#1: Pink Horrorshow

Blog address – http://www.pinkhorrorshow.com/

Blog details – This girl takes fashion right off the runway. Frances shows us what shopping on Madison Avenue is all about with her super posh fashion blog. She’s all about the luxury items and we’re green with envy.

#2: The Glamourai

Blog address – http://www.theglamourai.com/

Blog details – Love Forever 21? Thank Kelly Framel and follow her style blog for the latest fashion news. Also, we’re absolutely in love with her hiair.

#3: Amy Marietta

Blog address – http://amymarietta.com/

Blog details – My name is Amy Marietta and this is a visual expression of my travels, personal style, love for culture and passion for music. I aspire to inspire millions of people to live their lives to the fullest and experience as much as possible.

#4: NYC Pretty

Blog address – http://nycpretty.com/

Blog details -Fancy a personal shopper for the perfect New York look? Check out Christine Bibbo Herr’s funky shopping editorials for the latest news on fashion trends.

#5: Trop Rouge

Blog address – http://troprouge.blogspot.co.uk/

Blog details -Born into a world of fashion, Christina Caradona shows off her personality with her quirky street style looks fluttering around New York. We just can’t get enough of that beautiful curly brown hair.


Blog address – http://citylaundry.blogspot.co.uk/

Blog details -If you’re an aspiring fashionista, check out Maria’s tips on what to wear during fashion school. She offers the best selection of trendy looks in flats.


Blog address – http://www.natalieoffduty.com/

Blog details -Natalie Suarez is a fashion model, originally from LA and newly based in New York. She gets up-close and personal with her fashion designer friends with fun shots of tomboy street style with a bit of boho flair.


Blog address – http://www.manrepeller.com/

Blog details -Find out all the fancy styles that women think are fantastic but seem absolutely unsexy to men with this hilarious blog by Leandra Meline. Be prepared to visit a lot of skirts on trousers.


Blog address – http://thestyleline.tumblr.com/

Blog details -Rachel Schwartzmann captures some of the freshest fashionistas on her street style blog. Definitely one with the wildest variety of styles, it’s absolutely swimming with inspiration.


Blog address – http://wheredidugetthat.com/

Blog details -Karen’s our go-to London girl gone to New York to tell us where to buy everything we see and want online. Revealing all the hidden treasures of New York fashion, she keeps us close to home with her English humour.

#11: DE LUNE

Blog address – http://www.deluneblog.com/

Blog details – This converted redhead has quirk, eclecticism, and personality in spades and we aren’t complaining. If your not so average everyday girl is what you’re after, Claire is your girl. And while she doesn’t have a handy sidekick to snap her photos, she does it all with the help of a tripod, further proving her talent and ability to shoot things exactly as she envisions them.

#12: The Fashion Philosophy

Blog address – http://blog.thefashionphilosophy.com/

Blog details – This born and raised New Yorker really nails the whole ‘it girl’ vibe with her edgy and bohemian take on style. When she’s not blogging, she spends her time as a Wardrobe Stylist, saving the world one sheer layer and leather pant at a time.

#12: The Spicy Stiletto / Serena Goh

Blog address – http://thespicystiletto.com/

Blog details – California born and raised, now living in New York City, Serena is a photography enthusiast, shoe hoarder, prolific home cook, food explorer, bad dancer, and creative type. Blending her west coast roots with her new east coast stomping ground, her blog offers a unique take on both fashion and good food straight from her kitchen.


Blog address – http://figtny.com/

Blog details – F I G T N Y pretty much nails it when it comes to impeccably minimalist style. In fact, if your brand embraces the whole minimalist aesthetic, this New York-based style blogger is the one to solidify a partnership with now.

#14: Flashes of Style / Bonnie Barton

Blog address – http://flashesofstyle.blogspot.ca/

Blog details – In case you didn’t notice from Bonnie’s blog, vintage clothing is kind of her thing (including, but not limited to floral and gingham prints and feminine details). Her quirky personality and ability to find beauty in the little things make her a great blogger to represent your brand.

#15: Flashes of Style / Bonnie Barton

Blog address – http://flashesofstyle.blogspot.ca/

Blog details – In case you didn’t notice from Bonnie’s blog, vintage clothing is kind of her thing (including, but not limited to floral and gingham prints and feminine details). Her quirky personality and ability to find beauty in the little things make her a great blogger to represent your brand.

#16: Penny Pincher Fashion / Kimberly Smith

Blog address – http://www.pennypincherfashion.com/

Blog details – Perhaps one of the chicest stay-at-home mom’s we’ve encountered, Kimberly is dedicated to providing her readers with the best fashion and beauty buys that look expensive but never break the bank. She reuses old pieces to make them look new again, proving to her readers that fashion really can be accessible to all.

#17: My Style Pill / Christine Cameron

Blog address – http://www.mystylepill.com/

Blog details – Combining her flare for personal styling with her blog as a creative outlet, Christine brings a sharp eye to the table. She has a knack for layering outfits in unexpected ways and always keeping her readers engaged from one outfit post to the next.

#18: The Corporate Catwalk / Olivia

Blog address – http://thecorporatecatwalk.blogspot.ca/

Blog details – A Midwest girl at heart, this New York transplant shares a different take on fashion by bringing the catwalk to the corporate world. She provides her readers with tips and tricks on how to dress for work without losing their identity in a boring black suit, and ultimately, how to look fashionable in the workplace. If 9-5 is a big part of your brand, Olivia is your girl.

#19: Mind Body Swag / Lisa DiCicco Cahue

Blog address – http://mindbodyswag.com/

Blog details – Lisa shares her personal style, travels, and the journey of her life through her blog. As a seasoned fit model, she also explores topics on wellness, beauty, fitness, and other lifestyle-related topics. Whether you’re selling clothing or wellness products (or anything in between), Lisa has the ability to reach a diverse audience.

#20: Retro Flame / Erika Fox

Blog address – http://retro-flame.com/

Blog details – Erika of Retro Flame enraptures us with her red hair, classic and edgy outfits, and inspiring quotes throughout her outfit posts. An Irish girl living in New York City, Erika has worked with the likes of Whitney Port, Refinery29, and most recently with Olivia Palermo. While her blog documents her outfits, travel, work, and inspiration, she keeps it real through the dialogue in her blog posts and her readers love her for it.

#21: Art In Our Blood / Jennifer Wang

Blog address – http://www.artinourblood.com/

Blog details – Jennifer describes her blog as “fashion with a fairytale touch” and we couldn’t agree more. Her outfits are elegant but never go without a little (or lot of) quirk. Inspired by Sherlock Holmes, Jennifer believes we all have a little art in our blood and that we should all embrace these eccentricities. She certainly does so through her blog and her many readers admire her for it.

#22: Blonde Expeditions / Kaitlin Keegan

Blog address – http://www.blondeexpeditions.com/

Blog details -Kaitlin is just that quintessential summer girl who has a knack for putting together outfits that are laidback yet totally feminine. She’s also the girl to work with if you want to push sales out of your online carts fast because she looks impeccable in everything she styles. Her readers definitely follow her for daily outfit inspiration and ideas on what to buy next.

#23: The Closet Crush / Alina

Blog address – http://www.theclosetcrush.com/

Blog details – Generally embracing a more feminine, relaxed, and bohemian style of dressing, Alina has constant outfit inspiration to share with her readers. She offers them easy tips on how to style her favorite outfits of the moment, and since she does it all in a very relatable way, she’s definitely a great blogger to partner up with.

#24: Kayleigh’s Kloset / Kayleigh Adam

Blog address – http://www.kayleighskloset.com/

Blog details – Kayleigh is a twenty-something with big dreams and an even bigger closet. Feminine to a fault, she embraces all things colorful and flirty. She strives to make her life as glamorous as possible, and shares that perspective with her readers one girly outfit at a time.

#25: Levitate Style / Leo Chan

Blog address – http://www.levitatestyle.com/

Blog details – While men often feel massively underrepresented in the personal style blogging scene, the ones that do give it a go do it tremendously well. Take Leo Chan, for example: combining his passion for fashion, photography, and modeling, he gives his readers a peek into his personal style, from menswear and street style, to his travels around the world. His photographer, Alicia Mara plays a pivotal role as she captures the most stunning photographs of Leo in action.

#26: Fashion Bananas / Delmy Rivera

Blog address – http://www.fashionbananas.com/

Blog details – Not unlike most personal style bloggers, we’re all bananas about fashion. But what sets Delmy apart from most bloggers is that she isn’t afraid of the raw talk or revealing the intimate details of her life to her readers. We especially dig her style because it’s more edgy and ‘bananas’ so to speak.

#27: CORALS + cognacs // Hallie Wilson

Blog address – http://coralsandcognacs.com/

Blog details – This Midwest native and New York City transplant describes her style as attainable, trendy, and fun. Through her blog she aims to inspire others to have fun with fashion and live lightheartedly.

#28: Chantal van der Meijden of Cocorosa

Blog address – http://cocorosa.com/

Blog details -Meet Chantal, the lovely creator of the blog cocorosa. Having started her Blog in New York city writing about her style musings and her science fiction love for Galactic Battle Stars and robotics she surely likes to indulge herself in a dreamy world of silky pastels, tutu’s, glitters and bows but this urban fairy is not afraid to pair the pretty with the rough.

#29: Nadia Sarwar of Frou Frouu

Blog address – http://www.froufrouu.com/

Blog details -British born Nadia Sarwar is the photographer and writer behind style and photography blog FrouFrouu. Launched in 2009, the blog chronicles her photographic musings, work, adventures and menswear inspired personal style.

#30: The Wall by Elin Kling

Blog address – http://www.elin-kling.com/the-wall/

Blog details -The Wall is a contemporary journal founded with the aim to give the stylish women within the industry high-fashion inspiration on a daily basis. We are dedicated to provide our readers with carefully selected material, our absolute favorite pieces and content focused on the effortless style that we love.