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ASMR Youtube Channels

Zach Choi ASMR

Zach Choi ASMR US
Cooking and Eating ASMR and Mukbang Videos.
19Msubscribers 837.6K 16.3K 1 video / day Jul 2014 Get Email Contact More


Hello there! My name is Gibi. I have been watching ASMR videos by accident since I realized that some sounds and movements made me feel blissfully relaxed. I've watched the ASMR community grow into something incredible, and I decided that I wanted to hop in and be a part of it! You will see a variety of videos from me, from roleplays, to makeup, to cosplay, to original characters!
4.6Msubscribers 176.4K 295.5K 2 videos / day Jun 2016 Get Email Contact More

Jojo's ASMR

Jojo's ASMR I'm a 19 year old full-time university student who grew up missing a lot of needed sleep. The focus and vision of this channel is to give to you all what I couldn't give myself in years that I needed sleep most. ASMR has become a viral, international phenomenon as it helps to relax and destress!
2.6Msubscribers 20.6K 1 video / day Jan 2015 Get Email Contact More


ASMR Glow Subscribe us to get ASMR videos from ASMR Glow.
1.7Msubscribers 69.9K 116.8K 4 videos / week Oct 2016 Get Email Contact More

Gentle Whispering ASMR

Gentle Whispering ASMR US
Maria is an ASMR artist, who makes you feel relaxed and stress free through creative and soothing videos. Subscribe us to get soothing voice and sound therapy videos from Gentle Whispering ASMR.
2.2Msubscribers 129K 23.9K 115K 1 video / week Feb 2011 Get Email Contact More

FredsVoice ASMR

FredsVoice ASMR UK
Hello there! Relaxation is at the core of all my videos. I try and act my way through a variety of scenarios to help you feel a great sensation now characterised as ASMR!
1.8Msubscribers 4.5K 18.2K 2 videos / week May 2011 Get Email Contact More


DennisASMR Hey there insomniac! Its DennisASMR! I am here with the goal to help you get the sleep you deserve! I am passionate about creating ASMR and I hope you enjoy my content!
1Msubscribers 128 49.4K 1 video / day Aug 2017 Get Email Contact More

ASMR Darling

ASMR Darling US
Hello and welcome to my ASMR Youtube channel! ASMR videos are meant to trigger the amazing 'tingly' feeling to help you sleep. Or just to help you simply relax and fall asleep! My Main ASMR Triggers: Ear to Ear Whisper, Tapping, Scratching, Affirmations, Compliments, Roleplay, Hair Play, Hair Brushing, Personal Attention, Close up, Words, Face touching, Camera touching, Microphone brushing.
2.5Msubscribers 25.1K 72.8K 241.2K 1 video / week Dec 2014 Get Email Contact More

Tingting ASMR

Tingting ASMR US
Hello, my name is Tingting, welcome to my ASMR channel! I will be creating videos to help you relax, tingle, and sleep. There's a lot of stress in this world, I hope I can help you reduce some of it.
2.3Msubscribers 15.1K 42.8K 5 videos / year Apr 2017 Get Email Contact More

WhispersRed ASMR

WhispersRed ASMR UK
Subscribe us if you are interested in learning more from Emma about the lovely world of ASMR and her experiences.
847Ksubscribers 25.9K 15.3K 53.2K 5 videos / month Apr 2013 Get Email Contact More

ASMR Massage Psychetruth

ASMR Massage Psychetruth Austin, Texas
A channel dedicated ASMR and relaxation. Our video feature binaural recorded of a number of ASMR tingle triggers like whisper, soft spoken, massage, ear cupping, ear massage, scalp massage, hair brushing, ear cleaning, mouth sounds, ASMR eating sounds, etc.
527Ksubscribers 552 4.2K 6 videos / week Oct 2013 Get Email Contact More


ASMRSurge ASMRSurge channel provides ASMR videos to make you feel relaxed.
776Ksubscribers 2 videos / week Sep 2012 Get Email Contact More

ASMR Love by T & P

ASMR Love by T & P We understand how difficult it is to find a sound that truly relaxes you, and normally, when you find it, it lasts a very short time or not enough time for you to really relax or fall asleep. That is why we now concentrate on making high quality long ASMR videos with one single type of sound so when you find the sound you like you can enjoy it for a long time.
220Ksubscribers 250 2 videos / week Mar 2019 Get Email Contact More

SensorAdi ASMR

SensorAdi ASMR US
I am an ASMR creator. My videos will give you relaxation, calmness, and tingles! I can also help you overcome stress, insomnia and anxiety.
252Ksubscribers 566 2.3K 3 videos / week Oct 2013 Get Email Contact More

SophieMichelle ASMR

SophieMichelle ASMR UK
SophieMichelle ASMR features ASMR videos for relaxation and tingles.
631Ksubscribers 1 video / day Nov 2011 Get Email Contact More

Creative Calm ASMR

Creative Calm ASMR UK
My channel combines the wonder of ASMR with calming entertainment. Looking for a more relaxing form of Netflix? Come on in!
370Ksubscribers 17.9K 27.5K 1 video / week Sep 2015 Get Email Contact More

VisualSounds1 ASMR

VisualSounds1 ASMR UK
Hi, I'm Jen! This channel is made to relax you, calm you and maybe even help you sleep! I use gentle hand movements, soothing sounds and various roleplays to help stimulate 'ASMR', a 'tingling' feeling sometimes felt in the head, arms, back and legs.
291Ksubscribers 2.5K 9K 1 video / day Jun 2011 Get Email Contact More


Like so many others, I discovered that there is a huge community of people that have that feeling that we could never really describe to people without sounding weird. ASMR. I've had it since as far back as I can remember and still experience it almost daily and I find that I enjoy making videos that help to trigger others asmr, or relaxation as well. Either way, i hope you enjoy my videos.
505Ksubscribers 888 1 video / day Mar 2016 Get Email Contact More

Caroline ASMR

Caroline ASMR Berlin, Germany
Hello and welcome to my ASMR channel! I'm Caroline. It's nice to meet you! I post relaxation/sounds for studying video and love doing the occasional ASMR live show. I hope you enjoy my sleepy creations!
631Ksubscribers 3K 12.4K 2 videos / week Aug 2014 Get Email Contact More

Fairy Char ASMR

Fairy Char ASMR US
Hi everyone, my name is Char! I've been making ASMR videos since 2013. I have an assortment of medical, spa, beauty and many more roleplays to help trigger your ASMR.
462Ksubscribers 15.5K 1 video / week Dec 2009 Get Email Contact More


My name is Madi and I make ASMR videos with whispering, soft sounds, brushing, tapping, roleplays and more! Follow along to get ASMR videos that will give you tingles, help you sleep and relax!
472Ksubscribers 33.8K 2 videos / month Dec 2018 Get Email Contact More

GwenGwiz ASMR

GwenGwiz ASMR Toronto, Ontario
I post a new ASMR video every Wednesday and Sunday to help you relax, calm down and fall asleep!
457Ksubscribers 2.8K 11.3K 73.2K 1 video / week Jan 2011 Get Email Contact More

LauraLemurex ASMR

LauraLemurex ASMR Wales, UK
Hello everybody! I'm Laura. This channel focuses on positivity and relaxation. My channel is a welcoming place for those seeking a stress free and safe environment. My content consists of role plays, soft speaking and whispering to help guide you to sleep and soothe your stresses!
165Ksubscribers 3.3K 5.3K 1 video / week Nov 2011 Get Email Contact More

Made In France ASMR

Made In France ASMR France
I am a french filmmaker doing ASMR videos since 2014. All my studies on Cinematographic & Sound Design allow me to produce the best Sounds & Visuals I can to relax you, help you fall asleep, and I hope, to trigger your tingles.
300Ksubscribers 3K 1K 3.4K 1 video / week May 2014 Get Email Contact More

WhisperAudios ASMR

WhisperAudios ASMR UK
WhisperAudios ASMR channel features simple as well as roleplay ASMR videos.
199Ksubscribers 1 video / week Feb 2012 Get Email Contact More

Lily Whispers ASMR

Lily Whispers ASMR US
ASMR helps with anxiety and insomnia. I started making ASMR videos in 2013 and it's been so humbling to watch the community grow and transform!
313Ksubscribers 24.4K 1 video / week Jul 2013 Get Email Contact More

Ricky Odriosola ASMR

Ricky Odriosola ASMR Hollywood, Los Angeles
Hello everyone! My name is Ricky, and I make ASMR videos to help you relax. There are several different types of triggers like whispering, listening to tapping or scratching sounds, close personal attention, entrancing hand movements, and many more. This channel will have many 'roleplays' that will work to trigger those ASMR tingles and send you on mini adventures. Have fun and happy relaxing!
159Ksubscribers 49.8K 19.9K 1 video / day Sep 2012 Get Email Contact More

CalmingEscape ASMR

CalmingEscape ASMR US
ASMR can be used for Relaxation, Sleep and Head Tingles. With how stressful life can be I hope to bring some sort of Escape from that anxiety, stress or Insomnia.
51Ksubscribers 925 1.6K 1.3K 1 video / week May 2012 Get Email Contact More

Cosmic Tingles ASMR

Cosmic Tingles ASMR US
Hello world! I have created this channel in hopes to make you happy! ASMR is a beautiful way for people to connect. It is a gate way to a more calm and loving community, in this great big community of planet Earth. I am an artist and so far I have had a lot of fun making these videos. I'm planning on releasing new ASMR videos as much as possible. I have so many ideas!
257Ksubscribers 3.3K 1 video / week Jul 2009 Get Email Contact More

Tyson ASMR

Subscribe us to get roleplaying, relaxing videos from Tyson ASMR.
100Ksubscribers 11.6K 2 videos / week Jan 2018 Get Email Contact More


Ally ASMR Keep up with videos from Ally ASMR.
239Ksubscribers 27 videos / year Apr 2018 Get Email Contact More

Home made ASMR

Home made ASMR ASMR Videos.
8.8Ksubscribers 5 videos / month Aug 2011 Get Email Contact More

ASMR Angel

ASMR Angel England, UK
I'd always known that getting my eyes tested gave me tingles and that certain things relaxed me however I never knew it had a name. After enjoying videos made by others I decided that I wanted to give back to the ASMR community and create some videos of my own. Videos I've done so far include role plays, whispering, unintelligible, eating and drinking, drawing and many more designed to help trigger and relax you.
105Ksubscribers 3.7K 3.7K 5.8K 1 video / week Jun 2013 Get Email Contact More


PuddingWhispers South Carolina, USA
Welcome to PuddingWhispers. I make ASMR videos.
141Ksubscribers 3K 1 video / quarter Aug 2011 Get Email Contact More

DrSleep ASMR

DrSleep ASMR Content Creator. Partnered ASMRtist on Twitch and upcoming Youtuber. I create content to help people sleep and relax everyday
8.5Ksubscribers 1 video / day Get Email Contact More

ASMR twodae

ASMR twodae Taiwan
Subscribe us to get ASMR videos from Twodae.
87.1Ksubscribers 752 2 videos / month Oct 2017 Get Email Contact More

Ruby True ASMR

Ruby True ASMR UK
Hi, I am Ruby! Nice to meet ya! I am a qualified Yoga teacher, Thai massage practitioner, and avid sound therapy learner! I found ASMR after being in a deep depression and suffering from crippling anxiety. I had got to the point of no hope and was just living for the sake of living.
46.3Ksubscribers 23.1K 12 videos / year Aug 2006 Get Email Contact More

ASMR Zelda

ASMR Zelda Ireland
Hello, welcome to my ASMR channel. ASMR has helped me greatly when I went through a bad period of anxiety. And I wanted to give something back to the ASMR community.
11.6Ksubscribers 187 272 9 videos / year Jun 2018 Get Email Contact More


ShadowReikiASMR1111 Spain
Hi there! I'm Nim and I'm here to cast a light on your shadow. I'm a qualified Angel Reiki practitioner and am currently studying and integrating my shadow with Reiki.
459subscribers 1 video / week Jul 2020 Get Email Contact More

Indigo Chill ASMR

Indigo Chill ASMR UK
Indigo Chill ASMR creates original, creative (and sometimes weird) audio and visual ASMR experiences. This channel tries to push the boundaries and create innovative experiences that hopefully, you have never seen before. Combining ASMR with other audio and visual experiences including 8D and binaural sounds we hope to help you discover your own boundaries, push past them. Our videos tend to incorporate a different variety of ASMR categories together including; Whispering, Personal Attention, Crisp Sounds, Slow Movements, and Repetitive Movements to create these unique experiences.

1 video / week
Get Email Contact More


ASMRrequests My name is Ally. I am a huge supporter of the ASMR community. You will learn from my first video that I was not 'born' with ASMR, but learned about it later in life and cultivated the ability to experience it over time. I feel so glad to have found this community, and I want to give back!
491Ksubscribers 18K 13.2K 14.5K 1 video / year May 2012 Get Email Contact More

TheOneLilium ASMR

TheOneLilium ASMR Denmark
Welcome to the most relaxing channel on Youtube! I'm Lilium and I make relaxing videos to help people sleep and chill out. My purpose is to be people's safe haven, their relaxing escape and their trustful companion from afar!
223Ksubscribers 2K Get Email Contact More

dani ASMR

dani ASMR Italy
Hi, my name is Daniela. I make ASMR videos for your relaxation.My strengths are my long natural nails: with them I create sounds so soft and satisfying for your ears and eyes, a totally different experience sensory of sound effects for you!
191Ksubscribers 117 Get Email Contact More

ASMR Darya

ASMR Darya What is ASMR for me? It is an opportunity to stop, to slow down. A whisper, a gentle quiet voice, soft-spoken, inviting to listen to our feelings. A pleasant tingling sensation or a trance can be elicited by means of sounds: soft rustling; crackling of plastic or paper packaging; tapping with finger-nails on objects; a slight scratching on textured surfaces; the rustle of pages; the sound of paper; breathing into the microphone.
250Ksubscribers 2.3K 924 18.1K 2 videos / year Oct 2014 Get Email Contact More

QueenOfSerene ASMR

QueenOfSerene ASMR US
QueenOfSerene ASMR channel is just here to help you guys relax. It helps insomniacs worldwide via ASMR videos.
69Ksubscribers 1.4K 4K Get Email Contact More

IndigoStars ASMR

IndigoStars ASMR Netherlands
Hey guys! My name is Indigo and I make a wide variety of relaxing and entertaining videos. The main focus is ASMR videos, which are meant to induce tingles!
52.8Ksubscribers 1.6K 3K 2.7K Get Email Contact More

CordeliaCharter ASMR

CordeliaCharter ASMR US
Follow along to get gentle, soothing reiki and asmr videos from CordeliaCharter ASMR.
37.6Ksubscribers 2 videos / year Sep 2010 Get Email Contact More

ASMR Therapist

ASMR Therapist Canada
Welcome to the wonderful world of ASMR Therapy. Enjoy relaxing unboxing, page turning, nature and show & tell videos with me.
22.6Ksubscribers 669 1.1K Get Email Contact More

Car Wheel Experiment

Car Wheel Experiment India
Hi Welcome to Car Wheel Experiment,You will find amazing experiment and lot of crush soft things. Car Wheel Experiment includes Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things By Car,Life hacks,experiments,things crunch and much more.
13.3Ksubscribers 175 1 video / quarter Feb 2020 Get Email Contact More

Delicate ASMR

Delicate ASMR England, UK
Hello! I have started creating ASMR videos to hopefully help some people relax or get tingles, or both!
44.4Ksubscribers Get Email Contact More


Eli ASMR Subscribe us to get relaxing videos from Eli ASMR.
13.4Ksubscribers 1 video / year Sep 2017 Get Email Contact More

Rocky ASMR

Rocky ASMR Netherlands
I create ASMR videos on Youtube for you to relax and to chill out.
3.8Ksubscribers 70 230 204 8 videos / year Jan 2017 Get Email Contact More

Our Resting Place ASMR

Our Resting Place ASMR UK
Hi I'm Jamie, I make ASMR and wellness news videos to help relieve feelings of isolation, anxiety, depression, insomnia.
993subscribers 5 4 543 2 videos / day Dec 2017 Get Email Contact More

Lili Raven ASMR

Lili Raven ASMR Netherlands
Hello guys! My name is Lili - I am obsessed with the sounds around us. I like to listen to tapping, scratching, and enjoy these magic sounds. On my youtube channel, you can find videos with ASMR made by things around me that I am interested in. I hope that you enjoy my videos. 🙂
3.3Ksubscribers 2 videos / month Nov 2020 Get Email Contact More

Best Day Ever ASMR

Best Day Ever ASMR US
Best Day Ever ASMR! Zoey Loves doing ASMR videos. Zoey is a Kid who learned about ASMR from her mom. They watch them at night to relax.
1.2Ksubscribers 2 videos / week Nov 2013 Get Email Contact More

Annie ASMR

Annie ASMR Welcome to Annie ASMR. Subscribe to the channel for more ASMR videos.
841subscribers 79 Get Email Contact More

ASMR Space

ASMR Space Hi, ASMR astronaut! On this channel you will find high quality ASMR videos with a variety of sound, Ear to Ear, Real Binaural 8D sound, Layered sound and other creative ideas for incredible tingles!ASMR Space creates ASMR videos for your cheerful mood, distraction from all worries and thoughts, flights for the most pleasant tingles.
9.9Ksubscribers 2 videos / quarter Get Email Contact More

Dailey Kitchen

Dailey Kitchen Inspiring healthy home cooking and veganizing traditional American dishes from my home kitchen.
172subscribers 1.2K 1 video / year Oct 2017 Get Email Contact More

Lovmer ASMR

Lovmer ASMR Subscribe us to get videos about ASMR food from Lovmer ASMR.
148subscribers 124 Get Email Contact More

Ochre ASMR

Ochre ASMR, filmed and produced in Los Angeles, California. Subscribe for weekly videos that feature high-quality tingles from a variety of objects.
65subscribers 1 Get Email Contact More

All Things Tierra - ASMR

All Things Tierra - ASMR US
On this channel, I will be sharing awesome ASMR videos to help you relax and uplift your mood! ASMR's have helped me cope with anxiety, so I wanted to create a channel to help other people who may be experiencing the same thing! I'm super excited for this journey, and I hope you feel inspired and enlightened by the content that I'll be sharing with you all!
45subscribers Get Email Contact More

Rain Deeply - ASMR

Rain Deeply - ASMR Hello! I Am A Composer Living In India Assam. I Made This Rain Sound To Relieve Of The Past. Calming Music That Brings You To A Deep And Restful Sleep Immersed In A Wonderful World. Good Night... Composing Healing Sounds To Overcome Difficult Times Hope You Have Enjoy

30 videos / year
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ASMR Youtubers

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Youtuber Name Email Subscriber
Youtube Channel Link
Jojo's ASMR
2.6M 791.3M 190 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjyi6by44TTH0j_U3vXEGpA/videos
SensorAdi ASMR
252K 77.8M 158 https://www.youtube.com/user/SensorAdi/videos
ASMR Love by T
220K 42.6M 143 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGkMEzrM7RcKf9w10SMTCpw/videos
1.7M 584.4M 135 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFmL725KKPx2URVPvH3Gp8w/videos
4.6M 1.8B 130 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE6acMV3m35znLcf0JGNn7Q/videos
ASMR Psychetruth
527K 220M 122 https://www.youtube.com/resu/SRSAESMGSAAAPM/soeivd
CalmingEscape ASMR
51K 14M 118 https://www.youtube.com/suer/eCiEgapmlscna/dovesi
Creative Calm ASMR
370K 112.7M 116 https://www.youtube.com/nhaceln/WCHIasWhwrUxG4tXEgqPCS0Q/vseiod
Home made ASMR
8.8K 2.1M 90 https://www.youtube.com/halecnn/7fGR0XNCHe-jGJwUt2HVrDtx/eiodsv
FredsVoice ASMR
1.8M 347.8M 88 https://www.youtube.com/erus/rtWMspsi1ehire/odesvi
459 17.9K 81 https://www.youtube.com/nhclena/AriSBUM17lxrSCVxhn8_nKPA/isdeov
Tyson ASMR
100K 15.4M 76 https://www.youtube.com/lennach/EIKJj5AgH2NHR32xAh-pwCUZ/sidevo
LauraLemurex ASMR
165K 38.3M 75 https://www.youtube.com/rsue/araumuLrLeeX/voeids
WhisperAudios ASMR
199K 40.9M 74 https://www.youtube.com/erus/shsideuWripoA/idsoev
VisualSounds1 ASMR
291K 84.5M 71 https://www.youtube.com/uers/usVnaiuds1loS/ovdies
Made In France ASMR
300K 48.6M 64 https://www.youtube.com/urse/AdnFeacIMSRaernM/vosdie
Fairy Char ASMR
462K 148.9M 64 https://www.youtube.com/ersu/RtRifaycshesra/oisved
WhispersRed ASMR
847K 239.3M 64 https://www.youtube.com/suer/sdWeshiAMRrRpSe/sieovd
Lily Whispers ASMR
313K 28.3M 62 https://www.youtube.com/sreu/pysswllerihi/ioesvd
Zach Choi ASMR
19M 4.4B 62 https://www.youtube.com/c/ahZcihCo/deoivs
DenisZen ASMR
3 119 61 https://www.youtube.com/c/eezSnRDMAn/ivesod
Gentle Whispering ASMR
2.2M 1B 54 https://www.youtube.com/ruse/gGnpiheltsneeiWr/oesvid
505K 195.4M 53 https://www.youtube.com/nnlehca/VJJgSHP1Ng4bCGwU9ghJfmw9/dvseio
Best Day Ever ASMR
1.2K 55.4K 51 https://www.youtube.com/c/etvrsDByaEe/oevsid
Ricky Odriosola ASMR
159K 23.8M 43 https://www.youtube.com/suer/ipicRshsrkeWy7/vioeds
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