 2 vlogs a week to share our experience, the life of a cannadad (cannabis + being a dad).
Since May 2017
Youtube Followers- 1,866 . Views Count- 315,176 . Video Count - 48

21. Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson About Youtuber CTFO Sells the Best CBD Oil Products, 10xPure, Full Spectrum and Pure Isolate CBD Oil made in the USA. CTFO CBD Products are made from the highest grade, pesticide free, Organically Grown, Non-GMO Hemp the world has to offer.
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 236 . Video Count - 2

22. CannabisCureTV

CannabisCureTV About Youtuber An Alternative Look at Cannabis In Britain. Investigating The Cannabis Industry and Enjoying it for YOU!
Since Apr 2011
Youtube Followers- 13,433 . Views Count- 991,128 . Video Count - 90

23. Cannabis Health Radio

Cannabis Health Radio Canada About Youtuber A new podcast every weekday plus resources and information on Cannabis Health Radio channel. Helping people help themselves is our mission.
Since Jan 2017
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 564,362 . Video Count - 234

24. Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Training University Denver, CO About Youtuber The World Leader in Online Marijuana Education. Get Certified online as a Cannabis Grower and Bud Tender.
Since May 2010
Youtube Followers- 21,148 . Views Count- 2,802,357 . Video Count - 57

25. SoCaLs Cannabis Garden

SoCaLs Cannabis Garden United States About Youtuber This channel is a legal personal grow under Nevada State Law that demonstrates my way of growing cannabis for personal use.
Since Sep 2010
Youtube Followers- 10,090 . Views Count- n/a . Video Count - n/a

26. SilencedHippie

SilencedHippie About Youtuber This channel is intended for legal cannabis patients and adults.
Since Aug 2014
Youtube Followers- 404,759 . Views Count- 30,603,447 . Video Count - 443

27. Coral Reefer

Coral Reefer United States About Youtuber High! I'm Coral. I fell in love with cannabis near the end of high school and have enjoyed learning about this plant everyday since. I answer your cannabis questions for Stoney Sunday, share news stories on News Nug, and sneak in random videos in between.
Since Sep 2008
Youtube Followers- 118,204 . Views Count- 10,697,896 . Video Count - 842

28. Haley420

Haley420 Northern California About Youtuber For product reviews, crazy smoking challenges, and how-to videos on how to purchase legal pot. When it comes to the herb, this lovely lady is down for anything.
Since Aug 2009
Youtube Followers- 854,853 . Views Count- 72,533,805 . Video Count - 291

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