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Arctic Blogs

1. Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

Arctic Sea Ice News and AnalysisBoulder, Colorado About Blog Read scientific analysis on Arctic sea ice conditions. The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) studies our world's frozen realms, or cryosphere. We specialize in snow, ice, glaciers, frozen ground, and climate. We also manage and distribute scientific data on the cryosphere, and support other researchers who use the data. We share our data and knowledge with the public. Find out more by following our blog. Frequency 1 post / month Since Oct 2006 Blog
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2. Arctic News

Arctic NewsAbout Blog The Arctic-News Blog describes the situation in the Arctic, focusing especially on the threat of large abrupt methane eruptions from the Arctic Ocean seafloor. Contributors to the blog share a deep concern about the way climate change is unfolding in the Arctic and the threat that this poses for the world at large. Follow to get updates Frequency 2 posts / week Since Dec 2011 Also in Science Blogs, Global Warming Blogs Blog
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3. Arctic Research

Arctic ResearchAbout Blog Arctic Research is a blog site of INTERACT, an EU H2020 project that offers researchers access to the Arctic and northern alpine and forest areas through a Transnational Access Programme. Follow to keep up with latest updates by following our blog. Frequency 25 posts / year Blog
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4. Arctic Frontiers

Arctic Frontiers Tromsø, Norway About Blog Arctic Frontiers is an international arena for discussions on sustainable development in the Arctic. Find out more by following our blog feed. Frequency 7 posts / year Blog
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5. Arctic Today

Arctic TodayAnchorage, AK About Blog ArcticToday news, information, opinion and analysis about the Arctic, it's evolving economy and changing environment across the circumpolar North. Follow to keep up with new updates. Frequency 3 posts / dayAlso in Anchorage Blogs Blog
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6. UArctic News

UArctic NewsRovaniemi, Finland About Blog The University of the Arctic is a cooperative network of universities, colleges, and organizations committed to higher education and research in the North. Follow these blogs to browse Arctic News, research and analysis. Frequency 1 post / day Since Feb 2006 Blog
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7. The Arctic Institute

The Arctic InstituteD.C.-Oslo-Berlin-Copenhagen About Blog The Arctic Institute is an interdisciplinary, independent think tank focused on Arctic policy issues with a network of researchers across the world. Follow to keep up with new updates. Frequency 2 posts / week Since Nov 2016 Blog
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8. Arctic Economic Council

Arctic Economic CouncilAbout Blog The Arctic Economic Council (AEC) is an independent organization that facilitates Arctic business-to-business activities and responsible economic development through the sharing of best practices, technological solutions, standards, and other information. Follow to keep up with latest from this feed. Frequency 5 posts / month Since Apr 2015 Blog
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9. Arctic Kingdom

Arctic KingdomAcross the polar regions About Blog Looking for authentic Arctic stories? Learn all about the wildlife, the beauty of Arctic. Follow to keep up with latest from this feed. Frequency 1 post / week Blog
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10. Arctic Council

Arctic Council US About Blog An intergovernmental forum for Arctic governments and peoples. Includes information on the Council, Member States, Working Groups, Task Forces, events, documents and reports, official papers, glossary, and links to Arctic data and information. Find out more by following our blog. Frequency 1 post / week Since Mar 2019 Blog
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11. The Conversation » Arctic

The Conversation » ArcticAustralia About Blog Browse Arctic news, research and analysis from The Conversation. Follow to keep up with latest from this blog. Frequency 1 post / week Since Jun 2010 Blog
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12. Mongabay » Arctic-animals

Mongabay » Arctic-animalsAbout Blog Arctic-animals conservation news from Follow to get notify. Frequency 3 posts / day Blog
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13. Ocean Conservancy » Arctic

Ocean Conservancy » ArcticUnited States of America About Blog Learn what it is Arctic, and how it's changing with Ocean Conservancy. Follow to get notify. Frequency 4 posts / month Since Mar 2012 Blog
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14. The Great White Con

The Great White ConArctic About Blog Putting the Arctic sea ice record straight.Follow to get notify. Frequency 15 posts / year Since Sep 2013 Blog
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