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California Youtube Channels

1. KCRA News

KCRA News Sacramento, CA
About Youtuber KCRA 3 is Where the News Comes First in Northern California. Look to KCRA 3 for the latest breaking news, daily headlines, California weather, political coverage and more. KCRA 3's viewing area includes the communities of Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto as well as the surrounding communities.
Since May 2007
Youtube Followers- 46,177 . Views Count- 90,967,939 . Video Count - 40,237

2. Visit California

Visit California California
About Youtuber Welcome to the Official Visit California YouTube Channel. Discover the many ways we're dreaming big in California by exploring the entire state through our channel.
Since Apr 2008
Youtube Followers- 28,182 . Views Count- 101,631,181 . Video Count - 234

3. California Roots

California Roots Monterey,Ca
About Youtuber California Roots features videos from the Cali Roots festival.
Since Aug 2013
Youtube Followers- 27,373 . Views Count- 5,897,861 . Video Count - 171

4. California Through My Lens

California Through My Lens California
About Youtuber Dedicated to exploring as much of California as I can, this channel chronicles all of the best hikes, drives, waterfalls, national parks and food in the state. Come along with me as I document all of my travels in the state of California.
Since Nov 2011
Youtube Followers- 29,093 . Views Count- 3,859,707 . Video Count - 219

5. Our California

Our California California
About Youtuber Our California is an up-beat television show that explores where to go, what to see, and things to do within the great state of California. Host, Joel Greene is on a mission to show the back stories of wonderful locations and businesses that make us all proud to say that this is Our California!
Since Mar 2017
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 10,692 . Video Count - 78

6. California Gardening

California Gardening About Youtuber California Gardening introduces you to the joys of gardening and growing your own vegetables , fruits and flowers. It is currently the best organic gardening channel on YouTube which helps you do gardening at your best! ur channel has a lot of How-To videos which will help you take your gardening skills to the next level. There are also several tips and harvest videos.
Since Jul 2012
Youtube Followers- 237,435 . Views Count- 41,272,642 . Video Count - 253

7. California Strength

California Strength San Ramon, California
About Youtuber Home to the most popular weightlifting team in the US, the fun and intense training atmosphere at California Strength produces the best educational, motivational and entertaining weightlifting content in the country!
Since Oct 2008
Youtube Followers- 156,528 . Views Count- 46,494,257 . Video Count - 932

8. Commonwealth Club

Commonwealth Club Bay Area, California
About Youtuber The Commonwealth Club of California is the nation's oldest and largest public affairs forum, that hosts events on topics ranging across politics, culture, society and the economy.
Since Apr 2007
Youtube Followers- 35,458 . Views Count- 5,283,426 . Video Count - 1,264

9. UCTV Prime's channel

UCTV Prime's channel California
About Youtuber UCTV Prime is a lively place to find new ideas, spark the imagination and discover diverse voices on every subject. With documentary mini-series, interviews, analysis and video shorts each week, UCTV Prime brings to light the innovations, trends, issues and personalities that shape our world.
Since Oct 2011
Youtube Followers- 32,320 . Views Count- 4,432,078 . Video Count - 355

10. 23 ABC News | KERO

23 ABC News | KERO Bakersfield, California
About Youtuber KERO-TV, channel 23, is a television station located in Bakersfield, California, USA. We connect you with breaking news, Kernnews headlines from Bakersfield.
Since Aug 2011
Youtube Followers- 31,651 . Views Count- 38,101,339 . Video Count - 22,955

11. USC | University of Southern California

USC | University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA
About Youtuber The University of Southern California is one of the world’s leading private research universities. USC fosters a vibrant culture of public service and encourages students to cross academic as well as geographic boundaries in their pursuit of knowledge.
Since Jan 2006
Youtube Followers- 21,054 . Views Count- 7,571,167 . Video Count - 857

12. Cal Bears

Cal Bears Berkeley, CA
About Youtuber This is the official YouTube Channel for the California Golden Bears.
Since Dec 2007
Youtube Followers- 17,585 . Views Count- 9,050,109 . Video Count - 4,582

13. News Now California

News Now California About Youtuber News Now California Is an independent news journal covering 1st Amendment rights in California and the United States.
Since Nov 2017
Youtube Followers- 17,471 . Views Count- 4,160,741 . Video Count - 188

14. KSBW Action News 8

KSBW Action News 8 Salinas, CA
About Youtuber is your top source for Monterey, California breaking news, weather and daily local news coverage. Look to KSBW for political coverage, viral videos and more from the Central Coast's NBC and ABC affiliate.
Since May 2007
Youtube Followers- 14,726 . Views Count- 22,456,329 . Video Count - 17,710

15. A Bus And Beyond

A Bus And Beyond About Youtuber Adventures in our T6 California Ocean with our gorgeous pooch, Bentley! We also explore new Campervans and Motorhomes and gadgets for them all to help you on your own adventures!
Since Dec 2016
Youtube Followers- 14,287 . Views Count- 1,998,498 . Video Count - 84

16. California Lottery

California Lottery California
About Youtuber The California Lottery is a $5 billion enterprise based in Sacramento. It is one of the few state agencies that is a revenue generator, not accepting taxpayer dollars. Its mission is to provide supplemental funding to California schools while simultaneously supporting local communities.
Since Jan 2009
Youtube Followers- 13,508 . Views Count- 11,651,561 . Video Count - 301

17. The California Citizens Watch

The California Citizens Watch California
About Youtuber The California Citizens Watch channel features videos about public servant accountability and reality exposé bits.
Since Jan 2018
Youtube Followers- 11,400 . Views Count- 1,878,360 . Video Count - 182

18. KQED News

KQED News Northern California
About Youtuber Insightful Bay Area news, in-depth coverage from The California Report, conversations on Forum, NPR, PBS and more from Northern California.
Since Nov 2011
Youtube Followers- 10,391 . Views Count- 8,466,949 . Video Count - 783

19. Amgen Tour of California

Amgen Tour of California California
About Youtuber The Amgen Tour of California is a Tour de France-style cycling road race created and presented by AEG that challenges the world's top professional cycling teams to compete along a demanding course that traverses hundreds of miles of California's iconic highways, byways and coastlines each spring.
Since Feb 2010
Youtube Followers- 5,963 . Views Count- 1,961,975 . Video Count - 340

20. California Rock News

California Rock News Southern California
About Youtuber California Rock News covers music and related events mostly from the Southern California scene.
Since Feb 2014
Youtube Followers- 3,538 . Views Count- 2,632,499 . Video Count - 2,240

21. ACLU of Southern California

ACLU of Southern California California
About Youtuber The ACLU of Southern California is actively engaged in many causes and issues, including: freedom of speech and religion, racial justice, police, prison and sentencing reform, LGBT equality, education reform, national security, privacy, the rights of women, children, immigrants and the disabled, and ending California's death penalty.
Since Jul 2008
Youtube Followers- 3,384 . Views Count- 1,611,827 . Video Count - 277

22. ABC30 Action News

ABC30 Action News Fresno, CA
About Youtuber ABC30 Action News covers Merced, Madera, Mariposa, Fresno, Tulare, and Kings counties in Central California with the latest news, traffic and weather.
Since Feb 2016
Youtube Followers- 2,740 . Views Count- 1,354,298 . Video Count - 1,808

23. Mammoth Lakes, California

Mammoth Lakes, California Mammoth Lakes, CA
About Youtuber The mission of this channel is to provide guests with information to plan a trip to one of the most beautiful regions in the country, from a weekend getaway to a long family vacation. Follow for Mammoth Lakes news, events and current conditions.
Since Jan 2012
Youtube Followers- 2,693 . Views Count- 9,626,015 . Video Count - 146

24. Southern California Prep Insider

Southern California Prep Insider About Youtuber The best SoCal Prep sports coverage. On Fox Sports West, Prime Ticket & San Diego!
Since Jul 2015
Youtube Followers- 1,519 . Views Count- 676,281 . Video Count - 2,298

25. California State Parks

California State Parks California
About Youtuber California Department of Parks and Recreation manages more than 270 park units, which contain the finest and most diverse collection of natural, cultural, and recreational resources to be found within California.
Since Apr 2010
Youtube Followers- 1,437 . Views Count- 197,808 . Video Count - 91

26. California Department of Education

California Department of Education California
About Youtuber The California Department of Education (CDE) administers this CAEducation YouTube channel. The mission of the California Department of Education is to ensure that California will provide a world-class education for all students, from early childhood to adulthood.
Since Feb 2012
Youtube Followers- 1,346 . Views Count- 287,892 . Video Count - 310

27. NBC Sports Bay Area & California

NBC Sports Bay Area & California Bay Area
About Youtuber The official YouTube page of NBC Sports Bay Area and NBC Sports California. Home of the Warriors, Kings, Giants, A's, 49ers, Raiders, Sharks and Earthquakes. We connect fans with the teams they love.
Since Dec 2013
Youtube Followers- 1,387 . Views Count- 740,885 . Video Count - 276

28. 88.5 FM Southern California

88.5 FM Southern California Southern California
About Youtuber This channel features live performances and music exclusives from 88.5FM Southern California.
Since Nov 2011
Youtube Followers- 1,206 . Views Count- 625,788 . Video Count - 277

29. California's Great America

California's Great America Santa Clara, California
About Youtuber California's Great America is a theme and water park offering more than 100-acres of world-class entertainment for guests of all ages
Since Mar 2016
Youtube Followers- 1,087 . Views Count- 951,285 . Video Count - 70

30. Grapes From California

Grapes From California California
About Youtuber Welcome to the Grapes from California YouTube page. Here you will find bunches of quick tips, recipes and other ideas for the many moments in your day to go with grapes!
Since May 2009
Youtube Followers- 1,057 . Views Count- 35,922 . Video Count - 100

31. California State University

California State University California, USA
About Youtuber This is the official YouTube channel for the California State University, a leader in high-quality, accessible, student-focused higher education.
Since Sep 2006
Youtube Followers- 969 . Views Count- 154,330 . Video Count - 205

32. California Department of Justice

California Department of Justice About Youtuber The Official YouTube Channel of the Office of the Attorney General, State of California Department of Justice.
Since Nov 2010
Youtube Followers- 942 . Views Count- 330,175 . Video Count - 144

33. California Southern University

California Southern University Costa Mesa, CA
About Youtuber California Southern University allows you to study on your schedule without compromising your professional and personal lives. It offers undergraduate, graduate and professional doctorates in psychology, business, law, nursing, criminal justice and law enforcement, through a proprietary online learning platform.
Since Oct 2007
Youtube Followers- 757 . Views Count- 506,529 . Video Count - 204

34. California Family Council

California Family Council California
About Youtuber California Family Council partners with Californians of all backgrounds to reach the culture with Biblical truths regarding Life, Family, and Religious Liberty.
Since Feb 2015
Youtube Followers- 450 . Views Count- 127,323 . Video Count - 79

35. California Travel Videos

California Travel Videos About Youtuber Entertaining, educational, enlightening and just plain fun! We're here to share our RV travels, adventures, stories and lessons learned along the way. In each episode, Grace shares her favorite photos, Michael his videos from up above (drone) down to their "doggie cam," and their Siberian Husky Kaliki his love for the great outdoors.
Since Aug 2013
Youtube Followers- 376 . Views Count- 108,328 . Video Count - 140

36. California Waterscapes

California Waterscapes Sun Valley, Los Angeles, California
About Youtuber California Waterscapes is one of the largest pond and waterfallbuilders in Southern California. This channel provides you with how-to tutorials on anything to do with ponds, from how-to build your own waterscape DIY style to how you can maintain a crystal clear and well balanced ecosystem after your pond has been installed.
Since Jun 2017
Youtube Followers- 339 . Views Count- 11,581 . Video Count - 13

37. Northern California Public Media

Northern California Public Media California
About Youtuber Our YouTube channel features select local productions and excerpts. We are all about equal access to news, the arts, and culture.
Since Aug 2011
Youtube Followers- 291 . Views Count- 122,383 . Video Count - 505

38. California State Fair

California State Fair Sacramento, CA
About Youtuber California State Fair is all about the blue ribbon and celebrating everything that makes California "The Best!". The 17-day fair is a robust celebration of the State of California, its industries, agriculture and diversity of its people.
Since Jul 2010
Youtube Followers- 193 . Views Count- 91,748 . Video Count - 186

39. Easterseals Southern California

Easterseals Southern California Southern California
About Youtuber Easterseals has been the indispensable resource for individuals and families facing disability by providing services that make positive differences in people’s lives every day. Easterseals Southern California provides a variety of services that are designed to help people live, learn, work and play in their communities.
Since Feb 2009
Youtube Followers- 152 . Views Count- 46,853 . Video Count - 117

40. Classic Southern California

Classic Southern California California
About Youtuber This channel is dedicated current and classic clips in the Los Angeles area.
Since Jun 2014
Youtube Followers- 149 . Views Count- 77,517 . Video Count - 48

41. Southern California News Group

Southern California News Group Woodland Hills, Los Angeles
About Youtuber Southern California News Group (SCNG) has virtually overnight become one of the most powerful and influential news organization. SCNG's in-depth reporting on local news, politics, sports and entertainment continues to attract a desirable audience for its customers.
Since Jan 2018
Youtube Followers- 139 . Views Count- 501,728 . Video Count - 43

42. At Home in Northern California | California Property

At Home in Northern California | California Property About Youtuber Welcome to "At Home in Northern California," featuring property videos from Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage's weekly television shows in the Sacramento/Tahoe, East Bay and North Bay regions.
Since Jan 2017
Youtube Followers- 121 . Views Count- 64,598 . Video Count - 3,770

43. Skydive California

Skydive California Tracy, CA
About Youtuber Skydive California's official YouTube Channel for all your skydiving video needs. We offer tandem skydiving, AFF student program, and other random skydiving videos.
Since Feb 2015
Youtube Followers- 91 . Views Count- 30,937 . Video Count - 868

44. Northern California Exploration

Northern California Exploration Northern California
About Youtuber This channel will show beautiful forests and scenery from our outdoors trips through Northern California. This channel will include trail hiking, off trail navigation and hunting and fishing.
Since Jan 2017
Youtube Followers- 87 . Views Count- 22,159 . Video Count - 23

45. California Resources Corporation

California Resources Corporation California
About Youtuber Powering California is California Resources Corporation's (CRC) official YouTube channel and showcases videos about CRC, the oil and natural gas industry and its impact on the California community.
Since Sep 2015
Youtube Followers- 54 . Views Count- 14,485 . Video Count - 52

46. The California Review

The California Review Southern California
About Youtuber At The California Review, we specialize in Food Review, Travel Planning to Disneyland, Hotel & Restaurant Planning and Video Production Advertisement. When it comes to getting the most out of your experience and money whether visiting Southern California or a local who needs hotel, dining recommendations or booking/reservation assistance look no further.
Since Nov 2017
Youtube Followers- 37 . Views Count- 17,813 . Video Count - 21

47. Litty Moses

Litty Moses About Youtuber Comedy skits, random funny videos, gaming, reactions, music and more.
Youtube Followers- 23 . Views Count- 154 . Video Count - 1

48. Cal OES

Cal OES Sacramento, California
About Youtuber The official channel for the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES). The Governor's Office of Emergency Services has the responsibility of overseeing and coordinating emergency preparedness, response, recovery and homeland security activities in the state.
Since Apr 2009
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 1,444,546 . Video Count - 501

49. California Life HD

California Life HD About Youtuber California Life with Heather Dawson is a syndicated lifestyle news magazine show that airs nationwide, featuring the Best of California.
Since Apr 2009
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 1,239,993 . Video Count - 2,326

50. Miss California

Miss California California, USA
About Youtuber Welcome to the official Miss California Youtube Channel. We are an official state preliminary for Miss America, where hundreds of women compete for school tuition and for the opportunity to grow in the community.
Since Jul 2015
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 68,237 . Video Count - 154

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