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Canadian Political Blogs

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1. iPolitics

iPolitics Ottawa, Ontario, Canada About Blog iPolitics delivers political news, information, and analysis from Ottawa. It provides insightful content to those whose professional or personal interests require that they stay on top of political developments in Ottawa and the provinces. Frequency 6 posts / dayAlso in Ottawa Blogs Blog
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Rabble.caAbout Blog was built on the efforts of progressive journalists, writers, artists and activists across the country and has a unique role of reporting on stories from civil society while providing a counter balance to corporate-owned media. It provides a needed space for issues, a place to explore political passions and an opportunity to expand ideas. Frequency 1 post / day Since Apr 2001 Also in Canadian News Websites Blog
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3. The Hill Times

The Hill TimesOttawa, Ontario, Canada About Blog The Hill Times was founded in 1989. It is owned by Jim Creskey and Ross Dickson. It is a Canadian newspaper that covers Parliament, the federal government and federal politics. It features political news items and public policy lists, surveys, profiles, opinion columns and analysis. Frequency 3 posts / day Since Jan 1990 Blog
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4. All the Canadian Politics

All the Canadian PoliticsAbout Blog All the Canadian Politics is about Canadian Politics, News & Social Justice. This blog is left leaning politically. Frequency 23 posts / day Since Apr 2014 Blog allthecanadianpolitics.tumbl..
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5. National Newswatch

National NewswatchAbout Blog National Newswatch is Canada's most comprehensive site for political news and views. Frequency 30 posts / day Blog
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6. Loonie Politics

Loonie PoliticsCanada About Blog Loonie Politics is a trusted news source that selects the must read daily political stories and analysis on line and provides a view of the Canadian political landscape in one location. Frequency 10 posts / week Since Sep 2013 Blog
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7. Canada's NDP

Canada's NDPCanada About Blog The Official website of New Democratic Party of Canada. And about their Fight for fairness and results. Frequency 11 posts / week Blog
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8. Progressive Bloggers // Blogues progressistes

Progressive Bloggers // Blogues progressistesAbout Blog Progressive Bloggers is a group of Canadian bloggers who firmly believe that this great country needs to move forward, not backwards. Be they Liberal or liberal, New Democrats or democrats, Green voters or voters who want a green country, or even Red Tories searching for a home, these bloggers believe that Canadian politics should move in a progressive direction. Frequency 13 posts / day Since Dec 2005 Blog
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9. » Politics » Politics Canada About Blog Maclean's is Canada's only national weekly current affairs magazine. Maclean's enlightens, engages, and entertains 2.8 million readers with strong investigative reporting and exclusive stories from leading journalists in the fields of international affairs, social issues, national politics. Frequency 5 posts / weekAlso in Political Blogs Blog
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10. Liberal Party of Canada

Liberal Party of CanadaCanada About Blog Discover the Liberal Party of Canada and learn more about their vision for real change in Canada. Frequency 4 posts / quarterAlso in Liberal Political Blogs Blog
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11. Angus Reid Institute | Opinion Polls

Angus Reid Institute | Opinion PollsCanada About Blog The Angus Reid Institute is a national, not-for-profit, non-partisan public opinion research foundation established to enhance and encourage better understanding of issues and trends affecting economic, social, governance, philanthropy, public administration, domestic and foreign policy in Canada and its world. Frequency 1 post / week Since Apr 2010 Blog
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12. Canadian Dimension Magazine

Canadian Dimension MagazineWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada About Blog Canadian Dimension is published four times per year. We are a magazine which shows there is an alternative to the corporate agenda and the dictates of the global market; that the dream of a better society is still alive. Frequency 22 posts / monthAlso in Canadian Magazines Blog
Facebook fans 6.8K ⋅ Twitter followers 6.5K ⋅ Social Engagement 204 ⋅ Domain Authority 54 ⋅ Alexa Rank 516.5K View Latest Posts Get Email Contact

13. Alberta Politics

Alberta PoliticsAlbert, Oklahoma, United States About Blog David J. Climenhaga is an award-winning journalist, author, post-secondary teacher, poet and trade union communicator. Alberta Politics is David Climenhaga's Polical Diary Frequency 2 posts / day Since Jan 2014 Blog
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14. EKOS Politics

EKOS PoliticsAbout Blog EKOS Politics updating this site frequently with new polls, analysis and insight into Canadian politics. EKOS's experience, knowledge and sophisticated research designs have contributed positively to many previous elections. Frequency 1 post / week Since Sep 2008 Blog
Twitter followers 3K ⋅ Social Engagement 16 ⋅ Domain Authority 47 ⋅ Alexa Rank 4.8M View Latest Posts Get Email Contact

15. | Alberta Politics Blog | Alberta Politics BlogEdmonton, Alberta, Canada About Blog was launched in January 2005 and quickly became one of the best read political blogs in Alberta. In 2017, he joined Ryan Hastman and Adam Rozenhart to launch the Daveberta Podcast. Frequency 1 post / week Since Jan 2005 Also in Edmonton Blogs Blog
Facebook fans 3.3K ⋅ Twitter followers 17.9K ⋅ Instagram Followers 997 ⋅ Domain Authority 39 ⋅ Alexa Rank 2.6M View Latest Posts Get Email Contact

16. Canadian Nationalist Party

Canadian Nationalist PartyCanada About Blog The Canadian Nationalist Party is a federal political party advocating strong national identity. Frequency 11 posts / quarter Since Jun 2017 Blog
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17. FactsCanada

FactsCanadaAbout Blog FactsCan is an independent and non-partisan fact-checker on Canadian federal politics. We inform Canadians to critically engage in political discussions, and encourage politicians to be honest and accurate with their words. Blog
Facebook fans 3.8K ⋅ Twitter followers 2.3K ⋅ Social Engagement 50 ⋅ Domain Authority 38 ⋅ View Latest Posts Get Email Contact

18. Politics and its Discontents

Politics and its DiscontentsCanada About Blog Politics and its Discontents is about Reflections, Observations, and Analyses Pertaining to the Canadian Political Scene Frequency 1 post / day Since Aug 2010 Blog
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19. Accidental Deliberations

Accidental DeliberationsAbout Blog Greg Fingas is a Regina lawyer, blogger and freelance political commentator who writes about provincial and national issues from a progressive NDP perspective. Frequency 2 posts / day Since Jun 2005 Blog
Twitter followers 2K ⋅ Domain Authority 29 ⋅ View Latest Posts Get Email Contact

20. The Canadian Progressive

The Canadian ProgressiveOttawa, Ontario, Canada About Blog The Canadian Progressive is a hard-hitting, provocative, unapologetic, activism-oriented political blog. They provide you with hard-hitting, controversial, insightful, thoughtful, provocative and progressive ideas on Canadian and global politics, institutions, rights, policies, systems, values, culture and diversity. Frequency 1 post / month Blog
Facebook fans 1.6K ⋅ Twitter followers 395 ⋅ Domain Authority 46 ⋅ View Latest Posts Get Email Contact

21. Paul Forseth - Conservative Comments

Paul Forseth - Conservative CommentsPowell River, British Columbia, Canada About Blog Paul Forseth lives in Powell River, BC. Paul, for 21 years was a Family Justice Counselor, Divorce Mediator, Child Custody Investigator, Probation and Parole Officer, and Youth Court Officer in the Corrections Branch and Courts of B.C. Paul has spent considerable time on human rights issues, democratic renewal, and religious freedom in other countries. His opinions are related to Canadian political culture. Follow this blog to read articles from Paul Forseth. Frequency 1 post / month Blog
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22. Tracking the Politics of Criminalization and Punishment in Canada

Tracking the Politics of Criminalization and Punishment in CanadaAbout Blog Tracking the Politics of Criminalization and Punishment in Canada provides commentary that aims to make sense of recent developments in the politics of criminalization and punishment in the Canadian context. Frequency 16 posts / month Since Mar 2015 Blog
Facebook fans 2.3K ⋅ Twitter followers 2.2K ⋅ Instagram Followers 996 ⋅ Social Engagement 5 ⋅ Domain Authority 23 ⋅ View Latest Posts Get Email Contact

23. Canadian Election Atlas

Canadian Election AtlasOttawa, Ontario, Canada About Blog Earl has a BA from Carleton University in Political Science with a concentration in Canada politics. He concentrates his contributions to Canadian politics, and his passion of curling. Most Canadian election maps on Wikipedia were uploaded by him (User:Earl Andrew). His interest in politics and cartography has led him to create this site. Since Sep 2010 Blog canadianelectionatlas.blogsp..
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24. FY Canadian Politics

FY Canadian PoliticsAbout Blog FY Canadian Politics is a blog dedicated to the horrifying world of Canadian Politics. Since Sep 2012 Blog
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25. Joerge Dyrkton

Joerge DyrktonAbout Blog Joerge Dyrkton attended Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario where he graduated with an Honours B.A. in History. This blog is his thoughts on Canadian Political Culture: Criticisms, Reviews and the Poverty of Parliament. Frequency 1 post / month Since Dec 2008 Blog
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26. The Sir Robert Bond Papers

The Sir Robert Bond PapersCanada About Blog A contrary view of politics in Newfoundland and Labrador Frequency 4 posts / quarter Since Jan 2005 Blog
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27. Canada Socialist Party

Canada Socialist PartyToronto, Ontario, Canada About Blog Canada Socialist Party are always devoted to the people. We as a Socialist Party of Canada delivers as per the expectation. Blog
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28. Equal Voice | Electing Women in Canada

Equal Voice | Electing Women in Canada Canada About Blog Equal Voice is a national, bilingual, multi-partisan organization dedicated to electing more women to all levels of political office in Canada. Equal Voice regards the equal representation of women in Canada's Parliament, in our provincial legislatures, and on municipal and band councils, as a fundamental question of fairness for women in terms of their access to Canada's democratic institutions. Frequency 1 post / month Since Aug 2017 Blog
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29. | International Affairs Explained | International Affairs ExplainedCanada About Blog is a publication of the Canadian International Council, the Centre for International Governance Innovation and the Bill Graham Centre. They produce multimedia content to explain, analyze and tell stories about the increasingly complex and rapidly shifting world of foreign policy and international affairs. Frequency 10 posts / monthAlso in International Relations Blogs Blog
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30. Broadbent Institute Blog

Broadbent Institute BlogAbout Blog The Broadbent Institute is Canada's leading progressive, independent organization championing change through the promotion of democracy, equality, and sustainability and the training of a new generation of leaders. Frequency 18 posts / year Since Jun 2012 Blog
Facebook fans 40.8K ⋅ Twitter followers 28.9K ⋅ Social Engagement 488 ⋅ Domain Authority 47 ⋅ Alexa Rank 578.4K View Latest Posts Get Email Contact

31. On procedure and politics

On procedure and politicsToronto, Ontario, Canada About Blog On procedure and politics focuses primarily on aspects of parliamentary procedure, parliamentary government in general and politics in a very general sense. Blog
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32. Political Commentaries Canada

Political Commentaries CanadaAbout Blog Political Commentaries Canada features articles on Canadian and International Political Issues, Legal Matters, Politicians and Other Rascals Since Dec 2004 Blog politicalcommentariescanada...
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33. Mind Bending Politics

Mind Bending PoliticsToronto, Ontario, Canada About Blog Mind Bending Politics is an Independent Mind Bending Political Blog Focusing on Canadian Politics and Policy. Frequency 1 post / year Since Apr 2014 Blog mindbendingpolitics.wordpres..
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