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Freediving Youtube Channels

1. Adam Freediver

Adam Freediver Australia About Youtuber Professional Freediver travelling the world and documenting his underwater adventures! He is 4 x Australian Freediving Record Holder and a PADI Freediving Instructor Trainer.
Frequency 1 video / month
Since May 2016
Youtube Followers- 101,000 . Views Count- 6,962,008 . Video Count - 93

2. Daan Verhoeven

Daan Verhoeven United Kingdom About Youtuber Freediving, and a little bit of Beans, a vastly strange but enormously lovely Hungarian Vizsla.
Frequency 1 video / month
Since Apr 2008
Youtube Followers- 29,046 . Views Count- 21,585,126 . Video Count - 126

3. Crystal Freediving

Crystal Freediving Ban Ko Tao, Chumphon, Thailand About Youtuber My name is Sergey and I am the PADI Instructor Trainer at Crystal Freediving school, the first PADI Freediving center, located on beautiful Koh Tao, Thailand, which offers a full range of courses from complete beginners up to instructor's level. The aim of Crystal Freediving school is to train our students to the highest possible standard, with safety as our utmost priority, while providing the most enjoyable, fun and amazing Koh Tao experience!
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Apr 2015
Youtube Followers- 4,640 . Views Count- 398,592 . Video Count - 146

4. Blue-Immersion Freediving

Blue-Immersion Freediving Ban Ko Tao, Chumphon, Thailand About Youtuber Blue Immersion was found in 2010 by a French-Tunisian Freediver named Akim Adhari. End of 2012 Flo became the new owner and manager of Blue Immersion. He is a scuba diving, tec diver and freediving Instructor. He started Freediving with Blue Immersion years ago with our Zero to Hero training program. He got his first National record in Constant weight using bi fins with 61m.
Frequency 1 video / month
Since Jun 2013
Youtube Followers- 1,630 . Views Count- 255,309 . Video Count - 77

5. Freedive Passion

Freedive Passion About Youtuber Freedive Passion, Gives you the tools you need to progress in freediving. We upload weekly tutorials on a variety of topics. reedive Passion is all about giving you the tips, tricks and training you need to become a better freediver.
Frequency 4 videos / month
Since Jan 2017
Youtube Followers- 3,930 . Views Count- 206,340 . Video Count - 84

6. ImmersionFD

ImmersionFD Fort Lauderdale, Florida About Youtuber Immersion Freediving Youtube channel contains freediving videos from various free diving classes and freediving courses held in Fort Lauderdale. Proper Instruction teaches students how to how to hold their breath longer, freedive deeper, longer, and become safer. All classes taught by PFI Instructor Trainer, US National Record Holder, and Captain of the 2012 USA free diving team, Ted Harty.
Frequency 30 videos / year
Since Jun 2011
Youtube Followers- 2,410 . Views Count- 579,680 . Video Count - 188

7. Diveye

Diveye About Youtuber Diveye is a patented, fully integrated underwater drone system specifically designed to take the audience on an exciting and intimate journey into deep. With the Diveye system you are geared for live commentary broadcasting. Technique, equipment info, statistics, life stories of the athletes - all complementing the stunning video imagery.
Since Jul 2016
Youtube Followers- 1,830 . Views Count- 183,271 . Video Count - 26

8. AIDA Freediving

AIDA Freediving Zürich, Switzerland About Youtuber Official AIDA International Freediving YouTube Channel. Aida is an organization of freedivers comprised of an international assembly who vote by the democratic process. Our goal now and for the future is to tell the world that freediving is much more than only records.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Aug 2017
Youtube Followers- 5,040 . Views Count- 435,800 . Video Count - 78

9. Ocean Chan Freediving

Ocean Chan Freediving Sydney, New South Wales, Australia About Youtuber Ocean Chan Freediving features Freediving, Marine Life and Sydney dive sites.
Since Jun 2017
Youtube Followers- 1,030 . Views Count- 53,974 . Video Count - 29

10. Performance Freediving

Performance Freediving About Youtuber Performance Freediving offers multi-faceted educational freediving courses targeted at a wide range of people such as snorkelers, freedivers and spearfisherman. Since PFI's formation in 2000, Performance Freediving has trained over 3000 people and become known for our quality programs that stress safety as well as performance.
Since Dec 2008
Youtube Followers- 793 . Views Count- 409,195 . Video Count - 79

11. Freediving Nomads PH

Freediving Nomads PH San Francisco, CA About Youtuber Organized AIDA Freediving Courses led by Master Instructor Wildor Di Novo. Courses and certifications on all levels as well as coached training.
Frequency 2 videos / year
Since Dec 2015
Youtube Followers- 1,070 . Views Count- 388,013 . Video Count - 26

12. Freediving Finn

Freediving Finn About Youtuber Freediving and spearfishing are my hobbies. You'll see my trips in Finland and other parts of world. I'll show my unusual freediving training exercises and other fun stuff that you can do while freediving in pool. Freediving doesn't always need to be hard and strict training, instead remember to have fun (with safety in mind) with your friends in this awesome 3D-environment.
Frequency 1 video / month
Since Jun 2014
Youtube Followers- 403 . Views Count- 67,329 . Video Count - 32

13. s8s8 Freediving

s8s8 Freediving San Mauro Torinese, Italy About Youtuber Follow this channel to watch the latest videos on freediving.
Frequency 21 videos / year
Since May 2017
Youtube Followers- 2,250 . Views Count- 1,277,850 . Video Count - 1,404

14. Freediving Dancer

Freediving Dancer About Youtuber Follow this channel to watch the latest Freediving dance underwater videos.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Aug 2014
Youtube Followers- 393 . Views Count- 199,752 . Video Count - 150

15. Freediving & Spearfishing The World

Freediving & Spearfishing The World About Youtuber My Name is Alvaro Ordonez. I grew up spearfishing in Cartagena, Colombia. My work as a speaker in dentistry has taken me to several places around the world and in some of them i have been fortunate to Freedive and Spearfish. The main problem is always to know where, who and how as every place is different. In this channel we will also show you tips and will do some equipment and gear review.
Frequency 3 videos / year
Since Aug 2014
Youtube Followers- 172 . Views Count- 36,463 . Video Count - 44