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Animation Podcasts

Here are 60 Best Animation Podcasts worth listening to in 2023

1. Overly Animated Podcast

Overly Animated Podcast Dallas, Texas, US
Welcome to the Overly Animated Podcast, where we take animation seriously! We talk about anything animation we're passionate about here, particularly Miraculous Ladybug & The Owl House, and more! New podcasts will be out every other Wednesday.
Play 989 1 episode / week Avg Length 93 min Jun 2015 Get Email Contact More

2. Skwigly Animation Podcasts

Skwigly Animation Podcasts UK
Join Ben Mitchell, Steve Henderson, Laura-Beth Cowley, and guests for Skwigly's animation podcasts, where interviews with world-famous industry legends and skilled craftspeople go alongside cheery conversations about the world of animation. You can select from our sub-categories: Skwigly Film Club, Intimate Animation, Independent Animation, and the main Skwigly Animation Podcast.
Also in UK Animation Podcasts
Play 5.1K 12.7K 1 episode / week Avg Length 48 min Get Email Contact More

3. Animation Addicts Podcast - Disney, Pixar, & Animated Movie Reviews & Interviews | Rotoscopers

Animation Addicts Podcast - Disney, Pixar, & Animated Movie Reviews & Interviews | Rotoscopers Gilbert, Arizona, US
Get your animation fix with animation addicts just like you! The Animation Addicts Podcast is a show about the wonderful world of animation: Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar & everything in between! In each episode the hosts - Morgan Stradling, Chelsea Robson & Mason Smith - discuss a different animation film and have a hilarious, in-depth, nerdy discussion about it. Take a trip down memory lane as we review old childhood favorites or discuss the latest box office releases, in addition to interviews with your favorite people from the animation world!
Play 10.8K 11.8K 2 episodes / quarter Avg Length 44 min Feb 2012 Get Email Contact More

4. The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast Nashville, Tennessee, US
Twin animators Tom and Tony Bancroft get together and talk about their Disney Animation past, the present animation business, and the future of animation. Interviews with talented artists, inspirational words, and wild speculation will help you grow as a person - or not.
Play 3.6K 534 1 episode / month Avg Length 61 min Aug 2014 Get Email Contact More

5. Animation Destination

Animation Destination Louisville, Kentucky, US
Animation Destination is an animation celebration podcast dedicated to all things animated. Western animation, anime, independent animation, voice acting, and more!
Play 3.2K 177 4 episodes / month Avg Length 83 min Nov 2014 Get Email Contact More

6. Generation Animation

Generation Animation Miami, Florida, US
Generation Animation is your in-depth look at all things animated. Cartoons, anime, CG, shorts, you name it! If it's animated, Generation Animation will break it down with expert discussion and amusing banter.
Play 251 219 1 episode / week Avg Length 102 min Oct 2013 Get Email Contact More

7. RebelTaxi's Pizza Party Podcast

RebelTaxi's Pizza Party Podcast Spectrum City, Texas, US
I'm a Youtuber who talks about animation and design characters. Join in now and listen to the World's greatest Animation Podcast.
Play 8.4K 93.7K 6 episodes / quarter Avg Length 73 min Jan 2015 Get Email Contact More

8. School of Motion Podcast

School of Motion Podcast Bradenton, Florida, US
A show for MoGraph artists by MoGraph artists. We interview designers, Animators, Producers, and other folks related to our industry. We get deep into the geeky world of Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, and Illustrator. We talk about the business and art of Motion Design. Dig in.
Also in Motion Design Podcasts, Adobe Podcasts
Play 74.1K 37.2K 64.6K 1 episode / month Avg Length 83 min Get Email Contact More

9. What A Cartoon Podcast

What A Cartoon Podcast Berkeley, California, US
From the creators of Talking Simpsons comes What A Cartoon, an audio exploration of every cartoon ever. Join hosts Henry Gilbert and Bob Mackey as well as several guests for an in-depth look at a different episode of a different cartoon every week.
Also in TV Shows Podcasts, Cartoon Podcasts
Play 13.2K 2 episodes / month Avg Length 101 min Mar 2018 Get Email Contact More

10. Directing Animation Livecast

Directing Animation Livecast Ogden, Utah, US
In-depth conversations with top producers and directors in the Animation Industry. Join director/animator Scott Wiser on his journey toward directing his first animated feature film.
Play 331 394 1 episode / month Avg Length 47 min Jan 2020 Get Email Contact More

11. Kids Animate

Kids Animate Hello, and welcome to Kids Animate! The podcast that covers the basics of animation and digital art, for kids! This is the podcast for kids who like to draw and want to learn how to animate. New episodes every Saturday at 12 A.M. EST, plus random bonus episodes occasionally!
Play 1 episode / week Avg Length 12 min Sep 2020 Get Email Contact More

12. Animation Nation

Animation Nation We give you news information and a few topics surrounding the world of animation and bits of other pop culture. New episodes are up every Saturday and/or Sunday.
Play 6 2 episodes / month Avg Length 37 min Aug 2019 Get Email Contact More

13. The Business of Animation Podcast

The Business of Animation Podcast South Africa
'The Business of Animation Podcast' presented by Cabblow Studios is a podcast dedicated to helping budding animation entrepreneurs create their own financially sustainable businesses and personally fulfilling & enjoyable creative careers. Kabelo 'Cabblow' Maaka is your host and a budding entrepreneur herself. Listen as Cabblow shares business lessons on the journey of building her own animation empire through Cabblow Studios.
Play 753 2 episodes / quarter Avg Length 39 min Feb 2020 Get Email Contact More

14. Animation Industry Podcast

Animation Industry Podcast Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Welcome to AIP, the Animation Industry Podcast! Here you'll find interviews from today's top leaders in the animation industry on topics like - the best way to pitch a show, how to successfully market your work online, what kind of skills will get your dream job, and more! Who's running this podcast? My name is Terry, and I'm a stop motion animator. I'm soaking up as much knowledge about the animation industry as I can, and sharing what I learn along the way.
Play 196 543 4.4K 1 episode / week Avg Length 56 min Dec 2018 Get Email Contact More

15. Straight Ahead Animation Podcast

Straight Ahead Animation Podcast Atlanta, Georgia, US
On the Straight Ahead Animation Podcast, we interview and spotlight rising BIPOC voices in the Animation Industry. We want our guest to share their early experiences working at their first industry job and their transition from being a student to an industry professional. We want to spotlight these rising BIPOC voices because these are the voices that will shape the Animation Industry in the future.
Play 736 1 episode / month Avg Length 53 min Jan 2021 Get Email Contact More

16. Fanimated

Fanimated US
Welcome to Fanimated: an animation fan podcast where we get a chance to geek out about our favorite animated media. Join Kelly and her friends as they discuss animated television, films, games, and more!
Play 96 15 1 episode / week Avg Length 67 min Sep 2018 Get Email Contact More

17. DIS-Order: Every Disney Film

DIS-Order: Every Disney Film Los Angeles, California, US
A chronological journey through the struggles, sacrifices, and successes of every animated feature film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Join your hosts, Andy, Hunter and Michael, in discussion and debate surrounding Disney's most (and least) beloved fairytales and adventures in the broader context of the Walt Disney Company and the animation studio's influence on pop culture.
Also in Animation Movies Podcasts
Play 2.2K 994 1 episode / month Avg Length 184 min May 2017 Get Email Contact More

18. Fantasy/Animation

Fantasy/Animation London, England, UK
Christopher Holliday researches animation history and digital media at King's College London (UK). Alexander Sergeant is a Lecturer in Film and Media Studies at the University of Portsmouth (UK), specialising in the history and theory of fantasy cinema. In each episode, they look in detail at a film or television show, taking listeners on a journey through the intersection between fantasy cinema and the medium of animation.
Also in Animation History Podcasts
Play 410 921 1 episode / week Avg Length 40 min Get Email Contact More

19. The ThawedCast: Conversations About Animation

The ThawedCast: Conversations About Animation Los Angeles, California, US
Join in and listen to the Conversations About Animation hosted by Philip A. Ehlke and Dawson Ehlke.
Play 12 1 episode / week Avg Length 83 min Oct 2018 Get Email Contact More

20. Disney History Institute Podcast

Disney History Institute Podcast The Disney History Institute Podcast exploring the history of animation and of early cinematic amusement parks.
Also in Disney Podcasts
Play 9K 5K 1 episode / week Avg Length 42 min Get Email Contact More

21. Creators Society Animation Podcast

Creators Society Animation Podcast US
If you love everything animation this podcast is for you! Join host Michael Wakelam as he has exciting conversations with creators from all across the animation industry on topics ranging from personal stories, careers, the craft, the history, and the business of animation. The Creators Society is a group of passionate, friendly, and respectable creators working in different areas of animation from development through distribution. We work to bring these members of the animation community together through education and networking.
Play 875 188 6 episodes / quarter Avg Length 56 min Jan 2021 Get Email Contact More

22. Nation of Animation

Nation of Animation Chicago, Illinois, US
Nation of Animation is a cartoon book club podcast for all ages! Join lifelong cartoon fans Ryan Stevens and Brooke-Erin Smith every other week as they discuss classic cartoons through a modern lens and celebrate everything cartoons have to offer!
Play 28 1 episode / week Avg Length 60 min Jan 2021 Get Email Contact More

23. CARTOONERIFIC! Classic Animated Cartoons

CARTOONERIFIC! Classic Animated Cartoons New York, US
Fun Talk about Classic hand-drawn animation, as well as interviews with animators, actors, and creators who make the fun happen! We review cartoons past and present and even have shows devoted to theme parks, animation art collecting, and cartoon memorabilia. We will talk about Disney, Warner Bros, Hanna Barbera, MGM, Don Bluth, Ralph Bakshi, Fleischer, Terrytoons, Filmation, and much more. It's all things cartoons. It's Cartoonerific! With your host, Animator Brian Mitchell.
Play 11 1 episode / week Avg Length 70 min Get Email Contact More

24. Animation Celery

Animation Celery Matsy and Micah are a couple of cartoon enthusiasts who have decided to torture/enlighten themselves by assigning each other classic cartoons to watch. Hear them discuss animation from the old days, and decide whether your childhood has been ruined, or if you need to revisit some hidden gems.
Play 1 episode / week Avg Length 78 min Mar 2021 Get Email Contact More

25. Movie Bytes

Movie Bytes Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, US
Movie Bytes is an Animated Disney Movie podcast. Dedicated to reviewing all Classic Animated Disney Movies in the official canon. Starting with Snow White and working our way to the present day. Episodes release once a month!
Also in Disney Movie Podcasts
Play 47 2 episodes / year Avg Length 74 min Get Email Contact More

26. Motion Hatch

Motion Hatch UK
Motion Hatch is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by veteran motion designer Hayley Akins, discussing the business side of animation and motion design that so many creatives struggle with. Offering quality practical advice and insight for freelance, full-time or aspiring animators, illustrators, and motion designers, hear from a wide range of voices within the industry, including how leading animators started out, tips on managing your business, and career advice.
Also in Graphic Design Podcasts
Play 2.8K 5.2K 24.7K 1 episode / quarter Avg Length 43 min Get Email Contact More

27. creativity of imagination,

creativity of imagination, The part I will be doing is talking about animation/film. Also some 3d animation and illustration. Then, I will give an overview of myself, and my artwork some inspiration.
Also in Illustration Podcasts
Play 2 8 episodes / year Avg Length 19 min Oct 2019 Get Email Contact More

28. Draw me a Story - An Animation Podcast

Draw me a Story - An Animation Podcast Puerto Rico, US
Join us as young animators of the industry discuss and dissect animated films and tv shows. We believe animation is a medium that can be used for all kinds of stories and we're here to give our thoughts and have fun along the way.
Play 338 51 11 episodes / year Avg Length 75 min Sep 2020 Get Email Contact More

29. Acme Podcasts Inc

Acme Podcasts Inc Two laymen who love animation talk about cartoons and sometimes video games or comics or books, but the focus is really on animation.
Play 8 2 episodes / month Avg Length 124 min Jan 2020 Get Email Contact More

30. The iAnimate.net Podcast

The iAnimate.net Podcast UK
iAnimate.net is a complete set of workshops designed to target all your animation needs. And in an effort to keep the communication coming, we've decided to invade the airwaves we these podcasts! We'll be talking about animation, the industry, and have interviews with industry professionals and another guest that pertain to our field.
Play 128.4K 16.2K 1 episode / month Avg Length 72 min Get Email Contact More

31. blendermania3d.com

blendermania3d.com Los Angeles, California, US
The mission behind BlenderMania is to get even the average person who has no idea about 3D arts to be able to master it so completely that they are able to create anything they see in their imagination and bring it to life in BLENDER! How we do this is through a step by the step learning process that starts at the very beginning and goes all the way to the more advanced things you need to know within Blender. We teach people the art of 3D.
Play 3.3K Jan 2020 Get Email Contact More

32. RubberOnion Animation Podcasts

RubberOnion Animation Podcasts New York City, New York, US
RubberOnion Animation Podcasts is about tutorials, community forums, and live events, owned and operated by Brooklyn Animator Stephen Brooks.
Play 1.2K 1.3K 1.4K 2 episodes / quarter Avg Length 107 min Oct 2013 Get Email Contact More

33. Drawn To It Podcast

Drawn To It Podcast This podcast, hosted by veteran animator Brian Finlay is about creative driven people and their journey. Not only do we talk about their successes but we also talk about the failures that come along the way, how do they overcome when the odds are against them? How do they ignore the 'nay' Sayers? Why do they go to bed and wake up thinking about their artistic passion? To put it in simple terms, they are Drawn To It!
Play 565 28 Jan 2020 Get Email Contact More

34. Defenders Of The Night

Defenders Of The Night Saint Louis, Missouri, US
We are Defenders Of The Night - the most trusted source for top-to-bottom coverage of everyone's favorite mid-90s animated program - Gargoyles! Every week hosts Daniel and Liz will dissect and discuss the wonderful world of Disney's Gargoyles from the point of view of aging fans of animation. With a drink in hand, we'll take a look at what still works, what misses the mark, and what obvious romantic relationships were brewing.
Play 307 166 7 episodes / year Avg Length 56 min Apr 2020 Get Email Contact More

35. Black N' Animated Podcast

Black N' Animated Podcast Los Angeles, California, US
An animation podcast to educate, inform and inspire black artists pursuing careers in animation. Hosted by Breana Williams and Waymond Singleton.
Play 7.4K 414 Mar 2018 Get Email Contact More

36. Whelmed : the Young Justice files

Whelmed : the Young Justice files Happy Harbor, Rhode Island, US
Join Rich and Caleb for an in-depth analysis of the Young Justice animated show. This podcast will dig into each episode in detail, discussing everything from Amazo to Zeta Beams. Beyond discussing the amazing story, the podcast will also feature special guests who share their love for the show and bonus episodes that focus on specific characters. Thanks for listening and stay whelmed.
Play 341 2.2K 18 episodes / year Avg Length 52 min Oct 2016 Get Email Contact More

37. The DIY Animation Show

The DIY Animation Show Austin, Texas, US
The do-it-yourself guide for independent animators. Learn tips and tricks to make your own animated web series, shorts, features, and gifs! Hosted by Jessica Doll and Lauren Morse.
Play 126 40 Dec 2016 Get Email Contact More


CONTENTBREAKER Four fanboys gather weekly to discuss and reminisce about classic and current cartoons, anime, and shows that aired in the 90s through today!
Play 8 4 episodes / quarter Avg Length 58 min Dec 2020 Get Email Contact More

39. Masters of Motion

Masters of Motion Australia
Masters of Motion is a podcast, website, and social media channel, that provides the world with an insight into the Australian and New Zealand Animation industry. Comprising of a podcast and online gallery featuring outstanding motion design, animation, and visual effects work. Our mission is to celebrate Australia's motion artists and to inspire the next generation of motion designers, animators, visual effects, and 3-D artists.
Play 546 398 2 episodes / month Avg Length 66 min Nov 2016 Get Email Contact More

40. ToonCast

ToonCast US
ToonCast Classic is the GCRN's Cartoons of yesterYear review podcast. Join us as we reminisce with special guests & interview voice actors. So Toon In!
Play 985 1.1K Jun 2009 Get Email Contact More

41. Saturday Mourning Cartoons

Saturday Mourning Cartoons North Virginia, US
The Collider Weekly podcast for all things animation, including news, reviews, and interviews.
Play 3.3K 1.1K Nov 2015 Get Email Contact More

42. Cartoon Logic

Cartoon Logic Welcome to Thad Komorowski and Bob Jaques' podcast examining the best classic cartoons ever made. That's just what we'll be diving into each episode: historical overviews on a given topic, scene-by-scene analysis and highlights from classic shorts, intricate breakdowns from an animator's POV, occasional animator and historian guests, all you could ever want to know about ancient cartoons in this modern age, from two gents who've done the research and are just bursting to share that knowledge with our listenership.
Play 109 1 episode / year Avg Length 113 min Sep 2019 Get Email Contact More

43. Directors In Animation Podcast

Directors In Animation Podcast UK
A podcast about the ups and downs of directing animation films and series. Hosted by Avgousta Zourelidi (Moominvalley / Monster High / Angry Birds).
Play 121 Apr 2019 Get Email Contact More

44. The Animated Journey: Interviews with Animation Professionals

The Animated Journey: Interviews with Animation Professionals Burbank, California, US
The Animated Journey is a biweekly podcast featuring interviews with professionals in the animation industry working in television, film, and games. Learn how they became professionals in the field and how they stay motivated to create great work.
Also in Animation Blogs
Play 467 Feb 2016 Get Email Contact More

45. Greyscalegorilla Podcast

Greyscalegorilla Podcast Chicago, Illinois, US
A show for creatives who want to learn about motion design, 3D rendering, Cinema 4D, working with clients, and much more.
Play 67.7K 33.4K 120.6K 2 episodes / year Avg Length 61 min Apr 2011 Get Email Contact More

46. Cabbage Club: Animation

Cabbage Club: Animation Join Casey Gibbons and Kaden Brigance inside the cabbage patch for the ultimate breakdown of the latest and hottest animation. Dig deeper into your favorite animation movies and series, from western animation to eastern anime, and share your thoughts and opinions with the growing community.
Play 13 Get Email Contact More

47. Cynical Cartoons

Cynical Cartoons Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Every week, we take a look at a weird piece of animation history! Whether that's a kids cartoon based on an R rated action movie or an ill-conceived reboot, we're gonna break it down. I'm here if you need to talk!
Play 5.3K 8K Jan 2014 Get Email Contact More

48. AnimDojo

AnimDojo London, England, UK
The AnimDojo Podcast is a bit different from other animation podcasts, as we chat to all levels of artists, not just the masters, giving no-nonsense practical tips & advice.
Play 3K 1.6K Mar 2018 Get Email Contact More

49. The Magical Animation Podcast

The Magical Animation Podcast Join in and go through the animation journey with Liam The Magic Man.
Play Jul 2020 Get Email Contact More

50. Melanin Animated Podcast

Melanin Animated Podcast The Melanin Animated Podcastis strictly for teaching, learning, and discussing the rights and wrongs in the animation industry. Doing so, podcast hosts: Kyla (CEO) & Imani (Co-Founder) will give their honest review that pertains to anything animation. While proving black girls do indeed watch cartoons!
Play Apr 2020 Get Email Contact More

51. Animation Happy Hour

Animation Happy Hour Los Angeles, California, US
Animation Happy Hour is a monthly podcast hosted by three feature film animators - Garrett Lewis, Katie Low, and Ben Girmann. Our podcast mission is to provide practical advice for students, job-seekers, and animation enthusiasts on how to break into all aspects of the animation industry.
Play 287 5 episodes / year Avg Length 119 min Dec 2019 Get Email Contact More

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Fanimated buzzsprout.com 71
Disney History Institute disneyhistoryinstitute.com 60
Animation Industry Podcast terryibele.com 48
animationcelery animationcelery.podbean.com 47
Rotoscopers rotoscopers.com 45
Ray Mendoza Landa & Yuki Okamura-Wong anchor.fm 41
Overly Animated overlyanimated.com 37
contentbreaker contentbreaker.podbean.com 37
Fantasy/Animation fantasy-animation.org 34
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