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1. Reddit - Islam

Reddit - IslamSan Francisco, CA About Blog Everything to do with Muslims and Islam!
Frequency about 168 posts per week.
Facebook fans 1,296,613. Twitter followers 638,745.

2. The Review of Religions Magazine

The Review of Religions MagazineAbout Blog The Review of Religions, in print since 1902, is one of the longest-running comparative religious magazines. The objective of the magazine is to present the teachings of Islam, reflecting its rational, harmonious and inspiring nature. It also brings together articles and viewpoints on different religions and seeks to make discussions on religion and religious philosophy accessible to a wider readership.
Frequency about 3 posts per week.
Facebook fans 18,937. Twitter followers 17,483.

3. The Geller Report

The Geller ReportMontana About Blog Blog by Pamela Geller has led awareness campaigns in U.S., Europe, and Israel on behalf of the victims and potential victims of honor killing, for the human rights of apostates from Islam, for the freedom of speech, and more.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Facebook fans 1,328,866. Twitter followers 199,557.

4. Muslim Matters

Muslim MattersUnited States About Blog Discourses in the Intellectual Traditions, Political Situation, and Social Ethics of Muslim Life. Muslim Matter is online magazine which is focused on issues of Religion, Society, Ethics, Politics, Civil Rights, Family, as well as the random issues that pop up from now and then, all with some ranting and humor mixed in. We provide a platform for orthodox thought leaders to affect positive change.
Frequency about 3 posts per week.
Facebook fans 386,778. Twitter followers 314,411.

5. Jihad Watch

Jihad WatchAbout Blog Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts. You will see Here that they are made up largely of quotations from Islamic jihadists and the traditional Islamic sources to which they appeal to justify violence and terrorism. My work sheds light on what these sources say.
Frequency about 56 posts per week.
Facebook fans 87,758. Twitter followers 125,694.

6. SeekersGuidance

SeekersGuidanceAbout Blog Enjoy SeekersGuidance audio on the move - stream live or download for free. A wide range of programs connecting you to reliable Islamic scholars and a love of Allah and the Prophetic way.
Frequency about 2 posts per week.
Facebook fans 191,994. Twitter followers 110.

7. Productive Muslim's Blog

Productive Muslim's BlogAbout Blog We look in the Quran, the Seerah, and the history of the Islamic civilization for snippets and lifehacks that would make our life productive! Join us, discuss with us, share this site with others, let us all work towards a productive Ummah!
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Facebook fans 1,157,842. Twitter followers 123.

8. Muslim Girl | Muslim Women Talk Back.

Muslim Girl | Muslim Women Talk Back.About Blog A blog dedicated to raising the place of Muslim women in our society, eliminating stereotypes, and creating a healthy interfaith dialogue through the spirit of sisterhood.
Frequency about 7 posts per week.
Facebook fans 158,266. Twitter followers 32,810.


BARE NAKED ISLAMAbout Blog Real conversation ice-breakers, that you can wear to get others on board to Bare Naked Islam, where hopefully they will join in the dialogue. This blog is designed to show you the dark side of Islam that the West does not want you to see. The Islam that Western media refuse to show you. The Islam that is slowly but surely changing the West.
Frequency about 42 posts per week.
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers 22,233.


IqraSense.comUSA About Blog This blog focused on topics related to building character of today's Muslims, propagating the right message about Islam and Muslims and debunking the myths about Islam and Muslims. It covers topics on Islam, Allah, Quran, Prophet Muhammad, Muslims, and more.
Frequency about 21 posts per week.
Facebook fans 87,783. Twitter followers 2,555.

11. Islam | The Guardian

Islam | The GuardianLondon About Blog Latest Islam news and features from, the world's leading liberal voice.
Frequency about 4 posts per week.
Facebook fans 8,182,312. Twitter followers n/a.

12. Islamic Council of Victoria

Islamic Council of VictoriaWest Melbourne VIC About Blog The Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) is a religious peak body representing around 200,000 Muslims and 60 member societies in the state of Victoria. Our vision is to build a better community for all Australians through the empowerment of Muslims in Victoria.
Frequency about 3 posts per month.
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers 762.

13. The Islamic Information

The Islamic InformationAbout Blog The Islamic Information, is a website which presents you the authentic Islamic Articles, stories, videos and lectures all of this in one place.
Frequency about 6 posts per week.
Facebook fans 1,029,238. Twitter followers 1,148.

14. Islam Hashtag

Islam Hashtagsoudi arabia About Blog The Muslim Blog to discuss Islam,Quran,Islamic Books & lifestyle.
Frequency about 2 posts per week.
Facebook fans 10,170. Twitter followers 704.

15. Answering Muslims

Answering MuslimsBronx, NY About Blog Answering Muslims is a Christian apologetics website dedicated to responding to the questions, objections, and arguments of Muslims. The site is run by Christian debaters, lecturers, and writers who have a special interest in Islam. Since one of the most common Muslim arguments is that Islamic morality and law would benefit Western nations, we also report relevant current events concerning the im
Frequency about 3 posts per month.
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers 25,967.


AYEINAUAE, Pakistan, KSA About Blog A hub for Muslims to reflect - Mirror is to reflections. Reflections that lead to positivity through #AlhamdulillahForSeries Gratitude journal. AYEINA as a whole, is a community of people trying to strengthen their Islamic identity and make the best of both worlds. Hence we provide them just that, by CREATING and recommending Islamic products and content, that revolves around Qur'anic reflections.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Facebook fans 13,003. Twitter followers 834.

17. Political Islam

Political IslamWorldWide About Blog We are an international educational organization dedicated to the understanding of Islamic politics. Our mission is to educate the world about political Islam, its founder Mohammed, his political doctrine and his god, Allah. Islam is a cultural, religious and political system. Only the political system contained in the sacred Islamic Trilogy is of interest to kafirs (non-Muslims).
Frequency about 2 posts per month.
Facebook fans 7,529. Twitter followers 39,478.

18. Islamic Voice

Islamic VoiceHouston, TX About Blog Islamic Voice is a monthly Islamic magazine. Islamic Voice has covered its fascinating namesake without fear or favour, with insight, accuracy, thoroughness and a well rounded perspective on a variety of subjects - be it the economy, politics, lifestyle, the arts, entertainment, travel, science, technology or health.
Frequency about 2 posts per week.
Facebook fans 4,746. Twitter followers 150.

19. The Muhammadan Way

The Muhammadan WayAbout Blog Shaykh Sayed Nurjan Mirahmadi Teaching of Classical Islam. The Messenger of Allah (S) said, 'One who proceeds on a path in the pursuit of knowledge, God makes him proceed therewith on a path to the Garden (Paradise).
Frequency about 2 posts per month.
Facebook fans 1,105,663. Twitter followers 1,010.

20. Shere Khuda Hazrat Ali Radiallahu Anhu - An Islamic Website

Shere Khuda Hazrat Ali Radiallahu Anhu - An Islamic WebsiteAbout Blog An Islamic Website to learn Islamic Quotes, Quranic translations, Quran verses, interpretations, hadiths, general Islamic resources, Islamic Biography, Islamic Messages, SMS, Islamic stories, hamd, naat lyrics, manqabat, Salato salam and more
Frequency about 1 post per week.
Facebook fans 12,977. Twitter followers 13.

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