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Aquarium Podcasts

1. Real Fish Talk by Aquarium Co-Op

Real Fish Talk by Aquarium Co-Op Edmonds, WA About Podcast Here we talk about freshwater aquariums and bring real fish talk to your day. Hosted by Cory of Aquarium Co-Op and Joel of Corvus Oscen. Aquarium Co-Op is a new way of doing aquatic business. It is our philosophy that by combining our love of quality fish/products with locally bred fish and plants; we can create a fun, inviting and sustainable hobby for all to enjoy.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Since Jul 2016
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers 6,201.

2. Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast

Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast About Podcast Welcome to Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast. This is the tropical fish keeper's podcast. Every and anything aquarium and tropical fish will be discussed here. Come and get your freshwater and saltwater fix. Monster predatory fish are Aqua Alex's specialty but you'll soon come to find out that Aqua Alex has a wide spread knowledge of many different species in the aquarium hobby. Now he gets to share his passion, and love of tropical fish with the whole world.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Since Jun 2017
Podcast aquariumhobbypodcast.buzzspr..
Facebook fans 342. Twitter followers n/a.

3. Aquariumania

Aquariumania About Podcast Keeping fish as pets has been a tradition going back to ancient Egypt and China. Today, many more different, beautiful and fascinating kinds of fish and other aquatic animals can thrive in your home if you learn the dos and don'ts and get the right equipment. In these fun pet podcasts, you'll learn all about aquarium fish and other aquatic animals, the aquarium industry, and the science and art that surround this fascinating hobby.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers 8,655.

4. The Aquarist Podcast

The Aquarist Podcast About Podcast This podcast is intended to serve the tropical fish keeping community with insightful interviews from all facets of the hobby: breeders, conservationists, scientists, retailers, brand reps, and new to seasoned enthusiasts. If you keep a freshwater aquarium then this is the show for you.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Since Feb 2018
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers n/a.

5. Saltwater Aquarium Radio

Saltwater Aquarium Radio About Podcast Jeff Hesketh here, the founder and host of Saltwater Aquarium Radio. The SAR Podcast is a means to share my love of saltwater aquariums and to educate others interested in the hobby. In all, Saltwater Aquarium Radio is committed to delivering the most reliable, accurate saltwater aquarium keeping information possible, for people looking to get started with their own saltwater aquarium or help an old salty dog pick up a new trick.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Since Mar 2016
Facebook fans 101. Twitter followers 2,386.

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