ASMR Podcasts

1. The ASMR Podcast by Vizzion ASMR

The ASMR Podcast by Vizzion ASMRAbout Podcast Hey Vizzionators, welcome back to another milestone of our journey to relax and entertain the world. Frequency 3 episodes / week Since Apr 2018 Podcast
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2. ASMR TirarADeguello

ASMR TirarADeguelloYoungstown, Ohio About Podcast This podcast is a collection of unique storytelling ASMR to help you relax and sleep. Frequency 3 episodes / month Since Sep 2018 Podcast
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3. Sleep Meditation Podcast | ASMR Sleep Triggers

Sleep Meditation Podcast | ASMR Sleep Triggers Los Angeles, CA About Podcast We are devoted to bring you relaxing nature sounds for sleep meditation, yoga, baby sleep, tinnitus masking and background atmospheres. Getting a good night sleep is key to performing at your best during the day. Frequency 1 episode / day Since Mar 2018 Podcast
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4. Sleep Whispers

Sleep WhispersAbout Podcast This podcast was created to help with relaxation and falling asleep because people often have trouble quieting their own mind at night. Frequency 7 episodes / quarterAlso in Sleep Podcasts Podcast
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5. Sleep and Relax ASMR

Sleep and Relax ASMRAbout Podcast Sleep and Relax ASMR is a weekly podcast that creates audio experiences designed to help people sleep and relax. The show uses various ASMR triggers including whispers, gentle speaking, relaxing background noise, and general ambiance to help people unwind and relax from their busy lives. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Jul 2016 Podcast
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6. The ASMR Talk Show

The ASMR Talk ShowLos Angeles, CA About Podcast Each week host Adam Papagan uses his soft spoken technique to interview guests from a variety of creative disciplines. Comedians, actors, musicians, and poets all sit down for intimate, relaxed, and often humorous exchanges that explore a world away from distraction. Frequency 12 episodes / year Since Nov 2015 Podcast
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7. ASMR Radio

ASMR RadioAbout Podcast Radio show dealing in Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Listen to soothing sounds like bird's chirping, water dropping and more to enlighten your mood instantly. Frequency 6 episodes / year Since Mar 2017 Podcast
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8. ASMR Station

ASMR StationAbout Podcast This show is about ASMR and relaxing sounds that will help you to relieve stress, anxiety and sleeping. Frequency 3 episodes / year Since Mar 2018 Podcast
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9. Sweet Whispers Sensual ASMR Podcast

Sweet Whispers Sensual ASMR PodcastSan Diego, CA About Podcast Sensual ASMR recordings to help soothe and relax you. Lie back, close your eyes, take a deep breath and escape with me for a little while. Frequency 2 episodes / quarter Since Sep 2015 Podcast
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10. Creative Whispers ASMR Podcast

Creative Whispers ASMR PodcastAbout Podcast Join me for a whispered adventure to help you fall asleep. Leave insomnia behind and enter a world of relaxation through speech. Frequency 1 episode / monthAlso in Insomnia Podcasts Podcast
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11. The ASMR Garden

The ASMR GardenAbout Podcast The ASMR Garden is dedicated to ASMR content and storytelling. All stories are original and written by me, so that you have an experience unlike any other. Further, I lace all my podcast episodes in special sound effects that make you feel as though you are in the waves, or near a city park. Frequency 1 episode / week Since Jun 2018 Podcast
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12. The ASMR Podcast | ASMR Audio Triggers

The ASMR Podcast | ASMR Audio TriggersScotland About Podcast The ASMR Podcast is a collection of stimulating audio recordings from our guest hosts. Includes Scottish & Irish-accent whispers and soft speech. Frequency 1 episode / quarter Since Aug 2015 Podcast
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