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Cancer Forums

1. LUNGevity Forum

LUNGevity Forum The LUNGevity forum is a general chat board for all things lung cancer. Anyone diagnosed with lung cancer can come here to communicate with a healthcare team. Express thoughts on people living with cancer, discuss issues, share the latest lung cancer news, & information, and get & give support to each other.
2 posts / week

2. Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support Macmillan Cancer Support is one of the largest British charities that provide specialist healthcare information, and financial support to people affected by cancer. Join the community to share experiences, ask questions, get knowledge, and receive financial help and support.
30 posts / day

3. Lymphoma Forums

Lymphoma Forums Lymphoma Forums is for people whose lives are impacted by Lymphoma to discuss every aspect. Connect with others who have experienced the same medical condition, post your questions, share your story about Lymphoma, find support in dealing with chemo anxiety, and learn ways to live with the situation.
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22 posts / day

4. Breast Cancer Now Forum

Breast Cancer Now Forum Welcome to Breast Cancer Now's forum, whatever your experience with breast cancer, the community is here for you to ask questions and get the support you need. Meet people, discuss breast cancer treatment and diagnosis, share your story, spread awareness and support each other.
767K 165.5K 30 posts / day

5. Cancer Chat

Cancer Chat Introduce yourself, and chat with other people affected by cancer in this online forum, the world's leading independent community dedicated to cancer research. Ask nurses for support, talk about pre-diagnosis, signs & symptoms, share your experience living with cancer, get help, and learn to live with cancer.
1.6M 341.1K 19 posts / month

6. Breast Cancer Forum

Breast Cancer Forum Founded in 2000, Breastcancer forum is the leading online resource for breast cancer and breast health. Access the shared knowledge of thousands of people affected by breast cancer, stay up-to-date with information about breast cancer and breast health, and talk about everything that causes cancer.
53.3K 21.9K 11 posts / month

7. Cancer Survivors Network

Cancer Survivors Network The Cancer Survivors Network is a peer support community for cancer patients. Survivors, caregivers, families, and friends can join this safe place, connect with others and share their interests and experiences, read about drug information, and get the latest study materials on Cancer.
2 posts / day

8. Blood Cancer UK Forum

Blood Cancer UK Forum Visit the Blood Cancer UK forum, a community for anyone affected by blood cancer. Feel free to chat about anything you wish, talk to others about the practicalities of living with or after blood cancer, discuss the challenges that going through treatment, and share your story and experiences.
2 posts / day

9. Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust Forum

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust Forum Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust forum aims to improve the lives of those affected by cervical cancer. It is a safe and supportive space to discuss experiences and ask questions about any aspect of cervical screening, cell changes, and cervical cancer. Talk about the latest discoveries in the treatments, learn the side effects post-treatment, and share cervical screening results.
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29.8K 22.2K 6 posts / day

10. TNBC Foundation Forum

TNBC Foundation Forum The TNBC Foundation forum is where you can discuss issues relating to triple-negative Breast cancer with patients, family members, and doctors. Talk about breast cancer vaccine, get knowledge on inflammatory breast cancer, ask about radiation therapy & chemotherapy, and find support, tips & resources.
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8 posts / week

11. Prostate Cancer Forums

Prostate Cancer Forums The ProstateCancer forum is a community for people affected by prostate cancer. Learn, share, and connect with peers and healthcare professionals. Discuss ways to live with cancer, talk about diet and nutrition, and find support from the healthcare team here.
2 posts / quarter

12. Pancreatic Cancer UK Forum

Pancreatic Cancer UK Forum The Pancreatic Cancer UK forum is a place to read the latest updates and finds on Pancreatic Cancer. Get threads that discuss and focus on treatment-related issues and side effects from treatment, pen down kind words to those in grief, and share your knowledge on clinical trials.
48.2K 23.7K 3 posts / month

13. Skin Cancer Forum

Skin Cancer Forum Read conversations, start a discussion, and connect with others about skin cancer, The Skin Cancer forum is a community for people affected by skin cancer. Spread knowledge on unusual symptoms, discuss recent research, talk about ways to diagnose, and shares insights on diet & nutrition.
15.2K 567 4 posts / month

14. Bladder Cancer Forum

Bladder Cancer Forum Bladder Cancer Forum is for people affected by this type of cancer. Read posts from people who have experienced Bladder Cancer. Find conversations that can answer your questions and offer insights on treatments, medicine side effects, and diet, and share information on research & clinical trials on bladder cancer.
8.7K 835 11 posts / month

15. Blood-Cancer Forum

Blood-Cancer Forum The Blood-Cancer forum is a community for people affected by blood cancer to talk about every aspect of cancer. Connect with others who are experiencing the same, post your question & story, discuss the medical condition, find medical help from professionals, and learn everything about treating blood cancer.
16.9K 387 5 posts / month

16. Lung Cancer Forum

Lung Cancer Forum Lung Cancer Forum is a community for people affected by the community. Learn, share, and connect with peers and healthcare professionals, share your ways of living with cancer, post about your medical journeys, learn to maintain a balanced diet during your lung cancer treatment, and find helpful hints for dealing with nerve pain here.
22.5K 1.5K 3 posts / month

17. Cancer Council Online Community » I Have Cancer

Cancer Council Online Community » I Have Cancer Australia
Are you a cancer patient? or Want to find ways to deal with this disease? Share your stories here or find answers to your questions, discuss the advanced stages of cancer, & their treatment, and more. The Cancer Council Online Community is a safe space for anyone affected by cancer to share experiences, and find information & support.
79.4K 1.5K 2 posts / week

18. Mayo Clinic Connect » Cancer

Mayo Clinic Connect » Cancer Connect with others like you for support, get practical information, & answers to your questions about living with cancer or caring for someone with cancer, and stay updated with the latest news, announcements, & studies on Cancer. Mayo Clinic Connect's mission is to inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated clinical practice, education, and research.
1.2M 2M 8 posts / month

19. Patient Forum » Cancer

Patient Forum » Cancer Open this forum community dedicated to discussing everything about Cancer. Talk about symptoms, and treatments, get advice from community members, pen down successful stories of your chemotherapy, find ways to overcome mood swing issues and discover various treatment options. The Patient Forum gives trusted clinical information, written and reviewed by an extensive network of doctors and healthcare professionals.
1.2M 3 posts / month

20. HealthUnlocked Forum » My Ovacome

HealthUnlocked Forum » My Ovacome HealthUnlocked forum is a social networking service for health. Ovacome is the national UK ovarian cancer charity focused on providing support and information to anyone affected by ovarian cancer. Share your heartbreaking stories, get educational resources on treating ovarian cancer, and seek the support you need from people and organizations you trust.
26.4K 7.6K 8 posts / month

21. Reddit » Cancer

Reddit » Cancer San Francisco, California, US
This subreddit is for the discussion of cancer. Read cancer-related news, share stories of survival, stories of loss, and everything else to do with cancer. Find tips on feeling normal, learn to deal with social anxiety after chemo, and share your ways of coping with the situation.
1.7M 1.2M 30 posts / week Jul 2008

Additional Forums

  1. CancerGRACE Forum Use this forum to discuss every type of cancer. Talk about symptoms & side effects management, share your financial struggle stories, & successes while dealing with your diagnosis, ask questions & read comments and support each other.
  2. HealthBoards Forum » Cancer HealthBoard is a health support group website for people to find others facing similar health challenges. Discuss types of cancer & if there is any way to end cancer, share your journey, post opinions, and get help with medication guides.

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