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Beer Youtube Channels

1. Gregsbeerreviews

Gregsbeerreviews United States About Youtuber Get all reviews about Gregsbeerreviews.
Since Jul 2010
Youtube Followers- 28,765 . Views Count- 4,442,282 . Video Count - 3,347

2. Real Ale Craft Beer

Real Ale Craft Beer Wales, UK About Youtuber Real Ale Craft Beer Is A Channel For Real Ale & Craft Beer Lovers Around The World. From Stouts To IPA's To Everything Else Craft Beer. For Your Daily Craft Beer Reviews Tune In Now.
Since Jan 2010
Youtube Followers- 26,218 . Views Count- 6,155,623 . Video Count - 4,945

3. Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine

Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine Fort Collins, Colorado About Youtuber Craft Beer & Brewing is for those who make and drink great beer. Find our magazine in better book stores, grocery stores and homebrew shops around the country and around the world. We're dedicated to helping you brew better beer, and helping you appreciate and enjoy better beer.
Since Jul 2014
Youtube Followers- 10,199 . Views Count- 385,232 . Video Count - 75

4. Massive Beer Reviews

Massive Beer Reviews Northeastern United States About Youtuber U.S. based windbag who won't shut up about beer.
Since Apr 2014
Youtube Followers- 6,151 . Views Count- 931,586 . Video Count - 2,110

5. Joe Senigaglia

Joe Senigaglia San Diego, CA About Youtuber Beer Reviews, Vegan Food, VLOGs, and Arcade Games
Since Mar 2006
Youtube Followers- 5,254 . Views Count- 968,341 . Video Count - 867

6. BeerGogglesReviews

BeerGogglesReviews About Youtuber TASTING LOTS OF BEERS, SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO.. My aim is to try to give you other choices. To hopefully present you with a delicious secret that the corporate beer mafia don't want you to know.
Since Mar 2011
Youtube Followers- 4,123 . Views Count- 1,188,191 . Video Count - 1,463

7. Allthingsbeer 510

Allthingsbeer 510 Oakland, Ca About Youtuber BeerMatic is dedicated to the ill shit. Beer and Hip-Hop reviews and discussions found here.
Since Mar 2011
Youtube Followers- 2,752 . Views Count- 166,180 . Video Count - 148

8. Craft Beer Pours

Craft Beer Pours Boston, MA About Youtuber Welcome to Craft Beer Pours! Craft Beer Reviews from a common guys perspective. I am based just outside of Boston MA and have access to incredible breweries such as Trillium, Tree House, Night Shift and many more! I truly enjoy the craft beer industry and supporting small business. On this channel you will find simple to the point beer reviews. I showcase the brewery, the art and of course the beer! I enjoy trying all styles such as IPA's, Pale Ales, Stouts, Sours, Wheats and many many more!
Youtube Followers- 1,651 . Views Count- 40,274 . Video Count - 315

9. Rod J BeerVentures

Rod J BeerVentures United States About Youtuber If you like beer and want to know more or find about about some good ones to try then you are at the right place. Subscribe to my channel and stay posted on the various ones that I will bring to you with my reviews. These are unbiased opinions and I keep it honest.
Since Mar 2015
Youtube Followers- 766 . Views Count- 88,718 . Video Count - 1,189

10. Deans Beer Reviews

Deans Beer Reviews About Youtuber Get videos from Deans Beer Reviews
Since Jan 2016
Youtube Followers- 670 . Views Count- 147,667 . Video Count - 1,059

11. Let's Have Some Beer

Let's Have Some Beer About Youtuber This channel was made for anyone who wants to know about beer. Join in as my friends and I visit breweries, go to beer events, review specialty craft beers, and even brew ourselves! This channel is for beginners and experts alike. The more the merrier! Stay tuned for new episodes each and every week. Now sit back, relax, and let's have some beer!
Since Dec 2016
Youtube Followers- 584 . Views Count- 25,367 . Video Count - 153

12. Kent Beer Reviews

Kent Beer Reviews About Youtuber Reviewing Modern Craft Beer, Old School Cask Real Ale. From Craft Cans, Bottled Beers, Cask, Keg. On location reviews in Pubs not to mention beery day's out in the form Vlogs. Other aspects include Live Hangouts with fellow Beer Reviewers from the UK, Europe & America
Since May 2006
Youtube Followers- 554 . Views Count- 81,850 . Video Count - 1,150

13. The Bier Hooligan

The Bier Hooligan Braintree, Essex About Youtuber Hi i am The Bier Hooligan and welcome to my Channel where i will be reviewing beers from all over the globe.
Since Oct 2017
Youtube Followers- 484 . Views Count- 101,351 . Video Count - 270

14. The Beer PaTroll

The Beer PaTroll Western New York About Youtuber Welcome to The Beer PaTroll. My name is Joe, I'm average, and I enjoy craft beer. Come along on my journey to review all beer ... very terribly.
Since Apr 2012
Youtube Followers- 352 . Views Count- 19,175 . Video Count - 289

15. French Hawes Beer Reviews

French Hawes Beer Reviews United States About Youtuber Fun and informative beer reviews every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Together they have brewed beer and after a few not so great brews decided to focus their money and attention on drinking good beers and reviewing them. They review all different types of beer from all over. Some can be found in stores, some are brewery only.
Since Jul 2017
Youtube Followers- 351 . Views Count- 17,378 . Video Count - 281

16. rukus beer

rukus beer About Youtuber welcome to rukus beer channel (pronounced roo koo) this channel is all about beer for beer lovers of all walks of life, we do endless beer reviews for all of our fans and beer lovers alike. We test the beer so you dont have to ever buy a beer you hate again. We review all beer from around.
Since Dec 2011
Youtube Followers- 321 . Views Count- 180,842 . Video Count - 413

17. Beer Dad's Beer Reviews

Beer Dad's Beer Reviews About Youtuber Beer and ale reviewer from Liverpool UK. On this channel I will be reviewing beers for across the globe and giving an honest assessment of what they are all about
Since Feb 2017
Youtube Followers- 228 . Views Count- 25,046 . Video Count - 649

18. Buffalo Beer Reviews

Buffalo Beer Reviews Buffalo, NY About Youtuber Buffalo Beer Reviews is a channel that brings you craft beer reviews. I live in Western New York, Buffalo, NY to be exact. I hope to showcase some beers you may or may not have heard of. I also plan on visiting the breweries around town and showcasing them for you. I would also like to interview and show you any local brewers that have beer out there in the world...
Since Jun 2016
Youtube Followers- 214 . Views Count- 24,320 . Video Count - 235

19. Beer Guys Radio

Beer Guys Radio Atlanta, GA About Youtuber Beer Guys Radio is dedicated to the art, science, and community of craft beer. Join hosts Tim Dennis and Brian Hewitt every week for interviews and discussions with amazing people across the craft beer world.
Since Oct 2015
Youtube Followers- 159 . Views Count- 16,866 . Video Count - 194

20. A Beer in Review

A Beer in Review About Youtuber Beer Reviews by Beer Lovers!
Since Jan 2015
Youtube Followers- 140 . Views Count- 20,030 . Video Count - 90

21. Draft Therapy

Draft Therapy Michigan, USA About Youtuber Hey friends, I'm Sean from Draft Therapy, and my goal is to bring you the best beers that the great state of Michigan has to offer. There are over 300 different breweries in the state, and that number is growing by the day. I want to be your guide, using my critical eye, to help you explore Michigan craft beer, one pour at a time!
Since Mar 2017
Youtube Followers- 1,047 . Views Count- 84,684 . Video Count - 236

22. Beer, Bar & Beyond

Beer, Bar & Beyond Cape Town About Youtuber A channel dedicated to all things craft beer. Beer tasting, reviews, bar & brewery tours, festival vlogs and interviews. Mostly South African Craft beer with some international beers thrown in for good messure.
Since May 2017
Youtube Followers- 138 . Views Count- 4,301 . Video Count - 35

23. Bradley Hargett

Bradley Hargett About Youtuber Beer reviews from a beer enthusiast.
Since May 2014
Youtube Followers- 136 . Views Count- 10,951 . Video Count - 144

24. 1920 Beer Baron

1920 Beer Baron About Youtuber Beer Reviews from all beers. Descriptions and comparisons to other beers. I like to throw a little humor in and have fun with usless facts as well. Hope you enjoy.
Since Jan 2015
Youtube Followers- 131 . Views Count- 40,171 . Video Count - 441

25. Sacramento Beer Show

Sacramento Beer Show About Youtuber The Sacramento Beer Show explores some of the best beer and breweries in the Sacramento, California region. Tune in weekly for beer reviews and brewery visits!
Since May 2017
Youtube Followers- 101 . Views Count- 4,610 . Video Count - 76

26. Tim's Beer Reviews

Tim's Beer Reviews United Kingdom About Youtuber Welcome to my channel ! I do honest reviews of beers from the UK and all over the world. Thanks for watching !
Since Apr 2016
Youtube Followers- 64 . Views Count- 3,463 . Video Count - 137


STRAUB BEER St. Marys, PA About Youtuber Straub Brewery, Inc. is an international award-winning brewery founded in 1872 by German immigrant Peter Straub, who, at age 19, left his family and homeland in search of the American Dream. Today, Straub Brewery is an American Legacy Brewery.
Since Oct 2015
Youtube Followers- 57 . Views Count- 8,666 . Video Count - 63

28. All Hail The Ale

All Hail The Ale United Kingdom About Youtuber Welcome to All Hail The Ale, for reviews of all kinds of beer, be it real ale or craft beer, you'll find it here. From light saisons to IPA's to heavy porters and stouts, there's something for everyone!
Since Jul 2018
Youtube Followers- 57 . Views Count- 2,466 . Video Count - 107

29. The beer talk

The beer talk About Youtuber Follow to Get More Videos from The beer talk
Since Aug 2018
Youtube Followers- 49 . Views Count- 3,899 . Video Count - 129

30. Toronto's Festival of Beer

Toronto's Festival of Beer Toronto, ON About Youtuber Toronto's Festival of Beer is a celebration of Canada's rich brewing history, hosted by experts of the brewing craft from around the world. Featuring 300+ brands onsite, this is Canada's premier celebration of the golden beverage!
Since Feb 2014
Youtube Followers- 28 . Views Count- 26,274 . Video Count - 42

31. 3 Minute Beer Reviews

3 Minute Beer Reviews About Youtuber Follow to Get more Videos from 3 Minute Beer Reviews
Since Dec 2017
Youtube Followers- 26 . Views Count- 1,376 . Video Count - 67

32. DryDude

DryDude Czech Republic About Youtuber If you're searching for a beer with all the taste and none of the alcohol, you've found the right place. I'm seeking out and reviewing non alcoholic beers from all over the world, so that you don't need to waste your time, money nor tastebuds on inferior brews.
Since Jan 2018
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 34,252 . Video Count - 102

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