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The New York Times – Meditation

The New York Times - Meditation

New York City

About Blog – News about meditation, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.
Frequency – about 1 posts per week

13,012,143 33,110,205 92

Positive Magazine Meditation Relaxation Affirmation | Youtube

Positive Magazine Meditation Relaxation Affirmation | Youtube

Los Angeles, CA

About Blog – Positive Magazine offers relaxing 10 minute guided positive energy meditations. Our Positive Energy Meditations covers Anxiety, Healing, Depression, Sleep, Health, and much more! Even more exciting is that we offer meditations in ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response).
Frequency – about 2 posts per week

15,697 15,209 2

Reddit – Meditation

Reddit - Meditation

About Blog – Experiences, stories and instruction relating to the practice of meditation.
Frequency – about 175 posts per week

1,066,207 457,881 23

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation

About Blog – The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, natural technique practiced 20 minutes twice each day while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. It is easy to learn and enjoyable to practice, and is not a religion, philosophy, or lifestyle. The TM Blog brings together personal stories, media coverage, and the latest research on the Transcendental Meditation technique.
Frequency – about 1 post per month

476,678 56,488 99,917

Mrs. Mindfulness

Mrs. Mindfulness


About Blog – Melli is a mindfulness teacher and a devoted mindfulness practitioner who loves sharing the joy of mindful living with her readers. Her blog is perfect for people who are venturing out onto the mindful path and those who have been practicing some form of mindfulness for a period of time.
Frequency – about 1 post per week

64,761 11,646 431,738

Muse Blog

Muse Blog

Toronto, ON

About Blog – Muse, by Interaxon enables you to take the guesswork out of meditation with real-time feedback from Muse: the brain sensing headband.
Frequency – about 1 post per month

13,952 12,781 151,597

Google News – Meditation

Google News - Meditation

Mountain View, CA

About Blog – Comprehensive up-to-date news coverage on Meditation, aggregated from sources all over the world by Google News.
Frequency – about 50 posts per week

n/a 212,690 1

HayHouse Presents | Youtube

HayHouse Presents | Youtube

Carlsbad, California

About Blog – Hay House is committed to publishing products that have a positive self-help slant and are conducive to healing planet Earth. Come discover the immense power of your thoughts and beliefs and learn that by changing just one thought, you can improve the quality of your life.
Frequency – about 1 post per month

n/a 117,014 2

Suracenter | Youtube

Suracenter | Youtube

United States

About Blog – Suracenter is your source for online meditation.
Frequency – about 1 posts per week

n/a n/a 2

About Meditation – Blog

About Meditation - Blog

About Blog – About Meditation provides you with resources for your meditation, whether you want to relax, stimulate creativity, gain enlightenment, or cultivate mindfulness and compassion.
Frequency – about 1 post per week

n/a 472 393,575

Meditation is Easy

Meditation is Easy

About Blog – The core objective of this website is to help busy people learn meditation and make it a part of their busy life. Learn meditation in three simple steps : Understand, grasp and contemplate. Equally useful for meditation beginners as well as advanced learner.
Frequency – about 1 post per month

1,448 n/a 455,165

iAwake Technologies – Blog

iAwake Technologies - Blog

Teasdale, UT

About Blog – For an evolving world, iAwake Technologies create innovative, sound-based tools for people like us who are passionate about waking up, healing, and making a difference.

19,984 1,372 506,626

The Buddhaimonia Blog

The Buddhaimonia Blog

Los Angeles, CA

About Blog – Buddhaimonia is a resource for those looking to live with greater peace and balance through the practices of mindfulness, related meditations, and Buddhist wisdom.

944 379 676,840

Simple Mindfulness – Simple steps to a happier life

Simple Mindfulness - Simple steps to a happier life

Florissant, CO

About Blog – Paige Burkes bases her Simple Mindfulness blog on the concept that happiness comes from within to support you in new, mindful ways of being that will allow you to live a happier and more fulfilled life. The blog contains health, relationship and financial articles about practicing acceptance to create a fulfilled life.

3,653 1,933 700,491

One Mind Dharma

One Mind Dharma

Petaluma, CA

About Blog – One Mind Dharma is an online resource for guided meditations, meditation courses, regular sitting groups, a store of handmade malas, and more. They also have a free guided meditation library.
Frequency – about 1 posts per week

519,325 73,661 2,273,468

The Meditation Blog

The Meditation Blog


About Blog – Explores meditative practice, experience and research. The bloggers practise Acem Meditation, but represent their own views here. Acem Meditation is a simple mindful technique for relaxation, health and personal growth. Based on modern psychology and scientific research.

936 116 3,258,757

Society Of Zen

Society Of Zen

About Blog – A State Of Zen is basically everything and anything about meditation, mindfulness, zen, buddhism, and a peaceful way of life.

17 1,032 4,701,946

All Meditate

All Meditate

About Blog – All Meditate is about meditation, mindfulness and awareness of the present moment. I publish articles on mindful meditation, new habits, change and personal development.

531 n/a 5,308,593

Love Meditating – Meditation

Love Meditating - Meditation

About Blog – Love Meditating is an active community willing to help each other with training, ideas, and support in difficult life situations. It is a trusted resource for people who can read about meditation, yoga, stress, anxiety and other different topics.

93 386 5,359,837

Lena Franklin

Lena Franklin


About Blog – As a Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapist and Wellness Coach, Lena embody an integrative approach to help you rediscover that innate source of health within. Lena has years of experience integrating meditation, yoga and inner experiential exercises.

Frequency – about 1 post per month

702 682 5,906,800

Lifestyle Meditation Blog

Lifestyle Meditation Blog

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

About Blog – Lifestyle Meditation is a conscious community of individuals coming together with the shared interest of sustainable tools for personal and global transformation. Lifestyle Meditation supports forward-thinkers coping with multiple sources of stress by providing the tools for integrating meditation into everyday life.

2,105 864 6,320,650

Meditate Be Here Now

Meditate Be Here Now

Palo Alto, CA

About Blog – The purpose of this blog is to educate, inform and inspire meditation seekers all around the world. They offer practical tips and advice on meditation as well as any other interesting topic, that we feel you may find potentially relevant to your personal growth.

413 174 18,853,564

Streamline Meditation Blog

Streamline Meditation Blog


About Blog – Streamline Meditation teaches you the practical skills of original meditation that is for your own personal development and empowerment and gives you the tools to meditate on your own without relying on a group or any other aid.

1,701 25 27,347,562

Huffington Post – Meditation

Huffington Post - Meditation

About Blog – The destination for news, blogs and original content offering coverage on Meditation.

8,822,009 8,860,875 200

Yoga Journal – Meditation

Yoga Journal - Meditation

Boulder, CO

About Blog – Insight on meditation and its symbiotic relationship to yoga. Learn how to quiet your mind, relax and embrace silence and take your yoga routine to higher levels.

2,228,025 586,934 24,808



About Blog – DOYOUYOGA is a global community for everyone who wants to upgrade their life with health, happiness, fitness, yoga and meditation. The heart of this community is YOU, your friends and hundreds of thousands of awesome people who make DOYOUYOGA a vibrant place of learning, living and inspiration.

914,527 36,493 63,623

The Headspace – Meditation

The Headspace - Meditation

Los Angeles | London

About Blog – Live a happier, healthier life with just 10 minutes of meditation a day on the Headspace app.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week

214,835 98,013 22,476

Lion’s Roar – How to Meditate: The Complete Buddhist Guide

Lion's Roar - How to Meditate: The Complete Buddhist Guide

About Blog – The Buddha taught meditation as a transformative practice to relax your heart and wake up to now. Learn how to meditate with teachings, audio, and video.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week

67,461 58,632 66,403

Live and Dare – Meditation

Live and Dare - Meditation


About Blog – Blog on Personal Growth, Happiness, and Mindfulness by Giovanni Dienstmann. Giovanni have practiced meditation daily (for the past 16 years, totaling over 7,000 hours at this point), read hundreds of books, tried several different practices, spent time on retreats with masters and instructors around the world, and nearly became a monk a couple of times.
Frequency – about 1 posts per week

3,004 1,477 188,344

Wildmind Buddhist Meditation

Wildmind Buddhist Meditation


About Blog – Wildmind’s mission is to benefit the world by promoting mindfulness and compassion through the practice of Buddhist meditation.
Frequency – about 2 posts per week

41,251 7,127 246,965

BexLife by Rebekah Borucki

BexLife by Rebekah Borucki

New Jersey, USA

About Blog – BexLife by Rebekah Borucki is Meditation for beginners, Natural Anxiety Remedies, Vegan Recipes and Nutrition, and Yoga Tutorials.

29,740 12,877 606,740

Daily Cup of Yoga – Meditation

Daily Cup of Yoga - Meditation

About Blog – Daily Cup of Yoga is an informative and enlightening destination for the online yoga and meditation community.

14,174 159,413 782,480

Your Life Creation – Meditation

Your Life Creation - Meditation

About Blog – The purpose of this site is to help you find your real passion within, your way to creating your life. To teach you many techniques, that will help you to find your real passion and give you the ways you can go about making them a reality. You can work toward your desires and make them come true!

4,084 13,202 3,511,559

Ritual Meditation – Blog

Ritual Meditation - Blog

About Blog – Ritual Meditation is spiritual tools for accessing consciousness to help you spiritually awaken, heal and self-realize. Inquire about Coaching, learning and retreats.

1,831 1,863 24,318,476

Meditate With Power

Meditate With Power

About Blog – Meditate With Power is a blog which adds information about meditation through different chapters of Bible.
Frequency – about 7 posts per week

n/a n/a n/a




About Blog – Bidushi focuses on the scientific understanding of meditation as it grows, rather than on the substantial body of religious and philosophical work on the subject.

n/a 439 n/a

Sonima Guided Meditations

Sonima Guided Meditations

New York, New York

About Blog – Gain clarity with our collection of free guided meditation practices and slip into complete relaxation, serene calm, or enhanced compassion and self-awareness. Sonima brings you the latest in yoga, meditation, fitness, nutrition, pain management, and meditation to help you live better every day.
Frequency – about 1 post per month

67,930 3,907 289,462

SkillCode – Meditation

SkillCode - Meditation

About Blog – SkillCode is an educational resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about meditation, personal spirituality, and compassionate lifestyle.

17,385 215 520,506

REALthings Meditation Blog

REALthings Meditation Blog

Toronto, Canada

About Blog – We are not just cushion-makers. We are innovators, artisans and educators dedicated to helping you sit comfortably so you can deepen your practice and find happiness each day.
Frequency – about 1 post per week

195 368 6,446,190

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