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DIY Youtube Channels

1. Make - DIY projects, How-tos, tech news, electronics, crafts and ideas

Make - DIY projects, How-tos, tech news, electronics, crafts and ideas San Francisco, CA - USA
About Youtuber Make: brings the do-it-yourself mindset to all the technology in your life. Make: is loaded with exciting projects that help you make the most of your technology at home and away from home. This is a magazine that celebrates your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your own will.
Since Mar 2006
Youtube Followers- 1,660,415 . Views Count- 334,558,074 . Video Count - 2,671

2. 5-Minute Crafts | DIY Videos

5-Minute Crafts | DIY Videos About Youtuber Fun diy-projects, crafts, experience the joy of doing it yourself! Follow to get the videos from 5-Minute Crafts
Since Nov 2016
Youtube Followers- 37,507,328 . Views Count- 9,544,354,663 . Video Count - 2,246

3. LaurDIY | DIY Youtuber

LaurDIY | DIY Youtuber Los Angeles, CA
About Youtuber I'm Lauren, your DIY-obsessed bestie that is all about creativity, glitter & petting dogs.
Youtube Followers- 8,072,712 . Views Count- 898,819,747 . Video Count - 533

4. IdunnGoddess | DIY Crafts YouTube Channel

IdunnGoddess | DIY Crafts YouTube Channel Worldwide, Planet Earth
About Youtuber My channel is dedicated to creativity, How To and How-to :), DIY (Do-It-Yourself), Crafts, Recycling Handmade Stuff, Life Hacks, Tricks and Tips. I film and upload new video every week! Hope my videos will inspire you to create something beautiful with your own hands! #Howto #DIY
Youtube Followers- 2,369,660 . Views Count- 377,561,133 . Video Count - 276

5. Karina Garcia

Karina Garcia About Youtuber I love sharing DIY videos, reviews, and a little bit of makeup tutorials here and there! I'm goofy and very comfortable in front of the camera. I love engaging with you guys! Thank you for being with me in this super fun journey!
Youtube Followers- 6,182,589 . Views Count- 796,700,394 . Video Count - 212

6. kipkay

kipkay Florida
About Youtuber This channel is the ultimate guide for DIY projects, pranks, hacks and how-tos. He picks up all the unused scrap items from his house, and turns them into something meaningful.
Youtube Followers- 2,622,476 . Views Count- 653,732,357 . Video Count - 350

7. HouseholdHacker

HouseholdHacker Portland, OR
About Youtuber At HouseholdHacker, we solve your common everyday problems and create things utilizing items you find around your house. You might say we try to bring out the MacGyver in all of us. From kitchen hacks and tricks to getting rid of ants; we do it all.
Since Nov 2007
Youtube Followers- 4,762,342 . Views Count- 795,827,821 . Video Count - 477

8. I Like To Make Stuff

I Like To Make Stuff Savannah, GA
About Youtuber The I Like To Make Stuff channel is an extension to his blog, and houses a collection of videos that teach you how to make funky signs, an outdoor kitchen sink, and even a pudding gun. He hosts a show called maker 101 that teaches the basics of different tools from saws to even Arduino micro controllers. His videos will seriously give you some engineering 101 lessons, and inspire you to make them.
Since May 2013
Youtube Followers- 1,645,806 . Views Count- 102,219,066 . Video Count - 222

9. Nim C

Nim C Canada
About Youtuber My name is Nim and I’m 19 years old. I love making clay charms and easy DIY projects. You can expect a new video every Wednesday and Sunday. I hope you like & enjoy my videos
Youtube Followers- 1,717,757 . Views Count- 132,646,822 . Video Count - 108

10. SaraBeautyCorner | Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

SaraBeautyCorner | Makeup Tutorials for Beginners Norway
About Youtuber Subscribe for the Coolest and Funniest Beauty Videos! This channel is all about DIY, comedy, makeup tutorials, nail art and other awesome ideas that pop on my mind. Lately, I make mostly DIY, comedy and lifestyle videos. I also like making nail art designs for short and long nails. Every nail art design and DIY tutorial is very easy and simple to follow, perfect for beginners, explained step by
Youtube Followers- 9,297,151 . Views Count- 1,603,365,876 . Video Count - 105

11. Gillian Bower | DIY Room Decor

Gillian Bower | DIY Room Decor Australia
About Youtuber I love making DIY videos, also DIY Gifts, Hacks, Organization, DIY Room Decor, Tumblr and Pinterest Inspired, Beauty and Lifestyle related videos! Diy Schools Supplies and Back to School Supplies Hauls videos! Videos for Halloween Costumes Treats and Decor also Christmas Gifts and Decorations.
Youtube Followers- 2,158,534 . Views Count- 187,062,783 . Video Count - 91

12. Maqaroon | DIY Ideas

Maqaroon | DIY Ideas Austria
About Youtuber I'm Joanna Zhou, a professional illustrator/designer based in Austria. Maqaroon & Cute Life Hacks is a place where girls can get creative inspiration, DIY ideas and good life advice without the glorification of money, beauty or body image.
Youtube Followers- 1,267,127 . Views Count- 128,688,297 . Video Count - 152

13. Troom Troom - Easy DIY video tutorials

Troom Troom - Easy DIY video tutorials United States
About Youtuber Easy DIY "how to" video tutorials. DIY accessories, cosmetics, life hacks, pranks, home decor and many else. Make it easy!
Since Sep 2015
Youtube Followers- 9,378,938 . Views Count- 2,828,446,924 . Video Count - 673

14. Steve Ramsey

Steve Ramsey Marin County, California
About Youtuber This YouTube channel is aimed for users who want to learn some serious building techniques. Ramsay's aim is to make woodworking, carpentry and steel-bending a household hobby.
Since May 2008
Youtube Followers- 870,202 . Views Count- 137,240,120 . Video Count - 455

15. Scotty Kilmer

Scotty Kilmer United States
About Youtuber This is the people's automotive channel! Learn how to fix your car and how it works. I've been an auto mechanic for the past 50 years and I'm here to share my knowledge with you.
Since Aug 2007
Youtube Followers- 2,073,445 . Views Count- 536,724,559 . Video Count - 1,194

16. Nichole Jacklyne

Nichole Jacklyne Grand Rapids, MI
About Youtuber On my channel: Hacks, DIYS, Simple/Everyday Makeup Tutorials and Tips, Morning and Night Time Routines & Fun Tags, Hauls & Favourites, Hair Tutorials, Diet & fitness Tips, Look books & Fashion Videos, Skincare! My name Is Nichole! Im so glad to have you on my channel! Im from michigan and I am going to school for multimedia journalism.
Youtube Followers- 648,899 . Views Count- 49,126,448 . Video Count - 294

17. Creative Channel

Creative Channel United States
About Youtuber Edition of Video homemade, processing instructions, details, made entirely from passion, learning, and knowledge on network and always wanted to share to everyone...
Since Jun 2015
Youtube Followers- 860,768 . Views Count- 156,738,661 . Video Count - 407

18. DIY Creators | Home Decor Videos

DIY Creators | Home Decor Videos Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States
About Youtuber Type of videos I make: Furniture and home decor, Woodworking and shop projects, Limited tools (for woodworking beginners), Concrete.
Since Apr 2015
Youtube Followers- 1,025,555 . Views Count- 56,092,967 . Video Count - 105

19. Everything TV - DIY, Makeup, Hairstyles, Nail Art

Everything TV - DIY, Makeup, Hairstyles, Nail Art About Youtuber Quick and easy DIY tutorials.
Youtube Followers- 597,481 . Views Count- 92,717,874 . Video Count - 236

20. Nastazsa

Nastazsa Los Angeles, United States
About Youtuber My name's Nastazsa and I'm a California Native. Here on this channel I will be sharing with you my interior design tips, fun DIY videos and even some of my fashion favorites and outfits. Subscribe if you want to enjoy a glimpse into my California lifestyle.
Since Feb 2012
Youtube Followers- 605,285 . Views Count- 46,351,622 . Video Count - 426

21. Innova Crafts | DIY Craft YouTube Channel

Innova Crafts | DIY Craft YouTube Channel About Youtuber DIY crafts channel: Here you will find very easy diy and crafts. Follow this channel to get easy diy craft tutorials.
Since Jun 2014
Youtube Followers- 906,948 . Views Count- 131,012,990 . Video Count - 92

22. andreaXandrea

andreaXandrea About Youtuber I make weekly videos on this channel about my life, fashion, beauty, and a bunch of DIY's and the occasional slime video 🙂 It's a little bit of everything, but I hope you like it! Welcome to my lil internet fam ♥
Youtube Followers- 572,867 . Views Count- 44,464,325 . Video Count - 47

23. This Old House

This Old House United States
About Youtuber This Old House expert advice on home improvement, remodeling, upgrades, tools, and products. Build Your Dream. Do It Right. America's most trusted home improvement brand.
Since Jun 2006
Youtube Followers- 616,574 . Views Count- 166,410,737 . Video Count - 1,277

24. Rulof Maker

Rulof Maker Italy
About Youtuber Rulof Maker celebrates his love for DIY through a YouTube channel that is worth subscribing to. His videos are a must watch as they teach you how to make a underwater breathing device and even make a coffee machine out of light bulbs.
Since Nov 2013
Youtube Followers- 478,464 . Views Count- 57,418,302 . Video Count - 50

25. Do It On A Dime

Do It On A Dime United States
About Youtuber I'm Kathryn! I'm on a mission to lead a beautiful, organized lifestyle on a frugal budget. Let me show you how I live life on a dime! Follow my blog for budget organizing, money saving finds, free printables, and more from me!
Since Apr 2011
Youtube Followers- 985,042 . Views Count- 125,837,368 . Video Count - 665

26. Izzy swan

Izzy swan United States
About Youtuber Here you will find everything from money saving tips, woodworking projects, jigs and completely wild contraptions. I have been building and designing since I was old enough to swing a hammer. With a mind for out of the box thinking and an unusual mix of artfull design and engineering interest, you never know whats going to happen next.
Since Mar 2013
Youtube Followers- 424,598 . Views Count- 65,457,871 . Video Count - 364

27. SweetBioDesign ♥ DIY Tutorials

SweetBioDesign ♥ DIY Tutorials Italy
About Youtuber Each Wednesday (several extra days), we will see together how to create fun objects, ranging from scrapbooking to pasteable molds to home decoration. Every video explains step by step how to make your own, even for various occasions such as parties, weddings, birthdays, and so on. Also providing various templates and templates to facilitate your work. So what do you expect?
Youtube Followers- 364,910 . Views Count- 44,792,822 . Video Count - 421

28. Iolanda Sweets

Iolanda Sweets Italy
About Youtuber In my channel you will find: So much creativity, many creative DIYs and everything that goes through my head to experience, remember a handmade thing though imprecise is always done with your heart!
Youtube Followers- 334,844 . Views Count- 95,601,652 . Video Count - 725

29. Isa's World | Craft Youtuber

Isa's World | Craft Youtuber España
About Youtuber My name is Isa. There are original ideas doing arts and crafts with recycled products ... but all in an easy and fun way. Follow my channel and find tutorials, tips and tricks of makeup , hair, beauty , personal care and much more.
Since Apr 2015
Youtube Followers- 559,990 . Views Count- 64,170,740 . Video Count - 178

30. Mad Stuff With Rob

Mad Stuff With Rob Mumbai India
About Youtuber This channel is run by a Mumbaikar, and is dedicated to his love for DIY. His channel contains videos aboutroom decor ideas inspired by nature and Pokemon to gift ideas and even DIY plant holders. He makes everything from scratch, and is worth a follow.
Youtube Followers- 712,238 . Views Count- 40,631,819 . Video Count - 353

31. HouseImprovements

HouseImprovements North America
About Youtuber I produce how-to DIY home improvement videos to help people of all skill levels. I've been a professional in the construction industry for decades and share my knowledge with you to empower DIYers.
Since Aug 2010
Youtube Followers- 321,456 . Views Count- 69,994,443 . Video Count - 207

32. DollHouse DIY | Creating Doll Miniatures

DollHouse DIY | Creating Doll Miniatures United States
About Youtuber Hi, my name is Elizabeth! I am 20 years old 🙂 Welcome to my channel for creating doll miniatures from simple materials!
Since Jan 2016
Youtube Followers- 426,105 . Views Count- 83,567,374 . Video Count - 126

33. Home RenoVision DIY

Home RenoVision DIY Canada
About Youtuber This channel is dedicated to helping homeowners learn the skills and tricks of the trade so that you can renovate anything and get professional results. My name is Jeff and I want to help you to get the home of your dreams and do it yourself. Learn all the trade skills you will need and grow value in your life's most important asset. You can do it and we are here to help!
Since Mar 2016
Youtube Followers- 378,681 . Views Count- 40,315,054 . Video Count - 185

34. Artkala - World of innovation

Artkala - World of innovation Patna, India
About Youtuber This channel is all about DIY, lifehack, tutorials, nail art and other awesome ideas that pop on my mind.We always strive to upload the best quality content on our channel. The best part of our channel is that we transform the old and useless waste materials into a new creative and daily need usefull material and we upload a new video everyday. Follow this channel and get DIY tutorial that are very easy and simple to follow.
Since Sep 2016
Youtube Followers- 987,595 . Views Count- 162,713,739 . Video Count - 476

35. Just Ameerah

Just Ameerah About Youtuber I love to make videos thats my hobby and it just makes me happy. I would love to hear what you have to say so don't be shy to comment and I will make sure to respond. I will be posting videos on DIY's, Skits, and more.
Since Dec 2014
Youtube Followers- 1,269,384 . Views Count- 322,190,412 . Video Count - 503

36. Amazing TV - DIY, Makeup, Hairstyles, Nail Art

Amazing TV - DIY, Makeup, Hairstyles, Nail Art About Youtuber DIY Tutorials That Will Make Your Life Better, Simple Life Hacks.
Youtube Followers- 250,831 . Views Count- 39,279,281 . Video Count - 277

37. Easy DIY Miniatures

Easy DIY Miniatures United States
About Youtuber Easy DIY Miniatures is a video blog dedicated to miniatures. Here you will find miniature creations, tutorials and much more. Learn how to make toy miniature, kitchen miniature, miniature dollhouse & miniature household items.
Since Aug 2016
Youtube Followers- 407,999 . Views Count- 84,232,472 . Video Count - 155

38. StylEnrich

StylEnrich About Youtuber Learn DIY (Do It Yourself) tutorials of amazing art and crafts, home remedies and cooking with us. Our easy to learn videos and simple presentation manner makes it superbly easy for you to understand the creative process.
Youtube Followers- 231,768 . Views Count- 53,332,227 . Video Count - 235

39. ReadyFor DIY

ReadyFor DIY About Youtuber DIY ideas for home decor, jewelry,Organization and Wall Art.
Youtube Followers- 215,811 . Views Count- 30,610,049 . Video Count - 137

40. BuzzFeed Nifty

BuzzFeed Nifty About Youtuber Money-saving hacks and DIYs for upgrading your home and life that will have you saying, "Why didn't I think of that?"
Youtube Followers- 205,323 . Views Count- 18,735,160 . Video Count - 281

41. Sasha Kasdeya

Sasha Kasdeya About Youtuber The Official channel with the best compilations of MAKEUP, HAIR, NAILS & DIY tutorials.
Youtube Followers- 199,433 . Views Count- 31,430,575 . Video Count - 63

42. DIY - Creative Ideas And Life Hack

DIY - Creative Ideas And Life Hack About Youtuber This Channel Is About Homemade Product Or Diy Projects , I simply Showing Anything How To Make Anything Form Waste, And Also I Am Showing This Detail For Better Understanding. so if you a creative person this channel is made for you.
Youtube Followers- 197,988 . Views Count- 73,117,449 . Video Count - 221

43. Scherezade Shroff

Scherezade Shroff India
About Youtuber I make fashion & beauty videos, makeup & hair tutorials, travel vlogs, DIY's and lots of other fun videos every monday & friday!
Youtube Followers- 275,324 . Views Count- 40,157,686 . Video Count - 531

44. Hong Giang DIY Slime

Hong Giang DIY Slime United States
About Youtuber Hong Giang DIY Slime is the best YouTube Slime channel for diy slime. It's the home of Giant Toothpaste Slime , Giant Fluffy Slime, and Giant Floam Slime. I love Slime!
Since Mar 2016
Youtube Followers- 1,705,828 . Views Count- 529,859,532 . Video Count - 259

45. SuzelleDIY - A Bitesize Do-It-Yourself Webseries

SuzelleDIY - A Bitesize Do-It-Yourself Webseries South Africa
About Youtuber I love braaing, dinner parties and DIY. I also love to go out for a koffie with my best friend Marianne. Produced by Sketchbook Studios.
Youtube Followers- 122,461 . Views Count- 22,981,910 . Video Count - 74

46. Larissa DSa

Larissa DSa Mumbai
About Youtuber It's me Larissa D'Sa (pronounced as Dee-sa) I live in Mumbai, India and I make DIY, Art, Fashion & Beauty related videos!
Youtube Followers- 316,477 . Views Count- 32,327,061 . Video Count - 179

47. DIY Network

DIY Network About Youtuber DIY Network is the go-to destination for rip-up, knock-out home improvement television. DIY's programs and experts answer the most sought-after questions and offer creative projects for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. One of the fastest growing digital networks and approaching 50 million homes. DIY's award-winning Web site,, is a leader in the Nielsen//NetRatings' Home.
Since Nov 2006
Youtube Followers- 104,118 . Views Count- 14,059,194 . Video Count - 326

48. The Wrench

The Wrench About Youtuber Our Channel Include of Guiding Video : Home Made Things, Life Hacks, DIY Projects, Origami, Mobile Solutions and many more.
Since Nov 2016
Youtube Followers- 261,869 . Views Count- 37,066,903 . Video Count - 123

49. DIY Paper Crafts - Giulia's Art

DIY Paper Crafts - Giulia's Art United Kingdom
About Youtuber Hi, My name is Giulia Talmacel. Hrer you will DIY Crafts Tutorials , Crafting Tools Reviews and Vlogs. Follow this channel and learn Amazing Crafts - Paper Crafts, Valentine Crafts, Easter Crafts, Origami, Quilling, Crafts for Kids, Craft Projects, Home Decor Crafts, Paper Flowers, Christmas Crafts, New Year Cards, Valentine's Day Cards, Scrapbooks, Greeting Cards, Mother's Day Cards, Father's Day Cards, Pop-up Cards, Exploding boxes, Handmade Photo Albums, Gift Boxes and Packing, etc.
Since May 2014
Youtube Followers- 139,682 . Views Count- 15,606,493 . Video Count - 113

50. Jay Munee DIY

Jay Munee DIY About Youtuber DIY Mommy bringing teaching you how to make everyday items look like a million bucks! Also, chat with me about life as a new mommy, military wife life and all the products I love.
Youtube Followers- 68,277 . Views Count- 1,972,692 . Video Count - 77

51. DIY Crafts TV

DIY Crafts TV About Youtuber Only FRESH OWN DIY Crafts: Room decor, Desk organization, Gifts Tutorials, DIY Bags & Backpacks, Home DIY Crafts, Clothes Recycle Tutorials, School DIYs and other. New video every 5 days. Here you will find really interesting and usefull DIY Ideas.
Since Sep 2015
Youtube Followers- 561,293 . Views Count- 64,119,757 . Video Count - 327

52. DIY Beauty Channel

DIY Beauty Channel About Youtuber Do it yourself makeup tutorials.
Since Nov 2016
Youtube Followers- 89,149 . Views Count- 12,385,291 . Video Count - 392

53. Hetal's Art

Hetal's Art About Youtuber This channel is all about DIY paper showpiece.
Youtube Followers- 62,386 . Views Count- 9,415,334 . Video Count - 36

54. DIY-Paper Crafts

DIY-Paper Crafts About Youtuber DIY-Paper Crafts is channel that show you how make some art and crafts from crepe paper, tissue paper and origami paper.
Since May 2016
Youtube Followers- 118,125 . Views Count- 27,203,607 . Video Count - 275

55. Sonali's Creations

Sonali's Creations India
About Youtuber I am Sonali and my channel will give you easy and interesting Indian DIY craft that you can try yourself at home. DIY crafts and much more creative stuff which you can learn by watching my videos.
Youtube Followers- 57,092 . Views Count- 10,824,329 . Video Count - 100

56. Reina Moe's DIY'in It Designs

Reina Moe's DIY'in It Designs United States
About Youtuber I created this channel as an outlet to share my creative crafting mindset and to help all those who share their artistic desire to create but don't know where to start. I hope to inspire, teach and most of all create friendships with those creative's that reach out with open mind and heart. My name is ReinaMoe's and I welcome you to keep watching as I create wonderful art in my own way.
Youtube Followers- 18,528 . Views Count- 1,229,250 . Video Count - 133

57. Chanelle Novoséy | DIY Vlogger

Chanelle Novoséy | DIY Vlogger Atlanta, GA
About Youtuber I'll share original content created by myself, including DIY projects, wedding decor, home decor, event design, floral design and any celebratory event! I'm just an artist at heart that loves creating and I want to help others in everything that I do! I also will be incorporating inspirational videos, vlogs, challenges, personal motivation and love talks!
Youtube Followers- 76,918 . Views Count- 4,650,828 . Video Count - 133

58. Dhwani Bhatt - "Why buy it when you can DIY it"

Dhwani Bhatt - "Why buy it when you can DIY it" Mumbai, India
About Youtuber I'm Dhwani and I'm from Mumbai, India. I make DIY projects, Room Decor, Affordable Fashion Hauls and Lifestyle videos. I'm here to inspire, teach and learn.
Youtube Followers- 48,813 . Views Count- 4,154,004 . Video Count - 129

59. Julia DIY /

Julia DIY / About Youtuber Julia DIY beauty and easy.
Youtube Followers- 48,604 . Views Count- 10,774,432 . Video Count - 236

60. treshaja

treshaja Lorton, Virginia, United States
About Youtuber Right now, you will see home decor "do-it-yourself" (DIY) projects that you can easily follow step by step to create interesting pieces that look high-end.
Since Apr 2016
Youtube Followers- 60,836 . Views Count- 4,033,592 . Video Count - 88

61. Sephila Creations - Easy&Fun DIY Tutorials

Sephila Creations - Easy&Fun DIY Tutorials Roma
About Youtuber The 360° handmade channel! Every Wednesday, we'll create items, ranging from decoupage, the polymer clay to the home decor. Simply but as thoroughly as possible, each video explains step by step how to make your works. So what are you waiting? Join us for the news every week!
Youtube Followers- 39,422 . Views Count- 7,673,567 . Video Count - 224

62. DIY or DIE

DIY or DIE About Youtuber DIY or DIE is a vaping channel mainly focusing on all aspects of DIY. From mixing your own ejuice to building your own box mods and coils, DIYorDIE is going to be your last stop for all your vaping needs. Stay tuned to also get great recipes by me and some of the top players in the game, flavoring notes, taste testings, and product reviews!
Youtube Followers- 34,389 . Views Count- 2,433,359 . Video Count - 282

63. DIY Ideas - Tutorials - DIY Inspiration

DIY Ideas - Tutorials - DIY Inspiration United States
About Youtuber Here you can find inspiration and ideas on topics like loom bands, friendship bracelets, home decor, organization, fashion, diy jewelry, storage, art, handmade stuff, crafting, how-to tutorials and much more!
Youtube Followers- 29,038 . Views Count- 5,817,336 . Video Count - 1,466

64. GreenCrystalRose

GreenCrystalRose United States
About Youtuber My name is Lissa and Welcome to a little bit of everything: from HOW TO videos to DIYS to decorating and organizing to product reviews. Here you can watch me CREATE NEW and RECREATE INSPIRED LOOKS for LESS.
Youtube Followers- 20,139 . Views Count- 922,089 . Video Count - 61

65. DIY projects - step by step

DIY projects - step by step United States
About Youtuber This channel is about DIY projects, ideas, renovations etc. I'm doing many things and sometimes I have camera with me. As You will notice, sometimes my son makes the projects with me, because it is also our common hobby to make something toghether. Here You can find some woodworking, some toys, games for children. some metalworks, knives, room, garden and home decorations and other DIY stuff.
Youtube Followers- 16,201 . Views Count- 6,101,379 . Video Count - 57

66. Best DIY Ideas

Best DIY Ideas About Youtuber This channel is all about DIY things. Great ideas for gifts , home decoration, holiday decoration, Christmas ornaments, greeting cards, fashion jewelry, gift boxes and envelopes, personalized origami gifts, flowers with a secret message , origami for mums and other awesome ideas.
Youtube Followers- 15,795 . Views Count- 3,274,676 . Video Count - 70

67. Orchid Place

Orchid Place United States
About Youtuber I am a thrifty DIYer who enjoys making things beautiful.
Youtube Followers- 15,560 . Views Count- 935,515 . Video Count - 50


FRISHTA - DIY CRAFT About Youtuber DIY handmade, home decor, room decor videos.
Since Dec 2014
Youtube Followers- 21,254 . Views Count- 3,282,293 . Video Count - 107

69. DIY's by Elena

DIY's by Elena Greece
About Youtuber I'm Elena (also known as DIY's by Elena here on Youtube) In this channel you will find many things, but mostly lifestyle, fashion, beauty and diy videos! If you love the above, you are sure to fit in the diysbyelena family!
Youtube Followers- 9,927 . Views Count- 637,221 . Video Count - 102

70. Artsmith

Artsmith Bengaluru, India
About Youtuber Welcome to my channel,Welcome to my world of art and craft. Art and craft is my hobby, In this channel i am trying to show simple ways of creativity. You can expect anything and everything about art in my channel.
Youtube Followers- 12,673 . Views Count- 2,017,520 . Video Count - 53

71. DIY Decorating Ideas

DIY Decorating Ideas About Youtuber This channel is for you want to or looking for ideas for decorating anything what you want or do it yourself.
Youtube Followers- 8,195 . Views Count- 3,151,990 . Video Count - 493

72. ClassyCrafting&Parcels

ClassyCrafting&Parcels Canada
About Youtuber Here you will find videos on planning, DIYs, Pocket Letters and so much more. I love shopping at Canadian Dollar Tree and Dollarama, I look forward to sharing my hauls with you.
Youtube Followers- 6,213 . Views Count- 266,920 . Video Count - 60

73. Mila - DIY & Beauty

Mila - DIY & Beauty About Youtuber I am the mila, I am 23 years old and live in Switzerland. Here you will find DIY & Beauty videos.
Youtube Followers- 5,611 . Views Count- 879,785 . Video Count - 183

74. Classic Mini DIY

Classic Mini DIY United States
About Youtuber Whether you are a fresh classic mini owner or a seasoned vet this Classic Mini channel is a great place to learn how to perform simple and sometimes more complex tasks on your car. In addition we are partnered with Launching Balloons( to bring you all of their Balloon launch videos!
Youtube Followers- 4,701 . Views Count- 472,523 . Video Count - 82

75. DIY Fairy

DIY Fairy About Youtuber I'm Barbara I'm 33 and I live in Italy! I love DIY in all applications, in Beauty, Home, Fashion and Style!! I'll let you see and teach all I know and all techniques I use!
Youtube Followers- 4,652 . Views Count- 428,248 . Video Count - 108

76. daynagirlworld

daynagirlworld US
About Youtuber Hi, my name is Dayana. I'm so happy to sharing my videos with you, I love to make Unboxing, Human Body, Science and DIY.
Since Oct 2017
Youtube Followers- 2,454 . Views Count- 149,059 . Video Count - 67

77. Things DIY

Things DIY United States
About Youtuber Things DIY produces detail tutorial videos on Décor, Arts & Crafts, Fashion, and Upcycling in fun easy ways.
Since Jul 2018
Youtube Followers- 790 . Views Count- 42,115 . Video Count - 88

78. Love Yourself

Love Yourself India
About Youtuber I love to make new things and want to share it with you.
Youtube Followers- 98,368 . Views Count- 22,407,505 . Video Count - 80

79. Valena DIY

Valena DIY United States
About Youtuber On my channel, you'll find lots of tutorials for learning to knit on a round loom and inspire you for realize beautiful works. I invite you to subscribe and knit with me !
Since Nov 2015
Youtube Followers- 18,826 . Views Count- 2,111,746 . Video Count - 79

80. em

em About Youtuber This channel provides videos which consists various DIY tips and tricks.
Since Jul 2018
Youtube Followers- 53 . Views Count- 3,311 . Video Count - 11

81. Craftasm

Craftasm Afghanistan
About Youtuber Craftasm is a channel of my passion. I love making crafts with paper and other wasted things from daily life. No craft is hard to make. It is all about easy DIY. I am sharing my love for making crafts by own. I hope you enjoy it as much I do.
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 332 . Video Count - 42

82. Crazy about DIY

Crazy about DIY About Youtuber This channel is dedicated to creativity, How To and How-to :), DIY (Do-It-Yourself), Crafts, Recycling Handmade Stuff, Life Hacks, Tricks and Tips. We film and upload new video every day! Hope our videos will inspire you to create something beautiful with your own hands! #Howto #DIY
Since Jan 2017
Youtube Followers- 6,368 . Views Count- 329,532 . Video Count - 111

83. Alixia nel paese del web

Alixia nel paese del web Italy
About Youtuber My name is Alessia De Bonis, I'm 28 and I live in a picturesque country in Basilicata. I've created this channel to get you into my creative garden: you will find decorating agendas, tutorials for seasonal handmade designs, cake design and home decor.
Youtube Followers- 2,722 . Views Count- 392,767 . Video Count - 75

84. Creative DIY Now

Creative DIY Now About Youtuber Hello Everyone, on my channel you will find lots of creative DIY, Tips, Paper Crafts, Handmade Cards, Origami, Room Decor, Doodles other Art And Crafts. I am not a pro but will tell you what i know. Please feel free to Share your ideas and suggestion. If i use your idea i will mention your name. Be Creative Now!
Since May 2016
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 325,011 . Video Count - 33

85. Alexa DIYS & CRAFTS

Alexa DIYS & CRAFTS About Youtuber My channel is dedicated to creativity, DIY (Do-It-Yourself), Crafts, Tricks and Tips. Hope my videos will inspire you to create something beautiful with your own hands! #Howto #DIY
Youtube Followers- 492 . Views Count- 7,895 . Video Count - 11


About Youtuber Designer inspired DIY and craft DIY videos.
Since Feb 2019
Youtube Followers- 985 . Views Count- 16,011 . Video Count - 18

87. DIY Edina

DIY Edina Maryland
About Youtuber If you love crafts, DIYs, fashion, style, etc. as much as I do, then you have come to right place!
Youtube Followers- 204 . Views Count- 5,341 . Video Count - 30

88. DIY Perks

DIY Perks About Youtuber I'm Matt, and here on DIY Perks you'll find plenty of interesting DIY projects on a variety of topics, including computers, woodworking, electronics, audio, and more!
Youtube Followers- 896,044 . Views Count- 50,423,691 . Video Count - 65

89. DIY Corner

DIY Corner About Youtuber DIY Corner is a place where you can find DIY beauty tips, diy hair care, skin care, diy crafts, diy home decor ideas.
Youtube Followers- 99,473 . Views Count- 2,451,354 . Video Count - 81

90. Creative DIY Crafts

Creative DIY Crafts India
About Youtuber I am Saranya Kuppusamy, homemaker of a beautiful family. Whatever crafts I try to make, I realize one thing each time, "In Crafting, there are no mistakes, it is your own unique creation".
Since Dec 2011
Youtube Followers- 37,736 . Views Count- 10,001,361 . Video Count - 126

91. D.I.Y'S with iwy

D.I.Y'S with iwy United Kingdom
About Youtuber My name is Iwy and I'm 15 years old. I love to film and edit and i have a passion for DIY!
Youtube Followers- 32,714 . Views Count- 3,673,145 . Video Count - 89

92. Easy DIY Crafts

Easy DIY Crafts Spain
About Youtuber DIY Crafts by Isabel! Welcome everyone, I love to make and create fun, creative and cool DIY Craft projects. I have a craft project for everyone whether you are looking for a kids craft, teen craft or a DIY craft for your home. I have plenty of how-to and DIY tutorials. I love to make DIYs that everyone can enjoy. I hope you enjoy watching!
Since May 2015
Youtube Followers- 17,346 . Views Count- 3,572,640 . Video Count - 139

93. DIY HIPChicks

DIY HIPChicks Philly
About Youtuber I help women save money, time and stress managing the home. Simply put, I teach women how to Screw and Hammer too. And YES you guys are all welcome to follow along too! DIY Expert, Entrepreneur, Licensed Contractor, Interior Designer, Professional Speaker
Youtube Followers- 5,408 . Views Count- 1,319,218 . Video Count - 394

94. TechBuilder

TechBuilder Philippines
About Youtuber As the name suggests, this channel teaches you to build tech-related things. However, the most interesting bit is that it is run by a 17-year-old Filipino boy who loves to tinker with electronics. Some of his accomplishments include building a mini-robot, a fitness band, and a Bluetooth speaker.
Youtube Followers- 270,721 . Views Count- 19,426,570 . Video Count - 39

95. Awesome TV - DIY, Makeup, Hairstyles, Nail Art

Awesome TV - DIY, Makeup, Hairstyles, Nail Art About Youtuber DIY Stuffs. LIFE HACKS YOU NEED TO TRY.
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 520 . Video Count - 68

96. DIY Home and Garden

DIY Home and Garden About Youtuber Learn How to maintain home and garden by DIY tutorials.
Youtube Followers- 39,046 . Views Count- 5,286,198 . Video Count - 29

97. Giada Giungi

Giada Giungi Italy
About Youtuber DIY planners!!
Youtube Followers- 6,903 . Views Count- 545,757 . Video Count - 56

98. ItsJMomo - FASHION & DIY

ItsJMomo - FASHION & DIY E-arth
About Youtuber I'm Momo from California. Join me for weekly sewing tutorials and occasional fashion videos. I hope you stay a while and find some inspiration here.
Youtube Followers- 5,251 . Views Count- 218,952 . Video Count - 41

99. Parker's Tutorials

Parker's Tutorials About Youtuber Since the Summer of 2008 when I was 13, I have made DIY tutorials for movie props. Today, I am 19 years old and currently operate a video production company called PMFilms. After making more tutorials during the Summer of 2013, I will be attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn New York and majoring in film. Please enjoy my channel!
Youtube Followers- 81,294 . Views Count- 14,569,822 . Video Count - 79

100. Arte y Salud en Casa

Arte y Salud en Casa United States
About Youtuber Arte y Salud en Casa means art and health from home. Here, you will find easy DIY´s, crafts using easy to find supplies and much more.
Since Jul 2015
Youtube Followers- 279,981 . Views Count- 31,140,139 . Video Count - 119

101. DIY Tutorials - How to make new again!

DIY Tutorials - How to make new again! About Youtuber DIY Life Hacks.
Youtube Followers- 148,647 . Views Count- 18,109,777 . Video Count - 338

102. DIY Tech

DIY Tech United States
About Youtuber I own a computer repair shop in Naples, FL and we do quite a bit of repair on laptops and PCs. I enjoy the hardware refurbishing and creating how to videos.
Youtube Followers- 14,875 . Views Count- 3,292,292 . Video Count - 65

103. Time to DIY

Time to DIY About Youtuber Here you can find cool and easy crafts, back to school ideas, diy phone cases, custom clothes, DIY bracelets, room decoration ideas, cooking and fun recipes, fashion and makeup tutorials and other awesome ideas. and simple to follow, step by step videos, perfect for beginners and kids, affordable and achievable at home.
Youtube Followers- 27,592 . Views Count- 1,559,128 . Video Count - 185

104. DaNi B. Jade | DIY Home Decor YouTube Channel

DaNi B. Jade | DIY Home Decor YouTube Channel About Youtuber DaNi B. Jade here! I am from the United States, and I love anything that is DIY related. I love Home Decor, Room decor ideas, Dollar Tree DIY, and DIY projects. I thrive with anything that is DIY related, but also Vegan meals, What I Eat in A Day, Fashion and more!
Youtube Followers- 24,960 . Views Count- 1,022,416 . Video Count - 22


About Youtuber Crafts and Kitchen.
Since Oct 2015
Youtube Followers- 11,412 . Views Count- 2,005,341 . Video Count - 26

106. Easy DIY Toys

Easy DIY Toys About Youtuber Guides and ideas for DIY toys, Homemade toys, simple handmade toys for kid and adult also.
Youtube Followers- 13,386 . Views Count- 3,303,880 . Video Count - 30

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