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Bagpipes Youtube Channels

1. pipes|drums Magazine

pipes|drums Magazine Toronto About Youtuber Videos covering bagpiping, drumming and pipe band events from around the world. The video channel for pipes|drums Magazine, the most popular and most comprehensive media outlet in the world for pipers and drummers.
Frequency 2 videos / month
Since Oct 2009
Youtube Followers- 4,540 . Views Count- 1,872,667 . Video Count - 601

2. TheSnakeCharmer

TheSnakeCharmer About Youtuber Welcome to my channel. My name is Archy J and i play the Bagpipes! Everything you did not know or see a Bagpipe could do, is here on my channel. I make interesting Bagpipe music and unique versions of popular songs, movie themes, anime openings, metal songs in a Bagpipe Cover.
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since Jul 2011
Youtube Followers- 468,000 . Views Count- 70,021,889 . Video Count - 38

3. glenzboyz

glenzboyz About Youtuber Welcome to glenzboyz. Most of the music used on these videos are by regimental military bands, I'd like to therefore dedicate them to the men and women serving in our forces past and present. God bless and may they Rest In Peace. I have endeavoured to capture just a small part of Scotland to share with you.
Frequency 3 videos / quarter
Since Feb 2008
Youtube Followers- 136,000 . Views Count- 126,040,272 . Video Count - 170

4. dronechorus

dronechorus About Youtuber Find the latest Bagpipe band videos from dronechorus.
Frequency 30 videos / year
Since May 2009
Youtube Followers- 10,500 . Views Count- 7,588,392 . Video Count - 441

5. Neil Clark

Neil Clark About Youtuber Neil Clark provides Highland Bagpipe Tuition both over the internet and face to face. He also provides entertainment both on Highland Bagpipes and as a Scottish Folk ensemble To regularly perform for charities. Also find Bagpipe tuition and performance for weddings, funerals, events etc.
Frequency 11 videos / week
Since Apr 2007
Youtube Followers- 5,610 . Views Count- 2,274,453 . Video Count - 1,861

6. Epic Bagpipe Sound

Epic Bagpipe Sound About Youtuber Epic Bagpipe Sound bring you Youtube's Biggest Collection of Bagpipe Inspired Videos.
Since Aug 2011
Youtube Followers- 14,500 . Views Count- 10,002,811 . Video Count - 216

7. Henderson's Bagpipes, Drums & Uniforms

Henderson's Bagpipes, Drums & Uniforms About Youtuber We are a family-owned, customer-centered company, with helpful people and extraordinary inventory to connect you quickly with what you're looking for. learn more about bagpipes and find lessons on them.
Frequency 5 videos / year
Since Jan 2009
Youtube Followers- 6,050 . Views Count- 1,920,197 . Video Count - 102

8. Lincoln Hilton

Lincoln Hilton About Youtuber Learn and enjoy bagpipes videos from Lincoln Hilton.
Frequency 3 videos / quarter
Since Aug 2007
Youtube Followers- 5,750 . Views Count- 1,588,156 . Video Count - 50

9. Pipers DoJo

Pipers DoJo Albany, NY About Youtuber Dojo University is the world's first online piping school. From the comfort of any computer or mobile device, you can learn the infinitely rich art of the Great Highland Bagpipe.
Frequency 9 videos / month
Since Nov 2011
Youtube Followers- 3,020 . Views Count- 312,968 . Video Count - 171

10. RGHardieandCompany

RGHardieandCompany Glasgow About Youtuber Today R.G. Hardie & Co. is based in Maryhill in the heart of Glasgow and lead by Alastair Dunn, double Gold Medallist and Pipe Sergeant of eight time World Champions, the Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band. He has worked with Duncan Campbell, a craftsman with R.G. Hardie & Co since 1962, to develop the current range of bagpipes and chanters offered today.
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since Mar 2011
Youtube Followers- 1,350 . Views Count- 363,232 . Video Count - 34

11. Craig Rogers

Craig Rogers About Youtuber My collection of Pipe Band videos I've recorded at events and Competitions across the UK and Ireland.
Frequency 30 videos / year
Since Sep 2011
Youtube Followers- 2,120 . Views Count- 1,546,877 . Video Count - 610

12. Munro Bagpiper

Munro Bagpiper About Youtuber Join me on my journey across the Scottish mountains, and beyond. I have always had an ambition to climb the hills of Scotland, and further afield, but never found the motivation to set the alarm in the morning and go and do it! So I came up with a personal challenge, of climbing all the Scottish Munros, while taking my bagpipes up every one and playing upon the summit.
Frequency 7 videos / year
Since Jan 2015
Youtube Followers- 1,080 . Views Count- 98,664 . Video Count - 130

13. Dark Isle Bagpiper

Dark Isle Bagpiper USA About Youtuber The Great Highland Bagpipes are the key to unlocking the soul of those who listen and transporting them to the Misty Dark Isles of Scotland.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Jan 2014
Youtube Followers- 14,900 . Views Count- 3,303,785 . Video Count - 63

14. Wake-District Raleigh Pipe Band

Wake-District Raleigh Pipe Band Raleigh, NC About Youtuber Wake and District is honored to be 'Raleigh's Pipe Band'. Since our formation in 2006, members of the band have participated in numerous City functions including Police and Fire graduation and award services, City Council ceremonies and other stately events hosted by the City of Oaks.
Frequency 4 videos / year
Since Aug 2006
Youtube Followers- 489 . Views Count- 442,398 . Video Count - 223

15. The Happy Bagpiper

The Happy Bagpiper About Youtuber Find tutorials on bagpipes from The Happy Bagpiper.
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since Sep 2006
Youtube Followers- 685 . Views Count- 117,325 . Video Count - 39

16. Meijerink

Meijerink About Youtuber Pipe Band Music & Pipe Band Drumming.
Frequency 1 video / year
Since Aug 2010
Youtube Followers- 391 . Views Count- 297,850 . Video Count - 266

17. Hamon Bagpipe Co.

Hamon Bagpipe Co. About Youtuber Find tips and informative videos on Bagpipes from Hamon Bagpipe Co.
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since Jul 2006
Youtube Followers- 364 . Views Count- 95,654 . Video Count - 36

18. Gary Guth

Gary Guth Philadelphia, PA USA About Youtuber Gary Guth has been a bagpiper for over 40 years and has been making his living as a bagpiper and teacher for the last 20 years. He has written 3 books; 'Bagpipes For Beginners' , 'A Piper's Christmas' and 'The Bagpipe Hymnal'. These books were designed to teach bagpipers how to play the bagpipes and more importantly how to become an accomplished bagpiper.
Frequency 2 videos / month
Since Oct 2008
Youtube Followers- 348 . Views Count- 66,519 . Video Count - 58

19. Music Service for Pipes and Drums

Music Service for Pipes and Drums About Youtuber The Music Service for Pipes and Drums was formed as a not for profit Community Interest Company in October 2014. It raises funds to supply tutors to teach Highland Bagpipes and associated instruments in schools across Ulster.
Frequency 30 videos / year
Since Apr 2015
Youtube Followers- 720 . Views Count- 143,807 . Video Count - 294

20. Irish Wedding Bagpipes Bagpiper Hire Ireland

Irish Wedding Bagpipes Bagpiper Hire Ireland About Youtuber hello and welcome to Irish Wedding Bagpipes Bagpiper Hire Ireland. I believe in providing a professional Bagpiping service and videos on this channel.
Frequency 2 videos / quarter
Since Sep 2008
Youtube Followers- 461 . Views Count- 181,776 . Video Count - 40

21. We Love Pipe Bands/ Loud Pipes Visual Media

We Love Pipe Bands/ Loud Pipes Visual Media About Youtuber We Love Pipe Bands/ Loud Pipes Visual Media is a channel dedicated to Bagpipes.
Frequency 30 videos / year
Since Dec 2006
Youtube Followers- 776 . Views Count- 288,488 . Video Count - 1,229

22. Suit Piper

Suit Piper About Youtuber Hello and welcome to my channel Suit Piper, where I share my videos on bagpipes.
Frequency 2 videos / year
Since Sep 2015
Youtube Followers- 79 . Views Count- 27,359 . Video Count - 115

23. The Styrian Bagpiper -schottische Livemusik-

The Styrian Bagpiper -schottische Livemusik- About Youtuber A channel dedicated to Bagpipes music.
Since Nov 2014
Youtube Followers- 150 . Views Count- 84,803 . Video Count - 26

24. MacKay Bagpipe Services

MacKay Bagpipe Services About Youtuber I am Gilian Hettinga, owner of MacKay Bagpipe Services. My passion is Scottish and Irish folk music. I play since my 16th Scottish, Spanish and medieval bagpipes, session pipes, smallpipes and Irish whistles . My goal is to make everyone feel that the bagpipes are a beautiful instrument.
Frequency 6 videos / quarter
Since Oct 2016
Youtube Followers- 220 . Views Count- 22,407 . Video Count - 23

25. Burgess Bagpipes

Burgess Bagpipes About Youtuber We are a new and exciting Bagpipe Manufacturing, Design and Retail Company. A Family business, designing and manufacturing Smallpipes, Borderpipes, Highland Bagpipes and Piping Accessories. We use extensive design and prototyping cycles, to develop our range of instruments using the best materials and techniques available both, ancient and modern.
Since Jun 2016
Youtube Followers- 102 . Views Count- 12,870 . Video Count - 9

26. Chicago Highlanders

Chicago Highlanders Palatine, IL About Youtuber The Chicago Highlanders are a traditional Scottish bagpipe band. We are available for all sizes of events from a single bagpiper or mini band to the full pipe and drum corps. The Chicago Highlanders have performed at the United Center, Arlington Racecourse, university commencement ceremonies, weddings, funerals, golf tournaments, and various charity and fundraiser events.
Since Sep 2014
Youtube Followers- 75 . Views Count- 10,945 . Video Count - 50

27. Bagpiper In South Wales & Adjacent Counties - John Campbell

Bagpiper In South Wales & Adjacent Counties - John Campbell Wales, United Kingdom About Youtuber A Bagpiper guaranteed to add musical excitement to any event with the combination of traditional highland dress and a wide and varied repertoire of bagpipe tunes to suit all occasions.
Frequency 2 videos / month
Since Nov 2013
Youtube Followers- 84 . Views Count- 66,419 . Video Count - 110

28. David Naill Bagpipes - Pipers Corner Shop

David Naill Bagpipes - Pipers Corner Shop About Youtuber Pipers Corner Piping and Drumming School offers you informative and enjoyable videos by David Naill Bagpipes.
Since Jul 2012
Youtube Followers- 53 . Views Count- 15,464 . Video Count - 35

29. Luis the piper

Luis the piper About Youtuber Hi, I'm a mexican blind bagpiper who enjoys nordic languages and loves beer! Enjoy my bagpies videos on Luis the piper.
Frequency 2 videos / month
Since Oct 2012
Youtube Followers- 61 . Views Count- 9,846 . Video Count - 66

30. The Berry Toon Piper

The Berry Toon Piper About Youtuber hello and welcome to my channel The Berry Toon Piper. Here I share some bagpipe tunes with everyone.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Dec 2014
Youtube Followers- 124 . Views Count- 18,234 . Video Count - 85

31. The Welsh Wedding Bagpiper

The Welsh Wedding Bagpiper About Youtuber The Welsh Wedding Bagpiper provides the latest wedding videos from Wales.
Since Aug 2010
Youtube Followers- 55 . Views Count- 26,245 . Video Count - 18

32. MrUlsterscot

MrUlsterscot About Youtuber Enjoy the Bagpipes band videos from MrUlsterscot.
Frequency 30 videos / year
Since Jun 2009
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 2,838,051 . Video Count - 781