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Archaeology Blogs

1. Archaeology Magazine

Archaeology MagazineAbout Blog Each bi-monthly issue brings the latest archaeological news and discoveries to more than 730,000 readers. The Archaeology website features daily news from around the world, reports from current excavations, and exclusive online interviews, reviews, and features. A publication of the Archaeological Institute of America.
Frequency about 13 posts per week.
Facebook fans 2,057,427. Twitter followers 98,106.

2. Ancient Origins | Reconstructing the story of humanity's past

 Ancient Origins | Reconstructing the story of humanity's pastLondon About Blog News and articles relating to ancient human origins, archaeology, anthropology, scientific mysteries, sacred writings, ancient places and more.
Frequency about 28 posts per week.
Since Feb 2013
Also in UK Archaeology Blogs
Facebook fans 659,358. Twitter followers 37,898.

3. Biblical Archaeology Society | News

Biblical Archaeology Society | NewsWashington D.C. About Blog The Biblical Archaeology Society (BAS) was founded in 1974 as a nonprofit, nondenominational, educational organization dedicated to the dissemination of information about archaeology in the Bible lands. BAS educates the public about archaeology and the Bible through its bi-monthly magazine, Biblical Archaeology Review, an award-winning web site, books and DVDs, and tours and seminars.
Frequency about 3 posts per month.
Facebook fans 386,023. Twitter followers 11,402.

4. World Archaeology Magazine

World Archaeology MagazineAbout Blog Current World Archaeology, Britain's most popular world archaeology magazine, tells you about the archaeology of the whole world - from the first emergence of man down to the present day. CWA was founded in 2003 as a sister magazine to Current Archaeology, the biggest magazine devoted to British archaeology which, since 1967, has been reporting on the latest discoveries in British archaeology.
Frequency about 2 posts per month.
Also in Archaeology Magazines
Facebook fans 10,439. Twitter followers 45,979.

5. Past Horizons

Past HorizonsScotland About Blog Adventures in Archaeology News, Articles and Research.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Facebook fans 279,318. Twitter followers 10,470.

6. Reddit | Archaeology

Reddit | ArchaeologyAbout Blog Reddit feed for archaeology.
Frequency about 42 posts per week.
Facebook fans 1,065,451. Twitter followers 457,432.

7. Society for Historical Archaeology

Society for Historical ArchaeologyAbout Blog Historical Archaeology is the study of the material remains of past societies that also left behind documentary and oral histories. This subfield of archaeology studies the emergence, transformation, and nature of the Modern World. The main focus of the society is the era since the beginning of European exploration.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Facebook fans 6,191. Twitter followers 22,762.

8. BiblePlaces Blog

BiblePlaces BlogAbout Blog News and analysis related to biblical geography, history, and archaeology.
Frequency about 1 post per week.
Facebook fans 1,731. Twitter followers 869.

9. Archaeology Data Service

 Archaeology Data Service York, UK About Blog The archaeology data service (ads) supports research, learning and teaching with high quality and dependable digital resources. it does this by preserving digital data in the long term, and by promoting and disseminating a broad range of data in archaeology. the ads promotes good practice in the use of digital data in archaeology.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Facebook fans 2,371. Twitter followers 5,588.

10. Irish Archaeology

Irish ArchaeologyWexford About Blog A blog about Archaeology in Ireland. Irish Archaeology is Sharing Ireland's amazing archaeology as well as interesting sites and finds from around the world.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Facebook fans 62,979. Twitter followers 57,231.

11. American Journal of Archaeology

American Journal of ArchaeologyAbout Blog The AJA, a publication of the Archaeological Institute of America, is one of the world's most distinguished and widely distributed classical archaeology journals.
Frequency about 1 post per week.
Facebook fans 19,198. Twitter followers n/a.

12. Archaeology Channel | Audio News from Archaeologica

Archaeology Channel | Audio News from ArchaeologicaEugene, Oregon, USA About Blog The archaeology news of the week in audio, brought to you by The Archaeology Channel, compiled and written by Michelle Hilling of and read by Laura Pettigrew. The Audio News from Archaeologica is compiled from's daily news updates.
Frequency about 1 post per week.
Facebook fans 11,081. Twitter followers 1,155.

13. Doug's Archaeology

Doug's ArchaeologyAbout Blog A blog by Doug Rocks-Macqueen. This is my blog were I focus mainly on the Profession of Archaeology e.g. pay, working conditions, career prospect, etc. Though, I do on occasion throw in some other topics and some bits on Open Access.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers n/a.

14. Archaeological News

Archaeological NewsAbout Blog The latest news in Archaeology.
Frequency about 8 posts per week.
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers 2,836.

15. Ritmeyer Archaeological Design

Ritmeyer Archaeological DesignCardiff, Wales, UK About Blog Ritmeyer Archaeological Design is for the latest research, analysis and products on Biblical Archaeology. Ritmeyer Archaeological Design began in 1983, producing posters and booklets as a response to the demand for educational materials on the subject of Biblical Archaeology.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Facebook fans 722. Twitter followers 351.

16. Archaeological Conservancy

Archaeological ConservancyUSA About Blog The Archaeological Conservancy is the only national, nonprofit organization that identifies, acquires, and preserves the most significant archaeological sites in the United States
Frequency about 1 post per week.
Blog archaeologicalconservancy.or..
Facebook fans 167,167. Twitter followers 2,087.

17. Archaeology Fantasies

Archaeology FantasiesIndiana About Blog Archaeology Fantasies where Archaeology and Reality Meet! main goal of this blog is to increase public awareness of archaeology, debunking pseudo-archaeology, and make the field more accessible to the public.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Facebook fans 640. Twitter followers 1,121.

18. Bone Broke

Bone BrokeAbout Blog Posts on Archaeology, Osteology & Biological Anthropology by Jess Beck. Jess Beck's research focuses on the Late Prehistoric period in Europe, a time of significant cultural change.
Frequency about 1 post per month.
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers n/a.

19. A Hot Cup of Joe

A Hot Cup of JoeCadiz, KY About Blog Get your daily cup of archaeology, anthropology, science, and skepticism here.
Frequency about 2 posts per month.
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers 100.

20. Archaeology Southwest

Archaeology SouthwestHQ in Tucson, AZ About Blog For three decades, Archaeology Southwest has practiced a holistic, conservation-based approach to exploring the places of the past. We call this Preservation Archaeology. By exploring what makes a place special, sharing this knowledge in innovative ways, and enacting flexible site protection strategies, we foster meaningful connections to the past.
Frequency about 3 posts per week.
Facebook fans 35,134. Twitter followers 226.

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Ancient Origins | Reconstructing the story of humanity's past
About - At Ancient Origins we believe that one of the most important fields of knowledge we can pursue as human beings is our beginnings. Our goal is to highlight the very latest archaeological findings, peer-reviewed academic research and evidence, as well as offering alternative viewpoints and explanations of science, archaeology, mythology, religion and history around the globe. We’re the only Pop Archaeology site combining scientific research with out-of-the-box perspectives.

DigiVentures | Latest Archaeology News, Finds and Discoveries
About - Do you love archaeology? Have you always wanted to try a bit of digging, but found it too difficult to figure out how to make it happen? Then DigVentures' crowdfunded and crowdsourced archaeology is for you!

Museum of London Archaeology
About - MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) is an experienced and innovative archaeology and built heritage practice. We have been providing independent, professional heritage advice and services for over 40 years across the UK and internationally on schemes both large and small.

Wessex Archaeology News
About - Wessex Archaeology is one of the UK's largest archaeological organisations, and an educational charity. Get the latest information on projects and recent discoveries, as well as community events and company news.

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