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  1. The Fashion Eaters: With its headquarters in Norway, this is one blog that looks at all aspects of fashion and means that you will hear about it firsthand.
  2. Song of Stye: A fashion and interior design Blogger / YouTuber featuring videos focused on fashion, design inspiration, DIY and more
  3. Sincerely Jules: Julie Sarinana founded Sincerely Jules in February 2009 as a creative outlet to express her thoughts, inspirations, style and love of everything cool.
  4. TuulaVintage: A personal diary of wanderlust and an overflowing wardrobe.
  5. Gary Pepper: A fashion, travel and lifestyle site dedicated to capturing beauty from the simple to the serene, Gary Pepper is the ultimate day dream.
  6. Fashion Me Now: This blog is based in the UK and has broken new trends before fashionistas even think about it.
  7. With Love From Kat: Based in New York, this is a blog that looks at the classic and the now.
  8. Maffashion: Based in Poland this blog looks at east Europe and world trends.
  9. Why Shy: This is a great blog that looks at all fashions all over the world and breaks amazing trends.
  10. Fashion Quite: Based in the fashion capital of the world the looks are amazing and trendy.
  11. Printemps Breeze: A perfect fusion of comfort and fashion.
  12. Yulia Si: An incredible look at the trendy and current.
  13. The Chronicles of Her: A blog through all kinds of fashion.
  14. Fashion Coolture: A look at all fusions from one of the trendiest countries in the world.
  15. Happily Gray: A look at the trends that are a part of the classic and the new.
  16. Sylvie Mus: An incredible and elegant blog based on all the choices of style.
  17. By Anna: The journey of fashion according to one icon.
  18. Lady Moriarty: A beautiful look at all the trends from Paris.
  19. Polishing Colors: A look at the trends and fashion of Europe.
  20. From Hats to Heels: An incredible look at all kinds of fashion.
  21. Te Cuento Mis Trucos: A look at the timeless fashion of Spain with modern overtones.
  22. Fire on the Head: All things LA
  23. Mi Aventura Con La Moda: A vision of style from Spain.
  24. Mysterious Girl: A look at incredible kinds of fashion from around the world.
  25. Style by Jules: This is a blog that looks at all things style
  26. Mind Body Swag: A great site that looks at the complete connection of the fashion.
  27. Nathalie Kemna: The looks of all of the trends and what is coming next.
  28. Beverly Ville: A beautiful look at East and West fashions.
  29. Agoniya: A look at the best of Turkey and Europe.
  30. Shot From the Street: Street chic as well as style.
  31. Mild Clouds: A look at timeless and trendy fashion.
  32. Ania B: A look at beauty as well as style in Canada.
  33. Simple et Chic: Classic beauty and trendiness from Germany.
  34. Alice Point: All of the beautiful looks from the UK and the best of the edgy street trends.
  35. Silk Drops: A great blog about the upcoming trends.
  36. Blasstyle: A look at all of Swiss classics and future looks.
  37. Rozalia: A look at the best upcoming looks from Poland.
  38. Manona Che: A great look at high fashion, trend, and a Russian flare.
  39. The Corporate Catwalk: The best in corporate and fashion for the office.
  40. Fashion Whit: A look of pop culture, trend, and high fashion.
  41. Skinny Cature: Great looks for beauties and for all women.
  42. Peexo: A great look at fashion and classic looks.
  43. To Vogue or Bust: A look at all things trending and the beauty of the classic line.
  44. Daisy Line: The beauty of classic and new looks.
  45. Four One Oh! A look at DC fashion and looks that are trending.
  46. Ulimali: The beauty of Asian fashion!
  47. The Ivory Tower: Beauty of the looks from utopia.
  48. Tie Bow-tie: The beauty as well as the look of the best of Europe and classic looks.
  49. Misguided Fashion: This is a great look that will allow you to see everything out there for your trending look.
  50. WHO WHAT WEAR: It is the leading online platform for premium and original style and shopping content, catering to trend-setting fashion lovers and their followers.

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