Author: Anuj Agarwal

New: Back up your feedspot to Dropbox [Gold]

We’re excited to tell you about our latest feedspot Gold feature: Dropbox integration. The Dropbox integration automatically backs up your tagged and saved articles(also called as Favorites), and a list of all your feeds (OPML file) to your Dropbox account. We believe that all the valuable data you collect in your feedspot belongs to you, and this integration makes it easy for you to export, backup and access that information from wherever you are. Activate your Dropbox backup → Frequently Asked Questions 1. What gets backed up to my Dropbox account? All of your Favorited articles, tagged articles and a list of the feeds you subscribe to will be backed up to Dropbox. Any time you save or tag a new article , it will be backed up to Dropbox automatically. Your entire OPML file will be backed up once every week. 2. What is the format of the back up? We offer HTML file format for your Favorites and Tags. Your feed list will be backed up using the OPML file format. 3. How hard is it to set up? Setting up the Dropbox integration takes only a couple of clicks. Once you turn it on, you can forget all about it and the Dropbox integration will continue to operate in the background and back up your Favorited and tagged articles, as well as your feeds and folders....

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Happy Thanksgiving from Feedspot

Snow fell yesterday in the northeastern United States, and it looked quite a lot like this photo, taken by Carl Kurtz. His Thanksgiving crows remind us that there is much to learn about the creatures we share the earth with. Crows have been connected in folk culture with mischief and ill fortune, but recent research has shown that they are highly social and among the most intelligent animals in the world, able to solve puzzles and use tools. They are nature’s recyclers, too, very much part of the circle of life we celebrate at the American harvest festival of Thanksgiving.  Happy Thanksgiving! 感恩节快乐 Gǎn ēn jié kuàilè...

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Choose your own Theme Colors

Many people have asked, not surprisingly, whether they can customize the look of Feedspot without having to use some advanced scripting magic. Today we are excited to introduce Theme Colors. Now you can choose your own Feedspot colors. Click on ‘Change View’ button from your dashboard to change theme. So if you love purple, now you can stare at it every day. If you ever get yourself into a state where your eyes start to hurt, the “Refresh” icon will let you revert to the defaults....

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Get latest relevant news articles based on Topics you care about.

Today we are excited to announce a new feature which lets you track latest relevant news articles based on Topics you care about. A topic could be your favorite celebrity, event, sports team, organization, industry etc.. Some handy uses of this feature include: monitoring a developing news story keeping current on a competitor or industry getting the latest on a celebrity or event keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams To get started, simply add a new topic in this text box placed on your homepage....

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Magazine View

Today we are rolling our the all new Magazine view to all users. A more visual and interesting view. Shows a list of descriptive blurbs, each with a small photo next to it....

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