30 Best Apocalyptic Podcasts

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Apocalyptic Podcasts

Here are 30 Best Apocalyptic Podcasts worth listening to in 2023


DEADLAND A Journey Through The Zombie Apocalypse. The Human Extinction Level Loss series was written and read by Philip A. McClimon.
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2. The Afterworlds Podcast

The Afterworlds Podcast In a devastated post apocalyptic future full of mutants, monsters robots and zombies, a lone human survivor heads out of the safety of his bunker to run a radio talkshow with a mutant, a robot and a zombie.Inspired by many other improvisational shows, the Afterworlds podcast is a fictional adventure that builds on itself from episode to episode.
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3. Hannahpocalypse

Hannahpocalypse Hannahpocalypse is a comedy/horror audio drama that follows a dead girl Hannah; a zombie 'living' her best life long after the zombie apocalypse has come and gone.
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4. The Apocalypse Post / Legends of Wasteland City

The Apocalypse Post / Legends of Wasteland City Post-Apocalyptic Movies, Music, Festivals, and Culture. And the original Audio Drama Anthology Series: 'Legends of Wasteland City'
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5. Wake Of Corrosion

Wake Of Corrosion A UK-based audio drama set in a nightmare-ridden, apocalyptic world. An unknown horror grips the country, forcing most of the remaining population into the shelter. Tune into the broadcasts from Bunker A:12 and join Professor Ryan as he endeavors to find answers in the wreckage.
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6. The Critical 'Musts' with Bill Nordstrom

The Critical 'Musts' with Bill Nordstrom We examine the biblical events that 'must' precede the return of Jesus Christ. There are many, but also an abundance of prophetic teachings in the Word of God only to be understood by connecting the dots presented by the authors of both the Old Testament and the apostolic writers of the New. There are significant apocalyptic mysteries in the bible the Church will be made responsible for communicating to a dull and lethargic multitude seeking answers in these last days.
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7. One World in a New World - Apocalyptic Chats

One World in a New World - Apocalyptic Chats Arizona, US
Apocalyptic chats engage deep dives to uncover hidden knowledge we all carry and make it useful for today. Our guests span the gamut of business and society; making sense common through conversation and generative listening. We discover new things or ways to perceive connections within each of us as co-creators bridging diversity, equality, and inclusion with a new living awareness of the new normal.
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8. Granmaw's Blazing

Granmaw's Blazing In this comedy podcast with Nitrahawk, we get into the mind of Grandma and her incredibly warped vision of the world. From what she would do during a zombie apocalypse, to her believing Finland is fake, they talk about crazy conspiracies, youtubers, celebrities, insane scenarios, and so much more.
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9. The Tim Dillon Show

The Tim Dillon Show Tim Dillon is a comedian and tour guide. He's very excited to give you a tour of the end of the world. Each week from a porch in Los Angeles he shares apocalyptic visions with his friends and berates a local diner.
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10. Apocalypse in Review

Apocalypse in Review We are Michelle and Tom, a couple of non-professional movie reviewers reviewing apocalyptic movies. We have taken movie reviews to an inappropriate and unprofessional level, all in good fun.
Play 2.4K 7 episodes / quarter Avg Length 87 min Get Email Contact

11. The Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast

The Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast The Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast explores the Gospel as a first-century Jew would have understood it. A conversation about the Gospel, the Kingdom of God, or the Day of the Lord in the first century would have evoked a body of ideas not immediately present with a simple word study of these terms.
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12. Mad Tales

Mad Tales Horror, Post-Apocalyptic, and Science Fiction audiobooks written, narrated, and produced by James Noll.
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13. Apocalyptic Zen

Apocalyptic Zen The dumbest man on earth began recording his thoughts before the end of the world. Now with 193.3% more ZEN! A left-wing comedy podcast exploring the apocalypse and many other topics surrounding it.
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14. Apocalyptic Tattoos

Apocalyptic Tattoos A series of Bible studies that seeks to reveal the true identity of the Antichrist, to explain the Mark of the Beast, and help you know how to avoid receiving it.
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15. Apocalypti-casts

Apocalypti-casts A quick guide to understanding world events in these apocalyptic times.
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16. Still Alive

Still Alive 'Howdy Folks, if you're still alive then welcome back to the number one and the only Radio Broadcast in the Apocalypse!' A Narrative Fiction Podcast set in a radio station nine months after the zombie apocalypse's start centered around its sole inhabitant.
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17. The End of Days Drive-In

The End of Days Drive-In An immersive audiobook-style horror anthology series brings you some popcorn for the apocalypse.
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18. Planet Rx 2035

Planet Rx 2035 Fiction Action Adventure Post Apocalyptic storytelling.
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19. Chaika

Chaika A science fiction drama about loss, isolation, and hope, where a woman navigates a post-apocalyptic future.
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20. Ghostly Stories & Strange Things

Ghostly Stories & Strange Things Ghostly, Spooky & unexplained Stories. The Haunting Diaries of Emily Jane series is an experimental gritty apocalyptic drama about New York's District 42. The earth is dying and Emily is separated from her family and boyfriend by districts. Posh district 11 government officials make a plan to exterminate citizens in other districts to gain an edge in survival. However, an alien spaceship appears and changes things drastically.
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21. Red Riding Hoods

Red Riding Hoods A team of 'Final Girls' sole survivors of horrific mass murders join forces to hunt malevolent entities while uncovering the apocalyptic conspiracy uniting them.
Play 138 261 1 episode / year Avg Length 15 min Get Email Contact

22. Post Apocalyptic News Radio

Post Apocalyptic News Radio Post Apocalyptic News Radio is a science-fiction podcast set in the irradiated wastelands of a post global nuclear fallout event. Tune in, and listen closely. Not everything is as it appears to be.
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SSTMZ What do you get when you stick amateur storytellers together with some RPGs? Well, I guess you get this podcast! Tune in every other week to hear the next episode of Dystropia, a post-apocalyptic game where the dystopian fiction we've been consuming for decades has become a reality.
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24. Day 1 Of The End Of The World

Day 1 Of The End Of The World Day 1 of the End of the World is a collection of first-hand accounts and stories of what happened on the first day of the zombie apocalypse. The Day 1 oral history collection showcases the human elements, the chaos, the heroism, and the tragedy, as seen through the eyes of people from around the world.
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25. Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes Out of the Ashes is a dark modern fantasy story set in a post-apocalyptic world. Following the journey of a group of strangers, who become family, while learning the truth about history, folk tales, magic, and legends. Follow the group as they're thrust into an ancient battle spanning to the dawn of humanity.
Play 122 822 5 episodes / quarter Avg Length 20 min Get Email Contact

26. Sci-fi Hourglass Podcast

Sci-fi Hourglass Podcast Sci-fi adventure audio stories. There will be other styles of stories added in the future like horror. Home of Yesterday's Leftovers is a post-apocalyptic science fiction adventure audio story. Set in the future inside continental-size buildings.
Also in Sci-fi Podcasts
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27. Apocalist Book Club

Apocalist Book Club Welcome to the Apocalist Book Club! Your hosts Nella and Raven are reading all apocalyptic fiction in chronological order. Join the club if you have time now.
Also in Book Club Podcasts
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28. Salvage

Salvage Salvage is an Apocalyptic Dystopian Horror-Comedy Actual-Play Podcast about travelers lost in a labyrinthine, ever-shifting, never-ending city. It's trippy gross transhumanist horror meets bright culture-rich colourful post-post-cyberpunk. It is also primarily about 3 people who fall down a hole and have a very very bad time.
Also in Horror Comedy Podcasts
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Podcaster Name Email Podcast Link Total Episodes
Philip A. Mcclimon deadland.captivate.fm/episode/52-38 20
B-roll salvagecast.com/EP17.html 20
Unknown Squared Productions chtbl.com/track/G5651A/pdcn.co/e/buzzsprout.com/794927/9668289-bonus-episode-jack.mp3 20
Theapocalypsepost theapocalypsepost.podbean.com/e/how-waterworlds-exxon-valdeez-was-reborn-a-2ndtime/ 20
Shadow & Static shows.acast.com/wakeofcorrosion/episodes/632131569839fc0012e409a4 20
Bill Nordstrom buzzsprout.com/838861/11419799-god-s-sifting-leads-to-god-s-straightening.mp3 20
Zen Benefiel, Ma, Mba, Dd anchor.fm/one-world-new-world/episodes/One-World-in-a-New-World-with-Julie-Kratz---Author--Chief-Engagement-Officer--Next-Pivot-Point-e1qq6lu 20
Nitrahawk redcircle.com/shows/a35d0e50-f0d1-43fe-bb66-b85ca24e12c4/episodes/c3424d13-35aa-403a-a6e7-fdb531eff2b9 20
The Tim Dillon Show audioboom.com/posts/8208904 20
Antonella Inserra apocalistbookclub.libsyn.com/ep-28-when-worlds-collide-by-philip-wylie-edwin-balmer 20
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