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Black Female Youtube Channels


GloZell Los Angeles, CA
GloZell is the hottest comedienne blazing the Internet with hilarious YouTube videos!
4.7Msubscribers 898.3K 573.5K 4 videos / week Jan 2008 Get Email Contact More

Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright London, England, UK
A Female fashion beauty and hair channel with tutorials and videos to help with your beauty and fashion needs.
2.8Msubscribers 230 161.1K 10 videos / month Jul 2010 Get Email Contact More

Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina Los Angeles, California, US
Changing the standard of beauty, one video at a time. I am a makeup, beauty, fashion, travel and veteran Nigerian-American gal in LA. Freelance makeup artist.
3.5Msubscribers 155.5K 711K 1 video / month Aug 2009 Get Email Contact More

GabeBabeTV | Interracial Couple Vloggers

GabeBabeTV | Interracial Couple Vloggers Indianapolis
Welcome to GabeBabeTV!! We're midwest vloggers, documenting the details of this wonderful thing called life.
437Ksubscribers 131.4K 15.8K 2 videos / week Mar 2010 Get Email Contact More

Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang Los Angeles, California, US
Nyma Tang is well known around the beauty community for her extremely dark complexion, she is a makeup product reviewer as well as beauty tutorial creator.
1.3Msubscribers 7.9K 71K 1 video / week Oct 2016 Get Email Contact More


MsAaliyahJay Almost everyone knows Aaliyah and her hilarious story time videos but she can also really slay her makeup and does a bunch of tutorials so you can too.
1.5Msubscribers 355.1K 1 video / month Nov 2011 Get Email Contact More

Naptural85's channel - YouTube

Naptural85's channel - YouTube HAIR TYPE: 4a, 4b in Crown | Natural Since August 2008. Links to my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in the banner above! Links to my Vlog and STYLE channel to the right! XO!
1.3Msubscribers 918.5K 71.6K 2 videos / month Aug 2009 Get Email Contact More

Shameless Maya | Youtube

Shameless Maya | Youtube Los Angeles, California, US
My channel started out as a social media experiment and now it's a lifestyle. I hope my journey from shame to shameless inspires you and others to not be ashamed of who you are and to share and celebrate that shamelessly. Here on my channel, you'll find videos on lifestyle, inspiration, fun transformations, techie vids for aspiring geeks, beauty, fashion, and so much more.
1.2Msubscribers 356.1K 52.3K 271.4K 1 video / week Jul 2012 Get Email Contact More

Cydnee Black

Cydnee Black Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, United Stat
Just a small makeup artist from Denver, living in LA. I created my channel to share my tips and advice, I hope you enjoy! You can also find: Makeup Tutorials, Hair Tutorials, Vlogs, Beauty, Style, Advice and more!!!
1.2Msubscribers 10K 221K 1 video / quarter Nov 2013 Get Email Contact More


Sonjdradeluxe Canada
A channel about SONJDRA DELUXE makeup videos.
865Ksubscribers 37K 12.5K 2 videos / month Sep 2006 Get Email Contact More

tiarra monet

tiarra monet Tiarra Monet is just your everyday wig and makeup dealer.
694Ksubscribers 200.4K 19.2K 2 videos / week Jul 2008 Get Email Contact More

Bri Hall

Bri Hall US
The same artsy girl from high school, just painting bigger pictures. Being fearlessly beautiful and expressing myself with beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.
735Ksubscribers 42.1K 1 video / month May 2013 Get Email Contact More

Lydia Dinga

Lydia Dinga UK
As your self-appointed internet sister, I'll be your go-to for honest opinions, outfits haul, makeup and everything in between! My channel is a positive space where self-love and self-improvement are constantly promoted.
228Ksubscribers 1 video / week Sep 2011 Get Email Contact More

Feminist frequency

Feminist frequency US
Feminist Frequency is an ongoing series of video commentaries exploring gender representations, myths and messages in popular culture media. Created and hosted by Anita Sarkeesian.
215Ksubscribers 108.6K 649.7K 1 video / week Feb 2009 Get Email Contact More

Lyn Allure

Lyn Allure Canada
A sisterhood of like minded, ambitious, entrepreneurial women making the transition from being an employee to being their own boss full-time.
427Ksubscribers 1.3K 15.3K 1 video / quarter Nov 2015 Get Email Contact More


Jouelzy Dallas, TX, US
Jouelzy is a top African American woman vlogger advocating for the #SmartBrownGirl.
239Ksubscribers 80.9K 21.5K 2 videos / week Apr 2010 Get Email Contact More

Stephanie Perry

Stephanie Perry I'm Stephanie. I'm a year-round house sitter, and I help Black women who are ready to DO THEM turn their dream of quitting their jobs to travel for a year into a PLAN.
142Ksubscribers 3.2K 1 video / week Get Email Contact More

Destiny Uteh

Destiny Uteh Canada
Hi, welcome to My Channel, My Name is Destiny. On this channel, I will be sharing with you makeup and beauty product review, commentary reaction to trending topics. I am a makeup beauty products lover. I love to share my experience using product, tutorial tips to help beginners in makeup to get better Also I share my thought on Issues.
10.3Ksubscribers 5 videos / week Feb 2017 Get Email Contact More

Twanna Y'vette

Twanna Y'vette US
Twanna Y'vette: Fabulous 'Over 40' Influencer. Hey Victory Village! Let's get into this! Here you will find GRWM's, Tutorials,Beauty News, Reviews, Reactions, Commentary, Story Times, Coffee Chat, LIFEstreams, Car Rant's, and much more.
12.4Ksubscribers 25 5 videos / month Jan 2017 Get Email Contact More

As Told By Kenya

As Told By Kenya Hi guys hope you stay and have fun!!!!
243Ksubscribers 2 videos / week Aug 2015 Get Email Contact More

Sherifa Nakalema

Sherifa Nakalema Woodbridge, Virginia, US
My name is Sherifa Nakalema @SherifaNakalema on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and others. Just search using that handle. I am a business owner in Virginia U.S.A., originally from Uganda East Africa. I share what I know and continue to learn. My content is about how to make money online, Affiliate Marketing tips, how to work from home. I encourage you to start a business online. I also record motivational and personal development videos. Generally, my message is 'Take A Step To A Better You!' Please connect with me, you will not regret it!
15.8Ksubscribers 4 videos / week Jul 2019 Get Email Contact More


LovelyAngelLady Welcome to my world of hair, beauty, food, health and other topics of interest! Looking forward to meeting your needs through product reviews and other channel related special requests.
6.8Ksubscribers 1.1K 401 2.8K 1 video / day Oct 2011 Get Email Contact More

Kianna Vonne

Kianna Vonne Keep up with videos from Kianna Vonne
34.3Ksubscribers 1 video / month Dec 2016 Get Email Contact More

Miz Sandy

Miz Sandy Covers DIY's, Fashion, Lifestyle and Entertainment videos.
7.3Ksubscribers 5 videos / month Sep 2020 Get Email Contact More


Welcome! I inspire entrepreneurs to create meaningful businesses, pursue their passions whilst making social & economic impact in Africa.
14.9Ksubscribers 818 5 videos / year Aug 2015 Get Email Contact More

Angie In ReaLife

Angie In ReaLife US
Hi and welcome to angieinrealife, I am your host Angie. I am a wife of 15 years to my wonderful husband, a mother of 2 adult sons and glamma of a beautiful little girl. Life is a journey and I am so honored that you have decided to take it with me. I love to help and encourage others...so I consider myself your Hope Dealer and your Purpose Pusher.
2.1Ksubscribers 3 videos / week Jun 2012 Get Email Contact More

Nurse Mulatto

Nurse Mulatto I make videos about my life. Sometimes my life gets rough. Subscribe, so you don't miss any uploads!
7.3Ksubscribers 2 1 video / day Get Email Contact More


Reggi's_Vsg_Closet On this channel, you will find HAULS and VLOGS about life, Regina's favorite brands, travel, shopping, and sometimes just random things.
2.3Ksubscribers 44 1.4K 2 videos / month Jul 2018 Get Email Contact More


Gemsix Welcome to my channel. On this channel, you will see different types of videos. I really don't have a subject matter but I will be sharing information about different things ranging from health to tech. You may see or tutorial or you may come across a health-related video, so stay tuned!!!
1.1Ksubscribers 781 1 video / week Mar 2016 Get Email Contact More


ItsMe MISTEREE Omaha, Nebraska, US
I am a YouTuber, my channel is to document my life and things I enjoy doing along with showing you guys how to do things I can do. If you are interested in hair, makeup, and fashion my channel is for you.
736subscribers 6 3 videos / week Sep 2019 Get Email Contact More


ConvosAndMomentsWithChanel US
Hello, my name is Chanel Smiley and welcome to my YouTube vlog channel, ConvosAndMomentswith Chanel. On my channel, I will discuss and share various moments dealing with my life such as my virtual assistant business, family, outings, my feelings, natural hair and reality shows among other things.
32subscribers 1 video / week Get Email Contact More

Chanice Rich

Chanice Rich Canada
Hey Wa Gwan?! my name is Chanice. I am an Actress with a dream to one day get a lead role in film or television. I am a huge believer of chasing your dreams and doing what you are passionate about. I'm very passionate about helping people so on this channel I give advice on dating relationships, friendships, and mental health. I also love to make others laugh so you will find comedy and challenges maybe some pranks. I hope I an encourage and motivate you all to grow into the beautiful person you're meant to be and to chase your dream.
8.5Ksubscribers 3 videos / quarter Jan 2015 Get Email Contact More

Psychic Medium Queen

Psychic Medium Queen US
Readings with Psychic Medium Queen are compassionate sessions where she can connect with you as well as your loved ones on the other side to ensure their well-being. Her psychic abilities enable her to aid you on an individual level, offering spiritual insight about your life's path and any circumstance you may seek her out for. Be it connecting to passed loved ones, love, relationship, Twin flame connections, Or General questions. She also has 22 Years of Life Coaching Experience.
8.3Ksubscribers 1 video / quarter Jan 2020 Get Email Contact More

Lerato Kgang

Lerato Kgang Lerato Kgang is a Beauty, Lifestyle YouTube Channel.
598subscribers 2 videos / week Jun 2018 Get Email Contact More

Mariam Adepoju

Mariam Adepoju US
Subscribe to this channel to get the latest videos from Mariam Adepoju.

6 videos / week Mar 2018
Get Email Contact More

Brinya Vlogs & Smiles

Brinya Vlogs & Smiles US
Hello beautiful person reading this, I'm Brinya. I created this channel to document my life - the good times and the bad times, and to share these moments with you in hopes that you can relate and they make you laugh and smile. Subscribe if you enjoy good vibes & good times. Join my journey and join the family! It would make my day. See you in my next video!
6.1Ksubscribers 1 video / month Dec 2018 Get Email Contact More

Agoz Ifebi

Agoz Ifebi Canada
Chiagozie shares videos about how she tries to balance life with career, family, businesses. She also shares what she has learnt in life with hopes to insipire women and mums.

1 video / day
Get Email Contact More

The Healthy Wealthy Recluse

The Healthy Wealthy Recluse Canada
Hi! I'm Nikki aka The Healthy, Wealthy Recluse 🙂 Welcome to my channel, kindhearted souls! I make videos about spiritual wealth, healing and relationships!I AM here to be: 1) Happy and the Light and 2) of service to the kindhearted souls and awakening body of Christ. I use my direct connection to Yeshua of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit to provide spiritual support. I have a B.Sc. in Physiology from McGill University which includes several psychology courses. I'm not a medical professional though. See my disclaimer below!I've also never had therapy...
501subscribers 2 videos / week May 2020 Get Email Contact More

Anazi Ngcobo

Anazi Ngcobo My channel is about black beauty tips, fashion tips and lifestyle. My mission is to redefine social beauty standards by breaking boundaries, making moves and staying true to myself. I advocate for body positivity.
3Ksubscribers 2 videos / week Oct 2015 Get Email Contact More


On this channel, you will find VLOGS, PRANKS, CHALLENGES, AND MUCH MORE. Subscribe to the channel and like the videos.
1.5Ksubscribers 3 videos / month Apr 2020 Get Email Contact More


Diaaa US
On my channel, you can find Shopping vlogs, Hauls, GRWM's, Hair videos, Informational videos, and MUCH MORE!
576subscribers 5 videos / month Aug 2018 Get Email Contact More

Shatoyia Jones [ La De La Paz ]

Shatoyia Jones [ La De La Paz ] Tune in every day for no b.s. purpose-driven and encouraging conversation and your daily dose of sunshine that will provide simplify the keys to unlocking peace in chaos and success against all odds. Shatoyia, aka La De La Paz ( aka First Lady of Poverty ), captivates audiences with her straight, no chaser approach, confidence, passion, and resourceful approach to 21st-century passive income that allows you to excel not just financially but in ALL areas of your life - with purpose, peace, and prosperity.
23subscribers 7 videos / month Feb 2020 Get Email Contact More

Jacquelyn London

Jacquelyn London US
Hey guys I'm just a young 18 yr old making videos to capture memories and good times with my Fam Bam and friends!! Plus I really enjoy editing so why wouldn't I do this?! Thanks to any and all who watch my channel!! I must say you're such an awesome noodles!!
129subscribers 3 videos / quarter Jan 2018 Get Email Contact More

Chantel Anyanwu

Chantel Anyanwu Nigeria
I am a Nigerian based Fashion and Lifestlye blogger/YouTuber. On my channel, you will find content on affordable fashion, beauty and daily lifestyle.
327 2 videos / week Get Email Contact More

Jessica Be Brave

Jessica Be Brave US
Jess Is The Name. Here On This Channel, You Will Find Video Content For Faith, Natural Hair, Wigs, Wig Care, Hygiene & Self Care. Welcome to the BRAVE SQUAD!!
190 7 2 videos / week Mar 2020 Get Email Contact More


My channel is about travel and lifestyle vlogs. Fashion updates and hair reviews. How to travel on a budget and booking cheaper flights. This channel is great for a community of people who enjoy being adventurous and traveling all around the world just like me.
1.5Ksubscribers 3 videos / quarter Dec 2011 Get Email Contact More

All Things Chinny


5 videos / week Jan 2015
Get Email Contact More

The Big Yellow Rebel

The Big Yellow Rebel Welcome to my channel, you vinyl hounds! I'll be posting unboxing videos, sharing my own album reviews on both new and used vinyl LPs and much more! Stay tuned! Cheers!
327subscribers 1 video / month Jul 2018 Get Email Contact More

TK Zhao

TK Zhao US
I want to entertain y'all. So just sit back, relax, and be entertained.
65subscribers 4 videos / quarter Oct 2015 Get Email Contact More

Alicia Did it

Alicia Did it my main purpose for this channel is to be a creative outlet for all things I like. Vlogs, Lifestyle, & Beauty
424subscribers 2 videos / quarter Get Email Contact More

Erin Lark

Erin Lark US
Keep up with videos from Erin Lark.
257subscribers 437 509 1 video / quarter Oct 2011 Get Email Contact More

Lifestyle of Gold TV

Lifestyle of Gold TV US
Your 20's are about experiencing! This channel will be centered around the experience of being in my twenties where I will share my travels, lifestyle, things that I've learned and found as a developing adult. Oh and just having FUN in general with hobbies and adventure so subscribe stay tuned !!!
182subscribers 2.1K 17 videos / year Get Email Contact More

AllThingz Missy

AllThingz Missy US
Here on this channel, we talk about Struggle, growth, hurt, nails, hair, and makeup. Life's a journey and we gotta get to the best part of it. We also try to get challenges done check out the few I have to share a view And we hope to see more of you!!! Stay positive and persistent always persevere.

2 videos / week Nov 2015
Get Email Contact More

Marion Braide

Marion Braide Lagos, Nigeria
Marion posts lifestyle videos, pranks, challenges and games and keep you up to date with college life!
301subscribers 258 29 videos / year Get Email Contact More

Just Nella

Just Nella Jamaica
Hi and Welcome to my little space on the internet! I'm Nella and if you're new here Just Nella is just the dose of fun, entertainment and adventure that the doctor ordered. Current titles: Medical Doctor, Lifestyle Blogger, Beauty Obsessed, Wanderluster, Storyteller Extraordinaire
2.2K 1 video / day Jun 2020 Get Email Contact More

Modela Simms

Modela Simms UK
Get videos about beauty, fashion, lifestyle from Modela Simms.
14 1 video / week Jan 2013 Get Email Contact More


Back at it again with the amazing videos! Alyssa has been teaching me how to be the best version of myself for a while. I can't seem to be upset when I'm watching her videos. Her positive message and beauty videos are really enjoyable no matter what mood you're in.
1.3Msubscribers 151.8K 44.3K Get Email Contact More


chescaleigh Hey I'm Franchesca and I make YouTube videos!
244Ksubscribers 229.4K 240K Get Email Contact More

Evelyn From The Internets

Evelyn From The Internets Austin, Texas, US
I'm Evelyn - a humor writer digital storyteller based in Austin, Texas. That just means I post funny words and videos on the Internet. Add 'influencer' if you want to send me free lotion or something. I love a good lotion. Life makes me laugh! I make a grab bag of content with varying levels of consistency. From travel vlogs and silly beauty guru-esque tutorials to funny first-generation American stories and Black pop culture commentary. I call everyone who entertains my shenanigans my #InternetCousin, so welcome to the family, cuz.
245Ksubscribers 78.8K 25.2K 1 video / week Nov 2011 Get Email Contact More

Akilah Obviously

Akilah Obviously US
Hi, Youtube, it's Akilah, Obviously! Follow for Brooklyn and New York's finest online sketch comedy and vlogs because duh. Akilah Hughes is a UCB trained comedian, writer, and YouTuber.
143Ksubscribers 234.2K Get Email Contact More

Cherisse Allanisse

Cherisse Allanisse Miami, Florida, US
Welcome to my channel. Subscribe to get to know me and follow my little journey through college, work, and young adulthood. I post 2 times a week so be sure to turn on my post notifications so you're never out of the loop!
5.3Ksubscribers 3.2K Get Email Contact More

Brittney Be Like

Brittney Be Like US
WELCOME to the most random person you ever did see. ME! I'm a total kid at heart who can't say no to cookie dough and a glass of wine. Life is pretty good at the moment and I have so many exciting things coming my way so I figured why not share this ball of BEAUTIFUL CHAOS called MY LIFE!
14.8Ksubscribers 3 videos / year Nov 2018 Get Email Contact More

Tay Mills

Tay Mills Subscribe to Tay Mills YouTube Channel.
1.5Ksubscribers 202 10 videos / year Feb 2014 Get Email Contact More


Shyyy Covington, Louisiana, US
Weekly videos and uploads from shyyy about fun, music, family, gaming and much more.
683subscribers 492 6 videos / year Nov 2015 Get Email Contact More

Dee Dee Simon The Truth

Dee Dee Simon The Truth US
On this channel, you will find interesting videos of my life.
658subscribers 1 video / week Jan 2011 Get Email Contact More

Modupe Olukanni

Modupe Olukanni UK
Covers all things finance, economics, savings and more! This channel is dedicated to helping graduates and early career starters in navigating their way in the corporate world.
888subscribers 1 video / month Get Email Contact More

Naturally Naturals Way

Naturally Naturals Way US
Hey my naturals sisters and brothas! Welcome to my channel where you can see hair, lifestyle, and fitness videos.
1.1Ksubscribers Get Email Contact More

Rose Komolafe

Rose Komolafe Hello! I am Rose. A retired medical Student who loves food, TV shows, trying out new places, and Beyonce. I am super excited to be here to have the best conversations with you all.
838subscribers 1.6K 3 videos / year Jul 2014 Get Email Contact More

How They Did It and Why Podcast

How They Did It and Why Podcast US
How They Did It and Why Podcast is a Comedic Podcast Where We Evaluate and learn from the Experiences of Others. LEARN RANDOM FACTS & FROM THE EXPERIENCES OF OTHERS-PRODUCT REVIEWS, HOW TO's & SMALL BUSINESS TIPS.
331subscribers 3 videos / year Oct 2020 Get Email Contact More

Girl Friends Chit Chat Show

Girl Friends Chit Chat Show A virtual show where we interview women that are shifting and moving in all areas of life and business. We want to show case who you are and how you are being elevated in this season. We want our viewers to see that we are not just business owners but we are business owners wanting to leaving a legacy behind at the end of the day
82subscribers 4 videos / week Get Email Contact More

Christine Adye

Christine Adye Hi I'm Christine you can called me Chrissy!!! , I do fashions videos and beauty videos base on natural beauty. Subscribe to join the tropical paradise of all the way natural beauty.
322subscribers 51 14 1.9K 15 videos / year Dec 2013 Get Email Contact More

Dignity: Human Rights in Daily Life

Dignity: Human Rights in Daily Life This human rights channel explains the how and why of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), by featuring everyday people. Dignity is the underlying principle of the UDHR and features stories that illustrate its 30 Articles. Learn the many ways in which human rights play a role in your daily life, discover how you already apply UDHR principles in your own life, and inspire others to make an impact. Each video description identifies relevant article numbers, article titles, and article descriptions.
330subscribers Get Email Contact More

Precious Kisses

Precious Kisses US
My love for Hair, Fashion and lifestyle will ne the key topics for my Channel. My love of hair and fashion will be growing into it's fullest potential. My 4 son's hair and life is no exception! I enjoy fashion and everything to do with it as I am a designer by trade. I am excited to share a little about my full house life. From being a full time mother of 4, spouse and also business owner I look forward to sharing the on going events and chapters of my hair and life!
Get Email Contact More

Penny Dang

Penny Dang US
Lets turn nonsense into something that makes cents.
1.1Ksubscribers 112 Get Email Contact More

Lisa and Aubrey

Lisa and Aubrey US
Subscribe to Lisa and Aubrey YouTube channel to get black female videos.
12subscribers 1 video / quarter Sep 2018 Get Email Contact More

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Black Female Youtubers

Top Youtubers covering Black Female. Get Spreadsheet.
Youtuber Name Email Subscriber
Youtube Channel Link
Mariam Adepoju
547 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwLXTGeEVPnjstc7_EoDO2g/videos
6.8K 1.1M 434 https://www.youtube.com/user/LovelyAngelLady/videos
Jessica Be Brave
198 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg_wLoVcwlzlK-SizPW_DqA/videos
What Should Matter
1.1K 65.5K 178 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx_SKbi5MxFkCKDftlce3GQ/videos
Sherifa Nakalema
15.8K 843.7K 175 https://www.youtube.com/c/SherifaNakalema/videos
Destiny Uteh
10.3K 600.6K 154 https://www.youtube.com/c/nDsyiUeetht/iesvod
7.3K 24.5K 151 https://www.youtube.com/srue/eujcici01jy5u
Angie In ReaLife EmPowerment TV
2.1K 148.8K 150 https://www.youtube.com/sure/4anoskleyy0dn/sidveo
437K 140.3M 128 https://www.youtube.com/erus/0ofergw2sl/odeivs
Chantel Anyanwu
127 https://www.youtube.com/c/cunhenCleeyawtlhAaniK/ovdies
7.3K 24.5K 125 https://www.youtube.com/ruse/uui0jecjicy51
123 https://www.youtube.com/nhcanel/n3CblwYBpDd-Z_IC9lwQOn4U/evidos
It's Stephanie
1.1K 65.5K 123 https://www.youtube.com/ncalneh/t_MkUCxKieGDSfbcKQ35FlxC/visoed
Agoz Ifebi
89 https://www.youtube.com/c/biozegfIA/svoide
Twanna Y'vette TV
12.4K 1.2M 82 https://www.youtube.com/c/aeYvetwatTnn/dsveoi
576 39.3K 78 https://www.youtube.com/leanchn/T9PQyNTCSKOChUk-VzH5nxJw/evdosi
Just Nella
78 https://www.youtube.com/lheancn/gQxyjs6qMoCcMdnUuqZxIqr1/voseid
As Told By Kenya
243K 1.2M 76 https://www.youtube.com/hlennac/2D4HQMLRswTmjCrXZMdgVfU1/odeisv
Lydia Dinga
228K 26.3M 71 https://www.youtube.com/urse/oMrisiMoAdse/dsoeiv
598 4K 70 https://www.youtube.com/ecannhl/CNp1keJcUXUtMUiR1ckAXylw/eosvdi
2.3K 322K 70 https://www.youtube.com/aneclhn/EkwzECQs3wd6d4UeYW46lweq/oievsd
Miz Sandy
7.3K 794.1K 66 https://www.youtube.com/c/MydSanzi/sdovie
32 325 54 https://www.youtube.com/clnanhe/Ch_GaBxkdBUUCeUDQLgBf75N/ovdesi
1.5K 15.5K 49 https://www.youtube.com/ennlcah/NKEjQ5KQ0vUdJ51VC1BYAFCD/eisdov
Twanna Y'vette Vlogs ?
12.4K 1.2M 49 https://www.youtube.com/c/aeTnYwnvttea/sviode
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