Author: Anuj Agarwal

How to export your google reader subscriptions

Here’s what you need to do to retrieve all your subscription data from Google Reader Step 1.Click here to download a copy of your Google Reader data via Google Takeout.  Step 2. Click on the “Create Archive” button at the bottom to create a backup of your Google Reader account. You will then jump to the download screen where you will see the progress of your backup. My backup was small so it was already completed by the time the page opened. The files for your Google Reader account will be bundled into a zip file and can be downloaded to your computer. Step 3. Click on the download button to start transferring the Google Reader files to your computer.  Depending on your settings, your file may be saved to a different location. You may also be prompted to open the file with the archive utility or save it to your drive. We recommend saving the file directly to the drive. If you download the file and forget where it was saved, you can locate it by opening the “Downloads” window in your browser. Step 4. Locate the downloaded zip file on your computer. Go to Feedspot’s Import Subscription Page and upload the zip file that you just downloaded. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to email us at   -Team...

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Introducing Search

Excited to share the most exciting feature update. Team has just released two key components of search 1)Sites search and 2)User search. Sites Search - You can now search for any site on feedspot and follow them.  For eg. If you like to follow the Techcrunch blog, you can do that by entering either of the three query in the search box. 1. query by keyword ’techcrunch’ 2. query by domain name ’’ 3. query by feed url ’’ When you use the search term ‘techcrunch’, it displays all the feeds related to techcrunch eg Techcrunch main blog, Techcrunch Europe, Techcrunch Startups category feed, Techcrunch mobile etc.. you can follow any feed of your interest from the search results page.  Folder search - The search page also displays Public folders created by users towards the left column. If you are looking for 'web design’ related blogs, search for 'web design' displays related public folders created by other feedspot users. Since these Folders contains sites curated by users, it turns out to be the best way to discover relevant and high quality blogs.  User Search - Feedspot’s goal is to turn RSS reader into a full fledge social product. Thus we have also implemented user search. You can search any feedspot user by entering name and follow them. For eg. A query for ’Scott’ displays users as shown in the screenshot below. We hope you...

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Development updates - Week jan 14-19th' 2013

Image Zoom in - When you zoom-in images in your feed, image is now resized according to users browser screen size. Old fashion scrollbar is also replaced with black transparent scrollbar. Also added link to original image. Dedicated link for Email - earlier email to friend was part of ‘Share’ feature. Now a separate link 'Email’ has been added. You can add a note and email any article  to anyone. Expanded/List/Text view for favorites and Shared items - You can view your favorites and shared items in either of the three view. Works perfectly.  Some more minor fixes Signup form UI - UI changes(inline validation) in the signup form. Full name now accepts 30 chars instead of 20chars Import contacts with a close button - You can now choose to hide it on your homepage feed. Now shows profile description on followers page. eg Improved 'text view’ on your profile page. We will keep you updated on further developments. Should you have feedback, please reach us at team {at} feedspot {dotcom}.  -Team...

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Third view - Plain text view

Introducing plain text view. Use keyboard shortcut ‘3’ to see your feeds in this view. This view is most favorable among those who follow many(..hundreds) feeds and prefer to quickly skim through their feeds. Takes less time to read more titles.You can click on the title to read full article from the original website or click on the domain name on the left side to expand the node and read text snippet.  Please do share your feedback on this feature. We are at team {at} feedspot {dotcom}. Have...

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Introducing Keyboard Shortcuts

Introducing Keyboard Shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts save you time by helping you quickly explore your reading list without moving your hand back and forth between your keyboard and mouse. Here are the keyboard shortcuts for Feedspot: Hit Shift+? to see the keyboard shortcuts menu. When going through thousands of blog posts, news items, photos, etc. a day, it’s important to do this as efficiently as possible. Many users find that using the keyboard is one way of accomplishing that goal. The “j” key (which takes you to the next item) is perhaps the most well-known keyboard shortcut. Have fun! -Team...

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