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North Korea Blogs

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1. NK News

NK News D.C. - Seoul - London About Blog NK News is an independent outlet that focuses on North Korea and publishes hard-hitting stories, unveiling sanctions violations, and delivering opinion from all sides of the Korean peninsula. Since Apr 2010 Also in Seoul Blogs Blog
Facebook fans 47.8K ⋅ Twitter followers 54K ⋅ Domain Authority 80 ⋅ Alexa Rank 225.8K

2. 38 North

38 NorthWashington, DC About Blog 38 North provides informed analysis of events in and around North Korea. It is intended to provide high-quality research, analysis and commentary on a broad range of topics related to North Korea. Frequency 2 posts / week Since Jan 2010 Blog
Facebook fans 7K ⋅ Twitter followers 29.4K ⋅ Social Engagement 329 ⋅ Domain Authority 68 ⋅ Alexa Rank 488.1K

3. Free Korea

Free KoreaWashington, D.C. About Blog Free Korea is written by Joshua Stanton, an army veteran, lawyer, blogger. He writes about his views on North Korea. Frequency 1 post / month Since Jan 2000 Blog
Twitter followers 4K ⋅ Social Engagement 13 ⋅ Domain Authority 66 ⋅ Alexa Rank 2.7M

4. North Korean Economy Watch

North Korean Economy WatchAlexandria, VA About Blog North Korean Economy Watch (NKeconWatch) is intended as a research resource for business persons, policy makers, academics, journalists and others interested in the North Korean economy Frequency 1 post / day Since Mar 1994 Blog
Twitter followers 4.4K ⋅ Social Engagement 9 ⋅ Domain Authority 62 ⋅ Alexa Rank 1.2M

5. North Korea Times

 North Korea TimesPyongyang, North Korea About Blog North Korea Times is a Pyongyang-focused online newspaper that seeks to present full and frank coverage of one of the world's most watched countries. Frequency 16 posts / day Since Sep 2002 Blog
Facebook fans 7.1K ⋅ Twitter followers 2.2K ⋅ Domain Authority 40 ⋅ Alexa Rank 4.8M

6. The National Committee on North Korea

The National Committee on North KoreaWashington, DC About Blog The National Committee on North Korea is a non-governmental organization of persons with significant expertise in and diverse perspectives on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Frequency 3 posts / week Blog
Facebook fans 370 ⋅ Twitter followers 3.9K ⋅ Domain Authority 55 ⋅ Alexa Rank 1.6M

7. North Korea Leadership Watch

North Korea Leadership WatchSalt Lake City, UT USA About Blog North Korea Leadership Watch focuses on North Korea's (DPRK) leadership and political culture in the person of the late Kim Jong Il and those political and military organizations and institutions that were under his direct, and indirect, control including the Korean Workers' Party (KWP), the National Defense Commission (NDC) and the DPRK Government. Frequency 2 posts / week Since Sep 2009 Blog
Twitter followers 2.6K ⋅ Domain Authority 60 ⋅

8. Asiapress - Rimjimgang

Asiapress - RimjimgangAbout Blog Asiapress North Korea Reporting Team began operations in 1998 in Osaka. Besides ongoing reports along the China-North Korea border, in 2004 the team cultivating journalists started creating reports from within North Korea itself. Rimjin-gang is the first-ever independent publication in the world reported directly by people of North Korea Blog
Facebook fans 702 ⋅ Twitter followers 4.2K ⋅ Domain Authority 51 ⋅ Alexa Rank 391.9K

9. Stimmekoreas - Youtube

Stimmekoreas - YoutubeAbout Blog Stimmekoreas gives detailed analysis on North Korean News. Frequency 4 posts / year Since Jun 2010 Blog
Facebook fans 2.7K ⋅ Social Engagement 102 ⋅ Domain Authority 100 ⋅ Alexa Rank 2

10. My North Korea

My North KoreaMurfreesboro, TN USA About Blog My North Korea exposes North Korea from satellite imagery. It also discusses domestic, economic and military locations, helping to uncover this hermit kingdom. Frequency 1 post / month Since Feb 2013 Blog
Twitter followers 842 ⋅ Social Engagement 3 ⋅ Domain Authority 27 ⋅

11. Reddit - North Korea

Reddit - North KoreaSan Francisco, CA About Blog Reddit - North Korea provides all the latest headlines from North Korea. Get all your news updates pertaining to North Korea in one place. Frequency 4 posts / day Blog
Facebook fans 1.3M ⋅ Twitter followers 673.9K ⋅ Social Engagement 44 ⋅ Domain Authority 91 ⋅ Alexa Rank 18

12. The Guardian - North Korea

The Guardian - North KoreaLondon About Blog Get the latest North Korea news and features from Guardian, tthe world's leading liberal voice Frequency 1 post / day Blog
Facebook fans 8.2M ⋅ Twitter followers 8.2M ⋅ Social Engagement 1.2K ⋅ Domain Authority 95 ⋅ Alexa Rank 127

13. BuzzFeed - North Korea

BuzzFeed - North KoreaNew York About Blog BuzzFeed is building the defining news and entertainment company for the social mobile age. Get the latest North Korea buzz on Buzzfeed Frequency 9 posts / year Blog
Facebook fans 11.9M ⋅ Twitter followers 6.6M ⋅ Social Engagement 2K ⋅ Domain Authority 93 ⋅ Alexa Rank 411

14. Flipboard - North Korea Real Time

Flipboard - North Korea Real TimeAbout Blog Get the Current and up-to-date news, info, politics, opinion, sports, and satire on North Korea by Buck Turgidson Frequency 7 posts / day Blog
Twitter followers 13.1K ⋅ Social Engagement 396 ⋅ Domain Authority 90 ⋅ Alexa Rank 6.6K

15. - North Korea - North KoreaIreland About Blog Read breaking news and analysis on North Korea from Ireland's number one online news source Frequency 8 posts / quarter Blog
Facebook fans 427.1K ⋅ Twitter followers 620.7K ⋅ Social Engagement 14 ⋅ Domain Authority 83 ⋅ Alexa Rank 13.8K

16. Brookings - North Korea

Brookings - North KoreaWashington, DC About Blog Brookings's mission is to conduct high-quality, independent research and, based on that research, to provide innovative, practical recommendations. Find independent research and analysis on North Korea. Frequency 4 posts / quarter Blog
Facebook fans 407.6K ⋅ Twitter followers 379.3K ⋅ Social Engagement 141 ⋅ Domain Authority 89 ⋅ Alexa Rank 10.2K

17. Wilson Center - North Korea International Documentation Project

Wilson Center - North Korea International Documentation ProjectWashington, D.C. About Blog Wilson Center tackles global issues through independent research, open dialogue, and actionable ideas. It discusses the North Korea International Documentation Project Frequency 4 posts / month Since Sep 2007 Blog
Facebook fans 106.3K ⋅ Twitter followers 56.7K ⋅ Social Engagement 26 ⋅ Domain Authority 73 ⋅ Alexa Rank 100.6K

18. Koryo Tours

Koryo ToursBeijing, China About Blog The mission of Koryo Tours is to guarantee that if you decide to travel with Koryo Tours you will get the best possible tourist experience in North Korea. Frequency 4 posts / week Since Jun 2013 Also in Korean Travel Blogs Blog
Facebook fans 13.8K ⋅ Twitter followers 6.2K ⋅ Instagram Followers 17K ⋅ Domain Authority 62 ⋅ Alexa Rank 524.2K

19. Uritours | Your Guide To DPRK

Uritours | Your Guide To DPRKNew York City About Blog North Korea (DPRK) Tours and Travel - Uri Tours is the most trusted name in North Korea Travel. We specialize in premium, custom and safe tours to North Korea. We are a North Korea tour operator and DMC. Frequency 1 post / week Since Jan 2013 Blog
Facebook fans 2.3K ⋅ Twitter followers 1.3K ⋅ Instagram Followers 6.2K ⋅ Social Engagement 21 ⋅ Domain Authority 54 ⋅ Alexa Rank 2.4M

20. North Korea Tech

North Korea TechPalo Alto, CA About Blog North Korea Tech is dedicated to covering and collecting information regarding the state of information technology and related industry in North Korea. Frequency 4 posts / month Blog
Facebook fans 28.2K ⋅ Twitter followers 4.7K ⋅ Domain Authority 81 ⋅ Alexa Rank 829.9K

21. kim jong-un looking at things

kim jong-un looking at thingsPaektu Mountain About Blog kim jong-un looking at things discusses how the the dear respected leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, likes to look at things. Since Dec 2011 Blog kimjongunlookingatthings.tum..
Twitter followers 1.7K ⋅ Domain Authority 56 ⋅ Alexa Rank 5.8M

22. Gowans - North Korea

Gowans - North Korea About Blog Stephen Gowans, Author of Washington's Long War on Syria writes about North Korea on his whats left blog. Frequency 2 posts / year Since Feb 2007 Blog
Twitter followers 1.9K ⋅ Social Engagement 4 ⋅ Domain Authority 44 ⋅


SINO-NKAbout Blog SINO-NK is a collective of Koreanists & Sinologists dedicated to analyzing the borderland dynamics, transnational ties, & history of relations between China & North Korea. Frequency 20 posts / year Since Feb 2010 Blog
Facebook fans 848 ⋅ Twitter followers 8.9K ⋅ Domain Authority 53 ⋅

24. New Focus International

New Focus InternationalThe North Korean Diaspora About Blog New Focus International provides authentic North Korea News, Analysis and Features Blog
Facebook fans 2K ⋅ Twitter followers 4.8K ⋅ Domain Authority 56 ⋅

25. Tongil Tours

Tongil ToursCanberra | Beijing About Blog Tongil Tours is the only North Korea travel service staffed entirely by Korean-speaking academic specialists. As such, we seek to provide to our tour participants not only an unforgettable adventure in North Korea, but also a more nuanced understanding of the country and its people. Frequency 4 posts / year Since Jan 2016 Blog
Facebook fans 899 ⋅ Twitter followers 1.1K ⋅ Instagram Followers 433 ⋅ Social Engagement 4 ⋅ Domain Authority 46 ⋅ Alexa Rank 4.8M

26. One Corea Network

One Corea NetworkAbout Blog One Corea Network talks about Korea and the DPRK region in detail. Frequency 10 posts / month Blog
Domain Authority 15 ⋅

27. Choson Exchange

Choson ExchangeNorth Korea About Blog  Choson Exchange supports entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals in North Korea through workshops, internships, mentorships and scholarships inside and outside of the DPRK. We also help policymakers, researchers and international media understand North Korea's business and economic environment through on-the-ground research Frequency 1 post / quarter Since Feb 2008 Blog
Facebook fans 4.5K ⋅ Twitter followers 3.6K ⋅ Social Engagement 43 ⋅ Domain Authority 49 ⋅

28. Crossing Borders

Crossing BordersAbout Blog Crossing Borders is a faith-based organization dedicated to helping North Korean refugees who cross the border to China for food and medical assistance. We also have several orphanages, which house children whose parents have abandoned or cannot take care of them. Frequency 2 posts / month Blog
Facebook fans 4.1K ⋅ Twitter followers 409 ⋅ Instagram Followers 403 ⋅ Domain Authority 29 ⋅

29. HRNK Insider

HRNK InsiderAbout Blog HRNK Insider provides news, analysis and events from the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea. Frequency 1 post / year Since Jan 2013 Blog
Facebook fans 4.2K ⋅ Twitter followers 4.5K ⋅ Social Engagement 16 ⋅ Domain Authority 38 ⋅

30. Communist Korea

Communist KoreaAbout Blog Communist Korea shows the inside pictures from North Korea. Since Oct 2013 Blog
Domain Authority 10 ⋅

31. Jaka Parker - Youtube

Jaka Parker - YoutubePyongyang, DPRK About Blog I am a freelance photographer from Indonesia and Pyongyang resident since 2012 until March 2018. This channel is about my daily life inside DPRK/North Korea Frequency 1 post / month Since Feb 2012 Blog
Twitter followers 724 ⋅ Instagram Followers 45.5K ⋅ Domain Authority 100 ⋅

32. DPRK Video Archive - Youtube

DPRK Video Archive - YoutubeNorth Korea About Blog DPRK Video Archive helps the english speaking world to understand north Korean propaganda better. Since Aug 2006 Blog
Domain Authority 100 ⋅ Alexa Rank 2

33. North Korea Today - Youtube

North Korea Today - YoutubeMexico About Blog North Korea Today is a DPRK news channel which gives daily updates on North Korean news. Frequency 1 post / week Since Sep 2007 Blog
Social Engagement 61 ⋅ Domain Authority 100 ⋅ Alexa Rank 2

34. All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea

All-Party Parliamentary Group on North KoreaWestminster, United Kingdom About Blog All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea formulates solutions that promote and support human rights, democracy and security in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea; and establishes relations with the exiled North Korean community. Blog
Domain Authority 20 ⋅

35. North Korea Football

North Korea FootballNorway About Blog North Korea Football discusses about the latest football news in DPRK region. Since Dec 2009 Blog
Domain Authority 11 ⋅

36. Friends of Korea

Friends of KoreaAbout Blog Friends of Korea talks about the issues and gives analysis on North Korea Frequency 1 post / month Since Jun 2009 Blog
Domain Authority 17 ⋅

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