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1. The Onion

The OnionUnited States About Website America's Finest News Source. It is a parody news website. The Onion is a Peabody award-winning news source founded in 1765 by Friedrich Siegfried Zweibel. T. Herman Zweibel. Many consider him the 'Father Of American Journalism,' also the title of his well-known 1943 biography, written by Norman Rombauer. Frequency 11 posts / dayAlso in Funny Blogs, Satire Blogs Website
Facebook fans 6.6M ⋅ Twitter followers 11.4M ⋅ Instagram Followers 2.9M ⋅ Social Engagement 9.9K ⋅ Domain Authority 86 ⋅ Alexa Rank 9K

2. News Thump

News Thump London, England, United Kingdom About Website NewsThump is one of the UK's fastest growing humour websites providing a daily satirical take on current affairs from around the globe, only without the facts. Frequency 6 posts / day Since Feb 2009 Also in UK Satire Blogs, UK Fake News Websites Website
Facebook fans 373.1K ⋅ Twitter followers 51.7K ⋅ Instagram Followers 13.1K ⋅ Social Engagement 3.8K ⋅ Domain Authority 60 ⋅ Alexa Rank 214K

3. The Poke News | Time well wasted

The Poke News | Time well wasted United Kingdom About Website The Poke is a satirical and topical news source, aiming to deliver an antidote to the daily grind. Frequency 1 post / day Website
Facebook fans 850.9K ⋅ Twitter followers 238.1K ⋅ Social Engagement 1.2K ⋅ Domain Authority 72 ⋅ Alexa Rank 66.4K

4. The Daily Mash News

The Daily Mash NewsUnited Kingdom About Website Follow us to keep up with articles on spoof news from the Daily Mash, Britain's leading satirical website. Frequency 2 posts / day Website
Facebook fans 954.2K ⋅ Twitter followers 147.6K ⋅ Social Engagement 16.4K ⋅ Domain Authority 67 ⋅ Alexa Rank 118.5K

5. The Babylon Bee

The Babylon BeeJupiter, Forida, United States About Website Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire. Frequency 7 posts / day Website
Facebook fans 703.1K ⋅ Twitter followers 424.9K ⋅ Instagram Followers 299.6K ⋅ Social Engagement 66.2K ⋅ Domain Authority 62 ⋅ Alexa Rank 14.9K

6. The Betoota Advocate

The Betoota AdvocateQueensland, Australia About Website The Betoota Advocate, Australia's oldest newspaper. A small and independent regional newspaper from far-west Queensland, we report with authenticity and a genuinely apolitical flair. Frequency 6 posts / day Website
Facebook fans 733.7K ⋅ Twitter followers 44.5K ⋅ Instagram Followers 549K ⋅ Social Engagement 10.1K ⋅ Domain Authority 58 ⋅ Alexa Rank 92.1K

7. Waterford Whispers News

Waterford Whispers NewsWaterford, Connecticut, United States About Website Waterford Whispers News is a fabricated satirical newspaper and comedy website. It uses invented names in all its stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized. Frequency 7 posts / day Since Sep 2011 Website
Facebook fans 647.8K ⋅ Twitter followers 207.2K ⋅ Instagram Followers 85.8K ⋅ Social Engagement 4.5K ⋅ Domain Authority 60 ⋅ Alexa Rank 167.4K

8. The Duffel Blog

The Duffel BlogAbout Website Everything on this website is satirical and the content of this site is a parody of a news organization. The Duffel Blog, the American military's most-trusted news source, is updated daily with the latest news from the US military and beyond. Frequency 1 post / day Website
Facebook fans 304.7K ⋅ Twitter followers 38.4K ⋅ Instagram Followers 38.3K ⋅ Social Engagement 50.3K ⋅ Domain Authority 73 ⋅ Alexa Rank 211.4K

9. The Beaverton

The BeavertonUnited States About Website It files fictional stories of the utmost importance, informed by real events, the cultural zeitgeist, and national news media. Using a 'fake news' platform The Beaverton offers devastating insight and biting commentary on Canadian life, politics, and the world around us. Frequency 17 posts / week Website
Facebook fans 162.7K ⋅ Twitter followers 56.7K ⋅ Instagram Followers 26.5K ⋅ Social Engagement 4.5K ⋅ Domain Authority 56 ⋅ Alexa Rank 72.2K

10. GomerBlog - Earth's Finest Medical Satire and News

GomerBlog - Earth's Finest Medical Satire and NewsAbout Website GomerBlog is dedicated to bringing you funny medical satire news that people want to hear but didn't happen. Features fake stories with medical humor and satire. Earth's finest medical satire news for doctors, nurses, and all healthcare professionals. Frequency 1 post / dayAlso in Humor Blogs Website
Facebook fans 199.2K ⋅ Twitter followers 41.3K ⋅ Instagram Followers 51.6K ⋅ Social Engagement 78 ⋅ Domain Authority 51 ⋅ Alexa Rank 526K

11. American News

American News U.S.A About Website Breaking News, Political News and Updates. The Last True Source Of #ConservativeNews. Anti Obama, Pro Constitution. We Are #Patriots - We Support Our Troops, We Like Guns, And We LOVE #America. Website
Facebook fans 5.6M ⋅ Twitter followers 110 ⋅ Domain Authority 52 ⋅ Alexa Rank 77.9K

12. The Chaser

The ChaserSydney, New South Wales, Australia About Website Founded in 1999 as an independent satirical newspaper produced out of a spare bedroom. The Chaser team has since gone on to produce Classic comedy in just about every corner of Australian media, including print, online, radio, television and Christmas crackers. Frequency 3 posts / day Website
Facebook fans 177.7K ⋅ Twitter followers 77.8K ⋅ Social Engagement 8.4K ⋅ Domain Authority 51 ⋅ Alexa Rank 166.1K

13. Huzlers

HuzlersUnited States About Website is the most infamous fauxtire & satire entertainment website in the world. If it's trending on social media you'll find it here! Frequency 2 posts / month Website
Facebook fans 32.3K ⋅ Social Engagement 1.5K ⋅ Domain Authority 61 ⋅ Alexa Rank 277K

14. The Rising Wasabi

The Rising WasabiTokyo, Japan About Website The Rising Wasabi is Japan's premium satirical news publication covering the latest from the land of the rising sun and current events from around the globe. Frequency 2 posts / week Website
Facebook fans 42.5K ⋅ Twitter followers 3.7K ⋅ Instagram Followers 4.7K ⋅ Social Engagement 1.8K ⋅ Domain Authority 41 ⋅ Alexa Rank 434.4K

15. Empire News

Empire NewsAbout Website Empire News is intended for entertainment purposes only. Our website and social media content uses only fictional names, except in cases of public figure and celebrity parody or satirization. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental. Frequency 4 posts / month Website
Facebook fans 21.2K ⋅ Twitter followers 332 ⋅ Social Engagement 2 ⋅ Domain Authority 60 ⋅ Alexa Rank 777.2K

16. Weekly World News

Weekly World NewsMadison, New York, United States About Website If you care about the future of our world, this is the only place on earth you can learn about UFO activity, classified government cover-ups, Bigfoot movements, Secret science experiments paid for by pharmaceutical companies, Cryptic findings Register online to be part of our world! Frequency 1 post / day Website
Facebook fans 124.4K ⋅ Twitter followers 4.7K ⋅ Instagram Followers 12.8K ⋅ Social Engagement 66 ⋅ Domain Authority 75 ⋅ Alexa Rank 582.8K

17. The Spoof

The SpoofAbout Website The Spoof is one of the web's leading satirical and spoof newspapers and magazine with the web's largest social group of fake news comedy writers. We bring you all the latest fake celebrity gossip and entertainment, current affairs, sports, technology, science and business news. In addition to the fake news, we have a variety of comedy writing from The Magazine, breaking news snippets and jokes. Frequency 13 posts / dayAlso in Parody Blogs Website
Facebook fans 379 ⋅ Twitter followers 808 ⋅ Domain Authority 63 ⋅ Alexa Rank 834.9K

18. Burrard Street Journal

Burrard Street JournalVancouver, British Columbia, Canada About Website The Burrard Street Journal is a occasionally funny Canadian satire, parody and comedy news website based in Vancouver, BC. All articles, videos and images are fictitious and occasionally intended to be humourous. Frequency 1 post / month Website
Facebook fans 44.3K ⋅ Twitter followers 950 ⋅ Social Engagement 172.6K ⋅ Domain Authority 47 ⋅ Alexa Rank 410K

19. News Biscuit

News Biscuit United Kingdom About Website NewsBiscuit was launched by John O'Farrell with the noble aims of eradicating global poverty, creating a lasting peace in the Middle East and providing a daily dose of humour to bored people at work. Frequency 7 posts / day Since Aug 2004 Also in UK Humor Blogs Website
Facebook fans 10.1K ⋅ Twitter followers 12.5K ⋅ Social Engagement 39 ⋅ Domain Authority 58 ⋅ Alexa Rank 1.7M


GlossyNews.comSeattle, Washington, United States About Website Glossy News is the second longest-running 'fake news' satire site in history! Frequency 2 posts / day Website
Facebook fans 271 ⋅ Social Engagement 4 ⋅ Domain Authority 54 ⋅ Alexa Rank 881.7K

21. Cream Bmp

Cream BmpAbout Website Seriously funny news from around the web, because everyday news is depressing AF. Website
Facebook fans 72.9K ⋅ Twitter followers 6 ⋅ Domain Authority 49 ⋅ Alexa Rank 1.2M

22. Newslo - Just Enough News

Newslo - Just Enough News About Website Newslo is the first hybrid News/Satire platform on the web. Readers come to us for a unique brand of entertainment and information that is enhanced by features like our fact-button, which allows readers to find what is fact and what is satire. Frequency 30 posts / year Website
Facebook fans 1.2K ⋅ Twitter followers 19.4K ⋅ Domain Authority 33 ⋅ Alexa Rank 1.7M

23. Rock City Times

Rock City TimesLittle Rock, Arkansas, United States About Website RockCity Times is a satire news organization based in Little Rock, Arkansas. The content on here, while often grounded in reality, is generally ridiculous crap that we make up and should be treated as such. Frequency 1 post / quarter Website
Facebook fans 14.2K ⋅ Twitter followers 3K ⋅ Social Engagement 5.6K ⋅ Domain Authority 42 ⋅ Alexa Rank 2M

24. Adobo Chronicles

Adobo ChroniclesAbout Website THE ADOBO CHRONICLES is your source of up-to-date, unbelievable news. Everything you read on this site is based on fact, except for the lies. Frequency 3 posts / week Website
Facebook fans 17.9K ⋅ Twitter followers 854 ⋅ Social Engagement 97 ⋅ Domain Authority 55 ⋅ Alexa Rank 5.2M

25. Farzinews - Leading Indian Satire and Funny Fake News Humor Site

Farzinews - Leading Indian Satire and Funny Fake News Humor SiteIndia About Website Alternative source of all rumors and farzi news. We are not just for pure fun but also rip off on totally insane media reporting standards of some news channels. Maybe ,apart from giving good laughs we are able to knock some sense into them. Website
Facebook fans 3.5K ⋅ Twitter followers 86 ⋅ Domain Authority 18 ⋅

26. Bent*spud - News

Bent*spud - NewsDiscovery Bay, California, United States About Website It's all about being the world's most reliable source of unreliable news. Pure and simple. Frequency 1 post / quarter Website
Facebook fans 26 ⋅ Twitter followers 106 ⋅ Instagram Followers 258 ⋅ Domain Authority 27 ⋅

27. Wah Sarkar

Wah SarkarIndia About Website Wah Sarkar is a satirical take on political parties and parliamentarians in India. We aim to look at key issues plaguing Indian democracy. Frequency 2 posts / monthAlso in Political Satire Blogs Website
Facebook fans 8.4K ⋅ Twitter followers 181 ⋅ Instagram Followers 132 ⋅ Social Engagement 657 ⋅ Domain Authority 19 ⋅ Alexa Rank 6.6M


THE LAPINECanada About Website The Lapine is Canada's Best Satirical Online Newspaper. It satirizes politics, life, media and the human condition, with a special focus on Canada. Website
Facebook fans 5.1K ⋅ Twitter followers 855 ⋅ Domain Authority 45 ⋅

29. FM Observer

FM ObserverFargo, North Dakota, United States About Website The Fargo Moorhead area's greatest satirical news and entertainment source. Most stories are farcical in nature. We are the greatest website you will ever visit in your entire human existence. Frequency 4 posts / week Website
Facebook fans 931 ⋅ Twitter followers 937 ⋅ Social Engagement 3 ⋅ Domain Authority 39 ⋅

30. stevefakeballmer

stevefakeballmerUnited States About Website The Original Fake Steve Ballmer - Exiled by Blogger! Frequency 1 post / month Website
Domain Authority 15 ⋅

31. The India Satire

The India SatireIndia About Website The India Satire is India's one of leading news satire, sarcasm, humour, fun and parody blog portals. It publishes satirical articles on politicians, tycoons, cricketers, bollywood celebrities and prominent personalities. Frequency 1 post / year Website
Facebook fans 4.9K ⋅ Twitter followers 938 ⋅ Domain Authority 20 ⋅

32. Funfunnykhez - news, of no use.

Funfunnykhez - news, of no use.Mumbai, Maharashtra, India About Website FunFunnyKhez is a news satire website created to add craziness in the day-to-day news segment and content specially tailored to create humor. We intend to become the number 1 news satire and humor website of India. Website
Facebook fans 9.5K ⋅ Twitter followers 55 ⋅ Domain Authority 13 ⋅

33. Dapaan - InCredible news from Kashmir

Dapaan - InCredible news from Kashmir Jammu, Jammu And Kashmir, India About Website is strictly about spoof and satire. There are no facts here, only fiction. If something here resembles any facts or reality, it is only because fiction tends to do so often. Frequency 1 post / day Website
Facebook fans 13K ⋅ Twitter followers 750 ⋅ Social Engagement 81 ⋅ Domain Authority 14 ⋅

34. Beyond the Echo Chamber

Beyond the Echo ChamberTokyo, Japan About Website Fake News for the Moderate. This website is a fictional satire and parody website. Frequency 1 post / year Website
Twitter followers 1 ⋅ Social Engagement 19 ⋅ Domain Authority 8 ⋅

35. Newsfox

NewsfoxHartlepool, England, United Kingdom About Website Newsfox is a spoof news, satire and jokes website covering politics, sport, celebs and more. Frequency 1 post / month Website
Facebook fans 219 ⋅ Twitter followers 6.6K ⋅ Domain Authority 19 ⋅

36. Such Politics

Such PoliticsNew York, United States About Website Such Politics is a satirical political website created by hardcore American lumberjacks. Nothing should be taken seriously or looked too far into. Website
Facebook fans 144 ⋅ Twitter followers 362 ⋅ Domain Authority 5 ⋅

37. Satire News Network

Satire News NetworkAbout Website The Satire News Network (SNN) is the most trusted name in Satire News. Frequency 20 posts / quarter Website
Twitter followers 1 ⋅ Domain Authority 13 ⋅

38. Fake News Flash

Fake News FlashAbout Website If you don't realise all this is made up, you're an idiot Frequency 19 posts / year Website
Social Engagement 2 ⋅ Domain Authority 1 ⋅

39. CricboyTalks

CricboyTalksAbout Website is a website where we publish news reports without any credibility. We post fake and humorous news just to gather a couple of eyeballs. Our goal is to provide highly sarcastic news in the form of fake news reports. The main idea is to make the content exciting and humorous. Frequency 3 posts / month Since Aug 2019 Website
Social Engagement 2 ⋅ Domain Authority 2 ⋅

40. Free Wood Post

Free Wood PostUnited States About Website Welcome to Free Wood Post! Where the news is almost reliable, and questions are almost answered. The Motive of this site is to bring you the could've would've should'ves in the world of free press reporting. Revel in the ridiculosity! Frequency 2 posts / year Website
Facebook fans 100.7K ⋅ Twitter followers 2.6K ⋅ Domain Authority 50 ⋅ Alexa Rank 1.8M

41. Sports Pickle - News

Sports Pickle - NewsAbout Website is a sports humor, satire and parody site for sports news. Frequency 1 post / year Website
Facebook fans 10.8K ⋅ Twitter followers 148.5K ⋅ Social Engagement 11 ⋅ Domain Authority 58 ⋅ Alexa Rank 2.4M

42. Teekhi Mirchi-India's favorite news satire and humour website

Teekhi Mirchi-India's favorite news satire and humour websiteNoida, Uttar Pradesh, India About Website Teekhi Mirchi is a satire, parody, spoof and humor website. We provide best of political and social satire on current affairs. Teekhi Mirchi is a crowd-sourced portal and stories are mostly contributed by our readers. We fondly call them our 'Spicy CJs'. Website
Facebook fans 58.4K ⋅ Twitter followers 4.4K ⋅ Social Engagement 1 ⋅ Domain Authority 32 ⋅ Alexa Rank 3.8M

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