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Book Youtube Channels

Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books US
At Barefoot Books, we create award-winning books and gifts that celebrate diversity, spark curiosity and capture children's imaginations. Our mission is to open the hearts, minds and worlds of children with our wide range of books and gifts with themes of early learning & concept building, social-emotional learning, global awareness, health & wellness and sustainability & STEAM.
564Ksubscribers 35.6K 17.1K 2 videos / month ⋅ Dec 2007 Get Email Contact

Jack Edwards

Jack Edwards UK
Jack is the author of The Uni-Verse, founder of Ink Outside the Box, youtube's resident librarian
1.2Msubscribers 1 video / week ⋅ Jul 2014 Get Email Contact


PeruseProject Austin, Texas, US
I am Regan and I like to talk about books.
364Ksubscribers 45.1K 2 videos / week ⋅ Aug 2013 Get Email Contact

Hailey in Bookland

Hailey in Bookland Ontario, Canada
Hello, I'm Hailey and I'm a 22 year old book lover from Canada! I have a passion for books that I would love to share with the people of the Internet so sometimes I ramble about them endlessly to a camera and then put it on the internet for your viewing enjoyment.
312Ksubscribers 3.2K 31.9K 89.7K 2 videos / day ⋅ May 2014 Get Email Contact

Haley Pham Vlogs

Haley Pham Vlogs US
Hi I'm Haley! Welcome to my second channel, the land of books & vlogs of my life!
863Ksubscribers 1 video / week ⋅ Sep 2014 Get Email Contact

Merphy Napier

Merphy Napier US
Hey, I'm Merphy! On this channel, I talk about what I'm reading, give recommendations, reviews and discussions. If you enjoy Books and/or Manga, you're in the right place (or not, idk, it's pretty cool here I guess)
392Ksubscribers 3 videos / week ⋅ Jan 2012 Get Email Contact


jessethereader Springfield, Missouri, US
I'm Jesse George. I'm a book warrior, here to have fun & share my love for books. 🙂
395Ksubscribers 9.7K 61.6K 154.3K 2 videos / day ⋅ Mar 2012 Get Email Contact

Epic Reads

Epic Reads New York City, New York, US
Epic Reads is your video destination for all things YA and teen books. We post new Book Nerd Problem episodes every Monday, Book Hauls with Tea Time's Margot once a month and more! You'll also find original digital episodes, interviews with YA authors, exclusive event access, and more cool stuff.
166Ksubscribers 1.2M 209.4K 6 videos / week ⋅ May 2012 Get Email Contact


polandbananasBOOKS Los Angeles, California, US
My name's Christine Riccio! I love comedy and reading fantastic books. I make what I like to think are funny videos every Tuesday and other days of the week too...I usually upload more than once a week - about books and book related pop culture stuff!
430Ksubscribers 14.7K 66.2K 155K 10 videos / quarter ⋅ Jun 2010 Get Email Contact

Comic Book Girl 19

Comic Book Girl 19 US
In January 2020 Comicbookgirl19 was banished to an alternate dimension and replaced by a rogue variant of herself, Danika XIX, a woman with unknown powers and abilities who continues creating in-depth videos exploring esoteric themes and meanings in pop-culture television shows, movies, books, and more.She is joined by the three B's: her co-host Beans the Cat, and the trolls Brawk and Berda, who have taken on a life of their own. Brawk is now creating his own spin-off review show, Brawk's Raw Reviews, while Berda plots to expose Danika XIX as a fraud and cause her downfall.
484Ksubscribers 1 video / week ⋅ Apr 2012 Get Email Contact

Jack in the Books

Jack in the Books UK
a second channel by jack edwards 🙂
390Ksubscribers 13 videos / month ⋅ Jan 2021 Get Email Contact

Epic Reads

Epic Reads Epic Reads is your video destination for all things YA and teen books. We post new Book Hauls once a month and more! You'll also find original digital episodes, interviews with YA authors, exclusive event access, and more cool stuff. Subscribe to our channel for tons of bookish fun! Epic Reads is brought to you by HarperCollins Publishers.
166Ksubscribers 11 videos / month ⋅ Sep 2010 Get Email Contact

The Book Leo

The Book Leo Netherlands
Hey friends! My name is Leonie and I make reviews, reading vlogs and all sorts of other bookish content!
265Ksubscribers 10.5K 1 video / week Get Email Contact

Penguin Books UK

Penguin Books UK London, England, UK
Welcome to the Penguin Books UK channel. Here you'll find the latest author videos, book recommendations, and everything you might want to know about the stories behind our books.
252Ksubscribers 643.6K 1.9M 1 video / week ⋅ Sep 2006 Get Email Contact

Ariel Bissett

Ariel Bissett Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Hello there, lovely human! 🙂 Let's have some fun while talking about books.. and other stuff!
306Ksubscribers 1.2K 16 1 video / week ⋅ Nov 2012 Get Email Contact


BooksandLala Canada
Hi friends! My name is Kayla (or Lala) Welcome to my booktube channel where twice a week I talk to you about books!
139Ksubscribers 1 video / week ⋅ Nov 2014 Get Email Contact


KrimsonRogue Dedicated to promoting excellent books, The Book Was Better analyzes movies based on books, comics, and video games, all while asking the ever-important question: Is the book better?
206Ksubscribers 1 video / month ⋅ May 2006 Get Email Contact


PeaceLoveBooksxo Hey, I'm Jessica! I am a high school English teacher, bookstagrammer, Beagle owner, and bookworm! I read everything and anything romance!
65.9Ksubscribers 1 video / day ⋅ Feb 2013 Get Email Contact

Mike's Book Reviews

Mike's Book Reviews US
The home of Mike's Book Reviews, for all things horror, fantasy, and sci-fi literature discussion and debate.Want to send Mike something? You can do so to the below address:Mike K.15201 Mason RdSuite 169Cypress, TX 77433Support Mike on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MikesBookReviewsJoin Mike's server on Discord: https://discord.com/invite/aMrpCrNVisit Mike's Amazon Wishlist: https://amzn.to/2zpHooWFollow Mike on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/MikesBookReviewsFollow Mike on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Zepp1978Like Mike's Book Reviews on Facebook...
86.3Ksubscribers 3 videos / week ⋅ Apr 2016 Get Email Contact


emmmabooks US
Hey Whatsup Hello! My name is Emma. I'm 24 years old, residing in the Big Apple but vicariously living my life through fiction. On my channel, you will find all things bookish, whether that means book reviews, book hauls, helpful tips for BookTubers & readers alike, literary discussions, author interviews, and more!
204Ksubscribers 1 video / quarter ⋅ Jan 2014 Get Email Contact


booksandquills London, England, UK
Hoi! I'm Sanne. If you're looking for your next book to read, need a confidence boost before starting your internship/new job or want to follow my journey trying to reach new creative and freelance goals, you're in the right place!
183Ksubscribers 24.2K 1 video / week ⋅ Dec 2008 Get Email Contact


gabbyreads US
Gabby • 27 • WashingtonI love books and movies. On this channel you will find monthly wrap ups, book hauls, book reviews, book tags, monthly vlogs, and some videos about movies and TV I've been watching lately. My favorite genres include thrillers/mysteries, romance, horror and contemporary. I do read quite a bit of literary fiction and some nonfiction and sci-fi from time to time.
81.3Ksubscribers 2 videos / week ⋅ Feb 2015 Get Email Contact

Little Book Owl

Little Book Owl Australia
Hello! I am Catriona, or Caz. I love reading and sharing my passion for books within the wonderful BookTube community. I enjoy long walks through bookstore and cuddling up in bed with a block of chocolate.I post every Friday with videos from book reviews to hauls, tags to bookshelf tours and more.* I am not currently accepting review requests at the moment. Thanks for your consideration 🙂
178Ksubscribers 1 video / quarter ⋅ Jun 2011 Get Email Contact

The Book Refuge

The Book Refuge US
Welcome to The Book Refuge!I am a lover of all things Romance and I am so happy you are here to share it with me.I started this channel in 2018 and I NEVER could have dreamed up all the amazing people I was going to meet. I wanted a place to talk about the books I loved and give people great recommendations that bring them joy. I have created a welcoming space, a Refuge if you will, to share our opinions, free of judgement or shame.Romance is my heart and soul. I love it all, but my favorite Sub-Genres are: Historical, Dark Contemporary, Fantasy, Mafia, and Taboo. I strive to create a...
16.4Ksubscribers 4 videos / week ⋅ Apr 2011 Get Email Contact

Better Than Food

Better Than Food US
Personal opinions about books that I consider Better Than Food.
156Ksubscribers 3 videos / month ⋅ Oct 2014 Get Email Contact

chloe bunny

chloe bunny Australia
previously books with chloe. here to talk about books & other things i love ♥
107Ksubscribers 3 videos / month ⋅ Jan 2017 Get Email Contact

Jean Bookishthoughts

Jean Bookishthoughts Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
PhD student, youtuber & wannabe dragon. I create videos on literature, studying, ancient history and social issues.
85.7Ksubscribers 11.1K 2 videos / week ⋅ Dec 2012 Get Email Contact

Book Junction

Book Junction India
Videos based on books, self-improvement, and art. I'm sure there is something for everyone here.
52.1Ksubscribers 2 videos / month Get Email Contact


throneofpages Dominican Republic
hello friends ✨ my name is isabella and i love to talk about the things i love like books, anime & kdramas
75.9Ksubscribers 1 video / week ⋅ Aug 2015 Get Email Contact

Book Roast

Book Roast UK
Hi there! Glad to see you stumbled upon this channel. Hope you like it here and join my little family we've gathered here. I'm creating a kind community of book readers of all speed/ability. We also chat about health, movies, TV shows, games and cats. This is where the Magical Readathon has been born and will hopefully continue annually.I can't wait to get to know you all! Love, G
86.9Ksubscribers 3 videos / week ⋅ Aug 2016 Get Email Contact

Jen Campbell

Jen Campbell London, England, UK
Hello, my name's Jen. I'm an award-winning poet & short story writer. My debut short story collection 'The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night' & my first children's book 'Franklin's Flying Bookshop'. I run writing workshops, give talks at universities & book festivals on a variety of topics, judge literary prizes & take on freelance writing and editing.
67.2Ksubscribers 10.7K 22.8K 3 videos / month ⋅ Jan 2012 Get Email Contact


MelReads US
Hi friends! Welcome to MelReads.The idea of a BookTube channel has always been in my head and it's FINALLY here I could not be more excited. I am a lover of fantasy books (and yes, I do love SJM and CC!) though I read just about every genre, and I'd love to talk books with you. You will find everything from book reviews, reading vlogs, hauls, diverse books and more bookish things here. Reading has always been an escape and a safe place for me, so I hope this channel can be that for you too.I'm also a Professional Makeup Artist, so if you like that type of thing you can...
75.1Ksubscribers 1 video / week ⋅ Jul 2020 Get Email Contact

Book Break

Book Break UK
Welcome to Book Break!Subscribe to hear about the best books from publishers across the UK, fantastic authors, your fave YouTubers, & sneak peek behind-the-scenes publishing info, all from the team at Pan Macmillan - we love books, it's our job!Whether you like new books or classics, literary fiction or YA, poetry or non-fiction - Book Break's got it covered.Find us on Instagram @bookbreakuk
31Ksubscribers 2 videos / week ⋅ Jun 2009 Get Email Contact

Books and Things

Books and Things UK
Right so hello. I'm Katie Lumsden and I like books and things. (Things including: history, theatre, the Victorian period, bookshops and writing.) I've been watching Booktube videos for years and in June 2015 decided to start making my own. A typical video will include me drinking tea while overusing the words 'like', 'really' and 'brilliant' to declare my undying love for Charles Dickens and Jane Austen. Feel free to subscribe if that sounds like your kind of thing.
25.2Ksubscribers 1 video / day ⋅ Jun 2011 Get Email Contact


BooksNest UK
I'm Beth, an award-winning blogger who talks about my love of books. I also cover topics based on mental health, blogging/social media tips and travel. Film has been a passion of mine for a long time and so is being positive and spreading that positivity online, so I've combined both of these with my love of books to create my YouTube Channel. This is my little yellow corner of the internet.
14.3Ksubscribers 198 29.7K 5 videos / week Get Email Contact


MercysBookishMusings I'm just someone who enjoys reading. I don't have a degree in English Literature and I'll never write a novel. But I do have opinions - if you fancy hearing them then subsrcibe.
40.2Ksubscribers 1 video / week ⋅ Jan 2013 Get Email Contact

Bowties & Books

Bowties & Books US
Jesse here
36.4Ksubscribers 1 video / week ⋅ Aug 2018 Get Email Contact


abookolive US
Hi! I'm Olive Fellows. I talk about books here on YouTube and write about them in freelance book reviews. I enjoy reading nonfiction, literary fiction, and the occasional genre fiction book.At this time, I'm only considering traditionally published (i.e. not self-published) books for review.
34.1Ksubscribers 1 video / day ⋅ Aug 2006 Get Email Contact

a dash of ash

a dash of ash Hey guys, I'm Ashley: a book lover who cares way too much about people who don't exist. If you also turn into a sobbing mess when the plot twist kills off your favorite character, I think we'll be great friends.Find me on Instagram @ashleynuckles. Thanks for stopping by!
66.4Ksubscribers 1 video / quarter ⋅ Apr 2016 Get Email Contact

Books with Brittany

Books with Brittany A channel for those who dream of stranger worlds.
21.7Ksubscribers 8 videos / month Get Email Contact


ChapterStackss US
Book and movie reviewer mildly obsessed with horror and psychological thrillers.
47.6Ksubscribers 5K 2 videos / month ⋅ Jun 2012 Get Email Contact

Books and Bao

Books and Bao UK
Hi, I'm Willow (she/they). I run the literature/culture blog Books and Bao, and this channel is a spin-off from that.Most of the books I cover here include fiction in translation, as well as books by women and queer writers. We promote indie publishers, indie bookshops, and diverse literature.I put up new videos on Tuesdays, Friday, and Sundays.
23.2Ksubscribers 3 videos / week ⋅ May 2018 Get Email Contact


jodie UK
hi i'm jodie and I make bookish content ♥ thanks for stopping by ♥
27Ksubscribers 2 videos / week ⋅ Jul 2015 Get Email Contact

rincey reads

rincey reads US
I'm Rincey. I put up book-related videos every Friday, and sometimes videos on other days. 🙂
31.1Ksubscribers 3.9K 1 video / day ⋅ May 2012 Get Email Contact

Bookish Realm

Bookish Realm Bookish Endeavors! Book Hauls, Reviews, TBR, and so much more!!! I upload videos Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday.
24.7Ksubscribers 1 video / week ⋅ Jun 2014 Get Email Contact

Book Odyssey

Book Odyssey UK
Book Odyssey is about helping you find your next great read if you're a fan of sci-fi and fantasy.
18.4Ksubscribers 2 videos / week Get Email Contact

Miranda Mills

Miranda Mills UK
Book hauls, book reviews and the joys of English country living. I especially enjoy reading golden age mysteries, classic literature, vintage books and nature writing.
18.6Ksubscribers 2 videos / week ⋅ Sep 2013 Get Email Contact

hailey hughes

hailey hughes hey, i'm hailey! i make bookish videos like reading vlogs, reviews, wrap-ups, book hauls & much more! i also post a ton about books and my life on ig @haaileyaann!Merch coming soon
14.7Ksubscribers 1 video / day ⋅ May 2012 Get Email Contact

Alex and Books

Alex and Books US
Hi, I'm Alex. I'm the creator of Alex & Books, a channel with amazing book recommendations, reviews, and reading tips.
13.6Ksubscribers 295.3K 3 videos / week Get Email Contact


FallingOverBooks Canada
Hello! My name is Nicolette, I am 26 years old and a huge book lover! I mainly read romance novels & young adult fiction. On my channel you'll find videos mostly related to books such as hauls, recommendations, book tags, reading vlogs, the odd book review and other book or tv, movie & fandom related things! Thank-you for checking out my channel!
12.5Ksubscribers 2 videos / week ⋅ Aug 2016 Get Email Contact

Codie's Book Corner

Codie's Book Corner Hi I'm Codie! I read books and talk about them here 🙂
21.3Ksubscribers 1 video / week ⋅ Feb 2013 Get Email Contact

Zacks Books

Zacks Books Just a guy with an insane Stephen King collection talking about books he likes! Stick around by subscribing and stay tuned for all things Stephen King, books, movies and whatever else my life brings!
4.3Ksubscribers 35 4 videos / week Get Email Contact

Sabine's Book Nook

Sabine's Book Nook Netherlands
A 22-year-old girl who loves to make book-related videos on YouTube.
21.7Ksubscribers 1 video / week ⋅ Aug 2013 Get Email Contact

Mika Auguste

Mika Auguste US
Hey guys! My name is Mika and on my channel you will find all things book related! Reviews, book hauls, vlogs, & more
35.5Ksubscribers 1 video / quarter ⋅ Jun 2012 Get Email Contact

Brown Book Series

Brown Book Series US
JOIN SHAY BABY AS SHE INTERVIEWS YOUR FAVORITE ROMANCE AUTHORS'Hey, y'all, hey, it's your girl Shay Baby from the Brown Book Series!'The Brown Book Series hosted by Shay Baby features interviews of your favorite Award Winning, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Romance Authors. Fun and informative conversation, Hilarious games, Book discussions, book launch parties and romance events.
7.3Ksubscribers 2 videos / week ⋅ Nov 2019 Get Email Contact

a sunny book nook

a sunny book nook US
my name is Sunny (they/she) and I read, recommend, and review books of all genres, with a particular emphasis on lesbian and queer literature, speculative fiction, and women writers.
19.2Ksubscribers 4 videos / month ⋅ Aug 2017 Get Email Contact


KasFire The main feature of this channel is to have read a longs from books of your choosing. There will be occasional life updates, book hauls/mail videos, subscription box videos, and other bookish videos. Enjoy!Current read a long:Clockwork Prince by Cassandra ClareFind me elsewhere!https://linktr.ee/KasFire
6.3Ksubscribers 1 video / week ⋅ Jan 2014 Get Email Contact

Connor O'Brien

Connor O'Brien US
My name's Connor O'Brien, and I'm a male BookTuber who does book hauls, reviews, and tags. I also film videos with my Siberian Husky, Nook!
18.3Ksubscribers 5 videos / year ⋅ Dec 2012 Get Email Contact

Book Club

Book Club Welcome to Book Club. This is a place where I share bite-sized introductions and commentaries of the books that are of interest to you! Be sure to join me most evenings at 8pm UK time for a live reading. You can find previous 'live readings' in the playlist.If you enjoy the channel, consider supporting me and the work I do. See it like buying me a coffee for my next read, or even contributing to my next book purchase: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=10758838SUPPORT / DONATE :PayPal: https://paypal.me/LewisKirk?locale.x=en_GBPatreon:...
5.7Ksubscribers 2 videos / day ⋅ Mar 2018 Get Email Contact


WordsofaReader New South Wales, Australia
My name is Lesley and I am a bibliophile with a need to share. I talk about books to my camera on regular intervals. Sometimes people watch the results.
24.1Ksubscribers 2.8K 1 video / quarter ⋅ Jan 2012 Get Email Contact

Andrew Buckle Book Reviews

Andrew Buckle Book Reviews UK
Book reviews / graphic novel reviews such as DC comics, Marvel comics, Dark Horse, IDW and many others.
1.8Ksubscribers 1 video / week Get Email Contact

Matt's Fantasy Book Reviews

Matt's Fantasy Book Reviews US
I'm Matt. This channel is for non-spoiler reviews of fantasy/sci-fi books, where I give my immediate reactions upon reading the last few words of the book.
6Ksubscribers 1 video / day ⋅ Apr 2008 Get Email Contact

That Tall Book Girl

That Tall Book Girl US
I love alpha heroes & that spice level hotThanks for being here! Subscribe and make a friend outta me while you're at it
5.2Ksubscribers 5 videos / week ⋅ Dec 2021 Get Email Contact


bookswithsamantha Just a girl who loves books and makeup
5Ksubscribers 2 videos / day ⋅ Oct 2019 Get Email Contact

Books with Blue

Books with Blue US
My name is Blue and I read children's books aloud for anyone who wants to listen. I hope you enjoy!
8Ksubscribers 1 video / month ⋅ Nov 2016 Get Email Contact

Four Paws and a Book

Four Paws and a Book US
Hi everyone! My name is Brianna and I'm an avid reader, a collector of books and a doggy mamma. I post videos about books (recommendations, reviews, readathons and more) and I do weekly vlogs focusing on reading, but the mountains, the puppies and lots of coffee also make regular appearances. Instagram.com/4pawsandabooktwitter.com/4pawsandabook
3Ksubscribers 1 video / day ⋅ Mar 2016 Get Email Contact

The Book Speaks

The Book Speaks US
Sharing my love of books which includes creating audiobooks based on inspirational, encouraging, uplifting and healing messages.
2.9Ksubscribers 2 videos / month ⋅ Jan 2020 Get Email Contact

Books Michelle

Books Michelle Netherlands
Welcome to my channel Books Michelle, where I share my love for reading and books!
9.9Ksubscribers 1 video / quarter Get Email Contact

Brewing Books

Brewing Books A place for all things books, and geekiness in general. Geek is cool.
5.5Ksubscribers 2 videos / month Get Email Contact

Good Book Summary

Good Book Summary US
I publish everyday book summaries and reviews.
3.8Ksubscribers 7 videos / quarter Get Email Contact

English Book Club

English Book Club India
This Channel is dedicated to share World's Best Books (Self Help, Leadership & Motivational) Summaries. Books are mental food for brain, so English Book Club (Readers Books Club) is the club, formed to have different experience of millions of books around the globe.
18Ksubscribers 2 videos / week Get Email Contact

Harpies in the Trees

Harpies in the Trees Germany
Hi, I'm Mers and welcome to my Horror BookTube Channel: Harpies in the TreesHorror fiction is my favorite genre, especially when it's the supernatural! I upload horror book reviews, book hauls, reading vlogs, unboxings, author interviews, readings, creative projects inspired by books, and more! Basically, spooky content about horror books. So if you love Halloween, spooky and creepy things and most importantly horror books, then you might like the videos I create. I *rarely* accept author requests to read their work. At the moment I don't have enough free time to keep up with...
6.7Ksubscribers 1 video / week ⋅ Mar 2019 Get Email Contact

Fabulous Book Fiend

Fabulous Book Fiend Denver, Colorado, US
Welcome to my channel! Here you'll find all things book related.
1.4Ksubscribers 3.5K 2 videos / week Get Email Contact

Ostara's Classic Books

Ostara's Classic Books US
Welcome to Ostara's Classic Books. In this channel I am going to read classic books from all era's ancient, 19th, 20th and modern classics up til about the 60's. I strive to bring modern relevancy to old classics.
6.3Ksubscribers 2 videos / week ⋅ Apr 2019 Get Email Contact

cozy rosy reads

cozy rosy reads US
hi, I'm august! (she/her)a self-proclaimed ~frugal old lady~ cozy bookworm & thrift store lover. this is a channel for cozy reading, thrift hauls, book hauls, & discussing books & literature. if you like longer videos where we chat and discuss books over cups of coffee & tea, enjoy nature walks, spend time perusing thrift stores & bookshelves (along with all of the calming sounds, textures, and asmr of reading) then please come along & join me on these cozy quaint adventures.let's read books together from all over the world: I love translated works & genres of all kinds. throw my...
7.4Ksubscribers 5 videos / quarter ⋅ Feb 2021 Get Email Contact

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Youtuber Name Email Subscriber Count Video Views Video Count Youtube Channel Link
Epic Reads 166K 47.4M 143 https://www.youtube.com/user/EpicReads/videos
The Book Refuge 16.4K 2.4M 137 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxV4h6pmpKH53gkj4-iERtA/videos
PeruseProject 364K 53.9M 124 https://www.youtube.com/user/PeruseProject/videos
Stephs Romance Book Talk 2 40 109 https://www.youtube.com/c/StephanieUncensored/videos
Hailey in Bookland 312K 40.8M 109 https://www.youtube.com/user/hailsheartsnyc/videos
Breakeven Books 105 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVxZaKIciDfoByY4WIyiAkw/videos
BooksNest 14.3K 1.1M 90 https://www.youtube.com/c/BooksNest/videos
Gem of Books 976 40.7K 72 https://www.youtube.com/c/GemofBooks/videos
Books with Brittany 21.7K 2.1M 72 https://www.youtube.com/c/BookswithBrittany/videos
Alex and Books 13.6K 424.2K 70 https://www.youtube.com/c/AlexandBooks/videos
Andrew Buckle Book Reviews 1.8K 242.3K 70 https://www.youtube.com/c/AndrewBuckleBookReviews/videos
Zacks Books 4.3K 394.2K 66 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsLpAH5EJ8nHxwGH35DvoPA/videos
Book Break 31K 5.3M 63 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCszZAFLHA3QWuf0ox_dJGBQ/videos
Cat's Book Corner 714 31.6K 63 https://www.youtube.com/c/CatsBookCorner/videos
Jen Campbell 67.2K 5.9M 60 https://www.youtube.com/user/jenvcampbell/videos
Bowties & Books 36.4K 1.7M 57 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTIbjVYcbwhoqFeWdiJGfkA/videos
Books and Things 25.2K 2.4M 56 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNBgyHiLdu0lVN9Hr-xTLLw/videos
Ostara's Classic Books 6.3K 245.7K 55 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx5kJBIvOs0VfH65vZxRGUg/videos
Penguin Books UK 252K 37.3M 54 https://www.youtube.com/c/PenguinBooksUK/videos
jessethereader 395K 54.5M 50 https://www.youtube.com/user/jessethereader/videos
Fabulous Book Fiend 1.4K 143.8K 50 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClQrCOCNqEc2SAgYPa82ikQ/videos
Sidnie Paige Books 9.7K 511.2K 50 https://www.youtube.com/c/SidniePaigeBooks/videos
Jean Bookishthoughts 85.7K 9.2M 50 https://www.youtube.com/user/BookishThoughts/videos
MercysBookishMusings 40.2K 4.5M 47 https://www.youtube.com/user/MercysBookishMusings/videos
books with chloe 107K 7.4M 42 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcFDfqou7t9DpehmvPRbDSA/videos
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