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Knitting YouTube Channels

1. Naztazia

Naztazia Scranton, PA
About Youtuber Creative self-sufficient living. Tutorials related to crocheting, knitting, gardening, beading, sewing and other arts/crafts.
Youtube Followers- 434,837 . Views Count- 56,307,525 . Video Count - 126

2. VeryPink Knits | Knitting Tutorials

VeryPink Knits | Knitting Tutorials Austin, TX
About Youtuber I am a knitwear designer and knitting teacher. I combine these skills to create patterns with video tutorials that ease knitters into advanced techniques, such as socks, sweaters, cables, and colorwork knitting. I've been knitting for over 35 years. It's my passion. My business has been mentioned in both the New York Times, and Official Google Blog.
Youtube Followers- 264,240 . Views Count- 43,917,303 . Video Count - 564

3. GoodKnitKisses

GoodKnitKisses Texas, United States
About Youtuber How to Videos -Needle & Loom Knitting, Crochet, Crafts & product reviews. Tutorials and Make Alongs: Knitting, Loom Knitting & Crochet. As well as product reveals and reviews. Encourage, Inspire & Equip others in crafting!
Since Jan 2011
Youtube Followers- 179,841 . Views Count- 27,683,919 . Video Count - 483

4. Jayda In Stitches

Jayda In Stitches Canada
About Youtuber Basic Crochet & Knitting Techniques for Beginners and Experienced Crafters alike! Learn How to Crochet a Granny Square, Blankets, Hats, Amigurumi Stuffed Toys, Clothing, Slippers, Hair Accessories, Fingerless Gloves, Flowers, Kawaii, Appliques, Home Decor and so much more! Learn how to crochet a whole Blanket! Fun, Free and Easy Patterns that make great Gifts for your Friends and Family!
Youtube Followers- 130,739 . Views Count- 11,318,104 . Video Count - 264

5. oana's crochet

oana's crochet Italy
About Youtuber I love to crochet and knit I also have my own designs and projects and this is the place where I share my creations with you, I also like to find new stitchs or crochet/knit techniques and to share them with you so if you are a crocheter this is the right place for you.
Youtube Followers- 122,263 . Views Count- 14,246,227 . Video Count - 451

6. iknitwithcatfur | Knitting Videos

iknitwithcatfur | Knitting Videos United States
About Youtuber Learn how to knit - from cast on to bind off, along with more advanced and special knitting techniques. You will also learn how to knit many different stitches, including lace and cable stitches.
Youtube Followers- 124,665 . Views Count- 40,420,253 . Video Count - 504

7. Laura Cepeda | Learn How to Knit

Laura Cepeda | Learn How to Knit About Youtuber I am Laura Cepeda, professional designer of fabric fashion (and many know me and know my career). In this channel I show you how to knit my garments.
Youtube Followers- 817,766 . Views Count- 168,427,821 . Video Count - 595

8. Knitting Stitch Patterns | Knitting Videos for Beginners

Knitting Stitch Patterns | Knitting Videos for Beginners About Youtuber I am interested in knitting and ready to spend every free minute of knitting. I have accumulated enough patterns, which I can share with you. There are very simple knitting patterns for beginners, and there are more complex patterns. I wish you many hours of very happy knitting!
Youtube Followers- 147,498 . Views Count- 29,985,797 . Video Count - 151


iKNITS About Youtuber This is my collection of patterns that I think are so fun to wear and make! I create videos on how to make different knitting and crochet patterns, and also showcase patterns that I LOVE! If you have a stylish pattern you want to make but don't know how, send it to me, and I'll make a video or explain it for ya!
Youtube Followers- 150,010 . Views Count- 18,491,617 . Video Count - 120

10. ExpressionFiberArts

ExpressionFiberArts About Youtuber Bringing joy to the world one colorful skein of yarn at a time! The place to learn knitting, crocheting, spinning and other fibery goodness! I'll also be sharing shop updates, sales and more!
Youtube Followers- 158,902 . Views Count- 14,406,250 . Video Count - 48

11. Wool And The Gang - A global Gang based in London

Wool And The Gang - A global Gang based in London United Kingdom
About Youtuber Ever wanted to learn how to knit? Want to jump on the crochet trend? WATG are here to offer you the latest tutorials for on trend styles and techniques. From beginner's how to's to expert knitting techniques, we're here to help you become part of the gang. Wool And The Gang is a do it yourself and ready to wear fashion brand for women, men, kids and babies.
Youtube Followers- 94,085 . Views Count- 10,730,416 . Video Count - 232

12. Joannes Web

Joannes Web San Antonio, TX
About Youtuber Joanne's Web is a place to lear to knit, crochet and more. There are video tutorials, blogs posts and many ways to communicate among each other to learn the beautiful craft of knitting. Join our growing knitting and crochet community.
Youtube Followers- 89,143 . Views Count- 14,248,600 . Video Count - 269

13. Studio Knit | Easy-to-follow Knitting Instructions

Studio Knit | Easy-to-follow Knitting Instructions United States
About Youtuber This is the place where you learn how to KNIT and totally fall in love with it. My channel features easy-to-follow instructions, quick knit projects, and some fun crafty ideas everyone can make!
Youtube Followers- 141,040 . Views Count- 12,297,423 . Video Count - 292

14. knitpicks - Passionately committed to affordable luxury knitting

knitpicks - Passionately committed to affordable luxury knitting Vancouver, WA
About Youtuber Our videos include tutorials on all levels of techniques, plus the occasional fun video. We're an online knit shop passionately committed to affordable luxury knitting, crochet and fiber crafts. Check out our Options interchangeable knitting needles, high quality yarns, $1.99 patterns, kits, and selection of knitting, spinning, weaving, and crochet books.
Youtube Followers- 82,277 . Views Count- 22,690,214 . Video Count - 621

15. Ritu Creations

Ritu Creations India
About Youtuber #1 Knitting Channel In India.
Youtube Followers- 79,417 . Views Count- 17,143,627 . Video Count - 169

16. Marly Bird

Marly Bird United Kingdom
About Youtuber Proud Spokesperson for Red Heart Yarns, Crochet and Knitwear Designer Marly Bird offers her vast knowledge about Crochet and Knitting on the Marly Bird YouTube channel. Watch videos focused on basic and advanced techniques, tips and tricks, and step-by-step projects. The focus of this channel is to build the skills of both the complete beginner crocheter/knitter and the more experienced crocheter.
Youtube Followers- 51,882 . Views Count- 2,587,250 . Video Count - 213

17. Kiran The Knitter | Knitting Designs

Kiran The Knitter | Knitting Designs India
About Youtuber In this channel, I will show knitting designs such as crochet and various attractive designs... So, Stay tuned..
Youtube Followers- 235,949 . Views Count- 55,382,942 . Video Count - 227

18. Western MA
About Youtuber The premier knitting video tutorial web site, featuring over 170 free knitting videos.
Youtube Followers- 45,151 . Views Count- 11,921,065 . Video Count - 118

19. Sheep & Stitch

Sheep & Stitch Hong Kong
About Youtuber Warm knitted goodness made by you! Learn how to knit beautiful patterns through step-by-step tutorials.
Youtube Followers- 43,315 . Views Count- 3,016,908 . Video Count - 28

20. The Indian Knitter

The Indian Knitter India
About Youtuber Learn Knitting, Crochet and several design.
Youtube Followers- 24,763 . Views Count- 5,407,536 . Video Count - 199

21. Knitting Tutor

Knitting Tutor India
About Youtuber In this channel I will teach you about various attractive knitting designs and patterns. I have many knitting patterns to share with you all.
Youtube Followers- 21,664 . Views Count- 4,329,273 . Video Count - 65

22. knit and crochet with Joanna

knit and crochet with Joanna About Youtuber Here you will find step by step knitting and crocheting tutorials..easy patterns also for beginners.
Youtube Followers- 19,302 . Views Count- 2,979,782 . Video Count - 166

23. Easy Knitter

Easy Knitter India
About Youtuber Easy Knitting Patterns and Items.
Youtube Followers- 19,677 . Views Count- 4,403,047 . Video Count - 160

24. Watch knitting - The easiest way to learn how to knit

Watch knitting - The easiest way to learn how to knit About Youtuber Exclusive source of free knitting patterns, Knitting Tutorials for beginners and skilled knitter, , knitting instruction, techniques, and Knitting Basics.
Youtube Followers- 39,471 . Views Count- 9,004,409 . Video Count - 51

25. GillysCraftWorld

GillysCraftWorld About Youtuber I can help you in your crochet and knitting endevour. I love crocheting, knitting and sewing. I am also an artist and love painting in oil and in watercolor. I will be showing you how to crochet and knit but will stick to crochet work initially.
Youtube Followers- 37,543 . Views Count- 5,003,922 . Video Count - 163

26. Create Happy Life

Create Happy Life India
About Youtuber This channel is all about knitting, crochet, stitching & embroidery.... We all learn and create new easy things together to create happy life... Its just beginning....Life is too short.. live it full...
Youtube Followers- 36,084 . Views Count- 7,823,289 . Video Count - 89

27. Kristin Omdahl

Kristin Omdahl Bonita Springs, Florida
About Youtuber Kristin Omdahl is a creative entrepreneur that believes in creating, sharing and inspiring others to do the same! Join her for ideas, inspiration and tutorials on crocheting, knitting, sewing, crafting, and healthy budget-friendly recipes.
Youtube Followers- 27,830 . Views Count- 2,124,814 . Video Count - 538

28. Grocery Girls Knit | Canadian Knitting Podcast

Grocery Girls Knit | Canadian Knitting Podcast Canada
About Youtuber This is a knitting podcast hosted by Jodi & Tracie. A couple of knitting obsessed sisters that love to talk about all things YARN!
Youtube Followers- 28,237 . Views Count- 1,968,596 . Video Count - 67

29. Knitting Expat Podcast | Knitting Podcast

Knitting Expat Podcast | Knitting Podcast United States
About Youtuber I started knitting in March 2014 while living in Dubai with my Husband and two cats as a way to keep me occupied while my Husband was away during the week for work, and I've barely put the needles down ever since. In Feb 2015 we moved to Bahrain & due to several factors as well as attempting to get more involved in the online knitting community I decided to start a Podcast! Since then I started designing knitwear items, we have relocated (again) to New York City.
Since Mar 2015
Youtube Followers- 25,315 . Views Count- 2,375,599 . Video Count - 328


Since Mar 2018
Youtube Followers- 15,310 . Views Count- 1,486,932 . Video Count - 86

31. Inside Number 23

Inside Number 23 About Youtuber This is where I share everything I have been knitting or sewing and anything else I find and love along the way. I hope you enjoy your visit and your glimpse into my creative life.
Youtube Followers- 13,142 . Views Count- 1,255,370 . Video Count - 211

32. Fruity Knitting | Knitting Techniques

Fruity Knitting | Knitting Techniques Offenbach am Main, Germany
About Youtuber Fruity Knitting presents a regular knitting podcast, introducing you to new projects and techniques, and features interviews with designers, knitters and other personalities from the knitting world. The Fruity Knitting Project Tutorials take you step by step through a complete project, covering all techniques required to make your creation a success.
Youtube Followers- 24,127 . Views Count- 1,672,555 . Video Count - 92

33. Wool Story

Wool Story Serbia
About Youtuber My channel has DIY Tutorial videos on crochet and knitting. People of all ages can learn how to knit and crochet because it's easy, fun and relaxing. Check out our various tutorials and you will be creating your very own high quality knitting and crocheting projects in no time. Please hit like and subscribe to our channel for every-day knit and crochet video lessons, amazing free patterns, tips.
Youtube Followers- 10,901 . Views Count- 2,038,169 . Video Count - 164

34. Knitting yarn

Knitting yarn Hardoi, India
About Youtuber My hobby to purl yarn in a way that design a beautiful pattern ,In this page i m gonna do effort and teach you all about knitting desire .
Youtube Followers- 9,568 . Views Count- 2,081,136 . Video Count - 76

35. LegacyKnitz Podcast

LegacyKnitz Podcast About Youtuber LegacyKnitz Podcast teaches knitting lessons from the beginning.
Youtube Followers- 7,742 . Views Count- 431,084 . Video Count - 55

36. kristyglassknits

kristyglassknits United States
About Youtuber Prolific Fiber Artist, Kristy Glass will loop you in on how to knit, on-trend projects, yarn bombing, fiber events and whats on her needles. Check in here every Friday for a new video about all things Fiber Arts.
Youtube Followers- 6,511 . Views Count- 513,194 . Video Count - 282

37. Amy Edwards Green | Knitting Vlog

Amy Edwards Green | Knitting Vlog United Kingdom
About Youtuber The Stranded youtube channel - home of the Stranded Podcast - a weekly knitting, spinning (sometimes!) and hand dyeing podcast from the south coast of England. Here you will also find the occasional vlog - where you can join me, out and about on adventures.
Youtube Followers- 12,543 . Views Count- 791,318 . Video Count - 117

38. Knitting womens Work

Knitting womens Work About Youtuber Knitting , women , handmade, crochet
Youtube Followers- 4,616 . Views Count- 896,676 . Video Count - 194

39. Kammebornia

Kammebornia About Youtuber Kammeborniapodcast, a podcast about life in general and knitting.
Youtube Followers- 4,122 . Views Count- 168,783 . Video Count - 18

40. Knitting Relax

Knitting Relax United States
About Youtuber Knitting is never old-fashioned. Not only that you will have a unique customized suit for yourself, your kids, or anyone that you love. But it also a relaxing interest. It's true that some of my friends, who're facing stress in work, luckily find peace in knitting. This channel was created to share that relaxing interest and ideas to those who love knitting.
Youtube Followers- 3,498 . Views Count- 662,569 . Video Count - 135

41. Skeindeer Knits

Skeindeer Knits About Youtuber I am a Norwegian living and knitting in London, while doing a PhD. My aim with this podcast is to get the hang of and appreciate some of the big knitting trends in the online knitting community, while simultaneously conveying my own old fashioned knitting preferences. There are some older booktube videos on this channel as well.
Youtube Followers- 3,603 . Views Count- 124,126 . Video Count - 57

42. Jilly The Knitting Broomstick

Jilly The Knitting Broomstick About Youtuber Host of the Knitting Broomstick video podcast!
Youtube Followers- 3,328 . Views Count- 113,955 . Video Count - 56

43. Kristine Kelly

Kristine Kelly United States
About Youtuber I'm Dr. Kelly, a knitter, spinner, seamstress, paper crafter, snail mail fan, and professor of experimental psychology. This is the Ewe University channel where I post weekly videos with the goal of linking education and the fiber arts.
Youtube Followers- 3,874 . Views Count- 100,343 . Video Count - 53

44. NobleKnits

NobleKnits About Youtuber NobleKnits features videos on new yarns, knitting ideas, free patterns, and knitting help videos. You'll learn new knitting techniques and tips in a fun and approachable knitting community.
Youtube Followers- 2,397 . Views Count- 413,038 . Video Count - 145

45. The Canadian Knitter Podcast | Knitting Patterns

The Canadian Knitter Podcast | Knitting Patterns About Youtuber Canadian Knitter Podcast designs various knitting patterns and design.
Youtube Followers- 2,195 . Views Count- 132,402 . Video Count - 131

46. The Girls In The Yarn Cafe: A Knitting Podcast

The Girls In The Yarn Cafe: A Knitting Podcast About Youtuber A mother and a daughter knitting podcast about all things yarn and all the amazing people who make it happen!
Youtube Followers- 2,576 . Views Count- 55,667 . Video Count - 23

47. Julie Measures

Julie Measures Dallas, TX
About Youtuber A personal blog focusing on my adventures in knitting, crocheting, crafts, food, my kids, and living in Dallas.
Youtube Followers- 2,252 . Views Count- 247,330 . Video Count - 82

48. Nordic Stitches | Youtube

Nordic Stitches | Youtube Norway
About Youtuber I'm a Knitwear Pattern Designer based in Arctic Norway. My designs are inspired by nature and old Scandinavian nostalgia and living. This channel is all about knitting and general crafty living. I also show off places I go to, video's of my inspiration sources and so on.
Youtube Followers- 4,092 . Views Count- 280,829 . Video Count - 256

49. Arctic Knitting Podcast

Arctic Knitting Podcast Norway
About Youtuber A weekly podcast about knitting and other crafty things.
Youtube Followers- 1,824 . Views Count- 55,103 . Video Count - 54

50. Geeky Girls Knit

Geeky Girls Knit Edinburgh, Scotland
About Youtuber The Mamma/Daughter video podcast for fans of all things knitting & geeky.
Youtube Followers- 1,967 . Views Count- 107,607 . Video Count - 286

51. WatchBarbaraKnit - Knitwear designer

WatchBarbaraKnit - Knitwear designer Atlanta, GA
About Youtuber An independent knitwear designer talks about knitting, yarn, tools, techniques and more!
Youtube Followers- 1,737 . Views Count- 91,036 . Video Count - 179

52. Clara Mateo

Clara Mateo About Youtuber Our You Tube channel is where we will upload our video tutorials to learn how to knit 1 New Point every week. Take your balls and your needles and start to weave your way.
Youtube Followers- 984 . Views Count- 128,819 . Video Count - 36

53. Pattymac Knits

Pattymac Knits Unites States
About Youtuber I share a fun knitting podcast about knitting and crafting as well as stitch tutorials and short features showing off my different knitted creations.
Youtube Followers- 262 . Views Count- 25,411 . Video Count - 69

54. Unique Sapphire Fibre Studio

Unique Sapphire Fibre Studio About Youtuber Unique Sapphire Fibre Studio was founded to provide the highest quality in hand-painted and handspun yarns using professional acid dyes. Unique Sapphire sounds like a jewelry shop. Well Yes I guess one would think that. Unique Sapphire is my own personal pseudonym for myself. I was born in September, which a Sapphire is the birthstone. Also being a Virgo adds complexity, as attention to detail is my specialty. So Unique Sapphire was born.
Youtube Followers- 77 . Views Count- 7,032 . Video Count - 57

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