35 Best Alcoholic Podcasts

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Alcoholic Podcasts

Here are 35 Best Alcoholic Podcasts worth listening to in 2023

1. Recovery Elevator

Recovery Elevator Bozeman, Montana, US
Are you searching online for How Can I Stop Drinking Alcohol? Follow Recovery Elevator podcast that helps you to quit drinking and live a healthier life.
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2. That Sober Guy Podcast

That Sober Guy Podcast Host Shane, a recovering alcoholic, interviews a mix of celebrity guests and everyday people who have experienced addiction or felt the impact of drug and/or alcohol use. He focuses on living a positive, healthy, and sober lifestyle, and uses his podcast as a platform for sharing inspiration for others who want to live the same way.
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3. The Recovery Show | Finding serenity through 12 step recovery in Al-Anon

The Recovery Show | Finding serenity through 12 step recovery in Al-Anon 12-step recovery for those of us who love alcoholics or addicts. We share our experience, strength, and hope as we use the principles of the Al-Anon program in our lives. We talk openly and honestly about the problems and challenges as we face alcoholism and addiction in our friends and relatives. We share the tools and solutions we have found that let us live a life that is serene, happy, and free, even when the alcoholic or addict is still drinking or using.
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4. Transitions Daily Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Readings Podcast

Transitions Daily Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Readings Podcast US
Do you want to stop drinking? Does alcoholism or addiction run in your family? Are you considering how to get sober? Are you seriously thinking about sobriety for the first time being alcohol is controlling your life as never before? If so, then check out this podcast!
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5. I'm Quitting Alcohol

I'm Quitting Alcohol I'm Quitting Alcohol, is a 5-minute daily podcast by comedian David Boyle. Join Boyle as he transitions from Alcoholic maniac to sober lunatic and attempts to process the past 20 years of booze-soaked mayhem.
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6. Sober Vibes Podcast

Sober Vibes Podcast Detroit, Michigan, US
Courtney Andersen hosts the Sober Vibes podcat. This space and community will bring you weekly episodes of Courtney's experience and help as well as interviews from incredible souls who are living a life without drugs and alcohol. Courtney's sister Kimberly Elledge who also is a recovering alcoholic and addict will join her in open conversations. The sisters will bring you their insights on this disease, family dynamics, and how they have healed a show within a show.
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7. Addiction Unlimited Podcast

Addiction Unlimited Podcast An inside look at living in recovery from alcoholism and addiction. Real stories from people who live life, work in the addiction industry, and families who deal with addiction firsthand. We talk about 12 step programs, treatment, celebs in recovery, and everything incredible about being sober. Breaking the stigma of addiction is one thing, let's break the stigma or sobriety. A podcast hosted by Angela Pugh.
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8. Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

Alcohol-Free Lifestyle Los Angeles, California, US
We help people feel & perform better by quitting alcohol.
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9. A is for Alcoholic

A is for Alcoholic A is for Alcoholic is a podcast about recovery. Join us as we go through the alphabet of alcoholism one letter at a time.
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10. Sober Speak | Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Interviews

Sober Speak | Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Interviews Texas, US
The Podcast is released weekly and includes people sharing their story of recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous. In it, men and women tell about their experience, strength and hope, centered around the twelve steps of AA
Play 1.1K 662 4 episodes / month Avg Length 68 min Dec 2017 Get Email Contact

11. 1000 Days Sober Podcast

1000 Days Sober Podcast Lee Davy is the founder of 1000 Days Sober, The Strive Community, The Truth About Alcohol Philosophy, And The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast. He is not an alcoholic, and he refuses to be anonymous.
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12. Alcohol Alert Podcast

Alcohol Alert Podcast London, England, UK
Welcome to the Alcohol Alert, the Institute of Alcohol Studies newsletter, covering the latest updates on UK alcohol policy matters
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13. Recover Out Loud, The Magdalen House Podcast

Recover Out Loud, The Magdalen House Podcast The Magdalen House, a recovery community for alcoholic women, is a nonprofit organization in Dallas, TX that provides comprehensive recovery services to alcoholic women. Our podcasts feature alcoholic women who have found a solution to their alcoholism in series that include Recovered, Big Book Workshops, Studying the Steps, and more! We're so glad you're here!
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14. Real Recovery Talk

Real Recovery Talk If you or a loved one are battling alcoholism or drug addiction, this podcast will give you inspiration and hope that there is a way out. Addiction isn't a life sentence. People recover every day. It takes time and some hard work, but in the end, it is worth it! Hosted by Tom Conrad, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict himself. Tom shares from his own experiences and the experiences of others to teach you the things that you can do TODAY to start living a sober and free lifestyle!
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15. Euphoric Podcast | Explore an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

Euphoric Podcast | Explore an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle San Diego, California, US
Euphoric is a space to celebrate the joys of alcohol-free living. Discover alternative drink ideas and euphoric living tips to become happier and healthier.
1.9K 1 episode / week Oct 2018 Get Email Contact

16. Champagne Problems

Champagne Problems Mental health and wellness professionals, Robbie Shaw, Patrick Balsley and Sam Hampson come together to explore alcohol and alcohol culture, and how they might influence and affect our well-being.
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17. Liquor and Liqueur Connoisseur Podcast

Liquor and Liqueur Connoisseur Podcast Portland, Oregon, US
Liquor and Liqueur Connoisseur is a podcast for anyone that enjoys distilled spirits! Built on the premise of drinking, discussing, and discovering the world of distilled spirits, each episode features consistent tastings and much more. The featured spirit's backstory is covered, including history of production, marketing, availability, notable events for the spirit, as well as personal stories on enjoyment. This podcast features new episodes at least weekly, and is the work of host Matt Birchard.
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18. How I quit alcohol

How I quit alcohol Are you sick of feeling controlled by alcohol?Do you want to drink less?Do you wake up after a night of drinking feeling anxious and full of regret?I've been there and want to help you. In this podcast I will be talking with ex-binge drinkers, alcoholics in recovery, drug and and alcohol counsellors and people that have good stuff to say about quitting the drink.
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19. Alcoholics Anonymous Radio Show

Alcoholics Anonymous Radio Show New Zealand
Alcoholics Anonymous Radio Show is a 25-minute broadcast, brought to you by members of Alcoholics Anonymous based in the Christchurch area. The purpose of this show is to increase public awareness of Alcoholics Anonymous as an effective means of recovery from the disease of alcoholism. They talk briefly about what alcoholism is; then we interview one or two guest speakers, both of whom are recovering alcoholics, and we ask them to talk about their experiences with the disease and the 'one-day-at-a-time' solution they have found in AA.
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20. Sober Gratitudes

Sober Gratitudes Wondering what life would be like if you stop drinking alcohol? Have you quit drinking and are looking for some sober inspiration? Listen to me and my guests share our profound experiences in sobriety after having been trapped in the bondage of addiction & bondage of self. We share how surrendering to what we could not control and reaching out for help helped us find recovery. We are so grateful for a better, easier, and more peaceful life in sobriety and want to help others. We are dedicated to sharing the hope of recovery! A sober life is possible if YOU truly want it.
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21. Recovered Podcast

Recovered Podcast Michigan, US
This is the podcast where we use the 12 step program of recovery to solve the alcoholic addiction problem. This is the podcast where life is seen through a 12 step recovery lens. This is a podcast about men and women who have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. We have discovered a solution, we have a way out. We have leaned how to live sober and happy. Join us on this journey called life.
Play 722 4K 1 episode / month Avg Length 64 min Aug 2008 Get Email Contact

22. The Sobriety Diaries

The Sobriety Diaries US
Sober individuals share their stories of recovery. The Sobriety Diaries is a podcast featuring recovering alcoholics and addicts' journey to sobriety. We share our experience and hope to help those who may still be struggling.
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23. Sober Cast | An (unofficial) Alcoholics Anonymous Podcast AA

Sober Cast | An (unofficial) Alcoholics Anonymous Podcast AA An AA meeting in a Podcast. Sobercast is an (unofficial) Alcoholics Anonymous podcast featuring AA speaker meetings and workshops. This is not a discussion podcast, simply speaker meetings and workshops in a podcast format.
Play 349 88 4 episodes / week Avg Length 76 min Oct 2018 Get Email Contact

24. Alcoholic Not Anonymous

Alcoholic Not Anonymous Stop by and Join me on my path to sobriety! On the journey I'll be giving updates on my condition and also sharing true stories of how my alcoholism has led me to some dark places. There are sure to be some laughs to be had as well!
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25. The Unashamed Alcoholic

The Unashamed Alcoholic Working to take the shame and stigma out of talking about alcoholism, addiction and recovery through open and honest conversation. My name is Becca, I'm an alcoholic and I am proud of it. Proud because it's changed my life for the better but unfortunately it is still socially unacceptable to talk about being an alcoholic - let's change that. Join me as I chat with people about how they came forward publicly about their sobriety, how their lives are different today and what are some misconceptions and stigmas around talking about alcoholism, addiction and recovery.
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26. The Alcohol Freedom Podcast

The Alcohol Freedom Podcast Join Certified Life Coach Michelle Kapler, for a modern conversation about the way we relate to our drinking. We don't have to hit rock bottom or identify as an alcoholic to question whether or not our relationship with alcohol is problematic. Let's talk about it all.
Play 26 episodes / year Avg Length 17 min Get Email Contact

27. The Alcohol 'Problem' Podcast

The Alcohol 'Problem' Podcast London, England, UK
The Alcohol Problem Podcast aims to explore the nature of problem drinking with Dr James Morris and a range of guests
Play 13 828 4 episodes / year Avg Length 45 min Oct 2020 Get Email Contact

28. The Bubble Hour

The Bubble Hour The Bubble Hour is hosted by Jean M, a sober woman who is a recovering alcoholic. This podcast includes stories, conversations, and interviews, all with the goal of reminding people that are working on their recovery that they are not alone. It also seeks to eliminate the stigma that often surrounds people in recovery from alcoholism.
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29. Tuesday Toolbox ACA

Tuesday Toolbox ACA Brooklyn, New York, US
Stories of recovery from the effects of growing up in an alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional home. Recorded at the ACA Tuesday Toolbox meeting of ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics).
Play 17 7 episodes / year Avg Length 17 min Aug 2017 Get Email Contact

30. Love Over Addiction Podcast

Love Over Addiction Podcast US
A podcast for women who love someone that drinks too much or suffers from addiction. If you love someone who struggles with alcoholism or substance use disorder, you are not powerless over their addiction. You don't need to wait for them to get sober to start to feel joy, happiness and love. Join Love Over Addiction for encouragement, hope and some fun
Play 14.3K 6.2K 20 episodes / year Avg Length 47 min Jul 2015 Get Email Contact

31. I'm Thristy

I'm Thristy I'm Thirsty is a full review and alcohol history podcast. Dave and John sit down to taste the latest out there while telling everyone willing to listen all about the history of the alcohol that they review.
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32. Alcoholic Ominous Podcast

Alcoholic Ominous Podcast Living Sober after Hitting Bottom. From hopeless alcoholic to recovering alcoholic. A regular podcast charting one man's journey to sobriety. Using the program outlined by Alcoholics Anonymous, Simon shares his experience, strength and hope in an honest sometimes in twisted manner and looks deeply into alcoholism and how to stop drinking.
Play Aug 2018 Get Email Contact

33. The Spirit Guide Society

The Spirit Guide Society For over seven years, the biggest spirit brands in the world have been coming into our bars to teach whiskey, rum, tequila and mezcal enthusiasts about the drinks that they love. Now, we're happy to bring that same level of knowledge and fun to you online as a podcast! Every Tuesday and Friday, Pedro Shanahan will be joined in front of a live audience by the people who know these alcohol brands the best, the ones who make it!
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AA Podcast sobercast.com 387
Transitions Daily dailyaaemails-alcoholicsanonymous-howtogetsober.libsyn.com 333
David Boyle imquittingalcohol.libsyn.com 325
The Magdalen House anchor.fm 99
Local members of Alcoholics Anonymous podbay.fm 92
James Swanwick alcohol-freelifestyle.libsyn.com 89
Danni Carr iquitalcohol.com.au 81
Karolina Rzadkowolska euphoricaf.com 68
Courtney Andersen sobervibes.libsyn.com 64
Sarah Elizabeth sobergratitudes.com 51
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